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Delta V Control System Overview
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Delta V Control System Overview


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  • 1. DeltaV Digital Automation System TMSystem Overview
  • 2. The DeltaV digital automation system helps you improve your operationsby harnessing today’s predictive technologies in an easy, intuitive, and interoperableway to connect your people, processes, and production. I/O on Demand What you want, when you want it, where you want it.With the introduction of I/O on Regardless of I/O type–Demand, an unprecedented traditionally wired I/O, FOUNDATIONamount of field I/O adaptability, fieldbus, Profibus DP, DeviceNet,ease-of-integration and plant AS-i bus, or even redundantavailability becomes possible. wireless–you can add and beginCosts and concerns around single using the information all nativelypoints of failure, marshalled cross- and with far less engineering,wiring, power and grounding of design, and field work. You chooseFOUNDATIONTM fieldbus segments, the I/O you need, we make it easy.and late project I/O and process I/O on Demand–your I/O, anydesign change orders can type, anytime, anywhere.completely disappear. Ultimate Scalability Inherent functionality regardless of size. Process control facilities and system keeps the same look and applications certainly come in all feel. This reduces administration sizes and levels of complexity. To and training costs, and optimizes maximize the return on your both initial investment and future investment, the automation expansions. system should easily scale without adding complexity. From bench top, to pilot plant, to full production; from 25 I/O points Part of Emersons PlantWebTM to over 1 million, your system architecture, the DeltaVTM system adapts to meet your needs. Same is built from the ground up for operations experience. Same ultimate scalability. Regardless of maintenance experience. Same your application’s size, the DeltaV system, scaled to fit. Easy.Page 2–DeltaV System Overview
  • 3. Embedded Intelligent Control Advanced technologies that are easy to use and maintain.Plant availability at peak per- All the predictive power of smart power of embedded intelligentformance, thats really the ultimate devices is combined with the latest control within an integratedgoal of any automaton system. advanced control technologies to system that’s easy to use andKeeping the facility running in a provide the ultimate in embedded and secure manner, while intelligent control. Whether it’soptimizing the production is what the latest in predictive devicethe DeltaV system with AMS™ alerts, adaptive tuning, or modelSuite: Intelligent Device Manager predictive control–you have theis all about. Inherently Integrated Delivering the power of PlantWeb to every installation.The DeltaV system has the The inherent integration of the the DeltaV system. And, it is tightlycommissioning and monitoring DeltaV system extends to batch, integrated with:power of AMS Device Manager advanced control, change SyncadeTM suite which providesincluded. This combination management, engineering tools, operations managementconnects your operations with the diagnostics, simulation, and event AMSTM Suite which providespredictive intelligence in smart and continuous historian. predictive maintenancedevices and creates PlantWeb–for DeltaV SISTM system whichgreater availability. Emerson provides solutions that provides integrated yet integrate with your plant systems separate safety above, below, and in parallel with Integrated machinery monitoring. Built for Purpose Designed specifically for your process control applications.Over the last ten years, commercial off- However, while COTS has given many lifecycle support without upgrades,the-shelf technologies (COTS) have advantages, it has also come with built-in security, etc. We call this balanceprovided tremendous increases in expensive administration and life-cycle “Built for Purpose”, and the DeltaVfunctionality and cost advantages to costs requirements. A better approach is system is the first automation system toend-users of today’s automation to take advantage of the cost benefits address this critical need in many of thesystems. The DeltaV system was the first and open standards of COTS, but to add most important facets of the system.such system on the market, and functionality that allows the equipmentcontinues to provide open, proven to function much more like other partsproducts to its process manufacturers. of the system–plug-and-play, full Page 3–DeltaV System Overview
  • 4. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlThe DeltaV ArchitectureThe proven PlantWeb digital plant Maintenance Applicationarchitecture helps you detect Stationoperations, process, and equipmentproblems before they even occur,so you can move from reactive toproactive and profitable plantoperations.Page 4–DeltaV System Overview
  • 5. Services The DeltaV architecture provides reliability through redundancy: Ethernet network connections Controllers Controller & field interface Engineering Operations power supplies Digital HART I/O and classic field interface cards H1 FOUNDATION fieldbus with integrated power and diagnostics Profibus DP Master interface Modbus RTU/ASCII interface SIS logic solvers SISNet communications Batch Executive Zone servers OPC servers Digital Communications FOUNDATION fieldbus HART WirelessHART Profibus DP DeviceNet AS-i bus Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP Ethernet/IP OPC OPC Express Interface (Xi) Page 5–DeltaV System Overview
  • 6. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlThe I/O you want, when you want it, where you want it.The DeltaV system’s unique regardless of signal type or control Integrated CHARMSflexible field architecture delivers strategy. CHARM base plate snaps on railI/O on demand–providing the I/O CHARM terminal block snapsyou want, when you want it, where With Electronic Marshalling, each into baseyou want it. It is flexible because terminal block has a channel Auto keying sets terminal blockyou can now decouple the process characterization module, or when first CHARM is inserteddesign from the I/O infrastructure CHARM, which includes an A/D CHARM secured with patenteddesign, to easily incorporate late converter and associated signal locking mechanism in bothprocess changes into the characterization for different types operating and “knife-edge”automation system. analog and digital I/O. Field wiring disconnect positions of any signal type can be termin- Insertable/removable underElectronic Marshalling ated anywhere and characterized power in a Zone 2 environmentTight project schedules with by the various CHARMS. A digital Signal fault protection andchanging requirements during communication bus runs along the circuit protection built indesign and implementation are a terminal strip to send device signal Fault isolation built in to CHARM.way of life. DeltaV Electronic information to the top of theMarshalling lets you land field redundant CHARM I/O card wherecabling wherever you want, I/O conditioning is completed. CHARM I/O Carrier (fiber optic or copper ethernet connectors) CHARM I/O Card (redundant) CHARM base plate (passive rail carrying field power and communications) CHARMS (CHARacterization Module) Marshalling CabinetPage 6–DeltaV System Overview
  • 7. Services Redundancy ensures reliability: Redundant CHARM I/O card Redundant communications between CHARMS and the CHARM I/O card Redundant power between CHARM I/O card to each CHARM Redundant network com- munications between CHARM I/O cards and controllers. Late changes? No Latch secures CHARM. problem Every project has late changes that Marshalling made easy can have significant impact on cost Electronic Marshalling makes Installation of Electronic and schedule. Making these late design easier and more forgiving, Marshalling is intuitive and easy, changes is now easier, because because any input value can be because it is similar to existing new field wiring can be added to read by any DeltaV controller methods for terminating field cabinets at any time with no regardless of where the wiring is wiring. No special training or impact on the system architecture. landed. expertise is needed to terminate wiring on the terminal blocks. An Process design changes often occur DeltaV Electronic Marshalling integrated “knife-edge” throughout the life of a project. For example, eliminates the complexity disconnect eliminates the worry after the process hazard analysis is completed, associated with marshalling field over accidentally induced faults wiring in a control system. during hot cutovers and new temperature measurements might need maintenance. to be added to a process vessel. This can create Electricians can terminate the field Increased robustness significant hardware design challenges if the wires on terminal strips in the Troubleshooting of installation same way they have in the past, issues can be done on a channel- correct I/O channel type isn’t available, or if but the cross-wiring from the by-channel basis, because there is no room for new I/O to be added. In marshalling panel to I/O cards has problems are isolated to a single been eliminated. This greatly most control systems this would require channel–providing increased simplifies control cabinet design, robustness. substantial re-work to move some or all of the installation, and maintenance. control strategy to another controller. Because each CHARM comes fully CHARM Terminal Block equipped with the ability to read With the unique DeltaV Electronic Marshalling CHARM HART v7 data, intelligent field devices can be monitored and solution, implementing this change can be as quickly diagnosed around simple as adding a few new CHARMS to any the clock. existing terminal strip, regardless of which controller will use the input data. Page 7–DeltaV System Overview
  • 8. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlProven, plug and play–a smart choice for your control system.Traditional I/O is a modularsubsystem that offers flexibilityduring installation. It’s designed to S-series I/O interfaces snap to 8-wide I/O carrier withbe installed in the field near your integrated 24 VDC bussed field power distribution.devices. Modularity, protectionkeys, and plug-and-playcapabilities make DeltaVtraditional I/O a smart choice foryour process control system.Traditional I/O is available in twodesigns–the established M-seriesand the new S-series. The S-seriesincorporates human-centereddesign concepts to improve Rails slide togetherusability and robustness with the easily and securely.same proven technology inside.The exterior hardware design Redundant controllers withdelivers easier installation and system power supplies onimproved robustness. 2-wide carriers.Easy snap-in installationInstallation is easy since I/O isautomatically auto-sensed when I/O cards, terminal interfaces and Reliable means availableadded to the system. No-value terminal blocks have I/O function Reliability and increased systemengineering is eliminated. keys. This ensures the correct I/O availability are built in throughout card is always plugged into its the rugged DeltaV controlS-series classic I/O is equipped corresponding terminal block. hardware. Redundancy options arewith a snap-in retention system for available for:quick installation and error-free All wiring is through the carriers Controllersmaintenance. and terminal blocks so that I/O Control and field interface cards can easily be removed powerA guide prevents bent pins and without disconnecting any wires. Controller Ethernetcards easily snap in place. Carriers communicationssnap onto the DIN Rail–no tools Many classic field interface cardsrequired. Snap-on technology H1 FOUNDATION fieldbusmakes cards easy to install with Profibus DPtight connections every time and Serial interface.easy to release with a push ofa button.Page 8–DeltaV System Overview
