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CATALYST Strategic Design Review: Issue 4

CATALYST Strategic Design Review: Issue 4



For this issue, I was responsible for writing the article titled "Lessons for the Road" and for partnering with the authors of "Motivating Wellbeing."

For this issue, I was responsible for writing the article titled "Lessons for the Road" and for partnering with the authors of "Motivating Wellbeing."



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    CATALYST Strategic Design Review: Issue 4 CATALYST Strategic Design Review: Issue 4 Document Transcript

    • Issue 4 I SUMMER 2010 Motivating Wellbeing Minding Your Business: Austria Brooklyn Israel Riding to Wellbeing Chief Culture Officer Designing Wellbeing: Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate.Minding Your Business Motivating Wellbeing Riding to ConfidenceChief Culture Officer: Designing a Culture of Choice From the CATALYST BlogTools for CATALYZING Change CATALYSTS: News from Members and Friends of the Pratt Design Management Program
    • CATALYST Perspective Table of ContentsThe Director of the Pratt Design Management Program introduces the significance of this issue of CATALYST 1 CATALYST Perspective Designing Wellbeing: Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 4 From the This issue of Catalyst explores the role of strategic design in enabling CATALYST Blog wellbeing and creating life style choices that deepen our sense of aliveness, happiness and creative community. Our contributors help us define well being and demonstrate its design in their own lives and work. 6 CATALYZING the Conversation Why is it important to consider designing wellbeing into our everyday lives and enterprises? We asked our contributors to consider that question and 8 Minding Your Business: Profits that Restore the Planet to explore the meaning of well being in a world where just being can be A conversation with Horst challenging enough. Rechelbacher, founder of Intelligent They took the challenge. Their ideas enrich our understanding of how designing for wellbeing can deepen our experience of life, encourage our relationship with community and connect us in exchange experiences that are 18 Nutrients and Aveda Motivating Wellbeing Re-focus. Re-invent. both rewarding and fun. We are reminded that products, services and spaces An overview of behavioral designed with wellbeing in mind can create mutually satisfying relationships theory and design strategies and between those who create the experience and those who engage in them. how they can influence better behaviors Rejuvenate. We discover in each article that well being can be variously defined, but that it is more than happiness. It includes a feeling of exhilaration, a sense of mastery and control. It is both personal and collective and is enhanced by a 28 CATALYST Voices feeling of belonging and shared commitment to goals. Destination: Wellbeing An introduction to how bicycling can © The Design Wellbeing implies a healthy blend of challenge and readiness mixed with Management Program support confidence in the individual resilience and joy. It is a sense that all systems are “humming away nicely”. It of Pratt Institute, and communities can be designed into the moments of a life, encouraged by the movements of April 2010 the body and enabled by organizations interested in cultivating aliveness. Executive Editor: 38 Chief Culture Officer: What to Expect Designing a Culture of Choice But, not all of our systems are “humming away nicely.” Wellbeing is not a Adam Zoltowski An conversation with Lahav Gil, CATALYST was designed to stimulate constant and availability to the conditions that support it varies across the President and CEO, Kangaroo Design thinking and encourage conversation about boundaries of our world. Lack of wellbeing can create its own boundary. Managing Editor: the role of strategic design in defining Life does not flourish when imagination and appetite go unfed, enthusiasm is Kevin Rorick and developing an economically, socially undernourished and engagement with a living world is not encouraged. Editorial Board: 48 Reflections Piece Lessons for the Road and environmentally sustainable future. We have included numerous external links Strategic design solutions are necessary to deepen happiness, enable a Erin Weber Erin looks back on what she learned in her time throughout the text and in the form of creative economy and improve both our physical and emotional connection to Holly Burns as Executive Editor of CATALYST “related resources” at the end of each article. life. Dante Clemons CATALYST is accompanied by a blog that is Maggie de la Vega our means of continuing the conversation In this issue, we focus on re-inventing and rejuvenating our organizations, our personal lives and our relationship with each other and our world Maren Maier Mary McBride 52 Tools for CATALYZING Change Super Natural Home by Beth Greer between publications. Blog posts are related to, as well as, unique from those in the digital Denise Tahara The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin publication. You can find the CATALYST blog CATALYST is an international dialogue on strategic design sponsored and LEED for Healthcare on our website: published by the graduate program in Design Management at Pratt Institute of Visual Design: Art and Design. Aditi Mukherjee http://www.CATALYSTsdr.com Adam Zoltowski Dr. Mary McBride Director of the Design Management Program at Pratt Institute Kevin Rorick 54 Infographic: Food and Health Direct from CATALYSTsdr.com, a visual depiction of the The next CATALYST theme will be Illustrations: connections between food, health and government spending. Designing Desire Aditi Mukherjee Please submit article concepts and recommendations for resources to: Editors: CATALYSTsdr@gmail.com Eileen Kiley & Denise Tahara 56 CATALYSTS News from Alumni and Staff of the Pratt Design Management Program.Anke Stohlmann, Richard Green & Diane Ruengsorn Cover Design: Adam Zoltowski 2 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 3
    • From the CATALYST BlogHighlights from the timely and diverse content found at www.CATALYSTsdr.com/categories/blog/ fast or processed foods. What is Interior Design as Strategy hopeful amidst all the bad news, A dialogue on the strategic value of interior though, is the reminder that the design power to change rests within our hands as consumers and by Rene Ng purchasers of these products. However, this is still considering Renovation programs on TV have the issue at a slightly shallow, undoubtedly made the general public more public,” as defined by the National Council The Khan Academy economic level. To observe the use aware of the built environment. However, for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). The Role of Education in Designing of design thinking in this revolution, the time and thought processes behind Through this tenet, a designer will have Wellbeing we must go past the effects, interior design is often left on the cutting applied occupational and safety standards, statistics, even some of the causes room floor leaving the profession hugely including accessibility requirements of by Adam Zoltowski and simply look at what motivates undervalued and decoration mistaken for the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), us to consume these products. design. A wise professor, from Ryerson national and regional fire safety and building I can still remember vividly, in my past life University’s School of Interior Design in codes, and ergonomics. Someone in a as a political science student, a classroom Jamie encourages the use of wheelchair will be able to use the space debate about whether or not education was Toronto, once said, “Interior designers must fresh, unprocessed foods and it a right or a privelege. I’ve always believed also know half of what an architect knows freely. People will be able to make a quick is clear that he is concerned with it to be a right, as it benefits both society and a quarter of what an engineer knows, and unobstructed dash for the exit in the the quality of the ingredients. He and the individual. The idea that education but they get half the pay and a quarter of event of a fire. Employees will not hurt or also reminds us that food is one should be available to all is at the core of the respect.” strain themselves on the job due to poorly of the few things that nourishes designed furniture. The Khan Academy, an open for all online us, connects us to past traditions Interior design or interior architecture, as it school where curious minds from around of our families and culture and is known in Europe, is responsible for most Recognizing that the construction the world can access information and unites communities in unique ways. of the spaces we live, work, and play in. industry is responsible for so much of the lessons on everything under the sun. Khan He challenges us to think not only Everything, from the overall layout of rooms world’s waste, headways are being made Academy, founded by Salman Khan, the of the food we eat in terms of its down to the exact location of the toilet throughout the trade and interior designers recipient of the 2009 Microsoft Tech Award components and preparation, but A Food Revolution also the meaning of it as a human practice paper dispenser, has been thought-out and are in a position to encourage environmental in Education, is a non-profit organization countries the schools are inadequate The Strategic Value of Jamie Oliver’s TED strategically planned by an interior designer sustainability. We can push our engineers with the modest goal of supplying education at best, non-existent at worst. “to inspire families to cook again.” This Wish is at the heart of his strategic thinking, to add value. to use more efficient electrical and to ‘anyone, anywhere’. Khan, an MBA because ultimately what needs to change mechanical systems. We can source more gradute from Harvard, started the online by Giselle Carr local, sustainable, and non-toxic furniture, ’school’ by creating simple math lessons The Khan Academy is a powerful example is not just the label on the food, but human A well-designed space will maximize the equipment, and finishes. We can design on youtube for his cousin who lived abroad. of the use of design because Khan has behavior. His reform of the British school use of real estate through efficient space A few weeks ago, I watched Jamie Oliver’s more beautiful, timeless, and durable Before he knew it, thousands of people successfully developed an organization food system is a testament to the power of planning, incorporate appropriate levels talk on TED.com where he stated,“I were accessing his online tutorials. with a strong mission that requires limited this type of behavioral change; my hope is of natural and artificial lighting, and use spaces instead of staying on trend only to wish for your help to create a strong, resources and funds. By using the free that his efforts in America will be met with non-toxic materials. For companies, this demolish and rebuild every five years. To sustainable movement to educate every Education plays a big role in the overall technology provided by youtube, Khan has similar success. means increased employee satisfaction, the public, we are purveyors of things cool child about food, inspire families to cook issue of wellbeing. It has an impact on distributed education lessons to many productivity, and wellbeing. The space and pretty, so we are duly responsible to again and empower people everywhere corners of the globe, a feat that would Other initiatives to transform the can also be considered an extension of a introduce these responsible practices in almost every level and facet of our lives. to fight obesity.” I’ve become a huge fan have cost thousands of dollars ten years experience of food in the education sector, company’s values and identity, translating order for them to become the norm. Interior If we start late in our schooling and of his show and the conversation that it ago. Lessons are also not made with fancy even at the tertiary level, have begun to into teambuilding within, and customer designers can probably tell you where to formal education, it has a ripple effect has sparked within the population. What software, but basic freeware that come with emerge successfully across America. It is loyalty through brand cohesiveness. put the sofa in your tiny condo and select that can last years. Income level disparity has struck me most about Jamie’s Food any PC. For example, he used Microsoft clear that the public is ready for this change, curtains to match, but interior designers between the educated and non-educated Revolution is the social aspect and the Paint to illustrate his cousin’s first lesson. for a myriad of reasons (health is one of Unbeknownst to the masses, an interior are positioned do so much more, for profit, has been clearly documented in recent subtle use of design thinking. The statistics Khan stumbled upon the power of his idea the largest); otherwise Jamie’s show would designer’s job is to “protect and enhance people, and planet. years, showing a correlation between an are staggering as obesity-related diseases by chance, and has used his constraints to not be such a huge success. The challenge the health, life safety, and welfare of the individual’s level of schooling and pay. If are the leading causes of death in America. his advantage in growing the awareness we face now is to rethink and redesign our students fall behind early on, they may Jamie reminds us that during his 20 minute approach to food, so that the policies and spend many years trying to catch up. A and popularity of the Khan Academy. It TED talk, four Americans will die as a result practices currently in place become our ally lack of adequate education programs can is also a sign of the changing times: one of food-related illnesses. The effect this in working toward a healthier population; also adversely affect communities, as poor man can single-handedly reach thousands has had on the new generation of children not just because we have to, but because educational offerings aid in keeping areas through the use of open access internet growing up on processed foods is also we want to. economically depressed. I was lucky to applications. extremely disturbing, as we have “blessed” the newest generation with a shorter have parents who both worked in education; lifespan for the first time in human history. yet, not all families have matriarchs and patriarchs who value education. In some Recent films such as Food, Inc. have depicted the level of artificial and unnatural ingredients used in agriculture, as well as Read more posts on the CATALYST blog at: the national demand and consumption of www.CATALYSTsdr.com/categories/blog/ 4 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 5
    • CATALYZING the Conversation An introduction to this theme of CATALYST Strategic Design Review A SNAPSHOT OF GLOBAL WELLBEING togo burundidenmark finland comoros 1%82% norway sierra leone sweden10 HIGHEST richest country: burkino faso 10 LOWEST netherlands The United States WELLBEINGWELLBEING SCORES SCORES costa rica rwanda poorest country: happiest country: Djiibouti Costa Rica niger new zealand 4%62% cambodia australia least happy country: haiti switzerland Zimbabwe benin canada 82% - thriving wellbeing struggling to achieve wellbeing - 0% This infographic depicts the current state of global wellbeing. Regions in green and Wellbeing Indicators yellow are thriving, while those areas in organge and red are struggling. Look for these Based on qualitative surveys, wellbeing is measured by happiness, economic indicators in each prosperity, health (physical and emotional as well as access to basic necessities) article to see how and environmental impact (including carbon footprint). Most important to note, Environmental Economics Health Impact they line up with is that wellbeing is a cumulative result of a number of factors, and cannot be Happy Planet and measured through one aspect of life alone. Gallup’s definition of wellbeing. For more on the survey method and how data is weighted please visit gallup.com and thehappyplanetindex.org 6 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 7
