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Instructor slide-share for CUA NURS 916D

Instructor slide-share for CUA NURS 916D



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Professional Portfolio Professional Portfolio Presentation Transcript

  • Document of scholarship Collection of selected materials that document competencies and expertise Monitor of professional development
  • Four dimensions: ◦Scholarship of Discovery ◦Scholarship of Teaching ◦Scholarship of Integration ◦Scholarship of Application
  •  “The inquiry that produces the disciplinary and professional knowledge that is at the very heart of academic pursuits”  Includes: ◦ Philosophical inquiry and analysis ◦ Theory development and testing ◦ Research
  •  Examples include: ◦ Publications ◦ Presentations ◦ Grant awards ◦ Mentorship of junior colleagues in research ◦ State, regional, national, or international recognition as a scholar ◦ Positive peer evaluations
  •  “Produces knowledge to support the transfer of the science and art of nursing from the expert to the novice, building bridges between the teacher’s understanding and the student’s learning”  Examples include ◦ Publications related to teaching methodology or learning outcomes, learning theory development, and development or testing of educational models ◦ Accreditation ◦ Application of technology ◦ Positive peer assessments of innovations in teaching
  •  More examples ◦ State, regional, national, or international recognition as a master teacher ◦ Published textbooks or learning aids ◦ Grant awards in support of teaching and learning ◦ Design of outcome studies or evaluation/assessment programs ◦ Presentations related to teaching and learning
  •  “Writings and other products that use concepts and original works from nursing and other disciplines in creating new patterns, placing knowledge in a larger context, or illuminating data in a more meaningful way”
  •  Examples include: ◦ Publications of research, policy analysis, case studies, integrative reviews of the literature ◦ Copyrights, licenses, patents, or products for sale ◦ Published books ◦ Positive peer evaluations of contributions to integrative scholarship ◦ Reports of interdisciplinary programs or service projects ◦ Interdisciplinary grant awards ◦ Presentations ◦ Policy papers to influence organizations or governments
  •  Germane to practice and includes clinical practice, staff development, clinical problem solving, and consultation  Examples include: ◦ Dissemination of research findings ◦ Academic-service partnerships ◦ Analysis of outcomes related to patients, programs, and health care systems ◦ Consultations reports
  •  Considered an essential reference for showcasing professional accomplishments  Documents professional growth  Allows for continuous self-assessment of competencies  Provides for development plan  Identifies strengths  Used for: ◦ Admission to schools to advance academic preparation ◦ Application to participate in a clinical ladder program ◦ Job applications ◦ Annual performance appraisals ◦ Documentation of performance for accreditation surveys
  •  Demographic data  Philosophy  Education ◦ Dates ◦ Type of degree ◦ Name and address of school ◦ Graduation honors  Academic transcripts  Experience ◦ Dates ◦ Position title ◦ Name of agency/organization and address ◦ Responsibilities  Continuing education certificates
  •  Honors/awards  Professional organizations ◦ Name of organization ◦ Dates  Certifications/licenses ◦ CPR ◦ ACLS ◦ Chemotherapy ◦ Immunizations ◦ RN/Advanced practice ◦ Liability insurance
  •  Committee assignments ◦ Committee title ◦ Position/office held ◦ Time of involvement ◦ Responsibilities ◦ Accomplishments  Community activities ◦ Title ◦ Role ◦ Time of involvement ◦ Responsibilities ◦ Accomplishments  Letters of appreciation/recognition
  •  Publications ◦ Articles ◦ Columns ◦ Book reviews ◦ Letters to the editor ◦ Examples of writing skills  Teaching ◦ Title of courses ◦ Level of courses: undergraduate, graduate ◦ Length ◦ Dates ◦ Number of students ◦ Mode of teaching: “in-class” or on-line ◦ Teaching strategies: include simulation training and computer- assisted technology ◦ Syllabus ◦ Evaluations: students, agency administrators and preceptors ◦ Evidence of curriculum design, evaluation, revision ◦ Clinical site responsibilities
  •  Annual work plan outlining goals and objectives  Copies of yearly performance appraisals  Inventions/patents  Student advisement  Dissertation committees ◦ Dates ◦ Role ◦ Title of dissertation  Presentations ◦ In-service ◦ Podium or poster presentations at a conference ◦ Workshops/classes
  •  For an independent nurse contractor, include business plans and contracts  Special skills and competencies ◦ Foreign language ◦ Computer skills ◦ Practice skills such as colposcopy, ultrasound, I&D  Additional modes of dissemination such as public press, television or radio interviews  Professional practice accomplishments ◦ Precepting/mentoring new nurses ◦ Projects/programs  Current references  Contacts from other agencies  Business and certification cards
  •  Research proposals ◦ Role ◦ Title ◦ Goals/objective/aims ◦ Dates  Grant proposals ◦ Role ◦ Title ◦ Goals/objectives/aims ◦ Dates ◦ Funding agency  Designated number for grant  Amount funded
  •  Annotate essential accomplishments as soon as possible  Review and update portfolio twice annually  Use tables/columns to present information  Indicate how exemplars support competencies  Use a notebook, prepare a table of contents, and label sections  During review, evaluate and document your progress in meeting objectives and revise goals and objectives as needed