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Ten SharePoint 2010 Methodologies and Best Practices Articles from EPC Group
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Ten SharePoint 2010 Methodologies and Best Practices Articles from EPC Group


Published on

Ten SharePoint 2010 Methodologies and Best Practices Articles from EPC Group. …

Ten SharePoint 2010 Methodologies and Best Practices Articles from EPC Group.

From the nation's leading SharePoint Consulting Firm we are sharing 10 best practices SharePoint consulting methodologies to assist our clients in providing them knowledge share and additional "in the trenches" type training.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Ten SharePoint 2010 Methodologies and Best Practices Articles from EPC Group.netEPC Groups Summary of Methodologies on our Award Winning Approach to Enterprise SharePoint 2010Deployments.The original AIIM.ORG SharePoint Expert Blog posts an also be found at:"Methodologies and Enterprise Blog Strategy Posts by EPC Groups CEO Errin OConnor as well as the EPC Group team of Senior SharePoint Architects, Developers, and Business Analysts" Ten SharePoint 2010 Methodologies and Best PracticesArticle 1) Why Large Enterprise and Global SharePoint Deployments Will Not Work in theCloud“Everyone is going to want one of these,” Gary Dahl half-joking said. Gary Dahl is an author andadvertising executive, but more importantly, the inventor of the Pet Rock. A Cloud-based SharePoint...Link to Article: ( 2) Is Records Management and Usability, Together, Even Possible?Why are 75% of theorganizations in the United States (with an enterprise presence) looking at implementing a recordsmanagement solution and why are they drawn so much to a particular Microsoft platform... Link toArticle: (
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