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Talaan Ng Nilalaman
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Talaan Ng Nilalaman


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  • 1. Talaan ng Nilalaman<br />Pangalan ng Estudyante Pahina Blg.<br />Maikling Kwentong Pilipino<br />Antiquera, Joeyp. 1-4<br />Baldonaza, Cristerp. 22-23<br />Bermudez, Rafaelp. 37-45<br />Blanes, Bravep. 60-63<br />Bolanos, Kurt Kristofferp. 83-84<br />Catacutan, John Deilp. 109-111<br />Chung, Chesterp. 121-140<br />Evangelista, Emersonp. 183-186<br />Ginete, Joevertp. 210-218<br />Ibarreta, Ronaldop. 246-252<br />Lemence, Jan Krisnofferp. 269-273<br />Sarceno, Shaun Nicolop. 297-300<br />Sarmiento, Erny Emmanuelp. 325-333<br />Bucao, Gemaimap. 361-369<br />Bundalian, Jessiecahp. 393-395<br />Lansang, Marjoriep. 415-419<br />Larisma, Patricia Xyrizp. 449-450<br />Mamangon, Fay Ashleyp. 467-473<br />Muto, Eunice Lorrainep. 495-497<br />Navarro, Jessap.. 529-538<br />Pargas, Aira Camillep. 573-575<br />Paulino, Mitzie Crissiap. 589-591<br />Sto. Domingo, Erlyn Justinep.. 613-614<br />Tan, Jenicap. 631-632<br />Palma, Lauren Ashleyp. 659-668<br />Dela Cruz, Clairep. 719-727<br />Rellamas. Michellep. 747-751<br />Santos, Jonahp. 768-769<br />Victoriano, Jethrop. 792-799<br />Maikling Kwentong Asya<br />Antiquera, Joeyp. 5-6<br />Baldonaza, Cristerp. 24-25<br />Bermudez, Rafaelp. …<br />Blanes, Bravep. 64-67<br />Bolanos, Kurt Kristofferp. 85-91<br />Catacutan, John Deilp. 112-115<br />Chung, Chesterp. 141-160<br />Evangelista, Emersonp. 187-195<br />Ginete, Joevertp. 219-229<br />Ibarreta, Ronaldop. 253-254<br />Lemence, Jan Krisnofferp. 274-281<br />Sarceno, Shaun Nicolop. 301-308<br />Sarmiento, Erny Emmanuelp. 334-339<br />Bucao, Gemaimap. 370-378<br />Bundalian, Jessiecahp. 413-414<br />Lansang, Marjoriep. 420-425<br />Larisma, Patricia Xyrizp. 451-452<br />Mamangon, Fay Ashleyp. 474-480<br />Muto, Eunice Lorrainep. 498-499<br />Navarro, Jessap.. 539-548<br />Pargas, Aira Camillep. …<br />Paulino, Mitzie Crissiap. 593-600<br />Sto. Domingo, Erlyn Justinep. 615-616<br />Tan, Jenicap. 633-643<br />Palma, Lauren Ashleyp. 669-687<br />Dela Cruz, Clairep. 728-734<br />Rellamas. Michellep. 754-759<br />Santos, Jonahp. 770-777<br />Victoriano, Jethrop. 800-801<br />Mga Salawikain/Kasabihan<br />Antiquera, Joeyp. 21<br />Baldonaza, Cristerp. 35<br />Bermudez, Rafaelp. 59<br />Blanes, Bravep. 81-82<br />Bolanos, Kurt Kristofferp. 108<br />Catacutan, John Deilp. 120<br />Chung, Chesterp. 209<br />Evangelista, Emersonp. …<br />Ginete, Joevertp. 245<br />Ibarreta, Ronaldop. 268<br />Lemence, Jan Krisnofferp. 