16 Women You Must Follow On Twitter


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16 Women You Must Follow On Twitter

  1. 1. Women You Must Follow on Twitter 16 A publication of
  2. 2. Maria Popova @brainpickings Maria Popova @brainpicker • Editor of Brain Pickings & Explore. • Tweets about writing, art, life and science that educates and inspires followers.
  3. 3. Meghan Casserly @meg_casserly • Corporate Communications Manager at Google. • Tweets are empowering and motivational for female professionals in the financial and tech industries.
  4. 4. Jenna Wortham @jennydeluxe • New York Times technology writer. • Writes about the East coast technology startup scene.
  5. 5. Bri Emery @designlovefest • Designer, Blogger. • Her blog Design Love Fest seamlessly combines style, wit and product placements.
  6. 6. Deirdre Breakenridge @dbreakenridge • Communications executive, author, professor. • Great resource for the latest in public relations. Co-founder of #PRStudChat. Master in engaging with her followers.
  7. 7. Elissa Freeman @elissapr • PR and pop culture columnist, strategic communications consultant. • Named one of Twitter’s top 52 PR pros. • Shares top marketing news but also infuses personal flare and hints of pop culture.
  8. 8. Amy Cosper @entmagazineamy • Editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine. • Weaves together articles from Entrepreneur, inspirational quotes and open-ended questions, proving her commitment to engaging with her followers.
  9. 9. Laura Fitton @pistachio • Inbound Marketing Evangelist at Hubspot. • One of the first to capitalize on Twitter as a business tool. Provides education and resources for those in the inbound marketing and tech industries.
  10. 10. Moira Forbes @moiraforbes • Publisher, Forbes Woman. • Tweets focus on what drives success in today’s world. Incorporates personality and personal touches about being a business woman and raising a family.
  11. 11. Nilofer Merchant @nilofer • TED Speaker, Harvard Biz Review Writer, Best-selling author. • Tweets feed off her personal tagline “Navigate the social era, powerfully.”
  12. 12. Valerie Jarrett @vj44 • Senior White House Advisor. • This is her official White House Twitter feed but she often shares messages about women’s issues and current affairs in today’s world.
  13. 13. Lean In @leaninorg • Nonprofit group founded by Sheryl Sandberg. • Tweets focus on empowering women and young girls to achieve their dreams in a male-dominated society.
  14. 14. Christiane Amanpour @camanpour • ABC & CNN news anchor. • Tweets about current affairs from around the world. One of the world’s top news correspondents.
  15. 15. Chloe Sladden @chloes • Head of media at Twitter. • Great follow to learn more about Twitter as a company. Master of hashtags. She uses her account to engage and educate.
  16. 16. Amy Jo Martin @AmyJoMartin • Bestselling author and found of @DigitalRoyalty. One of the first to have a verified account. • Pioneered using Twitter as a marketing tool while with the Phoenix Suns. • Tweets cover everything from social media and tech news to inspirational quotes for women professionals.
  17. 17. Arianna Huffington @ariannahuff • Editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post • Tweets focus on variety of things about business, tech, media, pop culture and her personal musings.
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