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Seo and Social Media: the Blurring of the Line
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Seo and Social Media: the Blurring of the Line






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    Seo and Social Media: the Blurring of the Line Seo and Social Media: the Blurring of the Line Presentation Transcript

    • By
      Eryck K. Dzotsi
      Web Visibility Manager
      Embanet – Compass Knowledge Group
      SEO and Social Media The Blurring of the Line
    • Objectives of the Presentation
      • Understand the Value of SEO
      • SEO Implementation and its Relations to Social Media
      • Some Implementation Techniques
      • Review Current and Future Challenges
      • Q and A
    • The Way I see It
      • It is a Scientific Art
      • “Years of Experience” can be Irrelevant
      • Know that Enemy
      • It is an Open Playing Field
      • It is all about the Cash
      • There is a Moral Responsibility
      • No two websites are identical
    • The Facts and Challenges
      • For Relevance Purposes Google cannot ignore Social Media
      • Local Search and Social Media inseparable
      • There is no SEO against Social Media
      • Link Building is fueled through Social Sharing
      • Great Content if not Shared carries little weight
      • Bing Adds Like data to Search
      • Likes and Tweets are parallels to Social bookmarking
    • The Issue of Spam
      • Black Hat Works in the Short Term
      • White Hat in Excess becomes Black Hat
      • Google itself struggles to Fight Spam
      • Among SEO folks, it is a fighting issue
    • The Issue of Spam
    • The Issue of Spam
      “This fight is never over nor ever "won" by anyone. Ever.”
    • It is a Fighting Issue
      • Black Hat Works in the Short Term
      • Customers Demands Results
      • SEO, not Google are Responsible
    • SEO Under Attack
      • “Content is dead” - Spammer
      • “Link Building is dead, let's buy links” - Spammer in a Rush
      • “SEO is dead” - Clueless spammer
      No Algorithmic update will take away the value of content and links, so the need of optimization remains
    • Get the Fundamentals Right
      • Keyword Research and Selection
      • Valuable Content – Write it or Outsource It
      • Implement Sustainable Link Building
      • Technical SEO – it is all about Mathematics
      • Identify and Develop Social Media Platforms
      • Claim and Own your Local Data
      • Measure and Optimize
    • Keywords Research and Selection
      • Invest the Time and Start Early
      • Everything Else is Built on this
      • Focus on Conversion
      • Include Other People
    • Keywords Research and Selection
    • Keywords Research and Selection
    • Keywords Research and Selection
    • Keywords Research and Selection
    • Valuable Content
      • Know your audience
      • Write for the user not the Search Engine
      • Write Content that people would share
      • Develop a copywriting guideline
      • Outsource as much as possible
      • This is the easiest way to lose followers
    • Link Building – The Juice
    • Link Building – The Juice
      • Don't beat the Search Engines
      • Beat the Competition
      • If They Got a Link, Chances are You can get it too!
      • Social Media Accounts all carry links
      • Audit your referral traffic
    • Technical SEO Helps Social Media
      • On-page Optimization Still Matters
      • Tagging done right makes a difference
      • Fix issues reported in Google Webmaster Tools
      • Duplicate Content and www. vs. non-www.
      • Wordpress and Drupal
    • Develop your Social Profiles
      • Content is to be shared
      • Social Media as link builder
      • Likes and Tweets matter
      • Use Klout.com to hunt down influencers
      • The No-Follow Myth
      • Facebook is making pages more profile-like
      • Reddit do not Digg it
      • Get a Bit.ly account and stick to it
    • Develop your Social Profiles
      • Do not become complacent
      • Experience Q and A platforms
      • Implement Open Graph Protocal
      • Links
    • Claim and Own Your Local Data
      • Technical SEO impacts Local as well
      • Meta Description – this is your pitch
      • Insert Your Keyword in Your Title
      • Local Sites already carry High DA
      • Comply with the Guidelines
      • Leverage Your Keywords Research
      • Places (Google and Facebook) are a must
    • Measure and Optimize
      • Competitive Analysis
      • Google.com
      • Open Site Explorer
      • Websitegrader
      • Performance
      • Google Analytics – Segments and Custom URLs
      • SEOMoz Tools
      • Raven Tools
      • Technical Audit
      • seositecheckup.com
      • Google Webmaster Tools
      • Xenu (candy)
    • Measure and Optimize
    • Measure and Optimize
    • Measure and Optimize
    • Measure and Optimize
    • Measure and Optimize
    • Measure and Optimize
    • What is Coming Next
      • The Email Frontier Remains Unexplored – Facebook vs. Gmail
      • Google’s next acquisitions will shape the space
      • Google Places, Google Instant, Google Offers – Local Triffecta
      • Google 2011 updates that will send some link builders home
      • PPC in Social Media will be overhauled
    • ?
    • Eryck Dzotsi
      (321) 549-0886