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  • 1. You can now go to I want to start a new business, DEAL FLOW CONNECTION where can I find someone to FINANCE it ? To register as Entrepreneur
  • 2. Deal Flow Connection is…. A Financing Platform for: 1) Entrepreneurs seeking financing 2) Innovative companies seeking expert service providers 3) Investors, Venture Capitalists, Business Angels 4) Financial Institutions 5) Over the Counter (OTC) 6) Professionals / Intermediaries
  • 3. Financing Match Deal Flow Source A Financing Targeted Financing Calls MATRIX Investor / Deal Flow Source B Requisition E-mail initiates Intermediaries Gets In Entrepreneur match approach Deal Flow Source C
  • 4. Types of Financing Requirement Financing OTC IPO Corporate Investor / Large VC Funds Classical Venture Funds Business Bank Loans Angels FIs Seed Start Up Development Growth/Expansion M&A / Restructuring
  • 5. 1) Debt Financing 2) Equity Financing 3) Govt Assistance schemes 4) OTC So, what kind of financing 5) Professional Expertise options are available to the SMEs or Entrepreneurs…
  • 6. Benefits of Deal Flow… Schemes… Government Assistance Equity-related Schemes 1) SEEDS 2) Growth Financing Programme (GEP) 3) Business Angels Scheme (BAS) Debt related Schemes 1) Loan Insurance Scheme (LIS) 2) Local Enterprise Finance Scheme (LEFS) 3) Micro Loan Programme (MLP)
  • 7. We call & mail to notify SUCCESSFUL Match CONGRATULATIONS! Venture Capitalists, ENTREPRENEUR Financial Institutions Government Grants Start Registration & Input Business Plan using our Review the business template match of the “match” INTERMEDIARIES Find a match to your area of expertise
  • 8. Benefits of Deal Flow… Benefits of Deal Flow… As for ENTREPRENEURS 2) Broad network of financiers such as Banks, Venture Capitalist and Government Grants to raise funds for equity or debt financing purposes 2) Access to professional advisors that advise your business plan & other credit tools As for INTERMEDIEARIES 2) Access to promising enterprises seeking financing as well as seeking professional services 3) Widen the choice of investment opportunities for the investors they represent As for SOURCES of FUNDS 2) Receive email alerts of new Financing Seekers that meet your investment criteria 3) Access to wider network and selective criteria that matches your investment 4) Access to Quick Business Plans for Entrepreneurs
  • 9. Just go to…. And click on the LOGIN button
  • 10. If you are starting / growing… a business, please Select REGISTER For Entrepreneur
  • 11. At the Registration Page, Just fill up all the necessary information. CLICK the submit Button and…. USERNAME…will be sent to you
  • 12. Key in….your USERNAME, PASSWORD…and Click on LOGIN…
  • 13. To start with…POST FINANCING to create your requirements and seek Professional Services needed…
  • 14. You may also…. VIEW your FINANCING STATUS or give a MATCH action for…. Finance Institutions that agree to your proposal
  • 15. Yes, Deal Flow also offer Credit Assessment Tools Any other useful services and other professional offered by Deal Flow ? services such as Integrated Credit Solutions
  • 16. DP SME Credit Bureau - Basic ROC search - Payment Monitoring - Litigation Summary - Payment History –12 mths Credit Control Check Credit (On-Going - Negative Listing (Pre-Approval) Check) Value-Add: * Monitoring Function that alert you via e-mail for potential bad debt problems INTEGRATED Account Receivables SALES Management CREDIT SOLUTIONS Datapool - 28 over years of experience - Provides 24/7 access to real time status Value-Add: * Negative List posting that appears in Credit Bureau Report to encourage Debtors Marketing Marketing to pay Survey Strategy Feedback
  • 17. Thank You…. Let me start the REGISTRATION Now…