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The Language of LinkedIn


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The Language of LinkedIn presented to the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce. This presentation will help you discover how to get the most out of your LinkedIn account.

The Language of LinkedIn presented to the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce. This presentation will help you discover how to get the most out of your LinkedIn account.

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  • 1. The Language of LinkedIn & How to Drive Business Using LinkedIn
    Erin Blaskie
    @ErinBlaskie (Twitter)
  • 2. What You’d Find Out About Me From My LinkedIn Profile
    I own a company called Business Services, ETC (aka BSETC) which provides outsourcing services to companies around the world.
    I worked at Willis College, TRM Technologies and Club Assist before becoming an entrepreneur.
    You could see who makes up my 500+ network.
    You could join groups that I find relevant and interesting.
    You could view recommendations from colleagues.
  • 3. About This Session
    Introduce you to LinkedIn: what you need to do to setup an effective profile.
    Introduce you to the regular activities you should be doing in LinkedIn to really strengthen your presence.
    Introduce you to some of the ways that you can use LinkedIn to grow your business, gain publicity and generate visibility for your company.
  • 4. Show of Hands - LinkedIn Survey
    How many of you have used LinkedIn before for business use?
    How many of you use LinkedIn right now to generate business, leads, joint venture partners or general visibility?
    What has been the biggest area of resistance for you in adding LinkedIn to your business marketing practices?
    For those of you using LinkedIn, what do you most often use it for?
  • 5. The LinkedIn Landscape
    LinkedIn is growing by a new member approximately every second.
    Half of the members are in the US, 11 million are in Europe and 3 million are in India.
    The site uses a “gated access approach” which means you need to know the connection or have their e-mail in order to gain access.
  • 6. The LinkedIn Landscape
    Most people are using it to find jobs, people and business opportunities.
    Employers can list jobs and search for potential candidates.
    Job seekers can review the profile of hiring managers.
    Users can post their own photos and view other photos to aid in identification.
  • 7. LinkedIn’s Primary Features
    Member Profiles aka Contacts
    LinkedIn Answers
    LinkedIn Groups
    LinkedIn Polls (alpha)
  • 8.’s Home Page
  • 9. Getting Started on LinkedIn
    Create your free account on LinkedIn
    Follow prompts to create your professional profile
    Search for your friends based on your e-mail contact lists
    LinkedIn will suggest people you might know - feel free to add them
    Send invitations to your friends and colleagues
    Go into your profile and fill it out to completion - the percentage complete will help
  • 10. Important Profile Update
    Make sure to set your Public Profile URL to make linking to your profile easier.
  • 11. Other Tips for Your Profile
    Add the e-mail address you use for your account to your last name. Example: Blaskie (
    Gather recommendations from family, friends and colleagues.
    Use lots of great keywords to sell yourself. LinkedIn is an advertisement for YOU so sell it!
  • 12. Five Things to Do Daily (15 Mins)
    Check your pending invitations - accept / deny
    See if any new contacts of yours are on LI
    Review incoming messages and reply
    Post one question or answer a question
    Participate / join in one LI group
  • 13. Pending Invitations - 2 Mins
  • 14. Check for New Connections - 5 Mins
  • 15. Review Incoming Messages - 2-4 Mins
  • 16. Post or Answer a Question - 5 Mins
  • 17. Participate In / Join a Group - 4 Mins
  • 18. Ways to Grow Your Business
    Use the search function to find business partners or ideal clients
  • 19. Ways to Grow Your Presence
    Answer questions in LinkedIn Answers
    Will expose you and your account to many new users
    Will allow you to position yourself as an expert
    Will give you the opportunity to follow-up with the question asker to offer additional support
    You could answer one question per day or a few questions per week
  • 20. Building Your Business
    Ask strategic questions in LinkedIn Answers
    Do your market research here - ask people their opinions on products, services or your industry
    Use the questions to expose other things you are doing - example: “I’m working on a Build Your Own Widget workshop and I want to know, what would you like to learn about if you were attending?”
  • 21. Ways to Grow Your Presence
    Join relevant groups and participate in them
    Choose 2-3 groups that are aligned with your company or industry and become active
    Choose a group that contains people in your target market but don’t hard sell to them
    Educate gently, provide resources where it feels like it fits and be an expert for the group
  • 22. Ways to Grow Your Presence
    Create your own group
    If you can’t find a relevant group, create one!
    You’ll gain exposure for the group and for your profile
    Create lots of value within your group - make people want to join and invite their colleagues
    Provide LinkedIn only discounts or promotions for your group
  • 23. Ways to Grow Your Presence
    LinkedIn Events
    Whether running virtual or in-person workshops, use LinkedIn’s events to promote your event
    Create event and update your connections
    Use the status update section to let people know that you’ve created a LinkedIn event
    LinkedIn can even help you process registration and payments
  • 24. Ways to Grow Your Business
    Introduce your colleagues
    LinkedIn runs on the principle of making new connections - connect two colleagues you feel may be a good fit
    Connecting people will keep you top of mind for those individuals when you are looking for a connection of your own
  • 25. LinkedIn Applications
    LinkedIn has introduced applications
    Bring in your blog as an RSS feed
    Add your Amazon recommended reading list
    Bring in your Tweets to your status update area
    Bring in your presentations from
    Connect your travel with My Travel
    Connect your files with
    And more…
  • 26. Mobile Apps & Integration
    LinkedIn can connect to Outlook to auto-find LinkedIn connections
    LinkedIn has an iPhone, a Blackberry and a Palm application
    LinkedIn also has a browser toolbar that you can install to any browser
    Connects to Lotus Notes as well
  • 27. Engage With Me So That I May Engage With You
    @ErinBlaskie on Twitter and