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The SCIM standard was created to simplify user management in the cloud by defining a schema for representing users and groups and a REST API for all the necessary CRUD operations. …

The SCIM standard was created to simplify user management in the cloud by defining a schema for representing users and groups and a REST API for all the necessary CRUD operations.

VOOT is a layer on top of SCIM to exchange information about groups in federated environments.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. VOOT Andreas Åkre Solberg UNINETT Stockholm, April 2014
  • 2. Consumer Service Provider Resource Resource Resource CRUD
  • 3. Typical protocol stack HTTP OAuth SCIM Resources as JSON SCIM CRUD operations REST
  • 4. User Group … … Resource types
  • 5. { "schemas": [ "urn:scim:schemas:core:1.0” ], "id": "2819c223-413861904646", "userName": "", "displayName": "Babs Jensen", "preferredLanguage": "en_US", "locale": "en_US", "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles" } { "schemas": [ "urn:scim:schemas:core:1.0" ], "id": "e9e30dba-f08f-4109", "displayName": "Tour Guides" } Resource instances Resource types Schemas User Group SCIM Core User SCIM Core Group SCIM Core Enterprise User
  • 6. Attributes Multi-valued Single-valued Simple Complex String Boolean Decimal Integer DateTime Binary
  • 7. SCIM Extension model › Extension Schemas › New Resource types
  • 8. VOOT as of April 2014 Built on top of SCIM 2.0. › Minor SCIM adjustments (needs to be sorted out) › Schemas for groups › New resource types › Pre-defined group types Todo › Use case and best practice › Architecture, federation and more Work in progress
  • 9. User Group is member of ** SCIM Too simple group membership model VOOT is extending SCIM User Role Group Group Type Only one role object for each combination of user and group
  • 10. TranslatableString { "id": "e01eafb1-5f1c-4992-fcd5-ab0160c7ad24", "description": { "en": "Second year mathematics at the university", "nb": "Andre årets mattekurs ved universitet" } } { "id": "e01eafb1-5f1c-4992-fcd5-ab0160c7ad24", "description": "Andre årets mattekurs ved universitet" } HTTP Content negotiation ?translate=1
  • 11. { """""id":""""""""e01eafb1-5f1c-4992-fcd5-ab0160c7ad24", """""sourceID":""voot:sources:uninett:fs", """""displayName_":"{ """""""""en":""Course"M.201"Mathematics"at"University"of"Oslo", """""""""nb":""Fag"M.201"Matematikk"ved"Universitetet"i"Oslo" """"}, """""description":"{ """""""""en":""Second"year"mathematics"at"the"university", """""""""nb":""Andre"årets"mattekurs"ved"universitet" """"}, """""groupType":""voot:groupTypes:edu:courses", """""notBefore":""2006-08-01T12:00:00Z", """""groupActive":""true, """""public":"""true, """""may":"{ """""""""listMembers":"true, """""""""manageMembers":"false """"} } Groups › sourceID › id, name and description › groupType (reference) › permissions (for current user) › active? › public? › time limitation (notBefore, notAfter)
  • 12. { """""basic":""admin", """""displayName_":"{ """""""""en":""Teacher", """""""""nb":""Lærer" """"}, """""notBefore":"""""2014B01B01T12:00:00Z", """""notAfter":""""""2014B08B01T12:00:00Z", """""roleActive":"""true, """""course_role":"""teacher" } Roles › basic role abstraction (member, admin and owner) › displayName › groupType (reference) › active? › time limitation (notBefore, notAfter) › Refers to both user and group If a user is member of a group, there exists one and only one role object for that relation. › Embedded in group list › Embedded in user list › Standalone
  • 13. { """""id":""voot:groupTypes:edu:courses", """""displayName":"{ """""""""en":""Course", """""""""nb":""Fag" """"}, """""sourceID":""voot:sources:uninett:fs", """""groupSchemas":"""""[ """""""""voot:groupschemaX" """"], """""roleSchemas":""[ """""""""voot:roleschemaX" """"] } GroupTypes › Predefined list VOOT spec contains a set of well defined group types for higher education. › Dynamic support Clients does not need to understand group types in advance, but may want to sort groups according to type regardless. › Schemas Refers to schemas for with extended attributes for both groups and roles.
  • 14. GroupTypes Harmonization / standardisation needed Institution with schema that maps eduPerson affiliation Ad-Hoc OrgUnit Cohort Study Course
  • 15. GroupTypes Information about course is obtained from group and role resource. Course { """""id":""""""""e01eafb1-5f1c-4992-fcd5-ab0160c7ad24", """""displayName_":"{ """""""""en":"“Mathematics"101” """"} """""groupType":""voot:groupTypes:edu:courses", """""notBefore":""2006-08-01T12:00:00Z", """""groupActive":""true, """""public":"""true, """""may":"{ """""""""listMembers":"true, """""""""manageMembers":"false """"} } { """""basic":""admin", """""displayName_":"{ """""""""en":""Teacher", """""""""nb":""Lærer" """"}, """""notBefore":"""""2014-01-01T12:00:00Z", """""notAfter":""""""2014-08-01T12:00:00Z", """""roleActive":"""true, """""course_role":"""teacher" }
  • 16. {BASE}/me VOOT Protocol Information about me {BASE}/me/Groups The groups that I am member of Responds with a list (ResourceList) of group resources, where the role for the current user is embedded in the vootRole property. {BASE}/Roles/{GROUPID}/{USERID} The role for a given combination of user and group. {BASE}/Groups/{GROUPID}/members List of members of a group Responds with a list (ResourceList) of role resources, where the user object is embedded. {BASE}/Groups?search={SEARCH-TERM} Querying for public groups
  • 17. Next… Continue work with specification Involve with SCIM 2.0 standardisation Implementation to get understanding Interop between federations Further work on architecture, cross-federation