Youth and student leadership

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  • 1. Student Governancein Social Media
    The Xavier University – Central Student Government Experience and Model for pro-active communication
  • 2. What is Social Media
    Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.
  • 4. Millions of people in one platform
  • 6. The Filipino and Social Media
    • More than 600,000 Filipinos logon to facebook daily
    • 7. Majority of that are women at 353,000. Majority of that are in the age group - 18 to 34 years old (around 260,000). Dominant are college students or yuppies at 18-24 years old (around 150,000++).
    • 8. Spends 44 minutes in the internet
    • 9. 14 Million Facebook users
    • 10. As of 2010, 30% or 30 Million Filipinos
    access the internet
    With this Technology, with this new power, what can we do to maximize the common good?
  • 12. Best Practices of the XU-CSG: Online Communication
  • 13. Formation of the Student Government
    Formed the core group via facebook invitation and personal message
    Gathered the date for direction setting via facebook Note
  • 14. Transparency
    All Department and Financial are uploaded and published online
    All minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board are published online
    All attendance of the officers are revealed even their excuses with picture
  • 15. Consultation
    A week prior to meetings with administration, we open the line for direct student input
    A new building in campus was named after a suggestion from FB
  • 16. People Mobilization
    Programs that require larger student participation, the CSG utilize the FB event, chat, video upload and profile pic adoption to invite and mobilize people
  • 17. Updates on Policy and Events
    Each Department has its own presence in facebook which disseminates their programs
    policy statements and updates are regularly posted in facebook
    Regular update to 821 group members and 2,228 fans
    Specific events fan page are created such as X-SOS (Alternative Class Program) and the Intramurals
  • 18. Complaints and Grievances
    Numerous cases were raised via facebook Personal Message and through status comments
  • 19. Opinion Polling
    The CSG’s blog regularly conducts an online poll on certain campus and national issues using the blogger poll application
  • 20. Multimedia
    The CSG maintains a YouTube channel with our basic videos
    Individual departments also have their own video banks
  • 22. OUTCOMES
  • 23. OUTCOMES
  • 24. OUTCOMES
  • 25. Tips on Social Media Marketing
    Conduct a rough study on internet and social media usage in your student body
    Set up presence in all major social networking sites
    Consistent messaging with consistent branding ( prefer to use message posters)
    Post Relevant Messages
    Consistently expand your fan/follower base through referrals and invites
    Do not forget to participate
    Delete free riders in your page
    Install “Google Analyitics” or analyze through FB insights the status of your page/blog
  • 26. TIPS in a personal level
    1. Considerwho you add
    2. Review privacysettings
    3. Why do you join Facebook? 
    4. Manage your passwordsmartly
    5. Be aware of publiccomputers
    6. Don’t tell everything
    7. Identify phishingattacks
    8. Take quickactions
    9. Protect your mobile device
    10. Observe suspicious activity
  • 27. A clip. . .