    • Dr. Mary McBride is the Director of the Design Management program at Pratt Institute where she has been building out the program and teaching in it since 1999. Mary is also a Partner in Strategies Executive Summary: Minding for Planned Change. She, leads their strategic leadership and stewardship practice coaching and facilitating change in individuals As the business world faces and organizations.Horst M. Rechelbacher An Austrian by birth, and son of an herbalist, Horst M. Rechelbacher is an active a crisis point, new ways of doing business Your Busines environmentalist, innovative business leader, author, artist, and organic must be found. Horst Rechelbacher tells us farmer. In 1978, Horst founded Aveda Corporation, a global plant-based about his experiences pioneering two innova- cosmetic company. Nearly two decades later, he sold Aveda to Estee tive and successful sustainable companies in Lauder but remained a consultant until March 2003. Since then, he has focused on a new product paradigm by founding Intelligent Nutrients, the beauty and cosmetics industry, Intelligent a health and beauty product company utilizing 100% food-based Nutrients and Aveda. He explains how his and organic-certified ingredients. Horst is one of the three original crusade to phase out the multiplicity of toxic founders of Business for Social Responsibility, which promotes the PRofits that restore the planet ingredients in cosmetics has led to a new para- idea that businesses have the greatest responsibility and opportunity to provide sustainability to all living species. In his continuing study of digm of products based on food chemistry and plant-based medicine, he collaborates with noted physicians, chemists A conversation with Horst Rechelbacher a new model for business. He shows us that by and pharmacologists, as well as with experts and traditional healers Founder of Intelligent Nutrients and Aveda merging self, community, and environment, we throughout the world. can usher in a new age of enlightened capital- Maren Maier is a graduate of the Design Management Program ism that nurtures wellbeing and creates profits at Pratt, and is currently a Buyer at ABC Carpet & Home, a home Conducted by Dr. Mary McBride, Ph.D and Maren Maier while restoring the planet. furnishings store in New York City. She oversees a department of socially and environmentally responsible home products, entitled ‘ABC Home & Planet’ and she is in charge of transitioning suppliers to more sustainable production processes, while simultaneously educating consumers about the value of conscious consumerism Native to Morocco, the Argan tree is the source for natural, rejuvenating body oilWellbeing Indicators8 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 9
    • Strategy in MARY “The dark irony is that the COSMETICS: “Nobody tests these Transforming big industries Action is an extremely challenging task. There are so many things we put on our bodies RE-DESIGNING WITH FOOD products and ingredients forHow to Effectively Manage I, Inc. people who say it can’t be done, and then there are to cover our perceived HORST To redesign beauty products, we have to look toxicity or how they affect defects or make ourselves people like you who are at chemistry. What is available to us? I think the Before attempting to us on a cellular level.” doing it. You’ve had amazing solution can be found in food chemistry. By using create a successful successes with Aveda and food as medicine, we can apply the flavors and business venture, ask yourself if you aresuccessfully operating have just launched your new company, Intelligent look better are often toxic.” colors of things like seeds, berries and vegetables. They are intense in color, concentrated and your inner business. Nutrients. What motivates have high antioxidant food values. I call it skin HORST you? and dangerous. The only testing performed on I started Aveda more than 30 years ago and left or lip-delivered nutrition, because it can deliver cosmetics and personal care products are for eye because it was time to reinvent myself. Back Then, lead your inner and skin sensitivity. good things at the same time as you beautify. So, life like you are its then, certified organic products were not available. HORST in a way, you are turning super foods into super Raw material manufacturers promised us natural CEO: That’s exactly why I am doing it, because I know cosmetics. I like to follow traditional formulas and This is unfortunate, because anything that goes ingredients, yet no one told us, for example, that it can be done. I want to show the cosmetics’ then stretch them with my imagination to create » Hold daily meetings on the skin is in the blood seconds later. Any sodium laurel sulfates derived from coconut was industry that it is possible to design a better new aromatic compositions. ingredients absorbed by our skin bypasses the a petrochemical process. We didn’t know product. From their point of view, what I am doing They all have a purpose and » Understand the detoxifying enzymes in our liver, which protect that in those days, and it took us decades with Intelligent Nutrients is absolutely ridiculous. do something of benefit. interdependence of us from toxins in food. That means the harmful later to realize this synthetic process. each department Ultimately, I am trying to go beyond the chemicals that you apply to your skin are more The word natural is very confusing traditional cosmetic pursuit of outer beauty to the toxic and pose greater cancer and other risks, because petrochemicals are » Be a dedicated core elements that compose true beauty, in order than if you ate them.1. also natural. Crude oil is apprentice to your to find the ultimate sense of health and wellbeing. a natural substance organization from earth; it’s MARY » Conduct a weekly MAREN What are the effects of these substances on a mineral oil, It’s interesting, because the official definition but it’s inventory our bodies? of cosmetics goes against the very idea of beautification and health. The American Heritage » Focus on service HORST Dictionary defines ‘cosmetics’ as “something towards all We have evidence of the dangers of heavy superficial that is used to cover up a deficiency stakeholders metals and other hazardous substances on the or defect.” body, some of which are known carcinogens. Dr. not edible » Never lose sight of Samuel Epstein, a professor of Environmental and and extremely the bottom line COSMETICS: TOXIC BEAUTY Occupational Medicine, describes the different toxic, even when types of hazardous substances and their effects refined. Intelligent on the human body in his books. He also lists Nutrients in HORST products that contain these “horrific substances” contrast is based Food chemistry encourages the When we look at the cosmetics industry, we are by category, and the list is endless: shampoos, on hi-tech, nutritional development of really looking at the petrochemical industry. And deodorants, toothpastes, lotions, blushes, eye substances. I hired chemicals and products designed literally to this day, it’s the base of everything that shadows, mascara, lipstick, hairspray, etc. On food chemists to help from the outset makes up a beauty product, including surfactants, average, women use about twenty-five cosmetic me create a new paradigm using ingredients preservatives, lubricants, colorants, packaging, of products, where we utilize that pose no products on a daily basis, and many ingredients MARY hazards to our etc. That needs to be corrected. It’s outdated in these products are not digestible, not even certified organic, nutritional health. This is what recyclable. Babies are even born with cosmetic ingredients to make products you started at The ultimate goal is waste, because it is transferred through the that, when taken internally and Aveda over 30 years ago. Are you not only to design umbilical chord and breast milk. A recent study applied topically, deliver the best benefits to the products safe perfecting the process with Intelligent of 31 brands of lipstick sent to laboratories for body. enough to put in Nutrients? our mouths, but to testing showed 61% contained lead1. Why are we design ones that putting things on our skin that we wouldn’t put in MAREN deliver nutritional value upon our mouths? What is your goal with Intelligent Nutrients? application. Intelligent Nutrients is has achieved MAREN HORST this by integrating How are you redesigning beauty products to fix A favorite food of the Aztecs, organic farmers, AGAVE is high in fructose We are very small, and I want to stay that way. food chemists, and this problem? rather than glucose,which I am focused on small batch production and cosmetic chemists allows it to be absorbed slowly high quality, because to do what I do, you have in the product into the blood stream. development to go the extra mile. I don’t just work with one process. 10 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 11
    • Cosmetics Industry has TOXINS FOUND IN COMMON Women use about 25 cosmetic products on a daily basis, and many ingredients in these products are not digestible or recyclable. “When you look at the legal borrowed a page from the playbook of the tobacco CATALYST ter CATALYST Definition: Pure interpretation of cosmetics, Babies are even born with cosmetic waste, because it is transferred industry by putting profits Sourcing: EVERYDAY through the umbilical chord ahead of public health.”1 A method of and breast milk. There are sourcing materials SKIN PRODUCTS. five main classifications Over ten years later, this is the FDA says it is neither a that ensures of chemicals found in ingredients are beauty products. still the case. 100% organic, not tested on animals, food nor a drug, which means Fortunately, there is a free of synthetic ingredients, and do group called the Organic not exploit workers. that the cosmetics industry is Consumers Association that wants to inform and protect the public. The largely self-regulated.” OCA has tested many personal care products for dioxane, surfactants, two, three or four species. I’ve been studying fragrances for phthalates indigenous plant species for many years, and it’s and other petrochemical ingredients. Intelligent Product Types PRODUCTS FOR INFANTS AND CHILDREN a pharmacopeia. Nutrients recently joined the OCA, Dr. Bronners SOAPS, SHAMPOOS AND DEODORANT and Organic Essence in filing a complaint with HAIR DYES beauty and nail products I travel around the globe to find the best raw the USDA to request a federal investigation into SUNSCREENS AND SUNBLOCKS materials. In doing so, I practice what I call ‘pure misleading organic labeling of personal care NEUROTOXINs womens cosmetics sourcing,’ which ensures that the ingredients Chemicals that have a direct products. Thankfully, the federal courts passed effect on the body’s nervous system. I use are 100% organic, not tested on animals, a ruling in 2005 that stated cosmetics companies ETHYL METHACRYLATE free of synthetic ingredients, and do not exploit METHYL METHACRYLATE must also comply with USDA organic regulations SKIN IRRITANTS workers. This is an enormous challenge for many specifying the exact definition and parameters Chemicals that cause reactions or irritations when applied to the skin. reasons, particularly with organic certification, of the ‘organic’ label, which should help keep HYDROXY ACIDS but we are doing it. To ensure quality, I recently companies from using the word under false TALC PENETRATION ENHANCERS started my own organic farming operation, using pretences. Chemicals that improve the absorption of solar power, electric farm vehicles and purified other ingredients, which poses significant water for irrigation. danger if those ingredients are toxic. BENZYL ALCOHOL MAREN HYDROXY ACIDS In light of these regulatory issues, do you have NANOPARTICLES (MICRO FINE, ULTRAFINE) HORMONE DISRUPTERS I’ve been operating the farm now for six years Chemicals that imitate the effects of natural any words of advice or inspiration for designers BENZOPHENONE- 3 hormones in the body. When mistaken for its own and grow many of the certified organic ETHYL METHACRYLATE and entrepreneurs? GLYCERYL hormones, the body disrupts its natural processes. preservatives for my products. This cuts out the PARABEN PHENOL FORMALDEHYDE RESIN PHTHALATES (DEHP AND DEP BENZOPHENONE-3) middlemen and ultimately allows me to have a METHYL METHACRYLATE OCTYL-METHOXYCINNAMATE (OMC) more holistic understanding of my business. HORST LANOLIN OXYBENZONE We need to redesign, totally redesign everything. BISABOL 4- METHYL-BENZYLIDENE CAMPHOR (4-MBC) If we don’t, we risk becoming collectors of the HYDROXY ACIDS NANOPARTICLES (MICRO FINE, ULTRAFINE) ETHYLENEDIAMINE TETRA-ACETIC ACID (EDTA) TRICLOCARBAN MARY old, paying homage to a system that is broken. DISODIUM EDTA TRICLOSAN What has been your biggest hurdle since starting BENZOPHENONE- 3 Each individual and every organization must Intelligent Nutrients? OCTYL-METHOXYCINNAMATE (OMC) play a part in manifesting a new system of ETHYLENEDIAMINE TETRA-ACETIC ACID (EDTA) SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE ‘enlightened enterprise.’ CARCINOGENS HORST Chemicals that are shown in lab testing to cause cancer. Finding honest suppliers and educated LIMONENE consumers. There are so many companies out CATEARETHS (ETHYLENE OXIDE & DIOXANE) there screaming organic this, natural that, when “We need a new POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL (PEG) (ETHYLENE OXIDE & DIOXANE) LAURETHS in fact their products are not certified. This TALC (TALCUM POWDER) TRIETHANOLAMINE (TEA) (PRECURSOR TO NITROSAMINE) misleads consumers into thinking products are LEAD ACETATE P - PHENYLENEDIAMINE (CARCENOGENIC FOLLOWS OXIDATION) CI DISPERSE BLUE 1 safe. Even though cosmetics use some of the same ingredients that are in drugs and foods, understanding of health, both of which are regulated by the FDA, there a new relationship with D&C RED 33 HC BLUE NO.1 DIETHANOLAMINE & TRIETHANOLAMINE lacks a governmental watchdog. When it takes POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL millions of dollars to reformulate a product or DMDM-HYDNATOIN (PRECURSOR TO FORMALDEHYDE) IMIDAZOLIDINYL UREA QUATERNIUM - 15 change one small ingredient, it is not surprising when large manufacturers look for ways to ourselves, a new respect for wellbeing.” DIAZOLIDINYL UREA (PRECURSOR TO FORMALDEHYDE) cut corners. Senator Edward Kennedy read FD&C RED 40 POLYSORBATES a statement at Senate hearings on the FDA Reform Bill On September 10, 1997 stating: “The12 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 13
    • the law of preservation of the living organization, MARY HORST How would you build the ideas of ‘enlightened enterprise’ into the fabric of a business or an whereby the success of the living organization is dependent on the contribution of its members. I, Inc., as I call it, is the foundation of every aspect of our life, and of every enterprise we “I think we often forget that we operate in a unified And the success of the member is dependent on organization? will undertake. I believe the first question we the success of the system as a whole. should always ask ourselves before endeavoring HORST I asked myself the same questions while I was A good friend of mine, the Austrian physicist, Fritzjof Capra defines trade, or business this way to create a successful business venture, is: am I successfully operating my inner business? The reality is few of us are, because most of us were system in which every part and function is linked in running Aveda. After successfully formulating a in one of his books. Nature operates like this as not taught inner skills when we were growing sustainable line of natural plant-based products, well, and it is the most successful sustainable up. In business terms, our mind is the CEO of I, I felt it was equally important to formulate dynamic interdependence to business there is. It’s design to function and an inc., and our job is to be an effective manager a sustainable business model. So I started enlightened approach to enterprise. of the company we own--our life. Our bottom thinking of ways to design a creative, humane, line is to create harmony, balance, health and the whole.” and socially responsible environment for my employees, encouraging them to participate in MARY ultimate wellbeing. Unfortunately, many of our building the organization. With their help, we You usually hear the term design to function in problems occur out of ignorant, inept, reckless instated a day care center for working mothers the context of design disciplines. How would you or irresponsible management of I, Inc. Until we our business, to set goals and to know when and created internal training programs around apply this to business? learn to effectively manage I, Inc., we can’t and how to adjust or reset them. Yet one of CATALYST Insight: the Waldorf education model, both of which were create a sustainable personal life, let alone a the most common problems in business is the Designers must met with resounding success. By listening to HORST successful business. effectively manage toxic relations that often develop, through poor my employees, I began to understand that the themselves Most businesses do not operate on the principles management, unclear protocols and procedures, internally before company couldn’t reach its full potential until of design to function. Building a company is MAREN poor communication, interdepartmental they can manage the employees were treated just as customers. very architectural, and in order for it to work How have you strengthened your own bickering, low employee morale, etc. Regular external forces and assets That is when I truly began to appreciate the art every part has to function flawlessly. If it isn’t inner skills? Do you have any tips for other ‘detoxification’ through conscious observation is of service, and I learned some valuable lessons designed correctly, it won’t work. The principles entrepreneurs and designers who are interested equally important in maintaining the health of along the way, particularly about reframing the of nature and evolution are the best example of in doing the same? an organization. It is where we invent ourselves very definition of ‘business.’ this. In fact, I think the Native American “Seventh to go into the next level. And it helps remind usIn addition to being beautiful, studies Generation” principle is a good guide when HORST that the causes of all dysfunction and disease suggest that introducing any new business idea. Will the idea It all boils down to mind-body relationship, are linked to our psychological and physiological hibiscus flower MAREN work seven generations into the future without environments, as well as the interpersonal contains powerful The definition of business in the old Anglo Saxon, learning to manage your emotions throughprocyanidins which compromising the wellbeing of our progeny or environments in which we work. A process of are beneficial to which is probably closest to yours, is to “deliver consciousness, or daily inventory. the cardiovascular the planet? So, that’s the kind of business that For instance, I meditate three times daily and weekly inventory is a good guideline and should system. solicitude or solace.” Business, in that sense, is interests me. find ways to give thanksgiving. Take anger as an be built into the operating procedures of any about exchanging in ways that enliven and example. Like all of us, I get angry, but for me it’s company. And it is important to look beyond enable people to thrive. How do you define business? MAREN like thunder in nature. It’s an energy release. I pay the financials. Is there synergy between each You didn’t start off with such a dedicated mission, attention to its cause, and usually it’s something department? Are the right people in the right but you had a few crises that turned into huge I haven’t fixed within myself, or something that positions? Is communication flowing in every HORST opportunities in your life. is still around me that I allow to be. But then I direction? Is the company consciously seeking I believe at its core, business is an energetic always go to my healing moment, where I use out the bliss and the pain, and finding ways to exchange, an equal exchange between two a technique just like on a computer. I delete it. heal? By doing this at Aveda, we became a real entities. You give me a value such as money and I give you goods. This exchange encompasses I, INC. Release it. I don’t stay attached to it. I honestly believe that pain needs to be ’thanked’, rather learning organization. Intelligent Nutrients has adopted this model as well. than avoided or suppressed. It’s inflammatory, HORST and every time you avoid dealing with it you add Yeah. I’ve had good guiding forces. Somehow more fire to the emotion and make it bigger. MAREN they always showed up to help me work through These ideas take us to an entirely new realm I think it’s the dis-ease, which eventually them. I honestly believe that, because I’m of awareness with respect to enterprise, and a becomes the disease, both within our bodies definitely not that smart. Through the years, I’ve different concept of a healthy organization. and within an organization. learned to recognize opportunities when they present themselves, by developing a sense of HORST self-awareness through routine self-observation. I MARY That is correct. I often define the health of the really believe the concept of I, Inc. is so important How would you suggest applying these skills in a business using the philosophies of traditional business environment? medicines. Traditional medicines never treat MARY the symptom. They use the symptom to find It sounds like an interesting concept. Can you the cause and then they eliminate the cause HORST elaborate? by making the necessary changes. I think Every successful entrepreneur knows the business needs to do the same. If you do the importance of doing a regular business inventory. comparison, a business is just another body, a An inventory helps us to know the condition of living organization, something which is alive. It14 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 15
    • has a brain, it has a kidney and it has to eliminate instrument that senses danger in consumer 12 Let our gifts and knowledge outlive us by CATALYST waste. Of course healing isn’t always pleasurable. products, such as insecticides, pesticides, heavy teaching and mentoring others. Definition: Sometimes the pain hangs out for a while, but metals, mercury, etc. Their goal is to give the References Healing Organization: those are the creative challenges of operating consumer the ability to test products for safety 13 Create healthy, ethical, creative, holistic 1. Epstein, Samuel (1996).Toxic Beauty: How Cosmetics and An organization an enterprise. before they use them. Another example is the business and home environments. Personal Care Products Endanger Your Health. that consistently Henry Ford Clinic in Michigan, a LEED certifiedintegrates a system of conscious Designing a business like the human body is the hospital. They serve organic food to their patients 14 Make a business opportunity of the observation and first step in building a healing organization. Again, and their staff uses non-toxic cleaning and environmental crisis by desining innovative, learning into it is design to function, and you find ways to fix it skin care products. They even have a gift shop sustainable products and solutions. Related Resources business practices in order to re- before it becomes unmanageable. That is a true dedicated solely to environmentally-friendly Toxic Beauty: How Cosmetics and Personal Care Products invent itself to a healing organization. products, including the organic mattresses they 15 Express gratitude in our prayers for our Endanger Your Health, by Samuel Epsteinlevel of enlightened use in their hospital beds. So it is being done successes in every area of our lives- past, present, enterprise. in different sectors, but we need many more and future. Safe Shopper’s Bible: A Consumer’s Guide to Non-Toxic MARY examples if we are ever going to get past this Household Product, Cosmetics, and Food, How can we encourage designers and business critical juncture and transform our troubled 16 Rejuvenate and reinvent ourselves daily by Samuel Epstein leaders to start the process of healing? world. No matter how small the endeavor, we through spiritual practice and creative evolution. have to start now. Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty HORST 17 Appreciate and learn the lessons of past and Industry, by Stacy Malkan present painful experiences, and unconditionally It is going to be very interesting. There is a lot forgive those who may have caused them. of healing to be done in business today. Nature A SUSTAINABLE TO DO LIST Skin Deep (www.cosmeticsdatabase.com) - A safety has ultimately become the teacher. Business guide and database to cosmetics and personal care 18 Gracefully accept challenges and lessons- doesn’t affect just humans but it also affects products from researchers at the Environmental Working they are gifts of God. Nature - our environment. Separating people from MINDING YOUR BUSINESS, Group. Nature is no longer practical. In an inventory HORST RECHELBACHER of the last hundred years, we know we have Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (www.safecosmetics.org) done more harm to our Planet than ever before. 1 Wake up and embrace our interdependence A non-profit coalition working to protect consumer health This is a crisis, but also the opportunity to with all living things. by eliminating the use of chemicals linked to cancer, redesign consumer product chemistry utilizing birth defects and other health problems from consumer carbohydrate or plant based, non-toxic food 2 Visualize our goals and pursue them with products. chemistry to make products nutritious and safe. positive discipline. Recently there were major issues with children’s Organic Consumers Association toys containing lead, phthalates and heavy 3 Recognize the opportunity in every crisis, and (www.organicconsumers.org) - A research and metals. These issues exist in water bottles, toys, turn every crisis into an opportunity. action center for the organic, buy local, and fair trade furniture fabrics, carpets, lipstick containers, movements. etc. But it is possible to make plastic out of 4 Be a dedicated apprentice to great teachers carbohydrates. Unfortunately, very few material and to life itself. CATALYST WEBSITE manufacturers are aware of these options. The CATALYST Website 21st century paradigm will be to redesign 5 Tune our mind and senses through meditation to connect with the intelligence of nature and the Continue the conversation about redesigning beauty materials and therefore reinvent consumerism. spirit of the cosmos. products on: http://www.CATALYSTsdr.com/2010/05/ I think it’s inevitable in the new economy, and minding-your-business it will happen through activism. But activism without show and tell is not as effective, so 6 Manage the laws of cause and effect in our clearly the best way to prove that you are doing own lives by conducting a daily inventory and something good is to be successful. And to adapting our behavior and actions accordingly. be successful is art, science, math, analytics and intuition. It requires a whole spectrum of 8 Educate ourselves through study and consciousness. Whatever business you are in, direct experience about the realities of our you have to seek out the bliss and pain. Is the planetary crisis. customer in pain? Is your employee in pain? 9 Serve selflessly and joyfully, seeing our customers as ourselves. MAREN Do you have examples of other organizations that 10 Purchase wisely, knowing that every dollar are paving the way and redesigning the way we we spend is a vote cast for or against a do business? sustainable future. HORST 11 Learn to work and communicate as part of a There is a group of professors in Berkeley, dynamic team-system. called the Good Guide. They are designing an16 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 17
    • e Gretchen Anderson, Director of Interaction Design, Lunar Gretchen seeks out those design challenges that ultimately make a positive impact on people’s daily lives and environment. Her design philosophy is rooted in the belief that a user interface should be as seamless and invisible as possible. Throughout her career, Gretchen has designed a wide variety of products, experiences and users. From medical devices, to casino entertainment, to business productivity tools, her varied clients, technologies and customers form a solid foundation from which she approaches new problems eagerly and fearlessly. Gretchen graduated with honors from Harvard University. Prior to joining LUNAR, she worked for several Bay Area design consultancies and clients including: Johnson & Johnson, TurboChef, Microsoft, Intel and Starbucks. She has also taught design and research methodologies to designers and clients. Janna C. Kimel, Chief Experience Officer, third brain studio, llc Janna has been practicing design and design research with a focus on accessibility, high tech and health since 1991. Logging hundreds of hours of research in the lab and in the field, her focus is on qualitative research in the form of individual interviews, contextual inquiry, focus groups and user testing. Her work focuses on performing well-executed research to refocusing behavior transform an organization’s understanding of its customers and create compelling experiences. She has consulted with innovative companies such as IDEO, Ziba and Herbst Lazar through design. Bell and healthcare companies including EnteroMedics, BY JANNA KIMEL AND GRETCHEN ANDERSON Providence Health and Oregon Health Sciences University. Janna spent several years working with Intel’s Digital Health There is an old joke that asks, “How many psychologists does it take Group where she was part of research and development. to change a light bulb?” The answer? “One, but it really has to want Janna was vice-chair of the Oregon Chapter of the to change.” As usual, it’s funny because it’s true. Long-term behavior Industrial Design Society of America from 2006 to 2009 change cannot happen until an individual truly wants to change and and she teaches industrial design and design research they have an internal desire to transform a habit or behavior. And yet, as adjunct faculty at the Portland Art Institute. She holds many tools designed to support medicine and healthy living, seem to a master’s degree in industrial design from Georgia Institute ignore what we know through an expanding body of research about of Technology. how to help people help themselves to live better. With the current emphasis on improving healthcare using technology, it is important that product designers understand how behavior change happens. This article lays out some fundamentals of behavioral theory and then offers design strategies to harness that knowledge and influence behavior and wellbeing. Executive Summary A designer and a design researcher investigate how motivational theory can inform design decisions that increase the adoption of healthy behaviors. This article begins with an exploration of trends found in the theories of thought leaders who study motivational behavior. After identifying the motivating significance of freedom, belonging, power and fun, the text goes on to present nine design strategies that harness those motivating factors. The reader is encouraged to incorporate elements such as personal goal setting, network building, feedback loops, competition and more into design solutions.Wellbeing Indicators18 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 19
    • Three of the four theories postulate that some a situation where an individual knows s/he is being Re-Mission was MOTIVATIONAL THEORIES created for teens form of freedom or autonomy is important to watched and a situation in which an individual does not and young adults What motivates an individual to do anything? an individual. When a person shares in the want to disappoint another. This is the value of meeting with cancer. The responsibility of setting goals and outcomes, with a book club once a month as incentive for finishing videogame shows Why don’t we just lie on the beach all day and the importance hope for the best? Researchers focused on this there is a much higher potential for achieving the reading or meeting regularly with an exercise of treatment human condition provide us with a few factors success. Examples include engaging low-income partner. Facebook has an interesting application that adherence in a fun individuals in the design and construction of their allows the community to support you in your New Year’s and unintimidating that motivate individuals into action. way by enabling home (Habitat for Humanity), allowing workers goals. Whether it is losing weight, walking, or quitting players to make Several key thought leaders of motivational theory to decide which 40 hours they will work or asking smoking, being publicly responsible to those around you “rapid fire assaults a patient to take an active role in defining their helps to commit to new, healthier behaviors. on malignant include: Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional cancer cells” with Intelligence,1 Edward L. Deci and Richard M. health goals. chemotherapy.5 Ryan who postulated Self-Determination Theory,2 Additionally, Glasser adds fun as a motivational William Glasser, who developed Choice Theory3 Feeling powerful or showing mastery of a topic is force. Autonomy, committing to the goals of a group another motivational force identified by all four of and striving for excellence are all a part of intrinsic Strategy in and Abraham Maslow who postulated Maslow’s these theories. An individual may be motivated motivation, but fun can be a make-or-break factor Action Hierarchy of Needs.4 Combining these theories with the benefits of intrinsic and extrinsic to spend endless hours in the gym to become an in certain situations. If all of this striving and Olympic athlete and prove complete mastery of motivation feels too intense, adding an Motivating motivation, we can provide a framework, which a particular sport. The top student in class may element of fun increases enjoyment and, can then be integrated with products and services Healthy designed to motivate wellbeing. spend hours memorizing and studying to show