House Style for 'Overkill' Magazine
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House Style for 'Overkill' Magazine






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House Style for 'Overkill' Magazine Presentation Transcript

  • 1. House style and Mode of Address Erin Dawson
  • 2. House style Each cover of my music magazine will have the same font for every masthead, the colour of the masthead may differ depending on the background of the cover, for example, if there is a dark background and a dark font, the masthead won’t stand out; I will use a white font to make it stand out. I will stop the differing font colour from confusing the reader by keeping the font and style of the masthead the same each of my ‘Overkill’ magazines. The use of same colour font will create a brand identity for my readers and this will be associated to the magazine. I will use these font colours and same fonts through out the magazine to help keep the house style the same and not to confuse the reader. The masthead will have the same position on every magazine, it will be at the top of the magazine either behind or in front of the cover image. This is to make the magazine stand out from others; consumers will also know exactly what position the masthead is on the magazine and in turn, will find it easier to look for. By keeping the masthead at the top it also conforms to the conventions of any magazine. I will use the same font repeatedly on every magazine cover, it will be very bold and powerful yet slightly alternative much like the sound of a rock song, it is also similar to that of a rock music artist and also the kind of consumer I want for my magazine.
  • 3. House style The layout of my cover will be very busy and have many puffs and splashes to conform to the usual rock magazine conventions. It will appeal to the reader as they will dress slightly messy but make an effort in their appearance much like the magazine. The text and main colours used for my magazine will consist of reds, blacks yellows and whites, I have used primary colours as many magazines aimed a men will use primary colours, this conforms to the male conventions for a magazine. I will also use these colours as they are commonly used for a rock music magazine again conforming to conventions of rock magazines. Those colour also connote violence and aggression much like rock/metal songs, which is targeted at the reader as they will listen tot his music. I will have a large picture of band/singer as my cover image for each magazine. The majority of the images will be mid-shot images; all the peoples will have moody nonchalant expressions to keep in theme with rock music as stereotypically the band member are moody and so is the rock music as it is emotional and angry. I will have multiple images on the cover of the magazine to attract the attention of the reader, this will also be o conform to the messy appearance of all rock music magazines. ‘Overkill’ magazine will have free posters to make the reader think they are getting more for their money, it will also help the reader buy he magazine every week as they may get a band they like, it keeps the consumer interested and them getting more for their money.
  • 4. Colour Scheme
  • 5. House style The contents page will be cluttered and each main featured article number will have pictures of some sort next to or on top of them much like the ‘Kerrang!’ contents pages to help keep the messy yet organised look the front cover will have, conforming to conventions of magazines . The contents pages will be in columns to keep it easy for the reader to look at and navigate their way through. There will also be a large picture either to do with the main article on the front cover to help draw the readers attention to the article or another big article for the same reason again. The double page spreads will be on both sides of the page but will be broken up by a large picture either on the right of middle of the pages making it seem like less writing helping the reader keep focus and read the article making them buy the magazine again. The magazine is aimed at men and this will help them to focus as they typically are supposed to lose focus very easily. The background of all the articles will be dark to help keep the theme of rock music as rock music is associated with being very dark and gloomy and having deep meaningful lyrics in an aggressive way; which in turn appeals to the target audience as they will like rock songs that are like this.
  • 6. House Style Most of the cover images will be of a band as most rock songs are written by the bands and not by a single person, most of my target audience will also be in bands which will appeal to them because they can relate to the featured band. If there is a member of the band more famous than the others they will stand at the front of the picture or if they are that much more famous than the other member the cover image will just be of them. I will do this so other people who read the magazine who aren't big fans of the band will recognise the lead singer or most famous member and still buy the magazine.
  • 7. Mode of address The language of my rock magazine will be mainly informal as it is almost a friend to the consumer and will use words that will relate to the reader. When the magazine it is talking about certain bands it will be as though the consumer knows the band extremely well, this interests the reader as they will think that they are more involved in the band than other people, encouraging them to buy the magazine as they feel like they a apart of something bigger. ‘Overkill’ magazine will use slang words frequently to match the dialog that some of the readers may use for example shortening band names like ‘My Chemical Romance’ to ‘MCR’ again helping the reader feel like they know more than others, simple words like ‘pictures’ will be ‘shortened to ‘pics’ to help the reader feel as though the magazine is specifically talking to them as they are using these abbreviations which is something your friend would do in the real world; helping consumers feel more connected to the magazine and leading to them to continue buying the magazine. A direct mode of address will be used through my magazine especially on the teasers and competitions featured within and on the cover of the magazine. This will help the reader feel like the prizes and contents of the magazine are exclusive to them, again helping them to buy the magazine.
  • 8. Mode of Address I will also use informal language for the headers of the double page spread articles to entice the consumer to read the articles and buy the magazine. The use of the informal language will help the consumer feel like the article is speaking to them and, if it is an interview, will make them feel as though the band/singer being interviewed is talking to them. The use of the informal language will give the reader some form of escapism as all my magazines will be a friend to the consumer. The pictures of the bands on the cover image and images through out the magazine will all be wearing fashionable ,trendy clothes with lots of dark colours to conform to the stereotypical rock genre clothing. The use of the trendy clothing will match my target audience as they will choose to dress like this too.