  • 9. Services Online addition of new I/O cards The modular design lets you buy (-40 to 158 °F). You can mount the means your process does not get the exact number of I/O cards, I/O interface carrier in a junction interrupted. The DeltaV system 8-wide carriers, power/controllers, box in the field, significantly enables you to add system and 2-wide carriers you need and reducing your equipment components including controllers, add more DeltaV I/O as your footprint. I/O cards, field devices and system grows. workstations while the system is Shared remote I/O is available for powered and running. You can Rugged design for use Zone 2 installations. Unlike other expand and upgrade your system anywhere remote I/O, DeltaV remote I/O can on-the-fly with no downtime. The DeltaV system supports a full be shared among several range of analog, discrete, digital controllers for a greater range of The rugged, S-series hardware bus, thermocouple, and RTD field applications and installation includes a patent pending venting devices. flexibility. system that prevents screws, metal shavings, and other debris DeltaV control hardware is built Safety in hazardous that could short-circuit electronic rugged and flexible to mount areas components from entering. almost anywhere. It is designed for The DeltaV Intrinsically Safe I/O extreme field installation M-series subsystem provides the Modular design for conditions, including: perfect solution for locating I/O in added flexibility Class 1 Division 2 areas hazardous areas. The I/O Both the S-series and M-series CENELEC Zone 2 areas subsystem connects intrinsically traditional I/O hardware can co- ISA-71.04-1985 Airborne safe field circuits and field devices exist in the same DeltaV system Contaminants Class G3. into FM Class I, Division 1, Zone 1, with no trade-offs or and Zone 0 hazardous areas for incompatibilities. All DeltaV traditional I/O cards are most standard analog input, rated for extreme operating discrete input and discrete output temperature ranges of -40 to 70 °C applications. Latched installation delivers tight connections every time. Guide prevents bent pins and card snaps in place. Screw fastening eliminated. No broken cards due With snap-clamps the to over-tightening. correct tightness is assured. Cards remain securely in place. Venting system prevents debris/objects Rugged S-series from entering. hardware addresses your toughest applications. Page 9–DeltaV System Overview
  • 10. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlDigital communications deliver predictive diagnostics for improved operations.The DeltaV system is the only DeltaV system provides native Easy design, installation,system built from the ground up support for configuring busses and commissioningto unleash the advantages of with no need for 3rd party Fieldbus power conditioners areFOUNDATION fieldbus. Not an add- configuration tools. Ethernet I/O integrated in the H1 card. Thison, not an afterthought, it’s built devices are easily connected eliminates difficult segment powerto deliver the project and through a virtual I/O module. design, installation, andoperational savings of a digital troubleshooting. The additionalplant–easy! With the DeltaV system you have a cabinet footprint associated with wide variety of digital busses from use of external Ff segment powerDigital busses which to choose, as well as the supplies is eliminated.The DeltaV system includes other world’s best implementation ofpopular digital communication HART to easily take advantage of FOUNDATION fieldbus devices arebusses such as Profibus DP and the diagnostics that HART-based auto-sensed when connected toDeviceNet for integration of motor intelligent field devices provide. the control network andstarters and drives. It also includes automatically added to yourAS-i bus for low-cost, simple FOUNDATION fieldbus (Ff) devices configuration. As a result, yourinstallation of discrete devices deliver predictive alerts, engineering and commissioningsuch as push-buttons, on/off millisecond data capture, validated efforts are dramatically reduced.valves, and proximity sensors. The data, field-based control, diagnostics, and asset information Improved plant bi-directionally with the DeltaV availability system.DeltaV Ff I/O Benefits include upfront communicates digitally with field engineering, installation, and devices, increases your commissioning savings. Of greater input/output capacity, and significance are the ongoing provides access to more savings in reducing process information about your process variability, improving quality, than conventional I/O subsystems. increasing throughput and DeltaV Ff I/O enhances device avoiding upset conditions that can diagnostics that affect your control limit your production capability. strategy and alert operators to device malfunctions. Reliability and increased system availability are built in throughout Multi-dropping up to 16 devices the rugged DeltaV control on one port reduces your wiring hardware. Redundancy options are expenses substantially. The DeltaV available for FOUNDATION fieldbus Ff I/O’s integrated design can and Profibus DP. eliminate the need for marshalling panels–saving you even more.Page 10–DeltaV System Overview
  • 11. Services Extending predictive intelligence more economically where you need it. Wireless Field Network plan and monitor Emerson’s Smart Wireless your wireless solutions provide an interoperable, network for adaptive, flexible approach to maximum process wireless. It has been proven in availability. The installations around the globe. At DeltaV PID control its heart, a self-organizing wireless algorithm is network based on the globally specifically accepted WirelessHART (IEEE designed to handle 802.15.4) standard, providing communications secure, robust, and reliable variability from performance. WirelessHART instrumentation. DeltaV wireless is It is ideal for control reliable applications like Redundant DeltaV wireless I/O level and temperature control. productivity solutions, as well as a cards each connected to a 781 field data backhaul to bring Smart Wireless Remote Link DeltaV wireless is robust remote wireless field data to the Redundant DeltaV wireless system. provides a fully redundant solution gateways provide reliable for critical wireless communications communications with the self- Wireless access points provide Wi- that is reliable enough for control. organizing, adaptive wireless Fi coverage and can even be mesh. implemented in hazardous areas. The mesh continuously monitors communication paths for Emerson services tie these Wi-Fi degradation and automatically DeltaV wireless is secure access points with the applications DeltaV wireless field networks you need for a total solution—easy. improves itself. If an obstruction protect valuable information with occurs, devices will find the best multi-tiered, always-on security. alternate communication path. Based on the highly-secure Greater than 99% reliability is WirelessHART standard, the ensured. network devices implement A North Sea offshore oil and gas producer needed encryption, authentication, DeltaV wireless delivers verification, anti-jamming and key a better way to measure well casing pressure. flexibility management methods to ensure Sudden pressure drops can indicate problems with Many plants are missing important that data transmissions are secure. measurements. Typically, the a well. Twice daily, operators manually recorded measurements and associated Wireless Plant Solutions these pressure readings from this Zone 1 wiring were not easy to add–given Smart Wireless solutions for plant- distances, hazardous areas, or path wide operations provide hazardous area. Adding WirelessHART, AMS blockages. WirelessHART devices standards-based network Device Manager and pressure transmitters and easy DeltaV connectivity open infrastructure for easy integration provided continuous monitoring to spot and the path to improved plant efficiency. AMS Device Manager of all the wireless applications in initiate corrective actions sooner. with the AMS Wireless SNAP-ONTM your plant, including video, See full story at: application helps you effectively location tracking, mobile worker Page 11–DeltaV System Overview
  • 12. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlProtect your assets with the proven, secure DeltaV SIS system.Smart safety loops. Reliable process.Optimized reliability demand as required. To Integrated operations, engineering and maintenance.Safety instrumented systems increase your processperform a critical role in providing availability, the DeltaVsafer, more reliable process SIS system detectsoperations. Based on industry component failuresresearch, over 85% of all faults in and keeps you runningSIS applications occur in field when other systemsinstruments and control elements. might shut you down.Therefore, it is critical to consider The use of digitalthe entire safety instrumented intelligence andfunction (SIF)–from sensor, to predictive diagnosticslogic solver, to final control increases systemelement–as a complete entity. availability while reducingA smart SIS shuts down your plant life cycle costs bywhen needed for safety, but keeps providing:you running safely when Separate control and safety. Health diagnostics tocomponents fail. As a key element detect device failuresof Emerson Process Management’s Device alerts for quick actionSmart SIS, the DeltaV SIS™ safety Automatic partial stroke testingmanagement system reliably Automated proof testingprotects your assets by providing Integrated, comprehensivean integrated approach to documentation tools.complete safety loops. The DeltaV SIS system is IEC 61508 Flexibility to meet your certified for use in SIL 3The DeltaV SIS system helps you to applications. Flexible redundancyimprove your process safety by process needs The DeltaV SIS system is flexible to enables modular hardware faultcontinuously monitoring and tolerance to meet your process provide the safety you want, whendiagnosing the ability of the availability requirements. you want, where you want. Itsensors, logic solvers, and final provides a unique modular,control elements to perform on The modular logic solver hardware distributed architecture that is scales in sizes of 16 configurable based on a safety instrumented I/O; therefore, memory and CPU function approach to logic solving. are added with each logic solver. The modular architecture The deterministic scan rate eliminates a single point of failure, ensures proper performance as while the distributed architecture you expand your system. enables implementation of complex logic across multiple logic For further flexibility, the I/O mix is solvers. This optimum architecture configurable and can be located simplifies change management remotely. And the system can be and enables the system to be as large as your application custom fit for SIS applications. requires –30,000 I/O.Page 12–DeltaV System Overview
