Prototyping in Web Software Development

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  • 1. Prototyping in Web software development T-76.5650 Seminar in Software Engineering Aalto University School of Science Erkki Tapola <> ! 10.5.2012
  • 2. Research questions • What • How benefits do prototypes bring? should I use prototyping in a web application development project?
  • 3. Importance • Prototyping can improve product quality and increase value if used in the right way • Creating a prototype is an investment • Return on Investment (ROI) for making the prototype
  • 4. ”A prototype is a working model built to develop and test design ideas.” ! -- M. Walker, L. Takayama, and J.A. Landay
  • 5. About software projects • There is commonly a level of uncertainty • Users may not be able to voice all the business needs without help • There are various types of software development processes
  • 6. purpose of Prototyping • Addresses the uncertainties to prevent costs at a later time • Activates the users’ thinking and begins visual and conceptual communication • Provides • Find a basis for discussion about the business needs the maximum number of real usability issues with- out compromising cost and flexibility for designers
  • 7. Horizontal vs. vertical horizontal prototype implements all of the different functions, but not all of their functionality •A vertical prototype implements a specific function in more detail •A
  • 8. low fidelity vs. high fidelity • High fidelity aims visually close to the desired end result • Low fidelity allows the user to concentrate on the intended functionality and business requirements
  • 9. Design vs. Functional design prototype shows the visual aspects of the intended product •A functional prototype shows the intended functionality •A
  • 10. about sw development methodologies • Agile or no agile, a prototype serves the purpose of obtaining knowledge and facilitating discussion • Prototyping can be embedded in many
 types of software development processes
  • 11. Using a prototype • To start and facilitate discussion • To help the user understand and communicate the business needs better • To reduce cost in places where changes get more expensive as time passes
  • 12. Thank You