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Unit 1 review
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Unit 1 review


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  • 1. Nut’s & Know It The Table Boom Bolts 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200Jeopardy 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500
  • 2. Know It 100What is theattractive force Adhesionbetween UNLIKEmolecules?
  • 3. Know It 200What is the name of Solutethe part of a solutionthat is dissolved?
  • 4. Know It 300What is the term Aqueousthat describes asolution in whichwater is thesolvent?
  • 5. Know It 400What is the name Diaphramof the part themicroscopes thatcontrols theamount of lightthat enters anobject ?
  • 6. Know It 500Name the 4 Carbohydratesmacromolecules(Molecules of Life) Lipidsfound in livingthings. Nucleic Acids Proteins
  • 7. The Table 100What is anything Matterthat occupies spaceand has mass?
  • 8. The Table 200What do you call a Saturatedsolution that can notdissolve any more Solutionsolutes?
  • 9. The Table 300There are 6 C,elements found in H,all living things,(think about the O,atoms that make N,up themacromolecules) P,name 3 ? S
  • 10. The Table 400What is a Compound? Two or more elements combined in a specific ratio
  • 11. The Table 500What are Monomers are the basic buildingmonomers and blocks ofhow do they macromolecules.relate to Polymers are many monomers linkedpolymers? (chains of monomers).
  • 12. Boom 100What is a combination Chemical Reactionof atoms that occurs sothey become stable (fillouter shell withelectrons)?
  • 13. Boom 200What are the Carbonnames of the 3 Oxygenelements thatcan be found in Hydrogenall largemoleculesimportant to lifecompounds?
  • 14. Boom 300What is the name Covalent Bondsof the bond whenatoms shareelectrons? ?
  • 15. Boom 400What is a catalyst A substance thatand provide an speeds up aexample? reaction, reduces activation energy Enzyme
  • 16. Boom 500What is the Saccahridesmost common (sugars)type ofcarbohydrate?
  • 17. Nuts & Bolts 100How many 2 in the first and 8 in all other ringselectrons arein the first ringand thesecond ring?
  • 18. Nuts & Bolts 200What is the Electrons are transferred in an ionicdifference bond.between a Electrons are shared in a covalent bond.ionic andcovalentbond?
  • 19. Nuts & Bolts 300What is thedifference in 100 timesconcentrationbetween a pH of 2and a pH of 4?
  • 20. Nuts & Bolts 400A statement that Hypothesisexplainsobservations andcan be tested ?
  • 21. Nuts & Bolts 500Name 4 of the Cells,6 Organization,characteristics Reproduction, Energy use,of all living Growth,things? Homeostasis
  • 22. Final JeopardyDraw a pH scale. Number it.Label it using the terms weak,neutral, strong, acid, andbase.