  • 13. Services Increased visibility into the DeltaV system easy. It Simplified regulatory your process eliminates the time wasted to compliance The DeltaV SIS system provides an maintain data mapping and The DeltaV SIS system is built from optimum integrated but separate handshaking between the the ground up to simplify architecture to meet the IEC 61511 control and safety systems. regulatory compliance, eliminating requirements for separation of Integrated operations ensure your concerns related to proper safety and control—with dedicated that personnel are quickly implementation. The engineering safety hardware, software and notified of alarms and can easily tools enforce good practices, so networks; and integrated access safety information in a special restrictions do not need to configuration, operations, and familiar environment. be considered when configuring maintenance with the DeltaV Integrated AMS Device Manager the system. Simplified IEC 61511 system. This approach provides provides comprehensive asset compliance is provided by: unmatched visibility into your capabilities for SIS components Change management of safety process, by enabling direct access that are critical to safe logic and field device to all SIS information across the operations. configuration and calibration entire safety loop. Integrated historian provides Security management, including comprehensive event collection authorization of online trip point Physical separation and and reporting with time or bypass changes synchronization. Secure write mechanism for independence Integrated non-intrusive repeat confirmation of online The DeltaV SIS system provides simulation delivers offline changes key safety functionality that is testing and operator training. Automatic logging of system independent of the DeltaV basic process control system. Separate events and diagnostics faults safety hardware features include a Reduced engineering Automated workflow for proof unique logic solver, independent and complexity testing field devices. operating system, and diverse The DeltaV SIS advanced function advanced safety function blocks. blocks deliver powerful Additionally, the power supply and functionality out of the box, and simplify the implementation of You are asked to automate a Burner Manage- communication networks are dedicated and independent for the complex SIS applications. A full ment System, but you have limited time and DeltaV SIS hardware. For added pallet of IEC 61508 certified resources. Looking for a scalable safety solution, protection, the DeltaV Controller function blocks are built to the IEC acts as a firewall between the SIS 61131-3 function block standard, you decide to install the DeltaV SIS system and logic solvers and the control making safety logic development use the powerful, certified safety function network. intuitive and easy. The powerful function blocks reduce what used blocks. The built-in state machine and step Integrated engineering, to be pages and pages of logic to sequencer functionality eliminates the need for operations and maintenance engineer, test, and commission. complex ladder logic–reducing your It’s now a simple drag-and-drop The DeltaV SIS platform seamlessly engineering, testing and documentation efforts. configuration process–with no integrates with the DeltaV system custom programming. Simplified The modular architecture allows you to install to provide a comprehensive configuration with less complexity process safety solution that only the hardware needed for this application. reduces your lifecycle costs and leverages your automation process risks. You are able to complete the project on time investment. Integrated engineering provides and under budget. all of the capabilities that make Page 13–DeltaV System Overview
  • 14. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlEasily fits applications of any size.Process control applications come Scales to fit To meet the challenges of yourin many different sizes and levels of The DeltaV architecture scales in process operations, you need thecomplexity. It’s critical to have an size from 25 I/O to over one million scalable DeltaV system, whicharchitecture built to support this I/O. And, by integrating I/O expands online, without redesign,required scalability, or you end up through open interfaces more and with the existing software–nowith multiple, isolated, difficult-to- than one million I/O is possible. No upgrade required.integrate solutions. matter how small or how large your application is, the DeltaV Application scalabilityScalability starts at the field device system scales to fit. The DeltaV system scales inlevel. Technologies like functionality to provide you withWirelessHART and its self- DeltaV Zones segment the the tools you need for your processorganizing wireless systems to ensure flexible control application. With acommunications help you scale operation and expansions with common set of engineering toolsyour instrumentation device by enhanced system performance. and a common database, itdevice, and area by area within Maintenance or commissioning provides a single platform andyour plant. AMS Device Manager activities can be performed in each eliminates the typical headachescaptures and delivers predictive zone without impacting other associated with integration. Youdiagnostics from all of these zones. Also, to more easily manage have the flexibility to adddevices, as well as your HART, software upgrades based advanced control, or batch, orFOUNDATION fieldbus and Profibus on process criticality, each system safety instrumented functions asDP devices–even across multiple can operate using different DeltaV needed.DeltaV systems. software revisions, and still share data across zones. No matter your application’s size, all hardware components are the same–the engineering tools are the same, operations and maintenance applications are the same. The result? Less training, fewer spares, and easier operations.Page 14–DeltaV System Overview
  • 15. Services Integrating I/O through open interfaces, more than one million I/O can be monitored and controlled. Your company develops a new product on lab scale equipment before scaling it up to produce trial quantities in a pilot plant. After successful pilot-scale production trials, the process is commercialized in a large scale production unit. All of this is done in the same facility and you are responsible for supporting the control equipment. Obviously, the most desired situation is that all of these systems look and feel identical to the users: scientists, process engineers, automation engineers, and operators. The DeltaV system has ultimate scalability and was built from the ground up with the idea of a single platform to fit any size application. Whether or not the system is 25 or 25,000 I/O, the operator, engineer, production manager, and maintenance technician all have the same experience. There is no re-configuration, re-architecting, special “gateway” or other equipment to learn, use, and maintain. Page 15–DeltaV System Overview
  • 16. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose Control Continuously adapting to changing conditions helps optimize your plant. Emerson revolutionized the DeltaV embedded intelligent process control industry with the control provides you a full array of Studies have shown that nearly 40% of all introduction of the PlantWeb applications including enhanced process loops are under performing. You are architecture, which provides PID control, automatic variability predictive intelligence through the inspection, tuning, fuzzy logic responsible for hundreds of control loops use of intelligent field devices. control, model predictive control, and instruments and you don’t have the Now, with embedded intelligent and neural networks. Never before control, Emerson takes predictive has a control system provided a full time or the tools to monitor and maintain intelligence a step further. By suite of embedded advanced them. Your company is losing millions of embedding learning algorithms control applications that enable dollars each year due to process variability directly into the DeltaV system, it you to get the most from your can systematically apply the plant, with the least amount and poor control performance. With process knowledge it acquires to: of effort. embedded intelligent control, the DeltaV Locate hidden variability and under-performing control loops Advanced control–easy system provides you with a systematic way Monitor control performance DeltaV embedded intelligent to automatically monitor, diagnose, and against model-based control enables you to quickly improve process control performance. performance benchmarks deploy state-of-the-art control Identify problems and diagnose technologies without the causes such as faulty valves or implementation and maintenance configuration and maintenance process interactions problems associated with because all the technology and Prevent downtime and increase traditional advanced control tools are inherently integrated availability systems. Designed for the average with the DeltaV system. No data Reduce variability, increase control system engineer, advanced mapping is required. It is not an quality and throughput control has never been easier. add-on, it is part of the DeltaV Sustain gains from performance With embedded intelligent system. improvements. control, advanced applications can be implemented with minimal DeltaV advanced control applications are built as part of the same, easy-to-learn and use environment as standard regulatory control. PID, Fuzzy, Predict, and Neural function blocks are all available for you to drag and drop from the Control Studio pallet–it’s that easy!Page 16–DeltaV System Overview
  • 17. Services PID function block capability Intelligent control also makes life Intelligent field devices that easier for your operators. provide diagnostic More robust control means that information ensure the The DeltaV system your operators are less likely to regulatory and advanced outperforms all operate in manual mode. control algorithms are others –even for Automatic control with reduced working with good data and DeltaV DCS PLC basic PID control. variability gives your operators less enable corrective action to to worry about, so that they can be taken in the case of focus on other important questionable or bad data. embedded intelligent control operating concerns. keeps your process running The DeltaV system’s embedded smooth and within safe limits. This Reliable information intelligent control provides the helps prevent unwanted ability to quickly adapt to shutdowns or hazardous increases availability changing process conditions and consequences that may otherwise You cannot have sustainable the flexibility to confidently result from abnormal situations advanced control unless you have respond to changing market such as process disturbances, a strong foundation–built on demand. Embedded learning upsets, and unplanned events. healthy devices and reliable field information. The DeltaV system algorithms identify control uses validated data and equipment problems and provide continuous health information from intelligent adaptive control to automatically field assets to ensure the right adapt to changing process control action is taken, preventing conditions. Model predictive unwanted shutdowns when an control and optimization go one asset fails. step further to continuously monitor process and economic All DeltaV intelligent control conditions to ensure optimal plant functions run in the DeltaV performance within operating controller, including advanced constraints. control algorithms. This ensures that critical strategies run in a The embedded DeltaV intelligent rugged, high-speed, optionally control applications are designed redundant environment. for you to use on a broad array of control challenges, enabling you to Online adaptability develop the right control Changing process conditions strategies for your plant, at a require a control system to quickly fraction of the traditional cost– adapt and take corrective action to what you want, when you want it, prevent unsafe or sub-optimal where you want it. operations. Reliable measure- ments and intelligent control strategies provide accurate and Preventing hazardous flexible control during changing consequences process conditions and market By reducing process variability and demand. adapting to changing conditions, Page 17–DeltaV System Overview