therefore, increases the likelihood a Behavior excellence in intellectual pursuits. Each of these person will engage in a particularThrough Design Each of these thought leaders offers a list of individuals is motivated by the feeling of mastery activity long enough to qualify as concepts that describe what motivates a person. and excellence. behavior change. » Enable the user to When listing the key components of each theory set personal goals Mastery of a skill often results in a positive side by side, we begin to see trends which show that human motivation can have up to five basic feedback loop that keeps a person motivated to » Provide feedback continue. Harnessing this force for healthcare MOTIVATION TYPES that measures components, four of which are most relevant to creating a successful product. As evident in means giving people feedback about their progress progress and presenting them with discrete Motivation comes in two forms: intrinsic and extrinsic Figure 1, multiple experts agree that four factors contribute to motivation: freedom, power, tasks to complete or skills to learn. Many people motivation. Intrinsic motivation is the ability to motivate » Incorporate small struggle with their food intake and being regardless of any awards, financial prizes or recognition.tasks that encourage belonging and fun. learning overweight or even obese. Research has shown It is the human desire to do better simply for the sake For this article, we will assume that the fifth that asking people to simply keep track of what of being better. Marathon runners are the epitome » Establish a component, the basic need for safety and they eat leads to losing weight, which in turn of intrinsically motivated individuals. As a runner atcommunity to support survival has been met and, therefore, will not be inspires people to make healthier choices. PumaRunning.com said, “I run for clarity, I run for public commitments addressed in this design-driven conversation. For internal peace, I run for an outlet…”6 the purpose of this conversation it is also assumed Belonging to and committing to the goals of a » Make it fun! that we are discussing motivation from the group is a third key factor in creating individual Extrinsic motivation is the opposite. It involves financial perspective of the western world. motivation. Being responsible to a group creates or material rewards or recognition. A person may work on a task that is less interesting to him/her simply to reap the rewards once the task is completed. Figure 1: Often, when we approach the design challenge of Comparison of the factors motivational theory experts attribute as influencers of behavior. changing behavior, we think about setting up a reward system to capitalize on that extrinsic motivation. But, as Glasser Choice Theory Deci & Ryan Self Determination Goleman Emotional Intelligence Maslow Hierarchy of Needs research shows, the things that actually motivate people can be much less tangible. Survival Freedom Autonomy Ready to act on opportunities Power Persistence Physiology & Safety “To enable autonomy, experiences Belonging Relatedness Committing to goals of group Belonging around healthcare need to feel tailored Fun Competence Drive to achieve excellence Esteem & Self Actualization to a person’s specific situation.” 20 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 21
    • DESIGN STRATEGIES FOR Enable Reflection destination for expectant mothers who crave Cultivate Belonging information and want to know that they are not BUILDING MOTIVATION In order to gain perspective on our actions and In today’s “anywhere, anytime” computing world, alone with their prenatal concerns. instill new behaviors, people need to connect the people expect that their experiences will be Nine key design strategies have been identified dots between what they do and how it affects Game theory also tells us that asymmetrical networked. But for designers, it is important to that can be used in the creation of products and their goal. In a healthcare context this involves relationships, where better contribution earns the understand the value a network has in affecting experiences to most effectively utilize research giving rich, interactive visualizations of both person a level of status in the larger group, are a behavioral change. surrounding motivating people to change. The actions and outcomes. As mentioned above, key part of networked experiences. This can be strategies are described here with examples that relating choices to outcomes helps people learn seen in action on Yelp! or Amazon, where certain A network of “friends,” in the context of healthcare, intentionally craft experiences to motivate certain (and master) healthier behaviors. It is important reviewers or sellers who contribute more build means either actual “friends” of users or relative behaviors. to provide people with a sense of progress over their reputation as trusted experts. By giving strangers who face similar challenges. Supporting time, and in relation to goals. a simple way for people to share support and people ways to gain status according to their Harness Inertia information personally is a start. Virtual support participation, designers create rewards for those Bank of America’s who are motivated by their standing in One of the simplest design principles is that groups like babycenter.com are a popular “Keep the Change” of harnessing the power of “inertia.”7 Bank of program har- the community. America’s “Keep the Change” program helps nesses the inertia of spending toward “The key here is to provide rich visual people do something they know is good, but have the beneficial act of trouble executing on: saving money. By telling the saving by rounding bank to “round up” each transaction and transfer each transaction up feedback tied to choices or actions to the nearest dollar the difference to a savings account the bank and automatically harnesses the inertia of spending toward saving. transferring the difference to a Enable Personalization savings account. that help people learn the relationships Our interactive experiences are becoming more and more personalized. People expect to have between various factors.” control over the type of information that they share and see. Personalization is a great way to draw people into Netflix exposes an experience. Netflix has a huge challenge in people to the reasoning behind presenting its diverse customers with a dizzying their suggestions. array of movies to view. By asking users to rate This helps people The Zeo is a understand how movies and then presenting suggestions to people bedside devicetheir experience is based on those ratings, Netflix creates a strong and virtual sleep being customized bond with customers. By rating more movies, coach that relatesand makes the site people’s sleep a valuable tool for customers reveal more (and presumably better) habits with certaindiscovering media. suggestions for themselves. behaviors. The bedside read out coupled with Enable Goal Setting the “cause & effect tool” is an Educators have known for years that children especially powerful who can structure their own explorations and concept that will motivate certain direct their interests show improved behavior and people to make performance in the classroom.8 The key takeaway changes. for designers is to enable the setting of personal goals which are meaningful and relevant. Designs should support goals that are specific and that relate to skills or actions that users need to learn or change. Goals are the journey, not the destination. When structuring goal setting in a product or experience, designers should remember that the purpose of goal setting is to motivate the user and help them connect choices with outcomes. Designers should work with subject-matter experts to structure goals that are safe, achievable and that clearly relate to better health outcomes.22 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 23
    • Enable Competition & Comparison It is somewhat obvious to say that competition is a motivational force. And yet, it can be difficult for designers to incorporate competition into products related to healthcare. If someone really cannot compete with their peers then competition quickly becomes de-motivating. It can also be dangerous with complex health conditions and must be used with caution. Comparing ourselves to others gives us a sense of where we are and provides a gentle prompt to catch up if behind. The display of this information needs to be carefully considered. Beware of chastising or overly praising people on their progress and losing focus on the ideal behaviors. But for those who gain momentum through the urge to compete, it is a powerful tool to keep in the designer’s toolkit. What is the biggest surprise about the competitive force? Beware of letting your users “win.” Research9 in the area of energy conservation has shown that people who receive a smiley face rating for their efforts tend to lapse once they see that they are already performing “well.” Instead look at ways to acknowledge progress without implying that a threshold has been crossed or that there is no more room for improvement. Consider a scale that told people that they were simply “thin” rather than their actual weight. Given that weight management is not a one-time achievement, users would have no reason to continue mastering their diet. Scaffold Success & Manage Failure Building skills and mastery are a key motivational force, which means that products and experiences need to enable people to “win” from time to time, not simply chase a specific long term goal. Make sure to build into your system the ability to create and revise. Timothy Bickmore of MIT’s Media Lab conducted a study with an artificial intelligence agent named Laura, designed to encourage exercise. A Whether you make use of algorithms or journalist for Wired Magazine10 writes about his healthcare counselors and staff to maintain and Jewel Diver from Posit Science helps people improve their attention span and mental acuity by tracking objects as they move around experience with the system. At one point he has evolve goals for people don’t make the mistake the screen. It starts off simply with a few hidden jewels. As the user succeeds, they are given more and more jewels to “explain” a minor injury to Laura: “She moves in of setting one (or even just a few) huge, to track. close and shows a look of concern…She asks me monolithic goals. if the injury will have an impact on my exercise program. [No.] But later that session, when I tell Posit Science’s “Brain Fitness” product line is her I will be able to walk only 4,000 steps the a more subtle example of this. As people play following day, she doesn’t ask me to do 10,000. games designed to improve their visual or She knows not to push.” auditory processing power, Brain Fitness24 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 25
    • adjusts to their level. A plateau in performance Play Against Loss means harder challenges are presented and as people begin to make mistakes, the application Daniel Pink’s recent presentation at the TED CONCLUSION automatically serves up easier challenges. In the talks11 states that for highly repeatable, time- Jewel Diver example, (see above) people track based tasks, money works fine as a motivator. Long-term behavior change can only happen hidden gems as they are moved around by fish. But when the aspiration is more open-ended and if people are properly motivated and engaged. The number and movement of the fish changes to involves more intellectual creativity or problem- Designers can make use of motivational theory References make the program more challenging over time. solving (“Why am I not losing weight? Is it the to craft products and experiences that actually 1.  oleman, Daniel. Emotional Intelligence: Why it can G ice cream? Or do I just need to hit the gym?”), transform those who use them, for the better. matter more than IQ. Bantam Books, 1995. Understand Context innovators need to encourage people differently. But it is not enough to simply add features to 2.  yan, Richard M., Deci, Edward L. (2000). Self- Deter- R Designers should also remember to take a product with the intention to create positive mination Theory and the Facilitation of Intrinsic Motiva- One approach that designers can consider is to change. The techniques presented above need advantage of information that can be gleaned make use of a “pay it forward” model for extrinsic tion, Social Development and Well-Being. American about the situation in which a device may be used, to be applied carefully and actual outcomes must Psychologist,55(1), 68-78. rewards. Since science shows that people are be monitored to ensure that the desired change including (but not limited to): time, location (online more motivated to avoid a loss than by the 3.  lasser, William., Choice Theory - A New Psychology of G and off) and concurrent tasks. This also means is occurring. As shown in the examples, products promise of gaining more, give users a way to Personal Freedom. Harper Collins Publisher, 1998. choosing your platform accordingly. If location have the power to affect how people behave. set aside an amount of their choosing (say $50) Designers have the responsibility to reflect that 4.  aslow, Abraham, H. “A Theory of Human Motivation”. M information is important, think about piggy that they “earn back” their money by achieving Psychological Review. 50 (1943): 370-396. backing on mobile phone GPS information. PC- behavior change in the design of devices that milestones. Money that they do not earn in a support and promote healthy lifestyles. 5. (2010) http://www.re-mission.net/ based experiences are necessary when tasks or certain period goes to charity.12 information are detailed and important enough to 6.  2009) http://www.pumarunning.com/contest-entries- ( demand the user’s full attention. Additionally, they why-do-you-run are best used to help people get into a reflective 7.  haler, Richard H., Sunstein, Cass R. Nudge: Improving T mode and make connections between behaviors Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness. Penguin, and outcomes. 2008. 8.  ronson, Po., Merryman, Ashley. Nurture Shock: New B Consider the example of glucose meters and Thinking About Children. Thinking About Children. insulin pumps. Currently, a diabetic sitting down Twelve. 2009. to dinner is asked to test their blood glucose 9.  chultz, P. Wesley, Jessica M. Nolan, Robert B. Cialdini, S levels before they eat. This is important to avoid Noah J. Goldstein and Vladas Griskevicius. “The Con- catastrophic choices about food and insulin, but structive, Destructive and Reconstructive Power of So- it does not contribute to changing lifestyles. A Personalization is a great method to draw people into cial Norms.” Psychological Science 18 (2007): 429-34. an experience. Video games make extensive use of this meal is often a social event, not the right time to approach in the customization of avatars. Little Big Planet 10.  iamond, D. (December, 2003) The Love machine. D connect the dots for people about their actions (pictured) offers players to chance to unlock outfits and http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/11.12/love.html and effects. Rather, that education can take place appearances related to different worlds 11.  ink, D. (July, 2009) Dan Pink on the surprising science P during a more reflective moment. of motivation http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_pink_on_ motivation.html 12. See Thaler, Richard H. et al. Related Resources TED Talk: Dan Pink on the Surprising Science of Motivation Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness by Thaler and Sunstein CATALYST Website Continue the conversation about the Motivating Wellbe- ing on the CATALYST website: www.CATALYSTsdr. com/2010/05/motivating-wellbeing26 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 27
