Human Resource Management Seminar


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Human Resource Management Seminar

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  7. 7. "Is there public transportation nearby?“While asking about public transportation toand from the office might seem innocuous,but it can turn off an employer. "Find ityourself.""If you have to ask about trains and busesnearby, how will you work on complicatedprojects?"
  8. 8. "Can I work from home?“Working from home may be possible forsome jobs at some point, but it will happenonly after trust has been established.
  9. 9. "Is there a probationary period?“Asking about a potential probation periodfor new employees can raise all sorts of redflags. "It sounds like youve been fired in thepast or somehow expect to perform poorlyat some point.
  10. 10. "What does the company do?“Asking to hear about the company andwhat it does is a huge no-no, because thecandidate should have come prepared,having thoroughly researched thebusiness.Don’t ask a question which makes itobvious you’ve done zero research on the youd like to work.
  11. 11. "Is there on-site child care?“Asking if a company has on-site child careadvertises the candidates family status,which can come back to bite theinterviewee. Since they cant legally askabout your family, you could leave themwith the impression that your childrenschild care is not just a consideration but aproblem.
  12. 12. "Will you check my Facebook page?“Its very similar to asking if the employerrequires drug tests, according to Dotson."The fact that youre even asking saysyoure guilty.
  13. 13. "Do you pay for overtime?“Employers want people who arecommitted to the company and willing todo whatever it takes to get the job donewithout expecting to be paid extra, soasking about overtime isnt a goodquestion during a job interview.
  14. 14. "How often do you give raises?“This question indicates that theapplicant is unhappy with the pay,which could mean that once they arehired, they could turn around andleave. An employer wants to feel thatthe employee wants the job regardlessof whether or not they will get a raise.
  15. 15. "How often do employees getpaid?“Asking how often employees arepaid can imply that a jobcandidate is having financialproblems. Even if its true, it is notthe best information to share atwork.
  16. 16. "Do you offer flex time?“Youre being hired to make someoneelses life easier, not the other wayaround.No one wants to be asked about hoursor schedules; it alludes to clockwatching.
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