  • 18. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlOptimized loops–all the time. DeltaV InSight DeltaV software provides the tools to monitor, analyze and tune control loops for peak performance. DeltaV InSight, inherently integrated into the system, instantly identifies under-performing control loops, enabling you to reduce process variability and increase the efficiency of your operation. It can be used to commission andPID control in Control Studio. automatically tune both PID and Fuzzy blocks. There is no setup or configuration required, because InSight automatically recognizes function blocks as they are Fuzzy logic control is implemented just like PID– configured. with drag-and-drop ease. DeltaV Adapt DeltaV Fuzzy DeltaV Adapt continuously adjusts DeltaV Fuzzy offers a practical, PID tuning for optimal control as field-proven substitute for PID process conditions change. In control for processes that mayInSight control performance addition to calculating new benefit from non-linear controlmonitoring. tuning, DeltaV Adapt also action. Using an embedded fuzzy remembers the best tuning from logic control algorithm with the last time it was controlling in automated loop tuning, requires the same operating region. And no special expertise in fuzzy logic.DeltaV PID Control best of all, DeltaV Adapt can beIntelligent control begins with applied to any PID loop in the DeltaV Fuzzy is robust androbust regulatory control. DeltaV control system–without control provides superior performancePID control delivers improved configuration changes. over PID control in many cases,performance using intelligent providing faster response to setdevice information and enhanced point changes or loadPID algorithms. Even for basic PID disturbances without overshoot.control, the DeltaV system has Benchmark tests have shown loopmore capability than other DCSs performance improvement of 30-and PLCs. 40% over traditional PID. Apply DeltaV Adapt to any PID loop in the control system without control configuration changes.Page 18–DeltaV System Overview
  • 19. Services DeltaV Predict Obtain greater throughput, reduced variability, and increased profitability by using DeltaV Predict and DeltaV PredictPro to implement multivariable model predictive control strategies. DeltaV Predict and PredictPro use the power of model predictive control to easily address process interaction and difficult dynamics. Since DeltaV Predict and PredictPro are fully embedded in the DeltaV system, you can use DeltaV Predict pre-engineered components and implementation function blocks to quickly develop, with Function validate, test and deploy your Blocks. multivariable control strategies. DeltaV Predict provides powerful model predictive control and optimization– available in every DeltaV system. Deploy virtual sensors with DeltaV Neural. DeltaV Neural DeltaV Neural provides a practical without prior knowledge of neural way to create virtual sensors for network theory. DeltaV Neural measurements previously automatically uses the historical available only through the use of data provided from embedded lab analysis or online analyzers. historian, making it easy for you to Easy to understand and use, quickly train the neural network DeltaV Neural gives process and verify the accuracy of the engineers a way to produce resulting model. extremely accurate results, even Page 19–DeltaV System Overview
  • 20. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlIntuitive, fast drag-and-drop engineering.The DeltaV suite of engineering In the DeltaV system, context-tools handles configuration sensitive help takes you right tomanagement, both locally and the documentation that’s relevantremotely, for all aspects of the for the task you are doing. There isDeltaV system and intelligent field no need to search through booksdevices. A single, global and online manuals. DeltaV Booksconfiguration database enables Online shows you what you needyou to coordinate all configuration to know, when you need it, whereactivities. Forget about data you need it.mapping between separatedatabases or referencing your DeltaV Explorerprocess and engineering DeltaV Explorer is the primary toolinformation by arcane registers or for system configuration. It DeltaV Bulk Edit streamlines your configuration efforts.numbers. With DeltaV software, presents the complete system in ait’s all in one dynamic tag-driven single view and allows directconfiguration database: access to any item. Similar in Bulk Edit can be used to speed up Control strategies appearance to the Windows the configuration process and Batch control strategies Explorer, it lets you define system eliminate tedious tasks. Safety strategies components and view the overall Process graphics structure and layout of your DeltaV Control Studio History system. The DeltaV Explorer Control Studio lets you graphically Events includes configuration and fast create and modify individual Change management. commissioning of WiressHART, modules and templates that make HART, FOUNDATON fieldbus and up your control strategies. The Profibus DP devices. The DeltaV DeltaV system helps you create system is predominantly and maintain control strategies as configured in place through small, modular components interactive dialogs within DeltaV (modules). These modules Explorer. become reusable configurations for control of your process Easy I/O configuration equipment. DeltaV controllers, I/O, and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices are Control Studio treats each module auto-sensed when connected to as a separate entity–allowing you the control network and to focus on a specific module automatically added to your without affecting other modules configuration. The result is that may be running in the same dramatically reduced engineering controller. Built on IEC 61131-3 and commissioning time. control languages, including function block diagrams, Native support for configuring sequential function charts and busses with no need for 3rd party structured text, Control Studio configuration tools makes it easy provides a drag-and-drop palette to configure Profibus DP, to easily design and document DeviceNet, and AS-i bus I/O. your control strategies.Page 20–DeltaV System Overview
  • 21. Services Use DeltaV Control Studio to develop: As you are pressured to commission your new Regulatory control process so that production can start ahead of Advanced process control Basic logic schedule, it is more and more important to have Sequential logic. a common set of engineering tools to configure, calibrate, and commission different types of Display configuration is easy with pre-defined, modular graphics equipment. This ensures that you can quickly such as faceplates, module detail complete your tasks in a single interface, without Modules include graphical display displays, trends, alarm summaries elements to simplify overall display having to make the same change in multiple and display directories. development. locations. Configuration made easy With an intuitive user interface With the DeltaV Explorer, you can easily design based on Microsoft’s Fluent Interface, you can quickly learn to the control system architecture including all develop control strategies using busses, without the need to map data between drag-and-drop configuration. Self- databases or to use third party configuration documenting graphical modules make it easy to design and tools. The DeltaV Explorer enables you to document your control strategies. configure your I/O and your field devices in a common interface. When configuring control Standard product design and pre- Control strategies are easily created with engineered, out-of-the-box logic with DeltaV Control Studio, it makes no drag-and-drop function blocks. solutions make configuration difference whether the associated I/O comes inherently easy to learn, use, and customize. from FOUNDATION fieldbus, serial interface, DeviceNet, or traditional I/O. It simply connects Unlike hybrid and component to any I/O, without any special tools required for based automation systems, operating faceplates and history different types of I/O. collection are built automatically as you assemble your control The DeltaV engineering tools are developed with strategies. ease of use as a primary design criteria. The DeltaV embedded history DeltaV system is designed to eliminate low-value automatically collects historical engineering to ensure quick configuration, The DeltaV Explorer graphically displays continuous and event data for all your configuration and components. modules in an assigned area. testing, and commissioning of any process manufacturing plant. Page 21–DeltaV System Overview
  • 22. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlImplement your DeltaV system any way you want.Adaptable Implement portions of the systemThe DeltaV system gives you the on the fly in a modular fashion asflexibility to implement your process design and controlsystem how you want, when you requirements become available.want, where you want. You can finish what you know and leave other sections to completeMultiple users can concurrently later. Work-in-progress flagsconfigure the system and access ensure that no items are leftthe global configuration database incomplete.from DeltaV workstations. For verylarge or tight deadline projects, Your configuration can be builtthe DeltaV system’s multi-client from the bottom up, starting with I/O and finishing with control Simulate control strategies with Control Studio On-line.architecture provides: Off-line configuration strategies and displays. Bulk editing in spreadsheet engineers for instrumentation mode With Control Studio On-line, it’s design. Projects that use SPI can Bulk import from third-party easy to modify existing strategies benefit from the DeltaV data software independent of the running exchange interface. Bi-directional communication process and simulate them offline. with Intergraph’s SmartPlant When you are ready, just install the The DeltaV system has a bi- Instrumentation (INtools). changes to the running system directional interface with SPI that without affecting other control provides the seamless exchange ofThe DeltaV modules help you modules executing in the I/O and instrumentationdesign your system from the top controller. information between the twodown and implement as you go. databases. The information thatWith minimal effort, you can SmartPlant ® can be transferred spans bothspecify loops and field devices, Instrumentation conventional I/O, including HART,then quickly complete the integration and Fieldbus I/O systems.configuration. The SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) software from Intergraph The SPI product has been Corporation is used by many enhanced to allow DeltaV definitions for I/O hardware objects, DeltaV terminology, and FOUNDATION fieldbus device definitions to appear directly in SPI. Using the DeltaV SPI integration capabilities significantly reduces DeltaV and SPI engineering hours and delivers higher quality project deliverables because shared data is entered once. Data conversion or transfer errors caused by manual processes are eliminated.Page 22–DeltaV System Overview