    • destinatation: Wellbeing BIKES AND WELLBEING now noticing his bike missing, chasing me. The chase only added to the excitement of that afternoon. When discussing riding a bike, there The giant smile that crossed my face, are two distinct moments that I can the adrenalin, the fresh air and the recall with complete clarity from my confidence boost, I had done it, I youth. The first is getting on a bicycle was riding a bike! with training-wheels and the frustration Kevin Rorick is a marketing and advertising that coursed through my five year-old design professional. He finds inspiration in well Wellbeing as defined by Princeton.edu frame as the bike teetered side to side, crafted, multi-channeled marketing campaigns, is: “a contented state of being happy loud, fast music and those that employ a never truly balanced, never totally and healthy and prosperous.” Wellbeing “do-it-yourself” work ethic. Currently Kevin is in control. True, I was “riding a bike,” for me is riding my bike. How the bike a graduate degree candidate in Pratt Institute’s but riding with the support of training Design Managment Program. has contributed to my wellbeing in wheels. There had to be more. I could the ensuing years is immeasurable. not keep up with the other kids in My world and my understanding of it my neighborhood, I did not possess expanded. First, my bike took me to the balance that they all had as they the local corner market just a couple of zoomed up and down the street playing streets over, I was independent. Then, and laughing. Dejected, I swore off the my bike took me to my friend’s house bike for several weeks. across town. I rode my bike to work. I rode my bike for work; it became my The second moment came shortly source of income. after. The same neighborhood kids, the same bikes, the same playing, the same laughter, only this time my older brother had left his bike unattended, with no training wheels, leaning up against aWellbeing Indicators mailbox. I hopped into action, filled with confidence knowing that “today was the day.” And it was. Up the street, back down, circling around back, my brother28 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 29
    • OPENBike, created by LOTS Design GROWTH OF BIKING. biking community, was now seeking to develop an infrastructure and become a in response to the City of Copenha- concept leader in how a population can The global recession has been felt gen’s open call to travel by bike and interact with their become a concept across many industries over the last leader in how a environment. Criteria for the competi- year and a half. While the biking indus- population can tion ranged from creating strong brand travel by bike and try was affected by the economic down- identity, emphasis on effective and interact with their turn, 2009 saw upwards of 2.6 million environment. environmental forms of transportation bicycle purchases, versus less than 2.5 and, most importantly, design of the en- million automobile purchases during the tire system which would be required to same period in the U.S.2 Coupled with compliment the city and the people who the fluctuating prices of oil that left a would be using it.5 The winning solution, U.S. national average at $4.12 per gallon as described by the Copenhagen Bike of gas in 2008,3 it is not surprising to see Share jury, was “a floating bike share more of the population turn to biking as system wherein the bicycle is virtually an alternative means of transportation. a system unto itself and the technology is integrated into the bicycle. OPENbike In the U.S. there are ambitious programs opens up for an exciting perspective that span urban, suburban and rural relative to how a modern bike share biking routes. July 2009 saw New York system can allow itself to be swallowed City complete 200 miles of bike lanes, up by the city’s spaces and become an bringing the amount of bike lanes in the integral part of everyday mobility in a city’s five boroughs to 420 miles. Over larger city.” the course of three years, as the last 200 miles were being installed, commuting The solution, designed and developed by bike in New York City increased 45%. by LOTS, a Swedish design agency, 1,000 guide signs and the installation of Koucky & Partners and Green Idea 6,100 new bike racks support the bike Factory, is “a user-friendly, lightweight lanes across the city. Bronx Borough bicycle and effective technologies used President Ruben Diaz Jr. said of the in telecommunications, public-transport, www.lotsdesign.se completion, “Leave the combustible Strategy in engine at home. Come out. Get a bike. positioning, and logistics.” The frame- Action Borrow a bike if you don’t have one.”4 work of the OPENbike is built using existing industry standard design and Designing infrastructure. Technologically, it is outfitted with an RFID chip for identify- community and DESIGNING A ing location, and GSM/GPRS unit. This health through physical activity PRODUCT TO allows a biker to use a mobile phone to communicate their identification and » Consider the whole SUPPORT A SYSTEM. payment purposes. All information is community when tracked and stored back to the OPEN- designing Bike-sharing has been promoted by bike central.6 LOTS said of the entry, many over the recent years as an “The solution grew from a dialogue » Design fun alternative to the automobile with the with a common goal to create a system goal of reducing one’s carbon footprint based on user need that is realistic, and » Don’t underestimate and increasing one’s wellness through to profile Copenhagen as the bicycle designing with emotion exercise and activity. As cities such as capital of the world.”7 Portland, Chicago and New York begin » Get on a bike work on creating safe havens for bikes and ride to travel in urban areas, cities in Europe BUILDING SUPPORT are expanding the scope of biking and public spaces. The City of Copenhagen FOR A BIKING Technical and Environmental Adminis- COMMUNITY. tration Department of Traffic recently hosted an international bike-share de- Stepping out of my apartment, my sign competition. The goal of the compe- roommate and I, bikes in tow, both tition was to design a bike-share system looked towards the sky, “We can that supported Copenhagen in becom- make it.” My roommate, more of a ing a sustainable and dynamic city. meteorologist than I am, looked at the The city, already supported by a robust30 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 31
    • Cumulonimbus clouds and said, “no occurrence. Whether changing out of more that builders adopt LeadershipBEST BIKING CITIES way.” “Come on, we will just have to ride fast today.” We made it two miles from a sweat-soaked shirt or attempting to iron out the wrinkles in suit pants, the in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification the more amenities GLOBALLY the apartment when the sky opened up. Soaked to the bone we continued our bathrooms are the only area of respite for many. Changing in a bathroom is and facilities will become available for bike commuters. ride to the office. On our lunch hour I relatively minor in terms of challenges 1. AMSTERDAM | NETHERLANDS bought dry socks, t-shirts and jeans and that cyclist who chose to commute face. According to Transportation 2. PORTLAND | OREGON, US The McDonald’s Center, located in the center of offered up a hearty apology. Our bikes stayed locked up, outside in the rain, and Lack of showers, adequate changing and storage areas and secure bike Alternatives, a New York City- based bicycling, walking and public Chicago’s business district, contains, showers, 3. COPENHAGEN | DENMARK lockers, a small café, a bike repair station, bike rental hub and 300 bicycle parking spaces. The we changed in the bathroom. parking all add to a bike commuter’s list of challenges to be resolved before transportation advocacy group, “lack of secure bike parking is the number 4. BOULDER | COLORADO, US bike station has been heralded internationally by environmentalists, health advocates, urban plan- Though this was the extreme version of sitting down at their office desk. With one reason that seasoned cyclists ners and cycling enthusiasts. a commute for cyclists, changing in the commuting in urban and suburban don’t bike to work.”8 Including secure 5. DAVIS | CALIFORNIA, US office bathroom is generally an everyday areas in the U.S. a growing trend, the and designated areas into a building will lead towards one point of LEED 6. SANDNES | NORWAY certification. Architects and designers 7. TRONDHEIM | NORWAY who include bicycling accommodations are most likely to be including other 8. SAN FRANCISCO | CALIFORNIA, US environmentally forward design as well. Allowing for bicycles in the design of 9. BERLIN | GERMANY buildings presents the greatest cost- benefit ration of any zero emissions10. BARCELONA | SPAIN urban transportation or green building11. BASEL | SWITZERLAND retrofitting initiative.9 Those who do adopt LEED standards into their buildings design will prove themselvesEstablished by the Bicycle Friendly Communities Campaign, 5 criteria as leaders in a rapidly changingwere used to determine the best biking cities in the world. industry showing a commitment to environmental, social and financialENGINEERING Residents are asked to examine the communitys existing wellbeing as well as communicatinginfrastructure to determine how well it supports cycling activities. differentiation in the market place.EDUCATION Cities are measured by how well cyclists of all ages are The City of Chicago went beyond LEEDtaught how to ride safely in any area, including multi-use paths and to build an entire hub for local cyclists.congested city streets, and whether motorists are coached on how to share In its quest to become a “greener” city,the road safely with cyclists. Chicago built a freestanding indoor bike station. Located in the center ofEVALUATION AND PLANNING The community is assessed according Chicago’s business district, the centerto its friendliness to bikers and its plan to provide additional cycling contains, showers, lockers, a small café,programs and initiatives. a bike repair station, bike rental hub and 300 bicycle parking spaces. The bikeENCOURAGEMENT Cities are rated by their support of cycling. Favor- station has been heralded internationallyable cities produce community bike maps, have route-finding signage, host by environmentalists, health advocates,local biking events, support commuter incentive programs and have a Safe urban planners and cycling enthusiasts.Routes to School program. Interestingly enough, the bike station, now sponsored by McDonalds, showsENFORCEMENT a commitment from the internationalThe relationship between cyclists and local law enforcement is analyzed fast food retailer to bolster their effortsand evaluated. to help their customers become more healthy by encouraging “balanced, active lifestyles.”11 *Data for this was sourced from the American League of Bicyclists and the Virgin Atlantic travel guide. Including accommodations and encouraging cycling through architecture is good for a community and one’s wellbeing in both the short and long term. One example is The Rose Garden, a LEED Gold certified building, and home to the Portland Trail 32 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 33
    • Blazers basketball team, considered health authorities as integral in keeping romanticize, cook and converse about The Bamboo Bike Studio in the Redtransportation when retro-fitting their the human body healthy. In 2009 across notions of self-sufficiency, sustainability, Hook neighbor-new stadium. “More than 30 percent the U.S., obesity rates among adults beauty, building communities and hood of Brooklyn, New York allowsof Rose Garden attendees use public increased in 23 states with no decrease the possibilities of using art to make for participantsor alternative transportation, such in other states. Obesity in children is, that happen.” The 62, working with to build their ownas bicycle commuting. The team “at or above 30 percent in 30 states.”13 discarded bike parts donated by a local Bamboo Bikes dur- ing a weekend longsubsidizes transit passes for staff and A report released in July of 2009 titled: bike shop, work-shopped with ten high session. The tuitionuses bikes and electric vehicles for F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies Are school teens at the Bronx Museum of the paid is then used as seed capital foron-site operations.”12 With the race for Failing in America 2009, outlined the Arts. The program ran over the course bamboo bike facto-many cities in the U.S. to earn the title growing trend of obesity in the U.S. and of ten weekends and culminated with ries in Africa and“greenest city,” the President of the made key recommendations for health a “critical-mass” bike ride through the South America.Portland Trail Blazers said that the new reform and called for a National Strategy Bronx with the teens riding the bikesstadium “is a result of the local expertise to Combat Obesity. Their goal is to unite that they had built. During the programand innovation helping Portland foster all levels of government and encourage members of the 62, while addressing the Employment Program. In 2009, theya stronger, more sustainable economy.” collaboration between public and basics of how to design and build a bike “worked with more than 1,000 youngThe Rose Garden is currently the only private sectors. properly, also discussed pertinent health people and collectively pedaled moresports arena in the U.S. to have issues, such as obesity, asthma and than 10,000 miles. On average, RecycleLEED certification. The bike can assist in meeting the goal diabetes, all of which exist at high rates A Bicycle salvages 1,200 bicycles each of “increasing the frequency, intensity, in the neighborhoods in which the teens year from the waste stream, divertingATTRACTING A NEW and duration of physical activity at schools and improving access to safe reside. The bike, as presented to the teen participants, is now more than an a total of 36,000 pounds of waste from NYC’s landfills.”15GENERATION and healthy places to live, work, learn alternative to taking the subway, bus or and play”. Concerned about health a taxi. It has become a means by whichDesign thinking is an agent of education issues facing children in the Bronx, The they can affect healthy change, both CONFIDENCE ANDand change. Is the bike ready for 62, a Brooklyn-based art collective, took internally and externally. EMPOWERMENT: the fundamentals of the bike and appliedreinvention? What if we stripped it downto the core, what needs do bikes fulfill? them to a project titled “Re-Bicycling.” Upon the completion of the project, the FROM A BACKYARD INThe bike fundamentally provides an The group thinks of their workspace workshop component was picked up BROOKLYN TO AFRICAaerobic workout recognized by leading as “a laboratory where we tinker, by Recycle A Bicycle, an “innovative, Using the same philosophy employed bike using sustainable materials and The tuition cost per individual goes by The 62 and Recycle A Bicycle, sustainable practices. Prior to arriving directly to seed funding for the the Bamboo Bike Studio has taken students are encouraged to, “bring development and growth of bamboo the sentiment and extends it. They your own iPod, bring your dreams of bike factories in Africa and South address the importance of confidence, a perfect ride, bring expectations of America. For those who live in empowerment and wellbeing from local tackling new skills; leave any anxieties developed countries or cities where to global and directly couple self-health about pretentious cycling culture there are miles of concrete and with environmental-health. The Bamboo behind— for the next two days, this is developed infrastructure, the idea Bike Studio’s mission is to “provide every your workshop.” of “how do I get to work?” is never cyclist the experience of building his or her dream bike from scratch, while advancing sustainable entrepreneurship For those who live in and development through financing bamboo bike factories in Africa and South America.”16 Working with partners at Columbia University’s Bamboo Bike Project and the Millennium Cities developed countries or cities where there are miles Initiative for development, the weekend long course provides product testing of concrete and developed and prototype construction for scaleable implementation. The 62, working with children in the Bronx, chose to address alarmingly high pollution rates and fun, youth training and environmental neighborhood health concerns through the exploration of alternative-transportation modes and infrastructure, the idea of education initiative”14 non-profit, that is environmental education. The project emphasized the importance of exercise and physical health, The process starts in the Red Hook creative thinking, pollution control, and environmental responsibility. dedicated to the health and wellbeing section of Brooklyn at the Bamboo of New York City youth. Besides this “how do I get to work?” is Bike Studio. Students enter the studio project, Recycle A Bicycle works in on Saturday and pedal out with their the New York City public schools and own custom-built bamboo bikes on never really an issue. conducts after-school workshops. Their Sunday. Over the course of the weekend, programs include, Earn-A-Bike, Ride the students will learn how to build a Club, Cycle Craft and a Summer Youth34 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 35
