"Smooth N Easy" Makeup Campaign


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Marketing campaign created for Contemporary Issues in Advertising course. Product is hypothetical, but provides insightful marketing takeaways. Please note the makeup industry competitive analysis.

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"Smooth N Easy" Makeup Campaign

  1. 1. Client info: •medium- sized cosmetics company based in the U.S. •looking to introduce a new line of cosmetics •has a few other cosmetic lines at different maturity stages, but they are directed towards different target audiences.
  2. 2. The client would like its products sold in drug stores, supermarkets, Ulta and drugstores. The foundation, the main attraction in the Smooth „N Easy line, will be priced at an average $8. [Motivation: According to Mintel Reports “Sales at drug stores increased steadily between 2003 and 2008, with a surge in 2006 attributed to new entrants in areas such as those around mineral makeup, which saw both Neutrogena and L’Oréal with new product lines in 2006.”]
  3. 3. We found through out research: “Consumers are continually searching for new and unique products. Innovative packaging is one method commonly used to address this need. Clever controlled-release packages, double-ended applicators, and convenient compacts lead the way in package design.” – Mintel Reports This motivated us to develop and market our line of convenient makeup.
  4. 4. Strengths: •Quick •Easy •Novel •Affordable Weaknesses: -lack of established distribution network -behind schedule on product development
  5. 5. Threats: •All-natural & mineral-based makeup •Anti-aging makeup (although our audience is relatively young these makeup are still popular)
  6. 6. Products: face (True Match, Fair Naturalle), eyes (Telescopic mascara, HiP), lips (Colour Riche, Infallible)focus on natural look Mission: to offer men and women on every continent beauty and personal care products that incorporate the latest scientific advances. Visionary formulas, upscale presentation and products that are a pleasure to use: L'Oréal Paris provides affordable luxury for people who demand excellence. Position: offers men and women on every continent beauty and personal care products that incorporate the latest scientific advances. Visionary formulas, upscale presentation and products that are a pleasure to use: L'Oréal Paris provides affordable luxury for people who demand excellence. Price Point: $10-20 for most products
  7. 7. Products: Lips, Face (Colorstay), Eyes (DoubleTwist, Beyond Natural)glamour Mission: Our vision is to provide glamour, excitement and innovation through quality products at affordable prices Position: confident, sexy and sophisticated Price Point: $15-20 for most products
  8. 8. Products: Face (DreamMouse, DreamMatte), Eyes (Define-a-lash, Great Lash, Vibrating brush, 8+ types), Lips (Moisture Extreme)everyone can be beautiful Mission: the brand was making the "it" accessible to women everywhere and empowering women worldwide to make the most of their unique beauty potential. Position: the world's no. 1 cosmetics brand, provides quality and innovation with a modern New York feel at an accessible price point Price Point: $5-10 for most products
  9. 9. Products: Face (TruBlend & Smoothers), Eyes (LashBlast & LashExact), Lips (Outlast) + Queen Collection Mission: [owned by P&G] We build our organization from within, promoting and rewarding people without regard to any difference unrelated to performance Position: Be your beautiful self. “Easy, breezy, beautiful.” Price Point: $5-10 for most products
  10. 10. Opportunity #1: Only roll-on make-up on the market. Quick to use!
  11. 11. Opportunity #2: •The number of women in the workplace is increasing •More and more women are the primary breadwinner in their household (almost 40%) •74% percent of men and 71% of women reject the notion that women need to behave more like men to be taken seriously in the workplace [source: time magazine]