  • 23. Services Intuitive view provides situational awareness and better decision support. Demands on operators continue to integrated machinery monitoring, increase as their span of control environmental protection, increases and as technology product quality and process advances create more information efficiency. to digest than ever before. It’s more critical than ever to start Fast access from the operators’ perspective DeltaV Operate gives operators and streamline and focus their easy, one-click access to alarm view into the process, especially in summaries, faceplates, trends, abnormal plant situations. display navigation, and on-line help. Unlike pieced-together Human-centered design automation solutions, the built-in, Emerson founded the Human one-click access capability makes Alarms stand out helping operators address and resolve Centered Design Institute and is a the DeltaV system easy to learn abnormal situations–easy. key participant in the Center for and use. As a result, operator Operator Performance, an training costs are typically reduced You can also zero in on the types of operator-focused, human factors by 50% compared to other recurring alarms and their research consortium whose automation solutions. frequency to help get to the root members include academics, cause and its solution. engineering and automation DeltaV Flexlock provides the suppliers, and process manu- application accessibility that is DeltaV diagnostics facturers. Improved DeltaV appropriate for personnel’s job As a key component of the Operate and AMS Suite software function and skill level. PlantWeb digital plant usability emerged out of this architecture, DeltaV diagnostics extensive research and human AMS Device Manager provides extend not only to the system centered design approach. The detailed alert information from components, but beyond–to results are easily seen alarms at a DeltaV operator faceplates. cyber-security and intelligent glance, faster abnormal situation Detailed troubleshooting device and machinery monitoring recognition, and intuitive views of information is available in the diagnostics with AMS Suite loop deviations. Audit Trail records and through software. Diagnostics from applications such as AMS FOUNDATION fieldbus, Profibus DP, The operator experience begins ValveLinkTM SNAP-ONTM application. DeviceNet, HART, and with color-scale graphics, which WirelessHART are easily provide subdued colors to make Easy alarm analysis incorporated into control the bright colors associated with DeltaV Analyze, which is based on strategies and operator graphics to alarms and abnormal conditions the ISA S18 and EEMUA 191 alarm reduce abnormal situations and stand out. Based on the ISA S18 metric standards, simplifies alarm provide rapid decision support to alarm standard, operator-centric analysis. It allows you to quickly normalize the process. alarm help is available to provide spot which areas and modules immediate in-context access to have the most alarms in a given allow response time, probable time period by connecting cause and operator instruction. embedded historical alarms and These can include equipment events from the DeltaV Event protection and prediction through Chronicle or Plant Event Historian. Page 23–DeltaV System Overview
  • 24. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlInherent change management simplifies regulatory compliance.Increasingly stringent regulationsrequire manufacturers to providecomprehensive documentation oftheir process. DeltaVConfiguration Audit Trail is apowerful tool that tracks changesand manages revision informationfor any item in the DeltaVconfiguration database, includingSafety Instrumented System (SIS)items. This application creates andmaintains a configuration change Configuration Audit Trail and Version Management automatically collects revision information–history for configuration items, viewed in either graphical or text-based formats.such as modules, SIS modules,phases, operations, unit Studio and Graphics require a confirmation in whichprocedures, user accounts, and Configuration. DeltaV the user name and password isoperator graphics–simplifying administrative tools allow the needed to execute, as well as anconfiguration management and Configuration Audit Trail database additional verifying user name andregulatory compliance. and the DeltaV database to be password if required. backed up together in oneEasy to track changes operation. It is also possible toComprehensive version control of archive and restore versions of items in the audit trail database. Change management provides these keya configuration item is benefits:automatically tracked andupdated. The new version is time- Ensure authorized Tracks configuration changesstamped and a history comment configuration changes Displays differences between different versionscan be recorded when the item is The DeltaV security system of a configuration itemchecked back in. Embedded provides the ability to grantreporting tools give users the Rolls back an individual item or the entire privileges to individual users.ability to print configuration database to a prior version Items may be checked out forchange histories for any item in editing only by approved users. Creates change management reportsthe configuration database. Displays version identifiers online forBy keeping detailed historical Ensure compliance downloaded configuration itemsinformation on configuration during operation with Logs recipe authorization before release toitems, the system automatically Electronic Signatures productionmaintains quality data for To support regulatory compliance Tracks SIS Module download authorizationregulatory compliance requirements, including FDA 21 based on SIL levelrequirements and trouble- CFR Part 11, the DeltaV systemshooting. Configuration Audit Trail provides comprehensive Tracks SIS Module testing approval based onis tightly integrated with the electronic signature capability SIL level.DeltaV configuration tools, such as during process operations. AnyExplorer, Control Studio, Recipe actions taken can be configured toPage 24–DeltaV System Overview
  • 25. Services Prevents unauthorized system changes that can compromise your plant’s performance. The DeltaV system provides easy, structure to match your operating Workstation flexible, system-wide security philosophy. Through a single sign- hardening disables management for all users including on, you can define groups of users, unused operating operators, engineers, technicians, such as operators or supervisors, system services and other automation users. and assign them DeltaV and AMS and disables CD- Device Manager privileges. ROM and USB Easy security For example, one group may be ports to prevent management the introduction able to change only operating Based on user login, the easy-to- of viruses and parameters, while another also use DeltaV role-based security malware. may be able to change selected keys control both system The DeltaV tuning parameters. And you can functionality and span of operator Flexlock security limit a user to particular areas of control. A separate set of locks and application the plant–providing you with keys is provided for control creates a secure peace of mind that only the and safety. workstation appropriate people are making Proper personnel authorization for desktop to decisions affecting your plant. decisions provides peace of mind. DeltaV security ensures that you prevent un- have the correct privilege for each Built for security authorized access task. When you make changes to The DeltaV system was developed outside of the system users and their privileges in with system security as a key DeltaV operations DeltaV User Manager, the changes design criterion. To safeguard your environment. are immediately applied across all assets and ensure proper access, DeltaV Smart Switches provide DeltaV applications and Windows the DeltaV system delivers many auto lockdown to prevent security is automatically updated. important security capabilities. unauthorized network The DeltaV control network connections on switch ports. Adaptable user manager architecture delivers a system Unauthorized network devices All facilities do not operate the that is more secure from cannot participate in DeltaV same. With the role-based user unauthorized external access. communications, because access, you have complete DeltaV controllers have been DeltaV devices are flexibility to modify the security hardened to mitigate specific, authenticated as part of system well-documented security configuration. threats. Physical access to local equipment is not required for Starting up a large manufacturing facility can be stressful. An routine maintenance procedures and troubleshooting inherent change management system can help eliminate pressure because system diagnostics are and improve productivity–when there is too much to do and too done over the network using little time. DeltaV system changes are made by authorized DeltaV workstations. personnel and are automatically tracked and approved as needed. The result is up-to-date documentation that supports regulatory compliance requirements. Made a mistake? No problem. The database can be rolled back to a prior version. Enabling smoother startups has never been easier. Page 25–DeltaV System Overview
  • 26. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlDepend on the performance and reliability of your critical production assets.The seamless integration of AMS centered design principles for fast,Suite: Intelligent Device Manager easy access. In addition, AMSwith the DeltaV system enables Device Manager providesyour operations and maintenance complete asset managementteams to easily monitor field capabilities for HART, FOUNDATIONdevice health status. Plant fieldbus, WirelessHART, andpersonnel can then work together Profibus DP devices–a single userto resolve potential issues before interface in an integratedthey become costly problems. operating environment.Only Emerson’s technologies and Increase plantthe PlantWeb architecture are availabilitybuilt to turn the wealth of Predictive maintenance using AMS EDDL-based device screens apply a graphical indication ofintelligent field device diagnostic Device Manager helps you avoid condition, as in this example showing device status anddata into focused, actionable unplanned shutdowns and process variables as good.information. AMS Device Manager inefficient practices. Online access Speed commissioning byand DeltaV software help you to device diagnostics allows you to planning and storing your fieldmove to a predictive maintenance continually monitor devices and to device configurations in a singleenvironment by giving plant staff a know immediately if there is a database. Perform device loopwindow into the health of problem. SNAP-ON applications tests, interlock validations, andintelligent field devices. like AlertTrack can be used for calibrations quickly and email and cell phone notificationBased on real-time diagnostics efficiently. of process upsets, often helpingfrom intelligent field devices, your you to intercept problems beforestaff can respond quickly and Asset management they cause major plant upsets.make informed decisions to improves safetyprevent unexpected downtime. Predictive maintenance Online access to critical asset pre-empts unplanned information eliminatesWith AMS Device Manager, you unnecessary trips to the field andcan monitor status and alerts on downtime AMS Device Manager provides reduces visits to hazardousdrives, instruments, and valves, locations. The DeltaV system adaptability in many ways:troubleshoot from the control passes status and diagnostics to Remotely access status androom, perform advanced AMS Device Manager, giving clear diagnostic information fromdiagnostics, manage calibration, and specific descriptions of faults. connected devices to identifyand automatically document When maintenance functions are issues. Use AMS Device Manageractivities with a single application. performed, records are to easily make configuration changes or replace a device. automatically produced andAn easy-to-use interface logged in the Audit Trail. The Automatically document deviceA graphical interface makes documentation step is done information including alerts,diagnostic information easy to simultaneously and accurately to configuration changes, andunderstand. The interface, give a complete history of your calibration events using AMSpowered by EDDL, provides device maintenance records, Device Manager Audit Trail.compelling visualization to aid in reducing maintenance costs over Associate electronic drawingstroubleshooting and support typical paper-based systems. and notes with a particulardecision-making. These Asset Management allows you to device quickly and easily.diagnostics are based on human- operate with confidence.Page 26–DeltaV System Overview