    • “The bike...is now really an issue. But, in places such as result is quality bicycles, grown in Ghana or Kenya, reliable and affordable our backyard.”17 Referencesmore than an transportation “can dramatically improve access to jobs, commerce, education, The exhilaration experienced on Sunday 1.  2010) www.huffingtonpost.com/ ( basic food and water resources and as participants pedal out of the Bamboo alternative to taking dennis-markatos/us-bike-sales-higher- health care.” By providing local factories Bike Studio after a two-day workshop on than_b_207899.html in these areas, utilizing sustainable and their new bike is unique, as it is not only 2. (2010) www.fuelgaugereport.com/the subway, bus or a renewable resources, such as bamboo, felt in Brooklyn, New York, but rather the positive effect on these communities shared with an entire village thousands 3.  2009) www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/ ( wellbeing can be dramatically increased. of miles away. bronx/2009/07/09/2009-07-09_rol-taxi. It has become a lin_to_a_record_city_finishes_200_miles_ The tuition paid to Bamboo Bike Studio of_bike_lanes.html#ixzz0dvBo3ZIm directly seeds the development of As defined earlier, wellbeing is “ameans by which we factories and supports two international contented state of being happy and 4.  2009) www.cphbikeshare.com/default. ( aspx?old=true development goals: Improved Access to healthy and prosperous.” Additionally, Transportation and Sustainable Light- wellbeing can be defined as responsibly 5.  2009) www.savingtheplanetinstyle. (can affect healthy Industrial Development. Bamboo bicycle factories in developing areas of the world adhering to the Triple Bottom Line of people, planet and profit. The Bamboo se/2009/12/14/design-agency-lots-won- bike-sharing-design/change, both internally that are “locally owned and operated will Bike Studio makes provides economic 6.  2009) www.industrialdesignserved.com/ ( tap a growth-positive bicycle market, value while enhancing the lives of Gallery/OPENbike/365762 stimulate self-sustaining local business, people and conserving our planet. It and externally.” 7.  2010) transalt.org/campaigns/bike/parking/ ( and sow the seeds for further light- promotes the wellbeing of the individual indoor industry growth and entrepreneurship.” and our world by promoting the use of 8.  2008) blog.bicyclecoalition.org/2008/03/ ( sustainable resources and helping to bicycle-parking-in-leed-certification.html build a productive and scaleable Why bamboo? Bamboo is the fastest 9. (2010) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/  bike industry. McDonald%27s_Cycle_ growing plant in the world, and grows in both cold and tropical environments. Center The first bamboo bicycle was showcased GET ON A BIKE 10.  2010) portland.bizjournals.com/portland/ ( AND RIDE! in 1864. “Features designed in mind stories/2010/01/25/daily13.html when this bike was made were vibration 11.  2009) www.healthyamericans.org/re- ( damping, crash tolerance, and the So, get on your friend’s or a stranger’s ports/obesity2009 natural look of the bike.”17 Today, bamboo bike and ride! The invention of the bike, 12. (2010) www.recycleabicycle.org/about has garnered the attention of many dates back to the 19th century and has undoubtedly been a catalyst for change 13. (2010) www.recycleabicycle.org/ focused on sustainable design, as “it is a hardy, durable product from a renewable in the ensuing years, intended or not. 14.  2010) www.bamboobikestudio.com/go/ ( resource.”18 For the Bamboo Bike Studio The empowerment of the individual, of home the use of bamboo is directly related to a group, of a city, can be traced back 15.  2010) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bamboo_bi- ( its, “build-ability.” Traditional bike frames to the simple act of balancing on two cycle are constructed of steel and aluminum wheels with the intent of getting from 16.  2010) hubpages.com/hub/Is_Bamboo_a_ ( and require a vast understanding of point A to point B. It can be the simple Sustainable_Building_Material welding in order to complete a frame. act of riding a bike that can contribute 17.  2010) bamboobikestudio.com/go/the- ( “Bamboo requires no refineries, mines, to the wellbeing of oneself as well as the bamboo smelting or long-distance freighting— the wellbeing of our entire planet. Related Resources LEED-ND and Healthy Neighborhoods An Expert Panel Review: Center for Disease Control Bicycle Diaries; by David Byrne CATALYST Website Continue the conversation about Destination: Wellbeing on CATALYSTsdr.com/2010/05/ destination-wellbeing36 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 37
    • Lahav Gil is the CEO and founder of Kangaroo Design and Innovation Inc., a Toronto- Executive Summary based innovation firm offering product development services to the medical devices Lahav Gil, President and CEO of Kangaroo Design, and diagnostics industries operating proposes how wellbeing at work can affect core in Canada, US, Europe, Israel and the Far East. As CEO and Director of Design at Kangaroo, fundamentals of an organization. Interviewed by Elad Lahav’s main responsibilities are Business Persov from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Development, Organizational Development, and in Jerusalem, Lahav begins by explaining how he Design Leadership and Strategy. transferred his “personal culture” of self-awareness Kangaroo upholds a values-driven work into Kangaroo’s “organizational culture. He explores environment and principles-based leadership examples of how wellbeing is applied to a work as core to its ideology and culture. environment: into the eco-system and culture of the In addition to founding and leading Kangaroo, firm and in the values and guiding principles. Lahav is also the co-founder of a number of technology startups (BeFocused Inc., Lahav proposes how wellbeing at work translates Inventions That Matter Inc., CertoLabs Inc.,) where he holds a lead role in product strategy, into product innovation, which is the core business design strategy and product development. of Kangaroo Design and Innovation Inc., through the invention and development of a system and product Elad Persov, a graduate of the DMP at Pratt institute, is the Coordinator of the Design intended for the corporate work environment. The Management at the M.Des Program at Bezalel system returns to employees the control of their Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, “own time” by allowing effortless shifting between Israel,  and a PhD student at the Porter School disturbance-free mode and communication/ for Environmental Studies at the Tel Aviv University. His research topic is “managing collaboration mode. It facilitates a shift in the design for sustainability: the designer role in organizational culture to respect the space and time the new management paradigm” that an individual needs to be able to perform their work. As a part of developing the organizational Chief Culture culture at Kangaroo, Lahav explores factors which can interfere with wellbeing, factors such as, fear, politics, internal competition, as well as ego, and then Officer discusses designing the thinking models and attitudes that empower a cultural transformation. DNA Values Philosophies DESIGNING A CULTURE OF CHOICE. Interview conducted by Elad Persov from Bezalel at theWellbeing Indicators St.Andrews Church Hostel in Jerusalem.38 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 39
    • “In my mind, wellbeing implies a healthy balance of ‘all systems humming away nicely.’ A natural state, a sustainable state, that every living being has the right to experience.” Lahav: In my mind, wellbeing implies a mattress to sleep on before we have the moral healthy balance of “all systems humming away right to talk of anything else. After the basics are nicely” sort of state. A natural state, a sustainable there, then we can begin talking about wellbeing. state, that every living being has the right to I look at the world of consumerism and luxuries experience. and ask myself if as a society we actually have wellbeing? Maybe we feel that all is well as long Looking at the Delcaration of Independence, we as we can go shopping on a Saturday to buy a see that it includes the right of every person new LED TV. Is that wellbeing? to “the pursuit of happiness”. We could easily swap happiness with the term “wellbeing”. What So you’are saying that does wellbeing encompass – happiness, love, compassion, a good feeling, sustenance, good possessions cannot generate health of body and mind… a state of balance... a state of wellbeing? Perhaps it contains a measure of healthy Strategy in excitement and inquisitiveness. Wellbeing is Action sweet not sharp. Lahav: Not in the long run. Possessions create a temporary perceived satisfaction. » Organizations can create an environment Many designers would Even products that are aimed at providing wellbeing, at their best can only provide for of wellbeing by consider design for wellbeing people an opportunity to choose to be in a state creating a reward system and Lahav, I’am interested in as a discipline that aims to of wellbeing. The person still needs to make removing penalties. hearing how you perceive the assist people who lack basic that choice, but more and more products in the world are not designed to empower towards» Encourage employees concept of design for wellbeing needs. Yet I understand that that choice. Their aim is to make us feel that we are wanting for something, which will tempt and coworkers to nurture their and wellbeing at work. you have a different definition. us to purchase; “If you’re not feeling good, go own greatness. shopping – buy something and you will feel » Discourage Lahav: I’ve been struggling with the question How will the “Encyclopedia Galactica*” catalog Lahav: For those who do not have enough better” we are told repeatedly. And we believe. When people feel good – they generally don’t of whether it’s even possible to design wellbeing. us humans? “The species that got obsessed with food, dry warm clothes, or a roof over their competition buy extra stuff. amongst employees I think that products by majority do not create mobile communication devices” perhaps? heads – their living and coworkers by wellbeing. If wellbeing is a state of mind, then conditions can be encouraging team products can empower people to make that Its disheartening to see that kids form their re-shaped so that identity and shifting choice. sense of self-worth by relating to a…cell-phone. A these basic needs the focus from status species that is capable of such profound depth are met, but this to function. When considering wellbeing in the context of has been reduced to such a painful shallowness. is not wellbeing. modern society I can’t help but ask: How could And this shallowness comes at the expense of It is relief from » Truly give people the the western world possibly take something suffering. If you wellbeing. So we have traded off our wellbeing for room to be imperfect as important as wellbeing and tuck it away material trinkets and “shiny stuff”. are sleeping on and embrace mistakes in some dark corner, de-legitimized? From a the floor, we must *Reference Cosmos by Carl Sagan as learning. business perspective, wellbeing is not regarded make sure that as something of high value. An entire culture is that you have » Freedom to share willing to sacrifice it’s wellbeing for the sake of How would you define a comfortable crude ideas is critical to an environment that the “economy of money”? People are willing be wellbeing? promotes innovation. offended, suppressed corroded, eroded and you name it…to make a buck. We sacrifice so much for Kangaroo Design CEO the sake of profit. Lahav Gill 40 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 41
    • “You can design the cultural fabric and the DNA of Take for example, the iPod Touch – it’s a lovely into their lives. Only then will it authenticallyCATALYST Insight: product, but by majority it generates a feeling diffuse into the organization. Design is only of excitement and desire, not wellbeing. I would half the solutiontowards achieving guess that the product brief did not stipulate an organization and that will create opportunities wellbeing. The wellbeing as one of the key benefits to the user. Try to summarize your rest needs to come from within individuals. If that’is the case, how can approach to wellbeing and for wellbeing. But people need to choose to adopt focus on the work environment. design contribute to wellbeing? this new paradigm of the importance of their own Lahav: I think that design can create the products, environments and tools with which Lahav: I see an entire culture with little attention to wellbeing at work. It’s an accepted wellbeing, and integrate it into their lives”. people are able to choose to have wellbeing. norm that at work you “work” and that is Design can empower people. But not only is it up associated with something hard, even suffering. to the individual to make the choice, but also, we But I also see that this paradigm is beginning to need to train ourselves to apply this choice and to shift. Some organizations take on the value of fun sustain it. It requires a paradigm shift about what as core to the workplace. Some value personal The culture of Kangaroo places an is important. It requires us to rethink the purpose greatness. If you study recent concepts from emphasis on internal of business. thought leaders such as Steven Covey and Jim satisfaction as well as that of their Collins you will see the beginning of a trend. It is clients Design and business can help small, but it is evident. define the factors that prevent As a founder and CEO of a us from reaching a state of Design firm, what have you wellbeing. done to tackle this situation on Lahav: We can begin very simply by your own turf? removing harmful substances from the environment, materials such as toxins and Lahav: Kangaroo was established just over allergens and noise. Unhealthy food, bad water a decade ago. When I set up the company, I and air pollution. Physical discomfort does not tried to remove certain elements from the work give wellbeing much of a chance. This is the base environment while adding in others. For example, line. From here it’s a question of attitude and we removed the concept of penalties. We mindset. inserted the concept of flex-time. These on their own were enough to significantly improve the Is this in line with your belief wellbeing in our workplace. that everything begins in the Many of the well-known design mind? firms develop different design Lahav: I really don’t know how to look at processes that focus mainly it differently. I don’t think you can produce outward toward understanding wellbeing for someone. It’s an inner state. I believe that you can design attitudes and mental their client and final users. Yet at Kangaroo work processes Structure (-) penalties + Freedom = constructs, that if adopted could make wellbeing more accessible in the work environment, the domestic environment, and school environments. also look inwards? You can design the cultural fabric and the DNA of an organization and that will create opportunities Lahav: Yes. We try to create a place that Increased Organizational Wellbeing for wellbeing. But people need to choose to adopt provides people with a greater opportunity to this new paradigm of the importance of their own find their own niche, their own greatness. And wellbeing, and integrate it also to explore zones that stretch beyond their comfort zone, if they want to.42 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 43
    • What is the platform you closer to these ideas. Ideas that require personal change and trust. We pass design concepts fromCATALYST Insight: Organization created to leverage people’s one designer to another, effectively designing as skills and their enjoyment structures can a team. We believe in the value of “small- be designed toimprove employee ego-culture.” We hire people who are wellbeing, which from their work? And how do inclined this way. leads to greater wellbeing for you turn this inward looking clients and customers process into a value to your customer? Lahav: We have tried creating a relatively flat (non-hierarchical) ecosystem and have greatly reduced the ‘command and control’ approach. Our approach to management is based on giving service, not on giving orders. We chose to employ people who are self-motivated, who do not need too much supervision. Mostly they need direction and empowerment. Kangaroo’s structure goes beyond a matrix organization into what we call multi-matrix. The same people are involved in different parts of the matrix at the same time, each time wearing a different hat. One person could be the project manager of one project, while at the same time she is a designer on a second project, which is lead by someone else. Who could be working as a design engineer on the project where she leads the way. The person’s ability to understand their function within the team and the decision making process, becomes key. This also creates opportunities for reflective processes and inner growth. It keeps ego quite low because the focus is on function and not on status. It helps people to not get entrenched in their “position” too much. On the one hand Kangaroo is a results- driven organization and on the other hand it is an organization that likes to look inwards to discover itself. It is well-known that designers are motivated by their over- sized egos which detract from their ability to work in a team. Lahav: We have reduced the need for people to compete with each other within our organization, which is of course, ultimately a matter of personal choice, maturity and desire. We encourage the team identity, and the team’s success. We talk a lot. You have to allocate time for talking when you have these kinds of Kangaroo design employs a matrix like structure to their goals. Through talking with each other we come organization of responsibilities and tasks44 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 45
