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OSM-Philippines and the Yolanda Crisis Mapping Response
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OSM-Philippines and the Yolanda Crisis Mapping Response


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1.
  • 2. OpenStreetMap "Wikipedia of Maps"
  • 3. What is OpenStreetMap? A project to map the whole world!
  • 4. A million users and counting.
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  • 6. Mail Delivery Service Business Owner
  • 7. Bike Commuter
  • 8. College Professor Government Doctor
  • 9. Hardware Engineer
  • 10. BPO employee
  • 11. College student
  • 12. Parish Volunteers
  • 13. Lubao, Pampanga LGU employees
  • 14. [video]
  • 15. Free and Open Source Software Free and Open Formats Free and Open Content
  • 16. XAPI Nominatim Extracts & conversions API Contributors Editors Planet downloads API Tile servers OpenStreetMap OSM Ecosystem Harry Wood,
  • 17. Free and Open Source Software JOSM, iD, Potlatch2 Mapnik, Tilemill Postgresql/PostGIS GDAL/OGR, QGIS HOT Tasking Manager
  • 18. Free and Open Formats TMS, WMS (OGC standard) Shapefile, CSV (well-known format) PostGIS DB (OGC SF)
  • 19. Free and Open Content OSM data (ODbL) HDM Style (CC0) (CC0) (CC-BY-SA)
  • 20. Open collaboration tools for coordination and communication mailinglist wiki IRC
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  • 23. UPD-Geography OSM-PH Yolanda Mapathon, Nov 15 Photo by David Garcia
  • 24.
  • 25.
  • 26.
  • 27. 22 days ~1,500 volunteers 82 countries 4.2 millions of changes 448,797 buildings 34,713 roads 7,857 residential areas 4,060 rivers (as of 2013-11-30)
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  • 33. IOM staff showing the large OpenStreetMap posters in the DSWD Operations Center in Tacloban Airport. Photo by Joe Lowry
  • 34. Where to ask
  • 35. State of the Map Philippines 2013 December 14-15, 2013
  • 36. November 11, 2009 dear maning, we are two totally blind guys who are probably the first users of gps technology here in the philippines. we already travelled from commonwealth to binondo using our gps receivers and our talking cellphones and we arrived safely. that's why we would like to meet with you so we can ask technical info from you to improve our navigating. ... kindly honor our request because we would like also to be active contributors to what you are doing in mapping the philippines, well perhaps to start a new map department for blind travelers. i typed this letter using a screenreader with speech software, forgive the non capitalization of beginning letters so i can type fast to go with my flow of thought. god bless you and thank you in advance for your precious time with us. sincerely, dick
  • 37. March 8, 2010 dear manig, i went back to cabagan, isabela after 15 years and got nostalgic marking the pois on a motorbike with cousin philip! i live ecopark and did gps marking too. quite a good coverage, i think, but need to go back for some that i missed. hope this will benefit gps users. thank you. dick 2 attachments — Download all attachments osm cabagan, isabela pOIs.doc
  • 38. Maning Sambale Maptivist, OSGeo Charter Member, OSM-PH Volunteer, Environmental Science for Social Change Eugene Alvin Villar Free Culture Movement slides, 2013 OSM-PH Volunteer Wikipedia Contributor