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Ecology jeopardy (2)

  1. 1. Tree- Name that Friend or Where in Huggers Critter Foe? the World? Q1 Q1 Q1 Q1 Q2 Q2 Q2 Q2Jeopardy Q3 Q3 Q3 Q3 Q4 Q4 Q4 Q4 Q5 Q5 Q5 Q5
  2. 2. Tree-huggers Q1s What is the name of s Photosynthesis the process that helps control the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen?
  3. 3. Tree-huggers Q2s What is the sStomata name of the structure on the underside of leaves through which water vapor escapes?
  4. 4. Tree-huggers Q3s What is the name s Transpiration of the process in which water evaporates out of plant leaves?
  5. 5. Tree-huggers Q4s Organisms that s Autotrophs can “make their s Producers own food” are called by these two names.s Hint: trophic levels.
  6. 6. Tree-huggers Q5s Which of the biomes on Earth • Tropical Rain cycles more carbon dioxide out Forest of the atmosphere than any other?s Where on the • Near the planet is it Equator located?
  7. 7. Name that Critter Q1s What means Speciation “the process of a new species being formed”?
  8. 8. Name that Critter Q2s What is the sBiosphere broadest level of organization that ecologists study?
  9. 9. Name that Critter Q3 What is the names for ALL of the Biotic Factors living components in an environment?s Hint: ___ Factors
  10. 10. Name that Critter Q4s What is the sSpecies smallest, most specific, level of classification?
  11. 11. Name that Critter Q5s Which two levels of sGenus classification are used to species call an organism by its scientific name?
  12. 12. Friend or Foe? Q1s What is the term that describes s Population ALL the members of a species that live in an area?
  13. 13. Friend or Foe? Q2s What term sEcosystem describes all of the living (populations) and nonliving things in an area?
  14. 14. Friend or Foe? Q3s Which type of symbiotic s Competition relationship exists when 2 organisms fight over the same resource?
  15. 15. Friend or Foe? Q4s Which type of s Predation symbiotic relationship exists s Predatoror when one organism eats Heterotroph another organism? or consumers What do you call the organism that is eating another organism?
  16. 16. Friend or Foe? Q5What is the term s Decomposerfor an organism or Detrivorethat eats only or scavengerdead or decayingmatter? or saprophyte
  17. 17. Where in the World? Q1s What happens to biodiversity as s It Decreases you move north or south away from the equator?
  18. 18. Where in the World? Q2s What is the layer in the Ozone atmosphere that protects living things on Earth from harmful UV radiation from the sun?
  19. 19. Where in the World? Q3s Which biome is responsible for the Temperate fluctuation in carbon dioxide levels Deciduous throughout the year Forest because the trees drop leaves in the fall?
  20. 20. Where in the World? Q4s What is the term s Primary that describes the development Succession of a community in an area that has not supported life before?
  21. 21. Where in the World? Q5 Name 2 greenhouse s Carbons gases. dioxides Provide one way you s Water vapor can reduce the amount of s methane greenhouse gases in earth’s atmosphere. s Anything that reduces burning of fossil fuels.
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