    • How do you know that“Kangaroo’s structure goes beyond a matrix . competition within the What you describe is a defensive tactic used by PMs in an environment that does not tolerate organization into what we call multi-matrix. The organization has been mistakes – so they lie, creating a buffer. In my world everything hangs on motive, and on reduced?same people are involved in different parts of transparency and agreement. So we add the buffer in full transparency and full agreement Lahav: because we believe its an essential part of thethe matrix at the same time, each time wearing a I can’t measure it with a “competitionometer”. It’s a subjective assessment. ‘quality management plan”, because we believe in errors as an inherent part of creative work. If you But I know that there’s no need for competition; different hat.” we don’t have a job-advancement model or reward system where one person needs to do not build in these buffers, then people become scared to voice their opinion, to report an error to try something new, or to take risks. A culture compete with another to be more visible or to of concealment ensues. You get people who are reduce another person’s visibility. But even in afraid to say “no, I don’t understand”, or who a horizontal organization we cannot force any smile even though they feel bad. I want to work person to behave in this way – we can only with people who feel free to be themselves, and provide them with the option to do so. We are aren’t afraid to show imperfections. Because they trying to adopt the approach that will allow each know that it’s safe and will not be used against person to be in the best possible place for him or them in any way. I also want this freedom to be her, where they can each be in their element. And imperfect. we are trying to find a suitable recompensing model, which we are still developing. In your opinion, does this One of the best definitions have any effect on the level for strategy is that it is the of innovation in Kangaroo’s deployment of resources. products? Henry Mintzberg correctly asked “ which resources Lahav: Yes, it has a critical effect on freedom and for what purposes?” I of expression, and even more so, on freedom of thought, because by removing from the work understand that you aim to environment the need to fear, you are giving the create a work environment designers an opportunity to be far more creative. They are able to talk nonsense, knowing that free of fear, yet what are the they will not be judged; and it is right at this resources that you deploy in point that we sometimes find the breakthrough solutions. Your ability not to be ashamed to CATALYST Insight: Designing a culture order to achieve that? share crude ideas during the design process where employees can fail in the invites wide-ranging cooperation from your design process other team members. This sort of freedom is allows for better Lahav: The principle of “giving people critical to a design and innovation environment. final results the freedom to make a mistake” begins with “Protectivism” invites mental constipation. We are memorizing the concept, chanting it again and experimenting with these kind of ideas. again, and then repeatedly explaining it – and moreover, you prove this by example and by showing people that although mistakes have The work environment in a been made, people have not been asked to design studio is intensive and endure pain for their mistakes. But this is not enough. One of the most important things is to brimming with excitement. I budget for possible mistakes (time and money). get the impression that you are Is it not customary Project looking for a fundamental calm Management practice to say a which from here looks to be a The DuoCheck, one of Kangaroo’s many product innovations, which has been developed for project will take 15 days when long way off. ThornHill Research, a Toronto based Medical you know it will only take 10? Device company that works on unique life sustaining systems and respiratory technology.46 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 47
    • Lahav: Wellbeing involves our ability to Lahav: Yes, that’s right. Perhaps it belongs to “Wellbeing involves to catch doves for my dovecote. That was my move between states of calm and excitement, the new generation of products that are trying to first exposure to solid waste. That’s when I and to sustain an inner balance. When you go realized that every time I throw something into our ability to move protect us from the wonders of technology. We hunting the mammoth, you set off on the hunt are enabling a work climate that is a little more the garbage bin, it makes its way to the garbage full of excitement, adrenaline and energy. When refined. The product does not do this by itself. It dump – and that’s how this mountain of garbage between states of calm the hunt is over, you return to the tribe with the merely serves people and organizations that wish gets created. catch. For the next few months you will live with to make changes in their organizational culture One day when I was older, I did this mind and excitement, and the tribe, exposed to the world of the women and “personal culture”. and the children, to the family, processing the simulation exercise and imagined as if we had parts of the beast, community rituals, etc. I see resolved all the world’s ecological problems and I am not familiar with the these processes as part of a person’s wellbeing. If someone needs to hunt a mammoth every to sustain an inner concept “personal culture”.” then I discovered that the problem that remained was us, the humans; human attitudes and conduct were the worst pollutants. If a person balance.” day because his own psyche needs constant excitement, I don’t think they will ever reach a hits their children or is aggressive on the road or state of wellbeing, and after X years they will Lahav: This is a term that I recently began at work, if they are habitually worried or fearful, burn out. using and which is provocative to a certain then the world is still heavily polluted, even if Lahav: The product works in conjunction degree. It draws attention to the idea that there the air is clean. That’s when I realized that if I with a shift in the company culture; adopting is no such thing as organizational culture on its want to clean up the world, I need to start with This professional agenda has some of Steven Covey’s ideas about the four own. After all, organizational culture is actually the pollution inside people’s heads. And that the evolved into a product that quadrants of spending one’s time for example. It based on the “personal culture” of each and honorable thing to do is to try to begin with my is somewhat similar to hanging a “Do Not Disturb” every one of us and the interaction that develops own head. aims to assist wellbeing in sign on the door handle of your hotel room. The between us all. The product enables people work environments. product is actually a big toggle installed on your to deal with the third form of disruption – the I think that much of these thoughts can be summarized by the famous Frankel quote about desk, which when pressed toggles between one that each of us generates for him or herself. two modes: Green means I am free and able to The change within the organization is possible man’s last freedom to choose his response to the Lahav: The idea for the system evolved out work collaboratively. Red means please do not because each user gets to practice using the circumstances he finds himself in, to choose his of my need to enable myself and others to be disturb me. Respect my need to be focused. This system while focusing on their work whenever attitude, his way. in a state of wellbeing at work. It is based on toggle connects to a computer and a light above the light is on red. The change that occurs within the understanding that in a person’s life, and the door/cubicle wall. When the light is on red, the organization is a direct outcome of the particularly in their work environment, there are everyone in the work environment knows that change that occurs within each individual using three sources of disruption – the physical work I am focusing on something. If someone walks the system. Related Resources environment, digital technology, and the person down the hallway and wants to talk to me, they themselves. In the physical work environment, and particularly in a collaborative one, people see that the light is on red and continue past my office. When on red, it automatically diverts all In our previous conversation 1 The 7 habits of highly effective people, By Steven Covey come to you wanting something (work-related, digital communication to voice mail and inboxes you told me about yourself and 2. Good to Great, by Jim Collins human contact, or something else) and this also includes the telephone. Then we have the digital without alerting me. My presence is displayed to all members of the work-group on their desktop how you began your career as 3. Henrymintzberg.org disturbances such as Skype, email, ICQ, etc. And client application. someone trying “to save the then we have a whole world of inner disruptions 4. Man’s search for meaning, by Victor Frankel that reduce the ability to concentrate – all of a The toggle also addresses the last form of world”, how you would walk sudden I want to browse the Internet, or I get up disruption –me– because when I see that I am on around garbage dumps trying to chat with someone, or feel the urge to check red, it is easier for me to be called back into focus, my email. By end of day, with all the telephones, to deal with all the garbage.… which I’ve committed to earlier. It gives me a CATALYST Website meetings and ICQs, you realize that you have sense of control. been accumulating tasks but have not done most Lahav: I have always felt the need to be Continue the conversation about esigning of them. This “over-availability syndrome” causes people to come in to work three hours before This is actually a form of anti- a positive influence, to do something useful a culture of choice on: CATALYSTsdr. com/2010/05/chief-culture-officer technology, like theTV Be and meaningful. I want to be part of this quiet everyone else or stay three hours after them. Or revolution in which we improve the world, in perhaps they take work home. It was clear to me that neither a product nor a gadget could Gone, which enables people which we give things a new significance, in which we do something that contributes to the solve this problem – and this generated a new to turn off television sets that broader concept of sustainability that will enable work norm that respects the individual’s right to control their ”own time” or “time on task” as it is disturb them in public places. the human species and other creatures living on this earth to maintain a sane and meaningful sometimes referred to, that improves his or her existence. At the beginning of my career as productivity and that of the organization. CATALYST WEBSITE a designer, I was interested in ecological sustainability; what we should do with garbage, How does it work? Continue the conversation about Waste Energy alternatives on: CATALYSTsdr.com how to deal with Life Cycle Analysis, and so on. When I was 13, I would go to the dump station48 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 49
    • Erin Weber recently became a Program Manager at the Manhattan office of Frog Design. This spring, she graduated from the Pratt Design Management program. She holds an interdisciplinary degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Communication Design and Psychology. She maintains a blog called Resolving to Innovate, which was inspired by one of the posts she wrote for CATALYST. Lessons for the road Reflection Piece By Erin Weber As CATALYST rounds out its first year in standards for agriculture. My intrinsic that Mary’s “big, hairy, audacious existence and I finish my transition out interest in its breadth of topics and goal” would come into focus during my of the role of Executive Editor, it seems noble efforts of its subject matter process of discovery. an appropriate time to reflect on the attracted me to become the first unexpected lessons this past year editor of CATALYST Strategic Design Looking back, I am thankful to have has brought… Review. However, it took time for me to trusted Mary’s insight. The summer effectively articulate the value design after Issue 1, Tim Brown’s words in his brings to the solution of complex book Change by Design spoke to my STRATEGIC challenges and why CATALYST should feature authors and subject matter newfound appreciation of Mary’s vision for CATALYST: DESIGN CAN outside the traditional scope of design publications. “The next generation of designers CHANGE THE will need to be as comfortable in the In the fall of 2008, when I had been boardroom as they are in the studio or WORLD. attending the Pratt Design Management the shop, and they will need to begin (DM) program for just two months, the looking at every problem—from adult It took 6 months, two issues and lots of director, Mary McBride, expressed illiteracy to global warming—as a design discussions and reading for me to fully her vision for the publication of a problem.” comprehend why designers should be magazine which would represent the talking about enabling land ownership diverse, triple bottom line focus of the He goes on to say, “Our real goal, then, is in Central America, transforming curriculum. I volunteered to lead our not so much fulfilling manifest needs by abandoned infrastructure into park small team through the process of creating a speedier or a more ergonomic space and developing sustainability launching the publication while trusting keyboard; that’s the job of designers. It50 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 51
