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  • There is more to Erik Qualman then just the author of Socialnomics…Read information off slide.
  • Erik Qualman claims in his book he loves hearing from his readers. If anyone finds anything interesting or has questions that I can not answer, one can contact Qualman through these two accounts. Updates and changes that are made to Qualman’s book can also be found on the website www.socialnomics.net.
  • This quote sets the pace of Qualman’s book on the first page in the introduction. The quote was said in 1992 by James Carville. What surprised me is how Qualman believed that past president Bill Clinton and the president in office Barack Obama knew the meaning of this quote. Qualman suggested that their knowledge of the quote drove them both to the position as the president of the United States of America. Not only did this one quote set the stage for the rest of the book, but also Qualman’s quote “Socialnomics is a massive socioeconmic shift”. This quote can be found in the book’s introduction. It also demonstrates how important Qualman believes socialnomics is to the economy and the society today.
  • Qualman gave an example in the book of how facebook can be beneficial. He talked about a women in a supermarket who was waiting in a long line. The women could wait and complain, talk on her phone, or get on a social network. When she got on the social network she could read about friends and put up a status about her grocery store adventure. The women got feedback on her groceries and learned about her daughter doing well in school. She was able to pick up a treat for her daughter and add a substitute for an item the grocery store was out of because of a reply to her status. Qualman admits the story isn’t all true, but it is a good example.Everyone always hears to make everything on facebook clean when it comes to pictures. Qualman agrees with this and makes a point to say, “What happens in Vegas, stays on Youtube”. Businesses are on social networks just as much as people are. They can find anything that a person puts up so make sure it is something your mom could see.Qualman did note that people care about people’s opinions that they know more so than the internet. There is still hope that we can all interact without texting, facebooking, or tweeting.
  • Google networks now see social media as a threat other than other search engines. It seems that other search engines do well, but social media seems to do better. If any person has a question they can simply post a status or tweet and all their “friends” or “followers” can reply. Qualman all ready noted that people still like to hear their friend’s opinions more than the internet’s. This idea supports Qualman’s statement and what I found interesting.People still watch commercials, but could they be taken over by social networks? According to Qualman yes. I found this surprising at first, but then look at what happened to newspapers and magazines. The internet made both these beloved sources of information a past time. When one logs on to any social media site there are advertisements on the side of the page that one can not simply change the channel to avoid. Bussinesses are also now on social networks looking posting about the company trying to get people’s business. Sounds like advertising to me.
  • Yes the internet has become a huge part of everyone’s daily lives, but is it really the correct place to submit your vote for President of the United States. Qualman posed many questions on this subject as seen above.I always knew that this could become a possibility, but never thought about it becoming a reality so soon. I could not imagine just logging on my computer to vote for president. It seems that there could be too many viruses still today and anyone could hack in to make the president of their choice win. I suppose if the voting process is good enough for online it will be good enough not to be tampered with.
  • Qualman points out that a JetBlue followed people on twitter and describes it as “It’s not marketing, it’s trying to engage on a level other than mass broadcast.” P37This surprised me because it shows that companies really are trying to connect with their consumer by using social media. If you want to make a statement or get something across to a big company twitter may just be the answer to your frustrations.I am not usually one to enjoy reading books, but this one was an exception. Any person who is interested at all in any type of social media should read the book. Qualman does a great job of connecting with different audiences and knows what he is talking about. This book is one that I recommend everyone read.I even all ready told my father he could borrow it when I was finished because of course he is on Facebook and Twitter, but who isn’t?
  • Socialnomics: how the social media transform the way we live and do business touched base on many issues that are important and in our everyday lives. The social media has become our everyday lives, but how do we separate business from pleasure?Being a college student and looking for jobs next year what is on the internet is extremely important.Now that everyone is looking at you in the social media what are good ways to lead the two separate lives of networking and personal. I use the internet for both and would just life to have some examples on this subject.
  • If anyone has any question about the book or the presentation feel free to contact me. Also don’t forget if you are interested in contacting the author of Socialnomics, Erik Qualman’s contact information in available on third slide. I hope everyone has learned something from the presentation and has a new interest along with a new importance of Socialnomics and how the social media transforms the way we live and do business.
  • Emily Socialnomics[1]

    1. 1. Socialnomics<br />How Social Media transforms the way we live and do business.<br />By: Erik Qualman<br />Trade Book Review By: Emily Roche<br />
    2. 2. Who is Erik Qualman?<br />Grew up in Detroit, Michigan.<br />Attended Michigan State University.<br />Global Vice President of Online Marketing for EF Education.<br />EF Education is the world’s largest private educator<br />
    3. 3. How to Contact the Author<br />Twitter@equalman<br />equalman@gmail.com<br />
    4. 4. It’s a people-driven economy, stupid.”- James carville<br />Qualman believes that both Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama believed the meaning of this quote.<br />“Socialnomics is a massive socioeconmic shift.” (Qualman)<br />
    5. 5. What did I Learn???<br />
    6. 6. Other topics that broadened my horizon <br />Google competition is now social media not other search engines.<br />Social media networks are the new commercials for advertisers.<br />
    7. 7. Surprise!<br />Online voting??<br />
    8. 8. More surprises<br />Information on companies following people on Twitter (People really do care!)<br />I Enjoyed the BOOK!<br />
    9. 9. What do I want to learn more about <br />How to lead two lives?<br />
    10. 10. Facebook me <br />Email: Eroche1@georgiasouthern.edu<br />Twitter: twitter@Ekroche8<br />Facebook: Emily Roche<br />
    11. 11. References<br />Erik Qualman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (n.d.). Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved March 2, 2010, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erik_Qualman <br />Qualman, E. (2009). Socialnomics how social media transforms the way we live and do business. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.. <br />