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Josh rubric



Peer Review for Josh Worsham

Peer Review for Josh Worsham
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Josh rubric Josh rubric Document Transcript

  • Project Peer Review for Josh Worsham<br />Reviewer: Erin Markus<br />Hello Josh,<br />Below you will find your rubric with my peer review information to help you as you complete your project. I did hypothetical grading on what I saw so far, followed by detailed descriptions of each area of the rubric. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! <br />Good Luck!<br />Erin<br />190500<br />Requirements: 40<br />Your project proposal:<br />53149502584451. Title of Project: Prospect Pathway<br />56483252933702. Purpose: a social network for college football prospects moderated by high school coaches. <br />3. Intended Audience: Varsity football players, starting with players at Woodland H.S. and others who show interest. <br />4086225711204. What real-life need does this project fill for you personally? What need does this fill for others? Helping H.S. seniors get into a college or university and continue playing football<br />457200869955. Type of Project: Hopefully to create a simple social networking site, although that seems out of my league!<br />6. Learning objectives: Various dates, facts, rules, processes needing completion that will prepare an applicant for admission. Hopefully I could add videos to this social network, because films are so important for prospects. Not related to standards, but rather experience in the field of teaching and coaching.<br />19050036830This area could use a little more depth and work, as you stated. Maybe including a video section for both students and parents that show more details about the recruiting process, how to make a skills video, how to choose a school, etc.<br />43243503987807. Critical thinking skills need to be applied when choosing a college. The prospects will have information available, along with guidance from other players and coaches. The moderators will emphasize that choosing is a process bigger that what mascot or colors you play for. Players will be encouraged to narrow the choices based their needs (specific major, division, location, etc.). <br />49244256781808. Describe the “deliverables” or final product you will turn in at the end of class: I would like to deliver a web address that leads to a web based social network for college football prospects moderated by high school coaches. It should have a page for important dates, resources and links. It should have a profile for members. Page for highlight films. Message board for discussion. I have no idea how to pull that off yet, but I’m working on it…flowchart: http://www.mywebspiration.com/view/613610a9f03<br />657225263525Mechanics: 50<br />657225273685Grammar: <br />Spelling: <br />I did not see any errors in spelling or grammar in the areas that I looked at closely. <br />1295400247650Real-Life Need: 50<br />2028825257810Meets a current need: <br />Relates to Social Network Learning:<br />The social network that you have created does meet a real-life need in the area of student-athlete recruitment. The site could be very useful for any prospective student-athlete that needs some direction on how to go about the process of continuing their athletic careers into the college ranks. <br />Content: 30<br />200025276225Thorough Information: <br />Information on the site could be enhanced more by making more detailed information available that would help not only the student-athletes, but also their parents. The recruiting process is usually collaboration between athlete, parents, and coaches. I feel that the site could use more information that could be accessed for all 3 stakeholders. For example: maybe including information for the athlete specifically about what they should look for in a school, such as academics, recreation opportunities, and dorm life. For parents, information on how the recruiting process works from an ethical and professional point of view, expenditure for the school, and financial aid opportunities for costs above potential scholarships. There could also be information on how to make a skills video, what formats are preferred, length, etc.<br />200025274320Social Forums:<br />You provided some nice areas for discussion on the site that could be used by students and parents to discuss the issues of recruitment that are of concern to them, in particular. You could offer two separate areas for these discussions to make navigation easier, instead of one forum area, if this is possible. The forum usage seemed a little confusing to me, but I am not really familiar with Google Sites, so I would need to examine it more thoroughly!<br />200025310515Illustrates connections between theory and practice: 40<br />As I was looking through your site, I was having a hard time on this topic. My only suggestion here is to possibly include some more directional information on the site for those that either has not visited the site, or those that are not very social network savvy. I had some issues with the discussion forums and felt that there could be more directions about which discussions meet which needs, such as parental advice, skills videos, or general chat forums for any topics. It is important when creating a user-interfaced site that it is assumed that not all visitors have prior knowledge of how to navigate through a site such as this. <br />Another area that I could make some suggestions was about your page design. I would suggest adding some more color, maybe some photographs or graphics to make the page a little more appealing to a visitor so they will want to stay with the page and look deeper into what it offers. I know from my own experience, if I visit a page that is just text and no visual “pop”, I have a tendency to keep looking for one that pulls me in visually.<br />1847850266700Time and Effort: 50<br />40+ hours spent on the project: <br />I feel that you spent a great deal of time researching and preparing to create the site. Creating a social network is a huge undertaking and requires a lot of constant interaction. The information that you did provide on the site is very useful and definitely took some time to look for and decide whether it should be included in the site.<br />Note from me:<br />I really enjoyed looking through your site. I was a college volleyball player and when I was going through the recruiting process back in the early 90’s, everything had to be done by mail or face-to-face visits to the schools themselves. There is so much available to kids now for researching their prospective schools and how to go about the recruiting process. I think a tool such as this could potentially be very useful for the future generations of student-athletes! Good Job and Good Luck!!<br />Erin <br />