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Eco ch6 jeopardy
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Eco ch6 jeopardy


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • 1. People, People What does it Truth and Numbers Everywhere mean? Consequences 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200Jeopardy 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500
  • 2. Numbers 100s How many s Around 6 humans are billion (6.8 currently on our billion as of planet? 2010)
  • 3. Numbers 200s What year is it s 2050 predicted that the human population will reach earth’s carrying capacity for humans?
  • 4. Numbers 300s How many s Over 9 billion humans are projected to be on the planet in 2050?
  • 5. Numbers 400s How many s3 ½ Earth’s are needed to maintain our current rate of resource consumption?
  • 6. Numbers 500s What is the s 10 years. (77 difference in the developed average life countries, 67 expectancy of developing humans in countries.) developed vs. developing countries?
  • 7. People, People Everywhere 100s Which country s United States currently has the with 310 3rd highest human population? Million people
  • 8. People, People Everywhere 200s Which country s India (1.17 BILLION – currently has Projected to have the 2nd highest the highest human population by population? 2050)
  • 9. People, People Everywhere 300s Which country s China (1.33 Billion) currently has the highest human population?
  • 10. People, People Everywhere 400s Name one of the s Child work and care for two factors that parents in old age. account for larger s Preference for male child: keeping have kids families in India. until a male is born.
  • 11. People, People Everywhere 500s Describe One-Child (families who 2 s stick to it are rewarded aspects of with better houses, more food, better jobs, China’s health care, bonuses) population s Government provides control policy family planning: contraceptives, (implemented to sterilization, and prevent mass abortions for married couples. starvation).
  • 12. What does it mean? 100s What is the growth of s Urban Sprawl low-density development on the edges of cities and towns?
  • 13. What does it mean? 200s What is the number Infant of babies out of every 1,000 born mortality each year who dies before their first birthday?
  • 14. What does it mean? 300 What is the estimate s Total Fertility Rateof the average numberof children per womanborn to women ofchildbearing years in agiven population in ayear?
  • 15. What does it mean? 400s Name 2 forms of s Buses, Trains, mass transit. trolleys
  • 16. What does it mean? 500s What is the s Emigration = difference individuals moving OUT of a population between (decrease) emigration s Immigration = and individuals moving INTO a population immigration? (increase)
  • 17. Truth and Consequences 100 s Consequence: Humans Truth: Early and population has modern increased dramatically over the past 200 years. agriculture has allowed more people to be fed per unit of land area.s What is the consequence?
  • 18. Truth and Consequences 200s Truth If : (births + s Population immigration) - INCREASES (deaths + emigration) = Positive Number
  • 19. Truth and Consequences 300 Consequences:s Truth: The United *US uses more fossil fuel than States is a car- it can produce domestically. centered nation. *Release more greenhouses Name one gases *Neighborhoods are spread consequence. out *More Urban Sprawl Etc.
  • 20. Truth and Consequences 400s Many countries s Consequence: Those offer family countries have a Lower birth rate. planning, economic opportunities for women, and schooling for girls.
  • 21. Truth and Consequences 500s Truth: The United s Consequence: Higher States has a lack of infant mortality rate health care for poor than other developed women while they are pregnant, lack of health countries. care for children of the poor after birth, and high birth rate for teenage women.