The International Knightly Order of St. Georg


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The Queen Of England's Masonic Request For Currency Exchange .. Sent to Mr. Rauthschild.

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The International Knightly Order of St. Georg

  1. 1. Dr. Darius Schnell Finance Advisory services Licensed by ICC PARIS /nr.184974-2.95The Internationally Knightly order of St. GeorgIn veritate iustus sum huic fraternaly societati 06.Feb.2012. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERNSubject: Federal Reserve System of United States through Federal Reserve bank of Chicago, Illinois, US, decided: PROCEDURE for “OVERSEAS SPECIAL CURENCY EXCHANGE”, (O.S.C.E) exchange through the FED FascilitiesFederal Reserve System, Washington DC, USA and Federal Reserve bank of Chicago as leader of OSCE transaction changesome part of procedure already known to Clients contacted me from November 2011. Some financial rules and regulationsspatiality presently valid between EU and USA financial market was changed past procedure, making similar-secured one.Also, unfortunately, many frauds POF received in past, “covered and confirmed” by the suspicious “bank2bank” activity onbehalf of “clients” push FED and EU finance market to involve more security and change the rules known from last year. So, real and valuable Clients are still able to enter into this kind of transaction and make a fortune on legal way, again.Generally, the physically place of transaction is decided to be in HSBC Plc London, only.Funds for exchange can be accepted from another respectable bank, but all payments and closing of transaction is to be doneinside of HSBC Plc London, only.The Client may receive the counter value of exchanged € - $ or $ - € at any place in the world, but it is necessary that theClient receive funds in HSBC first and after that point, move wherever he like.Also, counter value is accompanied with Tax and funds origin clearing declaration from FED, giving full legality to fundsreceived, giving to the Client rights to use funds for all purposes, all around the world.Main fact: There is absolutely no risk involved.The Client himself does not make any transfers of his funds which can’t be controlled by his signatory over the transferredfunds and doesn’t sign any obligation to do so, whenever.In any case, Client shall be sure that the Federal Reserve System has no interest to use the Investor funds but its own.The Client has no costs even in the case that he / she / they gives up and denies to sign the contract by the time of TTM.After Client receives return of exchanged sum in agreed amount without usually calculated discount, mean 100% of theLondon morning fixing inter-banks exchange rate on the day of physically exchange + bonus of 30% NET exclusively for the Client benefit. Thecommission pre-agreed with intermediaries can be paid from the Client received funds, only.If Client agreed, Megasoft Llc may be allowed for payment directly and simultaneously to Intermediaries Paymaster from Joint SignatoryUSD account, simultaneously with transfer to Client account.Technically data:Maximum amount per tranche / day cannot be more than calculated value of 5 Bi US$.Minimum amount per tranche / day cannot be less than calculated value of 600 Mio US$.Once, transaction started will be finished on the same day.If first tranche reach maximum of 5 Bi, the second tranche will be unlimited from maximum value and will be decidedbetween Clients and FED directly, AFTER FIRST TRANCHE HAS BEEN COMPLETED.Business: CH-1807 Blonay-Vaud , Swiss
  2. 2. Dr. Darius Schnell Finance Advisory services Licensed by ICC PARIS /nr.184974-2.95The Internationally Knightly order of St. GeorgIn veritate iustus sum huic fraternaly societatiNEW MOMENT IN PROCEDURE:Further Client’s have duty and obligations to organize two (2) new account ( one for EUR and one for USD) inside of his /her / they own depository bank. Exchange is to be done through these two accounts from technically & security reasons.Client shall organize that the both new opened ACCOUNT in his / her / they depository bank shall be open on the name ofMEGASOFT, 3511 Silverside Road, suite 105,Wilmington, 19810 Delaware, USA and both account shall be regulatedwith JOINT SIGNATORY right between Client and FED trade company representative given for the exchange purpose. So,exchange is controlled by both joint signatory on both, EUR and USD accounts, inside of Client bank.Joint party can’t do anything with Client funds without second,(Client) signatory, and on top of it under surveillance ofClient bank officer, legally & officially cover and protect Client needs.After Client receive 130% of counter USD value, Client deliberate accounts on behalf of Megasoft Llc and funds insideaccount stay under SOL control of Megasoft Llc.It is very simple to be done and organized for the Client who is “9ZERO bank Client”.By giving this role to the Client, FED automatically know Client capacity, also giving more confident to the Client byworking with his / her / they Own bank, known bank officer who usually take care about this kind of Client separately.The logic of FED is very simple. If Client has enough money for this kind of transaction, Client bank, (bank officer) shall bevery pleased to help him out to make more money, by assisting Client and fulfill his request of opening