Using Social Media to Improve User Experience

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Erling Amundson's IGNITE presentation on Using Social Media to improve User Experience presented at the UPA2012 conference.

Erling Amundson's IGNITE presentation on Using Social Media to improve User Experience presented at the UPA2012 conference.

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  • Meeting users halfway and providing efficient support for any issues is the best way to procure online success. Improved user experience, amazing content, regular online interaction, etc. This will eventually lead to good online business.
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  • Engaging your users in social media doesn ’t just lead to a better user experience Why UX should lead social listening UX works to improve peoples ’ experience Using customer insights & building relationships to drive experience improvement Builds on traditional UX core skills But… (see next slide) You have research and data experience Different teams use social in different ways Guide conversations toward experience improvement
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  • Here is an example of a persona that includes data from social networks. Use things like where are they, what organizations and networks do they belong to, with whom are they connected, what are they saying in social media.
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  • 1. 1 Billion People 1 /7Are connected via social media
  • 2. UX Professionals Offer Listening Collaboration Learning about users Identifying experience improvements
  • 3. Understand User EngagementRefine Design
  • 4. Awareness Removing AcquisitionTroubleshooting User Engagement Installation Using Configuration Learning
  • 5. Engaging with Twitter @customer I am frustrated with ProductX is bad. It shouldn’t be so hard to do TaskY. @support Sorry you are having problems. Have you seen the tips at ? @customer Thanks. That is helpful. But, I still think the feature could be easier to use. @support I’d love to hear your ideas. Please DM me so we can chat more.
  • 6. Social engagement ispart of the experience
  • 7. Socially Driven Design ™“Feature Enhancement” Company + Author “Feature Released” Product Enhanced Prototype Business Author Unit Prototype 9
  • 8. Socially driven design enables you to engagewith users on an ongoing basis Relationships enable better participation by users in the design process
  • 9. Socially Driven Design provides fasterfeedback Real-time data not days or weeks later
  • 10. Socially Driven Design is Agile Continual conversation shortens feedback cycles
  • 11. Social Media enables global Participatory Design
  • 12. #UPA2012
  • 13. Erling - Employed at Symantec - 20 years experience in UX/Usability Digital Strategist - MS Applied Psychology - Advanced Radian6 user “I want to create experiences that delight people”Recent Tweets: Mocking up a socially enhanced persona to Top Tasks:share at #upa2012. This is kind of cool. #ux - Identify and refine search keywords - Monitor social media mentionsRT @KnowledgeBishop Most will say it can’t - Create socially driven UX methodsbe done: Prove them wrong. #BeTheOne Top Connections:Wondering why so many brands have a socialpresence but don’t respond to their customersquestions. #cx #uxEvents:CXPA Inaugural Conference October 19-20, 2011UPA International 2012 Conference June 4-8, 2012Groups:
  • 14. Social breaks silos Align culture around great experience
  • 15. More than Marketing Deliver an experience
  • 16. Partner with a few key social leaders in your company Get Started Reach out to socially active customers
  • 17.  Let’s continue the Discussion:  Twitter: @XDstrategy  Email: Thanks to Alan Galindez for visual design assistance. Some images from stock.xchng at