    • “The next generation of It is helping people to articulate the unexpected connections and doors I knew, he was connecting me with people. Consequently each editorial latent needs they may not even know CATALYST opened during the course of Agros International and sending me his board member was able to dive further they have, and this is the challenge of this past year. beautiful photographs to enliven the into the article content they were design thinkers.”– Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO Various talented and alumni and spreads of the Cradle to Cradle issue. And then sometimes contacts are designers will need to be as managing and CATALYST represented a wider spectrum of perspectives (not to By the time issue two was published, I had instituted the addition of professors have advised on everything from the CATALYST name, to font choices, blog posts and editing. In fact, unavailable and luck, timing and an enticing sales pitch must be on your side. While soliciting articles for issue comfortable in the boardroom mention that I got more sleep!). As Roger Martin presents in his book The Design of Business, moving ideas“CATALYST insights,” snippets of text, which bridge article content to one of CATALYST’s primary editors was also the author of the HOW magazine two, I decided to throw a hail Mary and send an email to the publicist for as they are in the studio or through the “knowledge funnel” from abstract ideas (“mysteries”), to general the processes and practices used by strategic designers (or as Brown would article that initially attracted me to the Ray Anderson, the CEO of Interface Carpet, one of the “it” companies for the shop...” rules of thumb (“heuristics”) and then defined processes (“algorithms”) enables call us, design thinkers). Pratt DM program. Thanks to CATALYST sustainability. To my amazement, Mr. organizational efficiency and growth. I was able to thank her in person for writing the article that redirected my Anderson’s publicist replied, invited us to meet him and facilitated the – Tim Brown, CEO of IDEOEveryone has entire professional future! collection of content, which was later For the Road... featured in Life-Centered Design.a story to Another Pratt alumni connected me appropriate for inclusion. Her question As I head into the next stage of mytell. with a talented photographer while CATALYST opened my eyes to the The value was a good one and something I had career, I am grateful to take with me these life lessons from my time with I was in search of a professional to capture my wedding day. We quickly number of interested and supportive people who are willing to become of defining taken for granted because the three of us who launched the magazine had CATALYST. I am extremely grateful forI have always been a “people person,”but I was not prepared for the got to talking about his life outside wedding photography. The next thing involved in a good cause. processes. come to internalize its brand promise. It quickly became clear that there was having had the opportunity to apply the Design Management curriculum to value in defining that promise in the the leadership and implementation of When we launched issue one I wore this organization. My hope is that my many hats: author, editor, project form of a mission, vision and questions to ask when considering the relevance predecessors gain as much inspirationThe Road: 2009 - 2010 manager, designer, typesetter, and insight from the experience as I production specialist, marketer… (you of proposed content. Additionally, the process of defining CATALYST terms have! get the idea). That omnipresent strategy would be even more challenging now and blog categories further enhanced The first issue that CATALYST has an expanded web my personal understanding of the topics of CATALYST presence, tripled its staff and set lofty we were covering. published in May, 2009. goals for the future. I found it helpful to forfeit my Related Resources In order to create a sustainable responsibilities in steps. For instance, 1 Change by Design, by Tim Brown organization that could continue a designer joined the team for issue to flourish after I graduated, the two which meant that instead of adding content on the fly, I needed to processes I had internalized for my own consolidate everything and bundle it CATALYST Website reference needed to be clearly defined in order to facilitate a transition to my into a clear deliverable to be handed off. Continue the conversation about Erin’s predecessors. It was while establishing Writing captions, “strategy in actions”, experiences forming CATALYST on: those standards and best practices that CATALYST insights and compiling CATALYSTsdr.com/2010/05/lessons-for-the-road I became a true believer in the value content for the entire publication took of a leader’s exposure to every part of me nearly 40 hours. By issue three, I the process. Early in her experience, was able to explain the components the incoming blog director asked how and process to our editorial board and we determined what blog posts were divide the work load between eight The most recent issue of CATALYST, CATALYSTsdr.com, launched in February of Designing Wellbeing: Re-focus. Re-invent. 2010, along with Cradle to Cradle. The new Rejuvenate. The second issue Issue 3 , Cradle to Cradle, CATALYSTsdr.com, launched site features online versions of the print The most recent issue of CATALYST published in February, in February of 2010 along withpublication, a blog and original online content. of CATALYST, Designing published in 2010. It features articles Cradle to Cradle. The new site Wellbeing: Re-focus. Re- December, 2009. on designing sustainable features online versions of the invent. Rejuvenate. economies. print publication, a blog and original online content.52 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 53
    • Tools for CATALYZING ChangeResource reviews for environmentally, socially and economically responsible leaders LEED The Happiness Project provides a guided by insights found through extensive framework and strategy for increasing life research of psychological and sociological for Healthcare satisfaction through a series of actionable writings. Additionally, she also establishes By Da`nte A. Clemons processes and measurable goals that can concrete resolutions that she is able contribute to personal wellbeing. Rubin, a to quantify through her behaviors as writer living in New York City seems to be opposed to leaving things open to much As the national discussion on health care a happy person, she has a loving family and interpretation. She begins with the issue of ensues, the design industry is implementing a good career, but she felt as though she increasing her own energy level so that she a few ideas of its own. will be able to keep up with the THE HAPPINESS could get more out of life. Her solution is a yearlong project and the inspiration for yearlong quest. In 2002, The American Society for PROJECT: Or, why I spent this book in which she tackles a number Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) developed As the book progresses she incorporates the Green Guide for Health Care (GGHC), a year trying to sing in the of issues related to happiness through a systematic approach. new resolutions and issues to her the healthcare sector’s first quantifiable morning, clean my closets, ever-increasing load each month, while sustainable design toolkit. The GGHC At first glance the idea seems a bit odd, still attempting to maintain the level integrated both environmental and health fight right, read aristotle, were it not for Rubin’s structured approach of commitment she had to her earliest standards into the planning, design, and generally have to her mission. To begin she set out to happiness touch-points. While doing this, construction, operations and maintenance establish a set of commandments for her Rubin also continues to guide her quest more fun. SUPER NATURAL HOME of healthcare facilities. Designers, owners to follow and couples them with 12 issues to be tackled one month at a time (energy, through study and research, constantly seeking for the best course of action. and operators were encouraged to use the Book by Gretchen Rubin Book by Beth Greer GGHC to design, construct and maintain Review by Adam Zoltowski work, marriage, family and so on). The Review by Erin Weber high performance healing environments. order is strategic and her approach is The result is positive, as Rubin does seem to experience an increase in happiness. Super Natural Home is an eye-opening The GGHC focused on design She learns to value family more, to be more book about the dangerous toxins found in On average, hospitals consume twice the aware of her actions and how they affect considerations specific to the healthcare our homes and the decisions we can make amount of energy as typical office buildings. others and simply to appreciate more what industry that weren’t addressed in previous to eliminate them. The book starts with This is due in part to their primary function she had already. sustainability manuals including non-stop a quiz designed to help readers identify – to save lives. Hospitals are a complicated operations, regulatory requirements and the where they fall on the spectrum of healthy building type, requiring energy-intensive Written in a personal and humorous style, handling of chemicals. The GGHC to toxic homes. The quiz also assists in lighting and equipment, sophisticated the book provides valuable insights and was applicable both to new construction, identifying immediate opportunities for mechanical systems to manage ventilation a model that could easily be replicated and to renovations and rehabilitations improvement. The quiz is followed by and temperature control, and complex and adopted by readers. Though all of her of existing facilities. Additionally, actionable suggestions, habits, terms and operational processes. The healthcare examples come from her own life and the voluntary, self-certifying guide products that can help decrease toxins in sector has the potential to benefit the most experiences the process she establishes recommended operational procedures for the home. Super Natural Home is broken from LEED standardization. is universal and the project has not ended all facilities related to health into three main sections: what goes in you, and healing. with the publishing of this book. A part of what goes on you and what surrounds LEED Healthcare reinforces the inherent the process was the creation of a blog in you. The book is peppered with resources, relationship between the built environment which her and readers share thoughts and After an extensive pilot program in 2004, websites and expert insights. The content and human health. Studies have shown ideas on the best way to achieve increased which gathered feedback from over is designed with informative titles, which increases in the health, happiness and happiness. The blog, in conjunction with this 100 healthcare facilities, the GGHC formed facilitate skimming for easily adoptable productivity of people who live and work in book can provide readers with a systematic a joint partnership with the U.S. habits based on a current area of concern. green buildings. Likewise, patients residing approach towards increased wellbeing. Green Building Council (USGBC) to develop Too often triple bottom line techniques are in green hospitals have shown greater Leadership in Energy and Environmental applied to professional practice, but are emotional wellbeing, reduced requests for Design (LEED) certification standards forgotten in our personal lives. pain medication and have shorter hospital for the healthcare industry. Through this Super Natural Home enables consumers stays. As the healthcare sector moves partnership, the USGBC is developing a to make informed decisions about the towards greener practices, designers play LEED Healthcare certificate process. purchases they make, resulting in healthier a vital role in reshaping, redesigning and The GGHC will continue to develop homes and increased market demand for reconstructing the concept of healing itself, tools to improve and inform future healthier products. both in the environment and the body. That Read about more design standards. is another national discussion worth having. Tools for CATALYZING Change at: www.CATALYSTsdr.com/tool-reviews/ 54 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 55
    • Infographic: Food and HealthRecent infographics from CATALYSTsdr.com FOOD & DISEASE JUNK FOOD CANNED FOODS causes: hypertension causes: alzheimers MORTALITY IN THE UNITED STATES - 10 BIGGEST KILLERS DEEP-FRIED FOODS causes: heart trouble, Death rate: 810.4 deaths per 100,000 population PICKLED FOODS  depression causes: oral ulcers Life expectancy: 77.7years FROZEN DESERTS causes: diabetes, Infant Mortality rate: 6.69 deaths per 1,000 live births obesity INSTANT FOODS causes: obesity PROCESSED MEATS causes: kidney failure SOFT DRINKS GRILLED AND causes: calcium depletion ROASTED FOODS causes: Gastric Cancer Heart disease: 631,636 Cancer: 559,888 Stroke: 137,119 Chronic lower  Accidents: 121,599 respiratory diseases:   obesity related 124,583 62% of female Americans and 67%  of male Americans are considered  overweight. Today, 25% of American  children are also obese or  overweight. An estimated 400,000  Americas deaths per year may be  View more infographics like these at: Diabetes: 72,449 Alzheimers disease:    Influenza: 56,326 Nephritis: 45,344 Septicemia: 34,234 attributable to poor diet and lack of  http://CATALYSTsdr.com/tags/infographics/ physical activity. 72,432 source: CDC.org source: OECD Health Data, 2009 Healthcare costs as a % of GDP 56 CATALYSTsdr.com 5.9% 8% 10% 12% 14% 16% 1975 1982 1990 2001 2007 Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 57 1966
    • CATALYSTSNews from alumni, staff and friends of the Pratt Design Management ProgramBy Holly Burns Present. Anke Stohlmann, graduate of the Pratt Design Future Competitive Advantage: Strategies for Planned Engage. Market. Management program, is one busy and accomplished Change has recently been delivered at NEC in Tokyo, strategic designer. For some, running their own at the Barcelona Arts Design Council, and is offered design firm would be all that they could manage. through the Design Management Institute. But in addition to running Anke Stohlmann Design Measure. ankestohlmanndesign.com, this German-born designer A Philadelphia native and Temple University alumnus, is also a member of the board of AIGA/NY where she Richard has also been on faculty at NYU’s Stern is currently working on a Design Thinking series with Graduate School of Business, Fordham University, fellow board member, Helen Steed. the New School for Social Research and Yeshiva Anke University. After 35 years of teaching, he continues to Stohlmann The goal for the series is to use case studies to be enthused and excited by the opportunity of working communicate that Design Thinking, specifically with students to encourage the development and sustainability, is a journey that includes both practice of I-Inc, a grounded sense responsibility for successes and pitfalls. The series kicked off on self, others, and organizations. March 12th with a presentation by Johnson and Johnson and will be followed by smaller events at the J&J lab. Diane Ruengsorn At her own design firm, Anke uses strategic design Diane Ruengsorn is a Pratt to help clients find their footing and clearly articulate Design Management graduate their values and identity so that they are better who is designing wellbeing. Born equipped to connect with their target audience. Anke’s and raised in California, today team designed the book ‘Awearness’ with Kenneth Diane is the founder and director Cole’s creative team, Melcher Media and illustrator of Domestic Aesthetic (http:// Andy Pressman. The book includes an introduction by www.domestic-aesthetic.com/), Kenneth Cole and features stories from social activists a design firm where 100% of the products created are who spend much of their time advocating for social sustainable and socially produced. Her powerful ideas causes including wellbeing. have been featured in many locations from the MOMA Design Store to the pages of the New York Times. In 2007, in collaboration with Jacqueline Thaw, Anke’s Using design thinking, Diane has been working with Fly with our digital magazine platform. firm designed Global Writes, a non-profit educational organization that globally connects artists with K-12 a sawmill cooperative in Mozambique, where she classrooms by using video technology, poetry and has been working for over a year to promote growth performance. Keeping the core concepts of this and expansion of their sustainable furniture business project in mind, Anke’s firm created an identity that by increasing their distribution to include the North visualized the ideas of communication, expression and American market. Mozambique is a war-torn country community. where many villagers have little access to education and a means to support themselves so it gives Diane Clearly, Anke is a person who uses her passion for personal satisfaction to work with “a group that typography and design strategy to make the world a promotes grass roots community development, local better place by designing wellbeing. educational initiatives and allows [her] to fulfill [their] social mission.” Diane’s inspiration for starting her company came Richard Green is a professor in the Pratt Institute from her experience working in a furniture factory. At Design Management Program where he teaches the factory, she was affected by seeing the amounts Leadership and Teambuilding, Managing Innovation and of waste that was being created and witnessing Change and Strategic Marketing. people who became her friends being exposed to toxic chemicals in their day-to-day factory work life. Mygazines Enterprise is the only solution that combines a market-leading, digital e-reader with your For over twenty years, he has been a Partner at very own, branded brochure/catalog portal. The simple Mygazines platform converts PDF documents Strategies for Planned Change, a New York based Currently utlizing the Pratt business incubation lab, her into interactive media. Build a community of customers and prospects that create compilations of consultancy specializing in the strategic management goals for the future are to continue designing products products, share with friends and socially bookmark links, driving traffic directly to your site. Update Richard of change, helping companies to identify their that are affordable for consumers, environmentally content based on real-time customer behavior feedback. Join our digital newsstand before the Green creative assets and use them to create sustainable strategic advantage. He was inspired to launch the responsible, and consider issues like production, while competition soars past. not jeopardizing the integrity of the design. Diane business as a way to focus his interest, attention and is also looking forward to growing her company by experience on innovation and change across a wide forming new partnerships in both social development variety of industries. Richard’s seminar, Designing and design. 58 CATALYSTsdr.com Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 59
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