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  • Amusement parks were a part of the American Dream.
  • This is Pleasure Gardens. Pleasure Gardens is the very first amusement parks ever, which started in 1583. This amusement park was popular with the people until the 1700s, then they closed it down. There is only one of these parks still open today which is called Bakken. This park is still standing today and is the world’s oldest amusement parks still operating.
  • Fort George was opened in 1895 and was located at the end of a trolley line. This park was also located in northernmost end of High Bridge Park, Manhattan. Two major attractions this park had is the Ferris Wheel and the Toboggan Slide. Fort George also had another attraction called the Scenic Railroad, which offers a ride to see the spectacular view of Fort George. This park closed down as a result of a massive fire in 1914.
  • The first Ferris wheel was designed by George W. Ferris. He wanted to create something to rival the Eiffel Tower so he built the Ferris Wheel. Also he built this Ferris Wheel to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Columbus’s landing in America. The very original Ferris Wheel was destroyed in 1906.
  • The Russian Ice Slides were the first roller coasters to be invented. These slides first appeared during the 17th century. The structures of the slides were built out of lumber with a thick layer of, several inches thick of ice. Riders would have to climb a flight of stairs and sped down a 50 degree drop. These slides gained favor with the upper class.
  • Disneyland was officially opened in Anaheim California in 1955. When other parks were starting to close Disneyland revived it’s amusement park industry by including themed lands and many matching attractions. By the 1980s, Disneyland became a billion dollar a year industry in the US and around the world. They also added animated character’s to the unique vision.
  • Walt Disney World opened in 1971. It is the still largest theme park resort complex in the world.
  • There are two Universal Studios. One is called Universal Studios Hollywood and the other is called Universal Studios Florida. The Universal Studios in California was at first just a backlot tram train ride tour to see the actual studios of Hollywood. Starting in 1964 they started to get into larger attraction. They started doing stunt shows, people were allowed to look at props from movies and by 1985 they added a ride. In 1990 Orlando Florida opened. The Universal Studios is now the second-largest theme park in the world.
  • This is the world famous Cyclone. This roller coaster was located in the Coney Islands. This roller coaster was one of the most popular attractions. The Cyclone was declared a New York City landmark.

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  • Amusement Parks
    By Erin Ryskowski
    American Dream
    The End!!!!