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Curriculum Vitae 2011.english
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Curriculum Vitae 2011.english


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Mateo Budinich<br />Qualification Highlights<br />Innovative professional with a comprehensive education and progressive expertise in scientific research. Accomplished in leading and participating in product development teams. <br />Effective in managing multiple and concurrent responsibilities with good communication skills. A thirst for employing new ideas, concepts, and technologies. Skilled in use of small scale to pilot plant size equipments, such as fermentors, evaporators, spray driers, mixers and membrane filters.<br />Proficient in use of all menu driven programs with special interest in statistical packages SAS, Minitab, R and SigmaPlot. Know-how of statistical experiment design, product development, product positioning applications via Principal component analysis, Response surface method, and mathematical modeling techniques. <br />Proven expertise in multidisciplinary areas of food science, with chemistry, microbiology and statistical designs applied extensively in the area of nutraceuticals and dairy microbiology. <br />Knowledgeable in the use of qualitative and preparative chromatographic separations (GC, GC-MS, TLC, HPLC, LC-MS), spectroscopic methods (UV-Vis, FT-IR, NMR), Protein characterization (Size exclusion, Ion-exchange chromatography, 2D-Gel electrophoresis), Immunoassay and molecular biology. Competent in tissue culture and in vitro cell assays. Author/Co-author of numerous abstracts and publications.<br />Professional Experience<br />Lecturer2011 – to date<br />Universidad Nacional Andres Bello<br />Departamento de Ciencias Biológicas. <br />Escuela de Bioquímica. Santiago, Chile<br />Develop and teach course BIO 396 Advanced topics in Industrial Bioquemistry. Course is taught in the 8th semeter of the Biochemistry undergraduate degree program<br />Graduate Research Assistant2003 – 2009<br />Professor James L. Steele’s Laboratory.<br />University of Wisconsin – Madison. <br />Department of Food Science, Madison, WI.<br />Undertook, planned and designed research topic entitled: “How does Lactobacillus casei ATCC 334 grows on Cheddar cheese ripening conditions?” as Dissertation topic conducive to obtain the Doctoral degree in Food Science.<br />Analyzed and prepared reports and/or presentations of experimental results.<br />Supervised and trained undergraduate students to conduct research as part of the students undergraduate research projects.<br />Supervised and trained undergraduate students as laboratory technicians. (i.e. stock of chemicals, washing of laboratory materials, etc.).<br />Supervised the Invitrogen Supply Center Freezer Program, located in the Department of Food Science.<br />Participate as Research Scientist in flavor industry confidential projects.<br />Graduate Research Assistant 2001–2003<br />Professor Leslie Plhak’s Laboratory<br />University of Wisconsin – Madison<br />Department of Food Science, Madison, WI.<br />Planned and designed research topic to create a monoclonal antibody that will detect lignans in food matrices such as cranberry juice.<br />Analyzed and prepared reports and/or presentations of experimental results.<br />Supervised and trained undergraduate students as laboratory technicians.<br />Analytical Chemist1997 to 2001<br />Laboratory of Extraction of Biological Materials.<br />Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering Department, <br />Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Santiago, Chile.<br />Managed the laboratory, budget planning, hiring, training and supervision of laboratory technicians.<br />Guided undergraduate engineering students in how to design and choose the adequate analytical technique for their projects.<br />Developed and implemented chromatographic methods for the analysis of plant extracts.<br />For further information go to<br />Teaching Experience<br />Research Mentoring 2005<br />University of Wisconsin-Madison<br />Summer Science Institute - Center for Biology Education, Madison, WI<br />Introduce High School students to graduate level research<br /> Develop a research project with High School students<br /> Completed Seminar “Mentoring an Undergraduate Researcher”<br />Teaching Assistant 2002<br />University of Wisconsin – Madison.<br />Department of Food Science, Madison, WI.<br />Course: Food Analysis<br />Laboratory sections, including a ten minutes oral review of current laboratory experience.<br />Guided groups of 8+students in different laboratory experiences.<br />Lectured on Enzyme Assays.<br />Graded Reports.<br />Education<br />Master of Science, Food Science2001-2009<br />University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI. <br />Advisor: Professor J. Steele<br />Litentiate, Biochemistry (academic degree higher than B.Sc. lower than an M.Sc.)1992-1998<br />Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile.<br />Skills<br />Research<br />Molecular Biology techniques Protein Electrophoresis, Immunoassays, ELISA, in-vitro cell assays, PCR.<br />Analytical Chemistry, normal and reversed phase HPLC (DAD, Fluorescence, IR, PAD, MS), TLC, GC-FID, GC-MS and organic synthesis.<br />Radioactive material handling, Small animal handling.<br />Basic microbiological techniques and GLP.<br />Computer<br />SAS, Minitab, R, Sigma Plot, GeneMapp, Genespring, Agilent Chemstation (HPLC and GC modules), Merck LaChrom platform, Waters Millennium HPLC platform, Softmax Pro (Plate reader platform); MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint.<br />Languages: <br />Speak and write Spanish and English fluently.<br />Activities and Awards<br />ADSA Graduate Student paper competition2008<br />Second Place. Dairy Products Division<br />Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship 2005 – 2006<br />Department of Food Science, Madison, WI.<br />President Wisconsin Chapter - Phi Tau Sigma. Madison, WI. 2003 - 2004. <br />Collegiate Dairy Judging Team. 2003 - 2004. <br />6th Place in Yogurt Evaluation. National Competition Lakeland, FL.<br />Product Development Team Co-chair - Food Science Club. 2003 to 2004. <br />1st Place Almond Innovation Contest.<br />Finalist Product Development Contest IFT-SA.<br />MBAA Brewery Packaging Technology Course. 2003 Present <br />Assists in Flavor Laboratory<br />Professional Organizations<br />Phi Tau Sigma Honorary Society for Food Scientists. 2003 - Present<br />Institute of Food Technologist. 2004 - Present<br />American Society of Microbiology.2005 - Present<br />American Dairy Science Association.2005 – Present<br />Publications Addendum<br />
    • Budinich MF, Perez Diaz I, Cai H, Rankin SA, Broadbent JR, Steele JL. (2011). “Growth of Lactobacillus paracasei ATCC 334 in a cheese model system: A Biochemical approach”. Journal of Dairy Science (submitted).
    • 2. Cai H, Thompson R, Budinich MF, Broadbent JR, Steele JL. (2009). “Genome Sequence and Comparative Genome Analysis of Lactobacillus casei: Insights into their Niche-associated Evolution”. Genome Biology and Evolution,evp019.
    • 3. Díaz-Muñiz I, Banavara DS, Budinich MF, Rankin SA, Dudley EG, Steele JL. (2006). “Lactobacillus casei metabolic potential to utilize citrate as an energy source in ripening cheese: a bioinformatics approach”. Journal of Applied Microbiology 101,872-82.
    • 4. Steele JL, Budinich MF, Cai H, Curtis SC, Broadbent JR. (2006). “Diversity and metabolic activity of Lactobacillus casei in ripening cheddar cheese”. Australian Journal of Dairy Technology 61,53-60.