  • 27. Services Fast, trouble-free integration delivers critical feedback on Machinery Health. As turbomachinery and mechanical determine vibration and process Build operator graphics equipment deteriorate, automation systems are fast performance decreases, implemented. Datasets and control modules are throughput is reduced, and automatically configured in the unplanned shutdowns are Save hundreds of man-hours and DeltaV system. Function blocks possible. When operators have gain a more complete, error-free are automatically created in visibility to the performance of integration of machinery control studio allowing custom these high stakes assets, they can information when you use the CSI rules for plant-specific abnormal make process adjustments and 6500 Machinery Health Monitor situation scenarios. Machinery reduce process disruptions. Real- with your DeltaV system. You will Health faceplate templates and time integration of machinery gain integrated prediction, dynamos are pre-built and ready information in the DeltaV system protection, and performance for operator graphics. What once delivers actionable information to monitoring that is pre-engineered required custom programming is operations staff. with automatic sensor health and now a drag-and-drop process to automatic synchronization of quickly build a machinery health alarm limits in the DeltaV system. Eliminate complex and operator interface. expensive integration Emerson’s technologies With most control systems, streamline integration in three Out-of-the-box integration of machinery health easy steps: scan, configure, and machinery health information using MODBUS may import. From AMS Suite and the diagnostics for operators require as many as 2400 steps for CSI 6500, asset parameters are After the integration process, 24 vibration channels to complete scanned and then imported to the simply launch DeltaV Operate and the integration process–not to DeltaV system. The entire process if any machinery health alarms mention the discovery process to is completed in 10 minutes. occur, they are automatically displayed in the alarm banner. Built-in instrumentation alarms automatically sync alarm limits with Machinery Health systems so immediate action can be taken to prevent plant shutdowns. The DeltaV system provides critical missing machinery health feedback to operators. Comprehensive protection, plant- wide prediction, and performance monitoring integrated with process control gives confidence that your mechanical equipment is truly operating reliably. Simple integration process delivers critical feedback on machinery health. Page 27–DeltaV System Overview
  • 28. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlHigh resolution, high fidelity historical data helps optimize your process.Ready access to continuous and easily scale from 250 to 30,000event historical information from historical items. Since it’s fullyyour process is critical to integrated with the DeltaVoperating, analyzing, and system, it’s easy to start collectingoptimizing your process. This information and maintain it. Nocollected information needs to data mapping or non-valueextend beyond the control system engineering is required.boundaries down to the intelligentfield devices, which are much DeltaV regulatory and advancedcloser to the process and have a control applications includinghigher resolution view of model predictive control andthe process. neural networks use the historical information and its associatedContinuous Historian status. For higher availability andThe Continuous Historian is a robustness, these applications candatabase designed for historical automatically detect when thestorage, retrieval, and integration item status is not good, alertinginto the DeltaV system, as well as the operator or application thatopen access from the system. It data is suspect.captures analog, discrete, and textdata and stores it for future Event Chronicle Multiple Event Chronicles can beanalysis. The Event Chronicle captures all used in the DeltaV system to system events, such as operator collect events from different plantAs an Emerson Process changes, control module areas or from the same plant areasManagement product, the DeltaV installations, alarms, sequence of for added data availability andContinuous Historian was events and changes in device robustness. Since the events aredesigned to support the PlantWeb status. For each event, information time stamped in the DeltaVarchitecture and provide a data such as who made a change and controller, multiple Eventrepository for the information when the change occurred Chronicles will always haveavailable in intelligent field devices. is recorded. consistent time stamps.The DeltaV Continuous Historiancaptures the value, timestamp, The DeltaV system is designed to Plantwide Eventand status or validity of the capture data values and their Historianinformation from these intelligent associated time stamps at the Beyond the boundaries of yourfield devices. You can make better lowest possible level in the system, DeltaV system, the Plantwidedecisions with this high providing you with a more Event Historian captures andfidelity data. accurate picture of the alarms and displays event data such as alarms, events as they occur. The Event operator actions, system events,Instead of being a layered Chronicle receives these time and sequences of events fromapplication afterthought, the stamps and events and makes DeltaV and third-party automationDeltaV Continuous Historian is them available to the operator for systems throughout theembedded in the system and can easy viewing and troubleshooting. entire plant.Page 28–DeltaV System Overview
  • 29. Services History View Software History Analysis Suite History Analysis is a web-based The DeltaV History View Software historian client application that Suite is the window into your allows you to view DeltaV operation’s continuous, event, and historical data from any computer batch data. It provides easy access running Microsoft Internet to real-time and historical trend Explorer–from anywhere in the monitoring–with seamless world. History Analysis has access movement between the two. A to DeltaV historical batch, single view integrates real-time continuous, and event data, and it and historical data, including integrates the DeltaV historical continuous and event data. data in a single, easy-to-use client application. History Analysis also History Analysis provides intuitive data search Process engineers can more easily provides an intuitive data search engine making it easy to find just the right data. see how user changes have engine to make it easy for users to impacted the process through find just the right data. Once the these views of real-time and data is found and evaluated, you Historical data anywhere historical data. Embedded can save the data view or export With the DeltaV OPC History historical trends are available in the data for further analysis. Server, OPC Event Server, OPC DeltaV Operate that enable Express Interface (OPC Xi) and operators to quickly scan the DeltaV Reporter History Web Service you can direction and magnitude of The DeltaV system comes with extend the wealth of historical process changes before DeltaV Reporter–an Excel-based data to other data historians such taking action. historical data reporting and as OSIsoft’s PI and web service- analysis tool available on any based client applications. Using workstation. Use DeltaV Reporter these industry standard interfaces, Building a virtual sensor based on to populate a spreadsheet with the DeltaV system can deliver DeltaV Neural (neural network historical process and event data. information to other systems, Once in the spreadsheet, use the applications or users on the plant technology) or DeltaV Predict power of Excel to view, analyze, local area network or across the (model predictive control and create reports on the data. Internet. Through an intuitive web technology) requires a wealth of DeltaV Reporter also enables you browser-based client, powerful to easily add historical data local history clients and easy-to- historical data to accurately build use and secure historical data collected from outside the DeltaV the models to address the system, such as laboratory data. interfaces, the DeltaV system This historical data includes status enables your experts to quickly expected operating regions of the information, is saved in the identify optimization process. With the history historical database, and is available opportunities or issues to resolve. collection function embedded in for viewing and reporting with the rest of the continuous data. the DeltaV system, this process is greatly simplified. Page 29–DeltaV System Overview
  • 30. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlTotally integrated batch enables flexibility for agile manufacturing.The DeltaV system architecture isbased on the ISA88 BatchStandard. Whether it is thephysical model, procedural model,or easy-to-use class-basedconfiguration—the DeltaV systemis “built-for-batch.”Like the rest of the DeltaV system,DeltaV Batch fully supportscompliance with the FDA’s 21 CFRPart 11 requirements with recipeand campaign management,batch history, automatic versioncontrol and change management,and electronic signature support.DeltaV Batch is a complete suiteof products supporting allcomponents of the ISA88 Control The Batch Historian automatically control; from simple sequencing toActivity Model. All batch control collects and displays recipe multi-stream formulations, thelogic for a unit, including phases, is execution data from the DeltaV DeltaV system makes your batchexecuted in the DeltaV controllers. Batch Executive and process operations easy. management event data from theThe Batch Executive is the batch DeltaV Event Chronicle. The new DeltaV Batch is inherentlyengine which coordinates all batch History Analysis application integrated with the DeltaV system.processing activity, creates enables web-based access to The same intuitive, drag-and-dropdetailed batch history records and recipe event and continuous user interface makes it easy toschedules recipes and resources. historian information for anyone, configure your recipes. Data is anywhere. entered once into a commonRecipe Studio is a powerful yet global database–no data mappingsimple-to-use application for Recipe Exchange provides an is needed. In DeltaV Operate, yourgraphically configuring recipes open, programmatic interface to operators have easy access to alland formulas for successful batch the DeltaV recipe management batch information in a single,production. system. Recipe Exchange is based integrated environment. And batchThe Campaign Manager creates on an XML schema that provides records are automatically collectedand manages campaigns by the ability to use web services to for easy regulatory compliance.specifying the recipe, formula, import and export DeltaV, and number of DeltaV Batch provides batchbatches that are to be run within Easier batch operations standard compliance out of thethe campaign. A web service DeltaV Batch includes process box because the ISA88 batchenables external applications to cells, unit modules, phases, hierarchy is built into theprogrammatically interact with equipment modules and control DeltaV system.the Campaign Manager. modules. From recipe scheduling to device control to advancedPage 30–DeltaV System Overview
