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Social Media Club - Nashville.

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  • Let’s all take a chance to breathe! What’s this presentation about? Engagement. Relationships. Users.
  • Looking: Need for information, purchase, community. How: Treat referrals from search differently.
  • Chance Encounter: Peaked my interest. How: Content syndication, working RSS feeds.
  • The setup: A friend recommended. Make it easy, fun to recommend and share our content with friends.
  • Physical attraction, approachable and open to you. How: It’s clear what it’s about, it’s for you, user-friendly design (e.g. geography, interests)
  • Common interests. Does this meet my needs? Is there more behind this ‘ice breaker’ where I can get what I want? How: Centerpiece – know what you should focus on first to get an idea of the site; quick itty piece of you. Conversation starter stories and headlines. Celar identity.
  • Ask out on a date, date time, location. I need to know what to do. Call to action – play button on video, click through to a story, surg navigation.
  • You let me talk, you ask me questions, you want to know more about me w/o being creepy. I want to feel that it’s a two-way street and they care about me, they are genuinely about me. How: Engage and listen via social media. Email newsletters with call to action to get more customized content. “We don’t ZAG on the first date.”
  • You are who you say you are, you friend them on Facebook. My friends’ opinions matter and influence whether or not I proceed. How: Leverage our fans and followers to influence their friends. Send FB updates, find ways to reqard evangelizers with in-person meetups, deals, etc. Add social recommendation metadata to email newsletters, as in Facebook social plugins.
  • Does this person meet my needs? Do I go through the door? Understanding where this relationship is going. E.g., Is it just during the Titans season (casual dating) or is it deeper (year round). Either is fine, we just want to know, and it’s ok for both sides. Need to be meaningful in relationship in areas we want. How: Personalization on site, in newsletters, in social media channels. Sections, topics and staff all need their own channels. But, the overarching brand needs to be ubiquitous. (Ex: Nashville Opinion site branded as Tennessean). When Temporary content runs end, call to action to engage in deeper year-round/topical news.
  • Dating/in relationship. We like each other, enjoy time together, fulfilling each others needs. How: Continue regular, consistent two-way interaction, but high-quality: Customize based on actions and answers. Pick up on cues as I interact with you, including advertising. If I just bought a car, stop showing me car ads.
  • Bragging/PDA: Makes me look cool, I want others to see who I’m in a relationship with. How: Badges on site and badges I can put on my own site or 4sq-style post them to Facebook and Twitter. Publish featured online UGC in print. More sharing to social media.
  • Introduce to friends and family. I want others to know how much I like you, deeper commitment, and want others to also have a relationship with them too. How: Make it easy to share content on my terms. Even better, let me remix content via an API, and/or release your databases so I can remix the data. At the most basic, bring back thinks like an RSS headline widget I can put on my blog or your Facebook page.
  • Keeping the fire alive. I don’t want to be bored, I like to have things to look forward to and have new experiences. My own interests change over time and I would like our relationship to evolve. Tell me about your new products, keep personalization elements current, a la Facebook quizzes about where you should live. Monetization opportunity for sponsorships. Reader surveys disguised as fun quizzes.
  • Let’s talk about the relationship – trials, tribulations, how to keep going on.
  • The end!
  • User Engagement

    1. 1. ENGAGEMENT Let’s talk about this relationship.
    2. 16. Lust is easy.  Love is hard.  Like is most important.  ~Carl Reiner
    3. 17. ~ Fin Questions?