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EasyTech workshop agenda

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  • I have to TEACH WHAT?
  • ISTE standards for students WordleIste .org
  • 21st century skills
  • Still feeling like this? That is what our workshop is about
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  • Pine Plains EasyTech

    1. 1. Implementing EasyTech …Integrating CCSS and PARCC Readiness October 25, 2013 Stissing HS (grades 3-5) 8:15 – 11:30 am (grades K-2) 12:15 – 3 pm Ellen Robertson, facilitator Pine Plains Public Schools
    2. 2. First, Some Housekeeping… • Your TEACHER log in to username: password: • The STUDENT demo account is for today’s initial lesson or k-2 staff, if needed, only: username: demo01 password: 12345 district: PD Demo Pine Plains Public Schools
    3. 3. Pine Plains Public Schools
    4. 4. “Technology, used effectively, can help all students meet and exceed the rigorous learning goals embedded in the Common Core State Standards by providing access to tools and resources that personalize instruction and creating rich, engaging and relevant learning environments”. ~ ISTE position on CCSS Presentation Title
    5. 5. Pine Plains Public Schools
    6. 6. Pine Plains Public Schools
    7. 7. Pine Plains Public Schools s
    8. 8. Pine Plains Public Schools
    9. 9. Objectives • Help build student and educator digital literacy skills • Utilize resources to build digital literacy and utilize classroom hardware • Provide a platform to prepare for 2014-15 common standards/assessments • Learn how to produce and share best lessons and resources from within and outside Pine Plains Schools (time permitting) Pine Plains Public Schools
    10. 10. Deliverables By the end of the session staff will be able to … 1. Describe 6-8 digital literacy curricula and components 2. Create classes, enroll students, choose and assign EasyTech computer literacy activities Time permitting: Create an activity, journal or weblink that teaches an essential question, common core standard(s) and share with other Pine Plains educators Pine Plains Public Schools
    11. 11. Part One: Build Digital Literacy • Overview of EasyTech – Sample student experience (K-2 if needed) – Review content/units/alignment • Key “three-step”: 1. Create a class 2. Enroll students 3. Assign curriculum Pine Plains Public Schools
    12. 12. Part Two: Marketplace / My Curriculum • Demo: – How to search by category, standard, and keyword to find content area activities to align with EasyTech activities – How to create a journal, activity, or weblink Pine Plains Public Schools
    13. 13. Part Two: Marketplace / My Curriculum • Immersion: – Search the marketplace, the web and your own resources and use the digital learning environment to create a journal, weblink, or activity to teach an essential question, common core standard(s), or project. – Include the following keywords in your journal, activity, or weblink: <Last name>, Pine Plains, <grade level>, <subject area>, other Pine Plains Public Schools
    14. 14. Pine Plains Public Schools
    15. 15. Closure • Where to get Help – Help / Implementation Resources – Please take the survey at: Help / Implementation Resources / PDWorkshops / Onsite Training Survey • What are… – 3 things you learned today? – 2 critical things to remember? – 1 question that didn’t get answered? Pine Plains Public Schools