  • 31. Services When used with Emerson’s DeltaV Batch enables recipe Syncade Smart Operations changes and equipment selections A large life science manufacturer needs to Management suite, DeltaV Batch on-the-fly. Support for dynamic expand an existing facility to meet the urgent offers a comprehensive operations unit selection, automatic unit management solution to optimize selection, unit aliasing, and demand for a vaccine. By adding onto the work processes plant-wide. equipment trains delivers: existing DeltaV system the reusable, standards- better support for flexible based software modules of DeltaV Batch, the Reliability is built in manufacturing Every batch is run as a separate improved process equipment engineers can easily configure the added process in the Batch Executive. A failure handling equipment–saving precious time. Additionally, batch failure is isolated from reduced risk of equipment complete redundancy of the system, from impacting other batches. selection errors. control to recipe level, gives the manufacturer a Know when, where and DeltaV Batch provides redundancy robust system that will not cause process at all levels of execution–reducing why changes are made To meet your regulatory shutdowns. End result: Faster product to market; process shutdowns and compliance requirements, the more lives saved. eliminating risk of lost batches. DeltaV system integrates change Online upgrades are supported for management into your process systems with redundancy, thus automation. This Configuration minimizing the impact on Audit Trail provides a complete production, and making it easy to version-to-version comparison, stay current with the latest including not only what changed, technology available. but who made the change, when, where and why. Redundancy is available for the DeltaV controller, Batch Executive, DeltaV function-based security and Campaign Manager, providing provides you control over who can robustness for unit, process, and perform Batch tasks in the system. recipe execution. Examples include restricting operator access to batch abort Flexibility for agile commands and starting/stopping manufacturing batches and recipes. During recipe execution, DeltaV DeltaV Batch incorporates Batch provides flexibility for agile electronic signatures into your manufacturing to meet real-time batch processing to support demands and captures regulatory compliance comprehensive records for requirements, including FDA 21 regulatory compliance. Class- CFR Part 11. Any and all actions based configuration and recipe taken can be configured to require management deliver repeatability. a confirm mechanism. A user’s name and password, along with a An integrated engineering and operations environment verifying user’s name and makes it easy to control your batch processes. password, if required, are needed to execute the action. Page 31–DeltaV System Overview
  • 32. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlSmart Data. Smart Decisions with Syncade Suite. TM Optimized Operations improves efficiency Syncade suite manages workflow across plant functions to assure “right-first-time” production. Coordinating manual and automated processes enables your plant personnel to make the most of their time. Syncade suite provides a single recipe / workflow that adheres to ISA88 / ISA95 standards–reducing engineering efforts by enabling modular, reusable software libraries. ForcedThe modular, scalable Syncade suite increases productivity and maximizes sequencing or work instructionsasset utilization. that guide the operator and provide access to reference documentation (such as SOPs and MSDS) can eliminate errors andThe seamless integration of Resource Management ensure that accurate data isSyncade suite with the DeltaV reduces variability collected and omissions flaggedsystem provides a comprehensive Syncade suite helps you effectively during production.operations management solution manage resources and allows youthat optimizes across plant-wide to do more with less. Bywork processes and increases scheduling and trackingproductivity. equipment usage, Syncade suite can increase manufacturingBy using the latest technology and capacity. It can reduce waste andadhering to industry standards, rework by optimizing materialSyncade Smart Operations usage and eliminating the use ofManagement suite provides a outdated material. Syncade suitemodular, manufacturing IT replaces paper equipment recordssolution to increase manufacturing with electronic logbooks byperformance by managing guiding operators through manualresources, optimizing operations, processes and enabling easyintegrating information and access to support documents–simplifying regulatory compliance. resulting in improved productivity. Additionally, personnel training Recipe Authoring provides a quick way to create and qualifications can be verified integrated orders and recipes–using standardized real-time to ensure proper libraries, modular building block construction and authorization. drag-and-drop design tools.Page 32–DeltaV System Overview
  • 33. Services Integrated information Syncade suite is easy to use, supports better decisions integrate and maintain Many manufacturing facilities use because it’s built on industry numerous systems that don’t standard OPC and .NET-based often communicate with each web services. Syncade suite other, resulting in an inefficient use synchronizes your key of time and resources. business and plant floor systems for total knowledge Syncade suite enables easy management. communication between business and manufacturing systems. It Quality and helps improve productivity by Compliance simplifies enabling interdependent activities document management to be effectively synchronized and reduces errors while eliminating duplicate efforts Efficiently managing documents Syncade suite provides or manual data entry. By validating saves time and money. comprehensive document data and putting it in relative Documentation is a necessity of management including online context for consumption by users effective operations and includes storage, change control, review and other applications, Syncade many types of documents. These and approval routing, version suite creates the information for documents support a wide array of management, and archiving. In collaboration and improved audiences, such as operations, addition, user groups and decision-making. Syncade suite maintenance, and quality, and privileges provide security to can automatically create convey various types of ensure proper access and manufacturing orders with information, such as production authorization. automated downloads from the records, SOPs, order forms, and lab enterprise resource planning (ERP) reports. The development, change system. Using Syncade suite as a management , and approval of single engine tool to gather all documentation can be inefficient your data needs from the and time consuming. manufacturing process, you can streamline your process and Larry is pulling his hair out. After the batch is complete and records are collected, it improve productivity. becomes obvious that data is missing from the batch record. If only operations became aware of this omission before the batch progressed to the next step! Syncade suite enables comprehensive production records to be generated in real- time–flagging omissions or inaccurate data during processing, as well as enabling review by exception. This functionality speeds batch release time and improves manufacturing performance. Page 33–DeltaV System Overview
  • 34. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlStreamlining collaboration for greater production efficiency. Serial communications using manufacturers a migration path to MODBUS RTU/ASCII protocols also the OPC Unified Architecture (UA) makes integration with other as needed. OPC Xi is based on systems easy, by connecting your Windows Communication legacy DCSs and PLCs to the Foundation (WCF), the latest DeltaV system. communications technology from Microsoft, enabling both fast and OPC and OPC Xi efficient data communications Open and interoperable OPC between Windows-based clients communications have served the and servers and secure and reliable process industries well for over a decade as a way to connect servers Your EPC is using Intergraph’s SmartPlant of data with a multitude of Instrumentation (SPI) software to design your valuable clients. This standard supports real-time and historical large projects. This software enables theAt the heart of your production data access as well as alarm/event instrumentation and wiring database to drive theprocess is your process data access. Cyber-security physical layout of control system I/O andautomation system. Its ability to concerns and increased use ofeasily connect up, down, and cabinetry. In the past you have been able to firewalls around the automationsideways with other systems and import the I/O configuration from the SPI tool, system’s perimeter have createdapplications is critical for providing problems with network distributed automatically configuring your DCS with thean information-sharing, OPC communications –until now. same I/O layout. This eliminates a lot of duplicatecollaborative environment.The DeltaV system provides many engineering effort. However, without bi- OPC Express Interface (OPC Xi) is adata integration options with its directional communication, any changes made to new data communicationsopen, interoperable standards- interface developed by many the I/O design on the DCS side cannot be re-based technologies such as serial, diverse, process automation incorporated into the SPI database withoutOPC, OPC Xi, high-speed Ethernet, suppliers to meet customer needs manual effort.SQL, XML and web services. for a secure, reliable and standard way to exchange data between theEthernet and serial automation system and the Synchronizing the configuration after changesdevice connectivity enterprise. OPC Xi connectivity are made to the DCS configuration means thatSimplifying integration with your provides secure, robust, firewall- two tasks must be performed , one in eachplant subsystems, the DeltaV friendly data access to real-time system, likely by two different people. ThisEthernet I/O card (E/OC) connects and historical process data as wellthrough Ethernet using Modbus creates significant coordination costs and often as real-time alarm and event data.TCP and Ethernet/IP protocols. To ease migration to OPC Xi from results is quality problems when errors are madeWith redundancy, this external current OPC systems, OPC Xi can or changes are can be robustly integrated directly interface to existing OPCinto your control strategies. Data Access, OPC Historical Data Now with DeltaV XML-based bi-directional SPI-Making integration easy, Ethernet Access and OPC Alarms & Events integration, data exchange and synchronizationdevice configuration may be bulk clients and servers to deliver aloaded into DeltaV control in both directions is accomplished with only a few secure data communication pathstrategies to reduce engineering even on legacy systems. In clicks of the mouse. You can enter it once and beefforts. addition, OPC Xi provides process done. It’s that easy!Page 34–DeltaV System Overview
