Book discussion 101 rev


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Book discussion 101 rev

  1. 1. Book DiscussionProgram 101Zarah C. Gagatiga
  2. 2. Whats in store for us today?* From Tablet to Tablet: A quick look at theevolution of the book* Books are Forever: Qualities that makereading books timeless and universal* Fact or Fiction: The different text structures offiction and non-fiction texts* Lets talk about books!
  3. 3. From Tablet to Tablet: AncientCivilizations
  4. 4. From Tablet to Tablet: Palm leaves,Papyrus and Bamboo scrolls
  5. 5. From Tablet to Tablet: Codex,Illuminated and Chained Books
  6. 6. From Tablet to Tablet: TheGutenburg Bible
  7. 7. From Tablet to Tablet: The ModernBook and EReaders
  8. 8. Books are Forever: Mirrors ofHumanity Ideas Information Knowledge Emotions Technology Transfer
  9. 9. Books are Forever: CommunicationTools READING LISTENING SPEAKING WRITING
  10. 10. Books are Forever: Evidences ofHuman Ingenuity A book is a dream dreamed by a team! - Rayvi Sunico, Poet & Philosopher The Dream Team WRITER ILLUSTRATOR / ARTIST EDITOR / READER PUBLISHER
  11. 11. Books are Forever: BuildCommunities Readership Responses Relationships OutREACHA reading community learns. A learning community reads. - Zarah C. Gagatiga, PBBY Chair (2009-2013)
  12. 12. Fact or Fiction?Fiction and Literature Non-Fiction (DDC)(excluding Poetry andPlays) - References - Religion, Philo, PsychStory mountain - Opening,Build up, Dilemma, - Social SciencesResolution, Ending - Languages - Natural SciencesStory elements - Theme, - Applied SciencesPlot, Character, Setting, - Fine Arts & RecreationTime - History, Biography, Geography
  13. 13. Fact or Fiction: Story Mountain
  14. 14. Fact or Fiction? Story ElementsTheme: What is the story all about? (In oneword)Character: Who is the hero? (What kind?) Who is the villain? What is the heros problem? (Man vs. Man / Man vs. Himself / Man vs.Society / Man vs. Environment) How did the hero solve the problem?
  15. 15. Fact or Fiction? Story ElementsPlot - How did the events unfold? Were there sub-plots? How did the plot help in shaping thecharacters in the story?Setting & Time - How important are these to theplot and characters?
  16. 16. Lets talk about books!Book Talks Book Discussion- short and brief - in depth, broader in- whet the appetite of approachthe reader - can be done in- focus on highlights of longer sessionsthe book: strong - micro to macro / vicecharacter, illustrations, versatheme, relevance of - focus on oneconcepts unifying idea- provide bibliographic - technique to bridgedata other literary works
  17. 17. Book Talk & Book DiscussionBook Talk Demo Story Discussion- Fiction The Legend of the Cashew Nut- Non-Fiction *Story Mountain * Story Elements BUZZ Group
  18. 18. Open ForumPhoto Sources: friendly-alternative-for-paper.html Story Mountain