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Genetic disorders ruder
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Genetic disorders ruder

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  • 1. Nuts & You Sick Alphabet Back to Basic Bolts 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200Jeopardy 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500
  • 2. You Sick 100s What cells are s Red Blood affected by Cells Sickle Cell?
  • 3. You Sicks What disease 200 prevents s Hemophilia your blood from clotting? Huntington’s Hemophilia Cystic fibrosis Turner’s Klinefelter’s
  • 4. You Sicks Which disease 300 causes you to s Huntington’s have involuntary muscle contractions? Huntington’s Hemophilia Cystic fibrosis Turner’s Klinefelter’s
  • 5. You Sick 400s Which disease s Huntington’s causes your nervous system to break down? Huntington’s Hemophilia Cystic fibrosis Turner’s Klinefelter’s
  • 6. You Sicks Which disease 500 causes mucus Cystic fibrosis s to build up in lungs? Huntington’s Hemophilia Cystic fibrosis Turner’s Klinefelter’s
  • 7. Alphabet 100s What are the 4 s A,T,G,C nucleotides found in DNA?
  • 8. Alphabet 200s What s 99.9% percentage of our DNA do we share with all other humans?
  • 9. Alphabet 300s What causes s Male having extra Klinefelter’s X chromosomes. syndrome?
  • 10. Alphabet 400s Whatcauses s Inactive or missing Turner’s X chromosome. Syndrome?
  • 11. Alphabet 500s What is a s Sex linked characteristic that is inherited on the X chromosome described as?
  • 12. Back to Basic 100s How is s Dominantly Achondroplasia (dwarfism) inherited?
  • 13. Back to Basic 200s How many s 23 chromosomes are found in sex cells?
  • 14. Back to Basic 300s How many s 46 chromosomes are in somatic (body) cells?
  • 15. Back to Basic 400s Which type of s meiosis cell division results in gametes (sex cells)?
  • 16. Back to Basic 500s What do we call s Diploid the full set of genes in each cell of an organism?
  • 17. Nuts & Boltss What is the 100 s Deletion on cause for Chromosome Cri-Du- 5. Chat?
  • 18. Nuts & Bolts 200s What do we call a change in the Mutation nucleotide sequence?
  • 19. Nuts & Boltss When 300 do you s 35-50 years of start to show symptoms age. for huntington’s disease
  • 20. Nuts & Bolts 400s What is the s Osteogenesis name of the Imperfecta or Brittle disorder that Bone disease results in bones that break easily?
  • 21. Nuts & Boltss What is the 500 name of the s Progeria disorder that causes children to age 8-10 times faster than normal?