two more accountsas it is necessary.Especially, on both accounts, the Client will be present and protected with joint signatory. Megasoft Llc representative inpraxis, can’t do anything without Client, can’t move any funds during few hours of transaction to be completed. The same isvalid for the Client as well, but after Client receive USD counter value of exchanged funds Megasoft Llc remain as holder /Owner of account which is necessary and logic. It may be very difficult to explain to EU regulators: how it is possible thatthe Client stay as owner of EUR and USD in the same moment, even if we speak about few minutes. Europe Central Bankmonitoring system request FED to do as it was explained here, what is basic changed point from last procedure as a possibleproblem and FED shall change this point by the new 2012 O.S.C.E. procedure.Initiation of the transaction starting with delivery of:1. POF, account Statement or bank Certificate of Deposit (not older of 3 days) from Client account and banking details of the account with data of authorized signature persons. In case of more signatories on the same account, data for all of them to be provided.2. Color copy of the passport of the owner of funds from POF – account signatory.3. Owner written statement, confirming that he / she / they are able to organize additional accounts to be opened. According to previous, within 72 hours the Investor, (if accepted) will have official Offer of the FED appointed Officer, accompanied with FED questionnaire which will follow upon reception of point 1 to 3, making Client performed for the TTM and exchange transaction. None of above is negotiable!!!!Point 1-3 shall be presented to Dr Darius Schnell, first, on the same way as it was explained before, in procedure 2011. - Personaly delivery to me in papir form but also in electronically form in some kind of memory card or stick media. Original bank paper and passport shall be shown to me,only. - If I shall move somewhere and meet the Client by his request, travel costs are to be covered by Client in full. • Memory card or stick shall include the same scanned documents which I will transfer to USA and return to the Client. After transfering documents to FED from my PC, Client receive back both,paper and memory media.Business: CH-1807 Blonay-Vaud , Swiss
  3. 3. Dr. Darius Schnell Finance Advisory services Licensed by ICC PARIS /nr.184974-2.95The Internationally Knightly order of St. GeorgIn veritate iustus sum huic fraternaly societati -Best, shortest and pratically way is to send me above mentioned to my No one can use these documents for anything and officially FED authorisation doesnt allow me to do nothing with these, at all.Proceedings continue as follows:PROCEEDINGS:4. Client organizes with his bank opening of two accounts, (EUR & USD) on the name of Megasoft Llc with join signatory right and Invite Megasoft Llc via Dr Darius Schnell to come to his bank and jointly sign these account with him / her / they for the purpose of Special currency exchange.5. Client issue Invitation Letter for the TTM into his / her / they bank with at least two possible dates for TTM. These two dates should be within 5-7 days period.TTM WORKOUT:a). presentation of the exchange contract with possibilities to discuss about all necessary contract details, consequently this is a draft contract until both sides does not agree about.b). after verbally acceptance of Contract, The Client and Megasoft Llc sign the new opened accounts with strictly JOINT SIGNATORY RIGHT.c). after account is signed, Megasoft will SHOW the counter value in USD to the Client bank.Overseas Special Currency Exchange Transaction started: The FED and tradecompany Megasoft Llc will issue the best offerfor euro exchange to pay off the Clinet, but in no case, not less than 130%.6. all contracted intermediaries fees and charges should be pre-agreed and decided in written BEFORE transaction started. The Megasoft Llc from USD account opened for transaction or Client from his account (if so agreed) shall pay these fees immediately with the same day payment.7. The Client transfer the agreed tranche of EUR into EUR account of Megasoft Llc by the same bank, where both sides have JOINT SIGNATORY as previously was concluded according to the contract.8. The Megasoft Llc transfer the agreed USD counter value into USD JOINT SIGNATORY, USD account.9. The Megasoft Llc and Client jointly transfer the USD from USD JOIN SIGNATORY account in to the Client original bank account and simultaneously with this act,10. After reception of the agreed value of USD into his original account, the Client surrender the Ownership of EUR and USD new opened account in to the name of Megasoft Llc or11. The FED trade company, Megasoft Llc becomes official and legally Holder of both account and all of funds in those account’s.12. After first tranche is completed as hereby described; the Client become right to decide what to do next with second tranche which is unlimited, also may express special wishes about: how manage the received USD, transfer them if like to another bank or country which may be organized directly with FED.I hope, above written is and will be acceptable for the Clients who like to multiply earned funds and exchange currency withbest possible rate ever.Best Regards Dr Darius SchnellAuthorised O.S.C.E. coordinatorBusiness: CH-1807 Blonay-Vaud , Swiss