  • 35. Services data communications through Web Services Web services use specific firewalls and to non-Windows Many process manufacturers want standards and language protocols systems. to integrate their control and to execute an SOA approach. The business systems to more DeltaV system provides an SOA OPC Xi also facilitates the efficiently run their organization, approach to Level 3 and Level 4 development of visually stunning but existing solutions may not be data integration with DeltaV Web client applications using Windows flexible or secure enough to meet Services for batch recipe creation Presentation Foundation (WPF), the demands of these systems. and batch execution scheduling Microsoft’s next generation user- Service Oriented Architecture data. The DeltaV SOA Gateway interface development platform. (SOA) provides a way to address with DeltaV Web Services provides these requirements. It’s a a highly-secure, authenticated SQL standards-based design approach means of communications Connecting upwards with to create an integrated IT between the DeltaV system and transactional, planning-based infrastructure and agile, loosely plant planning and execution systems often requires SQL coupled dynamic applications applications. database connectivity. DeltaV capable of rapidly responding to alarms, events, and batch history changing business needs. data are stored in an SQL-server database and available to applications like operations management systems, enterprise planning systems and other decision support systems requiring access to information from the process. This well-known, well- proven, easily- adaptable standard supports the data requirements for your workflow processes. The DeltaV OPC Xi interface provides a secure, firewall-friendly data communications path between the DeltaV system and the enterprise. Page 35–DeltaV System Overview
  • 36. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlDesigned for ease-of-use in your most demanding applications.Over the last ten years, commercial AMS Device Manageroff-the-shelf (COTS) technologies integrates with the DeltaVhave provided tremendous software to provide commonincreases in functionality and cost security and confidence in theadvantages to end-users of today’s operation of your field assets.automation systems. The DeltaVsystem was the first of this kind DeltaV Smart Switches comeand continues to provide open completely preconfigured toproven products to its user base. plug and play in the DeltaV network with no additionalHowever, while COTS has provided configuration or trouble-many advantages, it has also come shooting required. To preventwith a price–increased adminis- physical intrusion on thetration and life-cycle costs control network, you can Port locking provides easy access to operations personnelrequirements. A better approach is automatically lock down unused and easy-to-use method insuring all unused network portsto take advantage of the cost switch ports with a single are locked down.benefits and open standards of mouse click.COTS, but to add on top of this Built for humansfunctionality that allows the A perimeter firewall protects your DeltaV engineering applicationsequipment to function much more control system from security risks organize the functions in ribbonlike other parts of the system from outside the control network. bars, which consolidate functions(plug-and-play capability, full life- On your control network, DeltaV by logical task and are fullycycle support without upgrades, controller firewalls further protect customizable. Productivitysecurity built in, etc.) We call this your control hardware. enhancing tooltips and fast keysbalance “Built for Purpose”, and streamline your configurationthe DeltaV system is the first Security extends up to the efforts. Because time is precious,automation system to address this enterprise applications through Xi this technology helps focuscritical need in many of the most and web services providing two- process engineers on high-valueimportant facets of the system. way, authenticated activities like control strategy communications for historical improvements instead of keyboardBuilt for security process data control, and data entry.To help you address challenges advanced control data, alarms andcreated by using COTS, security is events, and batch-based The DeltaV system has led the wayintegrated throughout the DeltaV information. Unlike other in easy-to-use engineeringsystem architecture. Ethernet automation systems, the data applications to simplify projectnetwork switches and security includes status information from execution and ongoingdevices are treated as DeltaV the intelligent field devices. maintenance. Whether yourdevices and are fully preconfigured Instead of wondering if critical application is continuous, batch, orfor purpose. Alerts and diagnostics business decision-making process safety-related, thisfrom these devices are integrated information coming from the common set of engineeringwith other maintenance alerts so automation system is accurate– applications provides theyour maintenance staff, not your IT the quality of the data comes simplicity and flexibility for yourstaff, can quickly address any issues. along with the data. most demanding applications.Page 36–DeltaV System Overview
  • 37. Services The DeltaV system built Built for busses Once a control system is up and running, you for process control The DeltaV digital automation want to avoid making changes as much as The DeltaV system enables you to system is the only system built from the ground up to unleash the possible–especially in cases where a change quickly deploy state-of-the-art intelligent control to improve your advantages of digital fieldbus might have unknown consequences. Your process plant performance, communications. Not an add-on, company’s IT department has mandated that without the aid of costly outside not an afterthought, it’s built to experts. DeltaV hardware deliver the project and operational all “SwitchCo” network devices must be components are plug-and-play. savings of a digital plant–easy! managed by them even though some reside on You plug them in and they are Built for batch your control network. However, they don’t auto-sensed and recognized by the system. Software The DeltaV system provides an understand the difference between a business configuration is drag-and-drop, architecture that is based on the network and a control network. The IT with automatic process control ISA 88 batch standard. Whether it functionality delivered out of the is the physical model, procedural department updates the network firmware on box. With the DeltaV system, you model, or easy-to-use class-based a Friday evening, at the same time that they do install your system hardware, configuration, the DeltaV system is it for the business network so that office connect everything together, “Built for batch” –easy! configure the logic and everything workers are not affected. Unfortunately, this works–easy! causes loss of communications and your plant shuts down. Who gets the call in the middle of the night? How do you troubleshoot the problem? Who can you reach in IT for support? Page 37–DeltaV System Overview
  • 38. I/O on Ultimate Embedded Inherently Built Scalability Intelligent Demand Integrated for Purpose ControlIndustry expertise, superior service and training programs that fit.Day after day, year after year, industries including chemical, lifeEmerson’s industry experts have sciences, oil & gas, and refining.been helping businesses like yourswith an array of solutions and Project Servicesservices that range from Emerson project services span aimproving project and wide range of commercial andimplementation costs to helping contracting strategies including:plants increase process availability Front End Engineering andand productivity while reducing Design (FEED)overall cost of ownership. Hot Cutover Process Skid and ModularConsultants use the Independent StructuresProject Analysis (IPA) model and Project Managementprovide services value throughout Safety Instrumented Serviceseach phase. Engineering and Design Main Automation Contractor (MAC)Consulting Services Detailed Engineering andEmerson provides a wide range of services to help youperform operational analysis, Services vary in scope and sizequantify benefits, evaluate from basic consulting to completepotential investments, develop turnkey responsibility for projectsbusiness cases, and define specific Data Management of any size. The leadership fromproject requirements from which a Services Emerson’s project managementproject budget and execution plan Accessing real-time plant floor office drives best practices,can be developed. information and the connectivity improvement, service excellence and consistency around the world. between your manufacturing andConsulting services are provided operations management systems Emerson can help reduce projectby a team of senior consultants can have significant impact on risk, lower project cost, shortenwith a track record of solving high- your profitability. Emerson’s IT your overall project schedule andstakes problems across all process experts provide integrated allow your plant to start up faster. enterprise architecture, engineering, production and asset data management solutions that will optimize your business operation, including: Data integration and system connectivity Data management consulting services Network infrastructure and security solutions Software system implementation.Page 38–DeltaV System Overview
  • 39. Services Modernization and services and system information to Migration Services help you effectively manage your Emerson provides application, DeltaV digital automation system platform and technology savvy throughout its life cycle. experts to address specific needs To view the entire SureService at the appropriate stages of portfolio, visit: modernization projects. These experts help ensure success in achieving your process and Educational Services business objectives through With over 65 years of training applied automation–taking the experience and an extensive risk out of modernizing. network of 50 certified training centers, Emerson Educational SureService Services is committed to providing The SureServiceTM program from quality customer training, when Emerson Process Management and where you need it. Each year offers an array of support services nearly 24,000 individuals attend designed to help you achieve your courses at one of several regional business objectives, reduce or training centers, or participate in contain your operating and service classes tailored to their particular costs, and keep your systems needs conducted locally or at their running at peak performance. It’s a plant. Visit www.Emerson partnership with a company that to view knows your business and can help the catalog of available courses. you operate your plant safely, reliably, and more efficiently. Guardian Support is the core element of the SureService support program. The Guardian service module is designed to help you proactively achieve peak availability, sustainability and performance on your system investment through critical service and support information. Guardian consolidates and securely delivers personalized, real-time service intelligence tailored specifically to your system architecture, assets and use. Guardian provides a single-point source of critical Page 39–DeltaV System Overview
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