  12. 12. Opportunity #3: Nowism: a trend identified by Trend Watcher “Consumers‟ ingrained lust for instant gratification is being satisfied by a host of novel, important (offline and online) real-time products, services and experiences. Consumers are also feverishly contributing to the real-time content avalanche that‟s building as we speak. As a result, expect your brand and company to have no choice but to finally mirror and join the „now‟, in all its splendid chaos, realness and excitement.”
  13. 13. Positioning “I am an easily applied line of cosmetics designed for younger women in a hurry. I am called „Smooth „N Easy‟.” “I make you look more beautiful quickly and easily. I make you look as if you wasted half an hour of your life on your make-up before going to work when in reality, you spent only a few minutes.” “Using me minimizes your “getting ready” time by almost 50%!”
  14. 14. Who are we trying to reach? •Working women •Ages 22-35 •Frequently pressed for time •Competitive in the workplace •Enjoy fashion magazines •Exercise frequently •Shop for clothing & accessories online •Buy beauty products at drugstores •Most in a relationship, but unmarried •No children
  15. 15. Who are we trying to reach? Through our research we found this chart outlining the leisure activities of our target market (via Mintel Reports)
  16. 16. Who are we trying to reach? Mintel also reported the following about our target market: •High-income women are more likely to place Internet, mail and phone orders. •25-34 yr old age group to increase 10.5% over the next 5 years (which is why we chose to market this age group) •Respondents aged 18-34 are much more likely to rely on the Internet as their prime source of entertainment, and far less likely to pay attention to commercials, read newspapers, rely on them to stay informed, and watch religious TV programs. •Women prefer streaming video on broadcast network TV.
  17. 17. Target Audience
  18. 18. Customer Acquisition Inform/Create Interest for the product Customer Switch from leading brands
  19. 19. •Generating “quick trial” via: •In-store promotions •Ambient blogging
  20. 20. We want to target the early majority and early adopters within our Target Audience.
  21. 21. Single most persuasive/informative idea we can communicate: Smooth n‟ Easy makes you beautiful, faster. roll on. roll out. get ahead.
  22. 22. Why should they believe it? •Their competitive nature will help them relate to and internalize the campaign. •Our new design is practical, efficient and different than anything else out there. •Our innovative roll-on technology speaks for itself.
  23. 23. Where is our target market best reached? •Fashion & beauty websites •Fashion & beauty blogs •Fashion magazines •Ads before online TV shows (on major networks’ sites & hulu)
  24. 24. Lucky Full Page 4-Color Ad - $120,240 55% of readers 25-49 Median HH Income 72K Median Age: 34 73% Employed
  25. 25. Marie Claire Full Page 4-Color Ad - $90,000 Median HH Income 84K Median Age: 33 77% Employed
  26. 26. Glamour Full Page 4-Color Ad - $158,000 3,943,000 readers 25-34 5,246,000 readers with HH Income 75K+ Median Age: 33
  27. 27. Allure Full Page 4-Color Ad - $104,000 Median Age 29 Total Audience 6,766,000 HH Income 65K 95% of readers “influencers” 89% early adopters
  28. 28. Wired Full Page 4-Color Ad - $104,000 Median Age 33 Total Audience 2,888,000 HH Income 84K 55% 18-34 24% Female
  29. 29. Media Plan Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Jul 28 4 11 18 25 1 8 16 22 1 8 16 22 29 5 12 19 26 3 10 17 24 31 7 14 21 28 5 12 19 Magazines Glamour Lucky Marie Claire Allure Pre-Roll Spots abc.com cw.com fox.com In-Store Promotions Target Store Drug & Ulta
  31. 31. TV Placement Spot will run before online TV shows
  32. 32. This slogan will work in individualistic countries like American, U.K., Russia, France etc. Interchange the “get ahead” in “roll on. roll out. get ahead.”
  33. 33. For example: Japan – “roll on. roll out. yashinau” Australia – “roll on. roll out. move along.” India – “roll on. roll out. empower.” Mexico –”roll on. roll out. tenga éxito.” (be successful)
  34. 34. •Ulta •CVS/ Duane Reade
  35. 35. Creative Guidelines/Mandatories: •Colors: purple (R/G/B – 128/9/77) white (100%) black (R/G/B - 15/0/16) charcoal grey (R/G/G - 76/65/77) •Fonts: agency, mariette tryout, a bite •Clean, streamlined, modern & easy-to read