295-296<br />Sarceno, Shaun Nicolop. 323-324<br />Sarmiento, Erny Emmanuelp. 355-356<br />Bucao, Gemaimap. 392<br />Bundalian, Jessiecahp. 409-412<br />Lansang, Marjoriep. 446-448<br />Larisma, Patricia Xyrizp. 465-466<br />Mamangon, Fay Ashleyp. 493-494<br />Muto, Eunice Lorrainep. 527-538<br />Navarro, Jessap. 568-572<br />Pargas, Aira Camillep. 584-588<br />Paulino, Mitzie Crissiap. …<br />Sto. Domingo, Erlyn Justinep. 629-630<br />Tan, Jenicap. 656-658<br />Palma, Lauren Ashleyp. 714-718<br />Dela Cruz, Clairep. 746<br />Rellamas. Michellep. 766-767<br />Santos, Jonahp. 791<br />Victoriano, Jethrop. 816<br />Talaan ng Nilalaman<br />Pangalan ng Estudyante Pahina Blg.<br />Nobela<br />Antiquera, Joeyp. 7-10<br />Baldonaza, Cristerp. 26<br />Bermudez, Rafaelp. 46-48<br />Blanes, Bravep. 68-71<br />Bolanos, Kurt Kristofferp. 92-95<br />Catacutan, John Deilp. 116-117<br />Chung, Chesterp. 161-172<br />Evangelista, Emersonp. 166-197<br />Ginete, Joevertp. 230-232<br />Ibarreta, Ronaldop. 255-256<br />Lemence, Jan Krisnofferp. 282-284<br />Sarceno, Shaun Nicolop. 309-312<br />Sarmiento, Erny Emmanuelp. 340<br />Bucao, Gemaimap. 379-380<br />Bundalian, Jessiecahp. 396-397<br />Lansang, Marjoriep. 426-435<br />Larisma, Patricia Xyrizp. 453-454<br />Mamangon, Fay Ashleyp. 481-482<br />Muto, Eunice Lorrainep. 500-513<br />Navarro, Jessap.. 549-557<br />Pargas, Aira Camillep. 576-577<br />Paulino, Mitzie Crissiap. 601-602<br />Sto. Domingo, Erlyn Justinep. 617-618<br />Tan, Jenicap. 644-645<br />Palma, Lauren Ashleyp. 688-703<br />Dela Cruz, Clairep. 735<br />Rellamas. Michellep. 753<br />Santos, Jonahp. 779-780<br />Victoriano, Jethrop. 802-805<br />Mga Tulang Pag-ibig<br />Antiquera, Joeyp. 11-20<br />Baldonaza, Cristerp. 27-34<br />Bermudez, Rafaelp. 49-58<br />Blanes, Bravep. 72-80<br />Bolanos, Kurt Kristofferp. 96-107<br />Catacutan, John Deilp. 118-119<br />Chung, Chesterp. 173-208<br />Evangelista, Emersonp. …<br />Ginete, Joevertp. 233-244<br />Ibarreta, Ronaldop. 257-267<br />Lemence, Jan Krisnofferp. 285-294<br />Sarceno, Shaun Nicolop. 313-322<br />Sarmiento, Erny Emmanuelp. 341-354<br />Bucao, Gemaimap. 381-391<br />Bundalian, Jessiecahp. 398-408<br />Lansang, Marjoriep. 436-445<br />Larisma, Patricia Xyrizp. 455-464<br />Mamangon, Fay Ashleyp. 483-492<br />Muto, Eunice Lorrainep. 514-526<br />Navarro, Jessap. 558-567<br />Pargas, Aira Camillep. 578-583<br />Paulino, Mitzie Crissiap. 603-608<br />Sto. Domingo, Erlyn Justinep. 619-628<br />Tan, Jenicap. 646-654<br />Palma, Lauren Ashleyp. 704-713<br />Dela Cruz, Clairep. 736-745<br />Rellamas. Michellep. 760-765<br />Santos, Jonahp. 782-790<br />Victoriano, Jethrop. 806-815<br />