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Kotkin & khanna
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  • 1. Kotkin & Khanna
    By Errol Farley
  • 2. Joel Kotkin The Next Hundred Million
    Kotkin believes that our sharp projected increase of 100,000,000 by 2050 will be the best indicator of long term economic growth. This expansion of our populous will lead to a more diverse and dynamic future for a prosperous America.
  • 3. As the population grows, citizens will flock to stable urban environments to seek out a life dependent on auto-transport and urban-sprawl shopping centers. A swarming to the heartland of America will define it’s 21st century.
  • 4. Kotkin’s predictions for the future of this country are primarily dependent on its most core values and social structure: the family. His viewpoint on what is to come depends on the building blocks of the possible outcome of tomorrow.
  • 5. Parag Khanna’s The Second World
    This latent global horizon that Khanna describes in great detail outlines China and the European Union’s emergence as global powers in the decades to come. This book is the culmination of Khanna’s travels in foreign lands and conversations with influential and educated men of those lands.
  • 6. Khanna explores all the countries ‘too small to think about’ and breaks them down to what they’re made of, what they have going for them and what their future could hold if they follow the trends of the past and present. His accounts are always optimistic for struggling countries and he has faith in the world, but not America.
  • 7. America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have lead to its loss of credibility as a world power. Largely America can not be trusted to make the right decision and will inevitably fall by the wayside as China forms a new silk road that will lead to prosperity and wealth for itself and its affiliates.