Verde Island: Open for Investment! Luxury Properties in the Philippines


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Open for Investment! Luxury Properties in the Philippines

Verde Island
Located in the Center of the Worlds Second Best Diving Location. The real estate project is an entertainment, educational, commercial, residential complex that will cater to the diving market, local and international tourists.

Erna Tacata

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Verde Island: Open for Investment! Luxury Properties in the Philippines

  1. 1. Location: Batangas CityArea: 111 hectares more or less (Island Portion, Fully Titled)Price: Php 700 per sqm or USD 16.4512 ( for :Outright PurchaseCluster PurchaseJoint VentureEquity Investment •Ideal for High-End Residential, •World-Class Recreational Center, • Retirement Village and •Foremost Wellness Center. Contact: ERNA B. TACATA +63.915.285.6816
  2. 2. A beautiful secluded island in the South of the Metro. It is the Center of the Center of Marine Biodiversity in the World.•Ideal for High-End Residential,•World-Class Recreational Center,• Retirement Village and•Foremost Wellness Center.
  3. 3. It is the Center of the Center ofMarine Biodiversity in the World. In 2004, prominent biologists Kent Carpenter of the IUCN (World Conservation Union) and Victor Springer of the Smithsonian Institute presented the results of their study on the world’s highest concentration of marine species. The study, which highlights both diversity and endemism, indicates that the Philippines is home to an astonishingly high marine life, particularly along the Verde Island Passage - an important domestic sea route that encompasses the provinces of Batangas, Marinduque, Mindoro Occidental, Mindoro Oriental, and Romblon. This area is known as the “Center of the Center” of the global marine fish shore biodiversity. SOURCES: news-a-events?start=10 p?ID=202
  4. 4. Situated between the islands of Batangas and Mindoro. An islandwith a Land area of 1,625.05 hectares comprises of 6 Villages witha total population of 7,482. A property is more or less 111 Hectares available for Sale and /orJoint Venture. It is composed of 100 Hectares of Lands and 11.4Beachfront including Verde Island Resort.
  5. 5. Verde Island, Batangas CityBgy. San Antonio, VerdeIsland, Batangas CityAccess from Manilathrough SLEX & Star TollBatangas Port:1 hr by land and1 hr by outrigger boatPagkilatan Port:1.5 hrs by land and20 mins. by outrigger boat
  6. 6. RESIDENTIALRESORT AREA100 hectaresTitled under variousPastor Family members RESORT AREA 11.4 hectares Titled under VIBLEI
  7. 7. • Beachfront • Forty four (44) well-appointed • 16 native beachfront• Breakwater/Pier Guest Rooms with air-condition, cottages Main Lobby/Pavilion/Bar private bath, provision for cable • Main Restaurant/Bar +• Front Desk television and in-house Main Kitchen• Admin Office telephone system and verandas • Function Room /Souvenir Shop overlooking the sea • Infinity Pools • Pool House • Casa Maharlika (32); and • Powerhouse • Casa Condessa (12) • View Deck + Activity Area + Walkways • Helipad • Dive Sites • Bamboo Plantation
  8. 8. Accreditations: Department of Tourism(DOT)Verde Island Business and as aLeisure Estate Inc. (VIBLEI) Class "AA" Resort• VIBLEI is the owner of Verde Island Resort. Property Appraisal of the•Construction of Verde Island Resort 11.4 hectare resort as ofstarted on 10 December 1996. 2011 by Cuervo Appraisers• VIBLEI was founded and valued atincorporated on 06 November 1997. P370Million (land and improvements)• Verde Island Resort had itssoft-opening 18 March 1999
  9. 9. •Have been described as the "Poor Man’s Boracay•Showing varied occupancy, ranging from 50% to 79%•Majority of the room rates fall below P3,500•Only one high-end resort (no beachfront) - Buri Resort and Spa•Customers are usually from Metro Manila, Batangas, Koreans and some Japanese
  10. 10. •One of the popular beach resort areas in Batangas Province•Most of the resorts experience good occupancy rates, minimum of 70%•Majority of the room rates fall below 6,000/room•Only one high-end resort, also exhibiting highest occupancy rate•Market usually from Metro Manila: couples and families, company/group outings
  11. 11. •All are mid-priced resorts, no high-end developments•Some of the resorts supplement their performance by catering to Korean students•Mostly cater to divers
  12. 12. Findings and Assessments:•No ultra high-end resort development in the area•Strongest area for resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas followed by Puerto Galera, Mindoro.•Beach quality is still the key factor for resort development• Even resorts in Laiya with minimal amenities exhibit strong occupancy rates•Higher-end resort start rooms rate at P6,000
  13. 13. PROJECT ENVISIONED •Ideal for High-End Residential, •World-Class Recreational Center, • Retirement Village and •Foremost Wellness Center.An Exclusive High-End Residential Resort anchored on aworld-class top dive and beach destination offering aunique resort experience of exceptional quality.Target Market:Middle and High-End Local and International Tourist Market
  14. 14. PROJECT ENVISIONEDUnique, Multi-Sensory ExperienceAccess to Extraordinary DIVE SPOTS * Situated in Verde Island Passage Marine Bio-diversity Conservation Corridor (Center of Marine Biodiversity in the World) * Top class dive schoolVisually pleasing with its striking architecture and natural attributes * Exclusive tree-top villas and Beautiful sea and forest viewsGastronomic pleasure * High quality food and dining ambiance Diverse activities * Relaxation through in-house spa operations * Exclusive white sand beach * Family-oriented facilities and amenities * Cultural and Farm Tours in Mainland Batangas
  15. 15. Outright PurchaseCluster Purchase Joint VentureEquity Investment
  16. 16. Outright PurchaseOn Sale of Land and/or Resort (on wholesale price) Php700Million for the whole 100 hectares (or Php700/sqm for hectarage or blocks of 5 to 20 hectares) Php370Million for the 11.4 hectares beach front inclusive of Verde Island Resort and all improvements (VIBLEI asset) On Sale of Shares within Verde Island Business and Leisure Estate Inc. (VIBLEI), landowning company of 11.4 hectares resort • Php98Million for the purchase of shares equivalent to 49% ownership of VIBLEI (Price based on VIBLEI valuation at Php200Million versus Cuervo appraisal of Php370Million. As an incentive to investor as immediate capital gains)
  17. 17. Sample Outright Purchase @ 49% Ownership of VIBLEI Opportunity to operate an existing dive and beach resort in an exclusive yet convenient location within a few monthsTo be the financial and operating partner for the renovation and redevelopment of 11.4 hectare Verde Island Resort • Purchase of 49% ownership of Verde Island Business and Leisure Estate Inc. (VIBLEI) as a price of P98Million; • VIBLEI is the owner of the 11.4 hectare Resort (with an appraised value of P370Million); • VIBLEI will allow the Resort Asset to be used as collateral for loans to fund the project; • To renovate and restart the existing 44 rooms and build an additional 31 rooms, estimated at P94Million;With option to develop another 20-hectares of property for a Residential Resort Project
  19. 19. PROJECT COST
  22. 22. CASHFLOW
  23. 23. CASHFLOW
  25. 25. SampleLand Financial
  26. 26. ERNA B.