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Project management Project management Presentation Transcript

  • Project Management
  • What does a Project Manager do? • Owns the problems. • Interprets the contract or statement of work. • Authorizes the work. • Demands creation and maintenance of program baselines. • Monitors the work. • Coordinates the work.
  • Project Management Essentials • State the objective. • State the plan. • Execute your plan. • Monitor progress and take corrective action.
  • Project Management entails • Organization • Planning, Scheduling, Budgeting • Resource Allocation • Analysis and Management Reports • Revisions and Data Maintenance
  • Structure of Work Assess Define Do & Report
  • Communication There is no such thing as a surprise. Someone knew it a long time ago.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask dumb questions. They are easier to handle than dumb mistakes!
  • Planning Plans are worthless unless someone makes them work! Plan for Success!
  • Why we don’t plan… • It’s hard work. • It forces us to deal with things we don’t know or understand. • It forces us to expose our lack of knowledge. • It’s more fun to “do” than to “define”. • Commitment to a plan takes away your freedom (power).
  • Q: How does a program get to be one year late? A: One day at a time!
  • Where to start… • Have a definite project start and end date. • Read or write the specifications for the project. • Make a “to do” list. • Sort the list into categories. • Develop a timeline of important due dates or milestones. • Fill in the timeline with a projected schedule so you can meet the milestones.
  • Project Management Objectives… • Define & specify the product to be designed. • Communicate the design to the team. • Control the design (minimize possibilities for change). • Define engineering and production test requirements and concepts.
  • Handling Problems 1. Define the problem. 2. Who owns the problem? 3. Devise an action plan that follows accepted process with deadlines. 4. Propose and evaluate solutions.  Technical merit  Schedule impact  Cost impact  Contractual implications  Risks identified  Risks mitigated “Unless one person understands the whole thing, it won’t go together.” Abraham Lincoln
  • Project Management Pitfalls 1. Inadequate project definition and planning.  All stakeholders must understand it and but into it.  Spend the time upfront to get it right.  Failure to keep the schedule. 1. Not managing the work plan.  No plan should be changed after implementation.  Status is measured against the work plan.  Most changes are a result of out of scope work.  Failure to have deadlines.  Assigning activities that are too large.
  • Project Management Pitfalls 3. Poor project communication  Everyone has different expectations.  Team members don’t know what is expected of them and pass their problems to the next person. 1. Lack of quality management  It’s in the eyes of the client, not the manager.  Having to redo to get it right.
  • Project Management Chart (Gantt Chart) WeBGood, Inc. Mobility Device Task Leader Oct 11-17 Oct 18-25 Oct 26-31 Nov 1-7 SOW written Joe Research Bethany Finalize Design Joe/Team Procure Jeremy Materials Prototype Built Julie/Team Prototype Jeremy Tested Test Results Team Evaluated Presentation Jeremy/ Team