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The ESADE Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is geared towards individuals whose future ambitions lie in the spheres of creating business opportunity and corporate innovation management. The course objectives set out to equip candidates with not only the tools and skills necessary for the development of ideas, but to instill a ‘can do’ entrepreneurial attitude for new business enterprises. Students will learn the core essentials of entrepreneurial management and explore the areas of opportunity evaluation and conceptual business models.

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Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship brochure

  1. 1. Master inInnovation and EntrepreneurshipInspiring
  2. 2. Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship The ESADE Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is geared towards individuals with ambitions to create business opportunity and corporate innovation management.The programme’s main objective is to equip candidates with the tools andskills necessary to develop ideas and to foster a ‘can do’ entrepreneurialmentality for new business enterprises. Participants will learn the essentialsof entrepreneurial management and explore the areas of opportunityevaluation, business models design and project implementation.The ultimate goal of this Master is to prepare participants to lead andmanage innovation in all its fields: from the management of innovationsystems to the creation of new business ventures and the managementof innovation within companies (new products, services, business modelsand processes). Managing ideas, creating innovation
  3. 3. 5 reasons to choose ESADE’sMaster in Innovation and Entrepreneurship1The programme provides training in a variety of 3 The programme is delivered within the ESADEaspects involved in the innovation value chain and Ecosystem framework: ESADE Business School, theenables participants to specialise, depending on their ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute with over 14 years’career aspirations, in one of the following areas: dedicated research in the areas of entrepreneurship andTrack 1. Innovation Management. Here Innovation innovation and ESADECREAPOLIS, our open and crossManagement is, in the wider sense, applied directly to innovation centre. The proximity of ESADE’s educationaldesign strategies for innovation development, such as programmes to the corporate world ensures that ourinnovation networks and collaborative brand building, participants are in constant contact with the businessknowledge management and research centres. This world, and that they are exposed to alternative businessencompasses technology parks, business incubators, models, giving them the vital edge in terms of contactingcentres for open and cross innovation and venture capital investors and commercial entities. Business planscompanies. presented by participants within this framework will beTrack 2. Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship. entered into the ESADE BAN network of investors, andMoving to In-Company Innovation and embracing participants will be put in contact with other investors andthe spheres of new products, processes, business agents from innovation incubators.development plans and networks, the identification and 4analysis of key variables that assist in implementingorganisational strategies comes into focus; taking inboth large companies with innovation departments, andsmall and medium companies that can be said to have The Programme is sponsored by the Europeaninnovation in their ‘DNA’. Institute of Innovation and Technology’sTrack 3. Entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship track InnoEnergy, the Knowledge Innovation Community (KIC)aims to equip participants with the necessary know-how in sustainable energy, whose function is to stimulateto set up new businesses. This involves entrepreneurial innovation towards sustainable economic growth anddevelopment and mastering creative tools and innovation guarantee the competitiveness of European skills in the search for new business This sponsorship will make it possible to award 12opportunities. Competencies in applying models and scholarships to talented students.processes, which bring ideas to fruition, such as newproduct and service development and business plans,are given maximum priority. Finding and securing Knowledge &finance for new business ideas and start-ups is another Innovation Communitymajor challenge facing would-be entrepreneurs and is KIC InnoEnergycomprehensively addressed in Track 3.2The programme is aimed at participants from various 5 Above all, Barcelona is a city well disposed toacademic backgrounds in order to facilitate innovation and Entrepreneurship and one thatmultidisciplinary innovation. Due to the combination has geared its image around making this a priority.of multidisciplinary academic profiles taking part This is the perfect location for MSc in Innovation andin this Master, the course location itself becomes a Entrepreneurship participants to discover a wealth ofvenue in which to ‘exchange ideas’ on multidisciplinary professional development opportunities.innovation, taking advantage of the diverse mix ofparticipants with backgrounds ranging from engineeringand science to management.
