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Peer Review for Josh Worsham
EdTech 597

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Josh rubric

  1. 1. ProjectPeerReview forJoshWorsham Reviewer:ErinMarkus HelloJosh, Belowyouwill findyourrubricwithmypeerreview informationtohelpyouasyoucomplete your project. I didhypothetical gradingonwhatIsaw so far,followedbydetaileddescriptionsof eacharea of the rubric. If youhave any questions,please feelfree toask! Good Luck! Erin
  2. 2. Requirements: 40 Your projectproposal: 1. Title of Project: Prospect Pathway 2. Purpose: a social network for college football prospects moderated by high school coaches. 3. Intended Audience: Varsity football players, starting with players at Woodland H.S. and others who show interest. 4. What real-life need does this project fill for you personally? What need does this fill for others? Helping H.S. seniors get into a college or university and continue playing football 5. Type of Project: Hopefully to create a simple social networking site, although that seems out of my league! 6. Learning objectives: Various dates, facts, rules, processes needing completion that will prepare an applicant for admission. Hopefully I could add videos to this social network, because films are so important for prospects. Not related to standards, but rather experience in the field of teaching and coaching. This area could use a little more depth and work, as you stated. Maybe including a video section for both students and parents that show more details about the recruiting process, how to make a skills video, how to choose a school, etc. 7. Critical thinking skills need to be applied when choosing a college. The prospects will have information available, along with guidance from other players and coaches. The moderators will emphasize that choosing is a process bigger that what mascot or colors you play for. Players will be encouraged to narrow the choices based their needs (specific major, division, location, etc.). 8. Describe the “deliverables” or final product you will turn in at the end of class: I would like to deliver a web address that leads to a web based social network for college football prospects moderated by high school coaches. It should have a page for important dates, resources and links. It should have a profile for members. Page for highlight films. Message board for discussion. I have no idea how to pull that off yet, but I’m working on it…flowchart: Mechanics:50 Grammar: Spelling: I didnot see anyerrors inspellingorgrammarinthe areasthat I lookedatclosely. Real-Life Need:50 Meetsa current need: RelatestoSocial NetworkLearning:
  3. 3. The social networkthatyou have createddoesmeetareal-life needinthe areaof student-athlete recruitment. The site couldbe veryuseful foranyprospectivestudent-athlete thatneedssome directiononhowto go aboutthe processof continuingtheir athleticcareersintothe collegeranks. Content:30 ThoroughInformation: Informationonthe site couldbe enhancedmore bymakingmore detailedinformation available thatwouldhelpnotonlythe student-athletes,butalsotheirparents. The recruiting processisusuallycollaborationbetweenathlete,parents,andcoaches. Ifeel thatthe site coulduse more informationthatcouldbe accessedforall 3 stakeholders. Forexample: maybe includinginformationforthe athlete specificallyaboutwhattheyshouldlookforina school,suchas academics,recreationopportunities,anddormlife. Forparents,information on howthe recruitingprocessworksfroman ethical andprofessional pointof view, expenditure forthe school,andfinancial aidopportunitiesforcostsabove potential scholarships. There couldalsobe informationonhow tomake a skillsvideo,whatformats are preferred,length,etc. Social Forums: You providedsome nice areasfordiscussiononthe site thatcouldbe usedbystudents and parentsto discussthe issuesof recruitmentthatare of concernto them, inparticular. You couldoffertwoseparate areasfor these discussionstomake navigationeasier,insteadof one forumarea, if thisispossible. The forumusage seemeda little confusingtome,butI am not reallyfamiliarwithGoogle Sites,soIwouldneedtoexamine itmore thoroughly! Illustratesconnectionsbetweentheoryandpractice:40 As I waslookingthroughyoursite,Iwashavinga hardtime on thistopic. My onlysuggestion here isto possiblyincludesome more directionalinformationonthe site forthose thateither has notvisitedthe site,orthose thatare not verysocial networksavvy. Ihadsome issues withthe discussionforumsandfeltthatthere couldbe more directionsaboutwhich discussionsmeetwhichneeds,suchasparental advice,skillsvideos,orgeneral chatforums for anytopics. It is importantwhencreatingauser-interfacedsitethatitisassumedthat not all visitorshave priorknowledge of how tonavigate throughasite such as this. Anotherareathat I couldmake some suggestionswasaboutyourpage design. Iwould suggestaddingsome more color,maybe some photographsorgraphicsto make the page a little more appealingtoa visitorsotheywill wanttostaywiththe page andlookdeeperinto whatit offers. Iknowfrom myownexperience,if Ivisitapage that is justtextandno visual “pop”,I have a tendencytokeeplookingforone thatpullsme invisually.
  4. 4. Time and Effort: 50 40+ hoursspentonthe project: I feel thatyouspenta great deal of time researchingandpreparingtocreate the site. Creatingasocial networkisa huge undertakingandrequiresalotof constantinteraction. The informationthatyoudid provide onthe site isveryuseful anddefinitelytooksome time tolookforanddecide whetheritshould be includedinthe site. Note fromme: I reallyenjoyedlookingthroughyoursite. Iwasa college volleyball playerandwhenIwasgoingthrough the recruitingprocessbackinthe early90’s, everythinghadtobe done bymail or face-to-face visitsto the schoolsthemselves. There issomuch available tokidsnow forresearchingtheirprospective schools and howto go aboutthe recruitingprocess. Ithinka tool suchas thiscould potentiallybe veryuseful for the future generationsof student-athletes!GoodJobandGood Luck!! Erin 