  4. 4. Management Immersion Programme In order to foster multidisciplinary innovation, the Master is geared towards individuals with different academic backgrounds: management, science and engineering, amongst others. The Management Immersion Programme is designed to provide participants who have no former business training with the necessary tools to understand the corporations as an economically driven complex human organization. This intensive programme has a workload of 24 ECTS and will be delivered over a six-week period during the summer (aprox. 6 class hours per day). 24 ECTS 60 ECTS Summer September - December January February - April May - September Management The Foundations of Professional and Tracks and Research Project Immersion Entrepreneurship Personal Electives** Programme* and Innovation Development 6 core courses Choose one Introduction to The Innovation International Electives from chosen In-Company Business Management Management Scenario: Study Tour Track (see diagram Project Systems, Models and below) Economics Skills & Competencies Company Creation Processes. Seminars Free Electives Project (business plan) Business Strategy Entrepreneurship Career-Planning Preparation for the Thesis Marketing Management Exploring the Opportunity: Activities Research Project Elective Operations Technology and Markets Management Applying Creative Cost Accounting Thinking to Generate Novel Solutions Managerial Finance Creating Value through Organisational Business Models Behaviour Business in Society Language learning Spanish Three Tracks, three possible*Prerequisite for professional openings participants with no previous training in Management TRACK 1 TRACK 2 TRACK 3 Innovation Corporate Innovation Entrepreneurship Management and Intrapreneurship Implementing Open Innovation Marketing for Innovation: Processes, and Corporate entrepreneurs Tools and Organisational Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial Finance Structures New Product New Product Open Innovation Development and Development and and Corporate Service Innovation Service Innovation Entrepreneurship Implementing Measuring Innovation Innovation: Processes, Tools and Organisational Structures Measuring Innovation ELECTIVES OPEN TO ALL TRACKS **For an updated list Social Entrepreneurship of electives, please visit Clean Tech Innovation Dealing with Intellectual Property Rights
  5. 5. Inspire the future, become the future At ESADE we’re looking for people with foresight. Our rigorous entry requirements ensure our Masters candidates will stand out and enhance a rich and emerging heritage, the ESADE MSc Programmes in Management. As a student at ESADE you will have the privilege of studying with the brightest and graduating amongst the best in the world, secure in the knowledge that the moment you pass though our campus doors, your inspirational future has already begun. Choosing ESADE is a commitment to taking the lead for our collective futures.Admission requirementsCandidates should possess a degree in Business Management, Engineering, Science or Design. Candidates with noprevious background in Management are required to complete the Management Immersion Programme. This is anintensive summer programme (24 ECTS) designed to give them the grounding in management basics that they will needto enrol on the MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.Candidates should be fluent in English. No professional experience is required.The Process: Step by Step ESADE Talent Grants1. Submit your Online Admission Application. ESADE has an ambitious grants policy for talentedThis may be done at participants on the MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. These grants cover up to 75% of the programme’s total2. Take the GMAT (in English) fees. In exceptional cases, ESADE will also consider theor the ESADE Admissions Test (in Spanish). possibility of providing outstanding participants with a fullIt is essential to take one of these two admission tests. grant to cover programme fees.3. English language placement test. Business Model Competition• TOEFL: 100+ • CPE: C+ ESADE organises this competition which awards• IELTS: 7.0+ • PTE: 72+ scholarships to the two students presenting the best• CAE: B+ business models. For further information, consult the4. Send us the required documentation. applicable rules and conditions on our website• Your university academic record / transcript• English level certificate• GMAT score• 2 letters of recommendation• Essays• CV5. Arranging an interview.An interview is mandatory for all candidates. Reward your talent. Choose ESADE
  6. 6. Campus Barcelona · Sant CugatMarketing & Admissions ServiceAvenida Torreblanca, 5908172 Sant Cugat del VallésBarcelona, SpainTel. +34 935 543 513Fax. +34 936 746 594mscmanagement@esade.eduCampus Barcelona · PedralbesCampus MadridCampus Buenos AiresGlobal Center São PauloGlobal Centerón ESADE reserves the right to modify the content and functioning ofprogrammes in accordance with academic and regulatory requirements.This brochure is printed on Splendorgel EW, which is made from 100% ElementalChlorine Free wood pulps. We hope this brochure has exceeded your expectations.Once finished, please consider the environment and recycle it.