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Delegating 101: It's All In The Ask
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Delegating 101: It's All In The Ask


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This presentation is an add-on to The presentation focuses on how to ask for what you want and does include live screen demos. A recording of that video can be found on …

This presentation is an add-on to The presentation focuses on how to ask for what you want and does include live screen demos. A recording of that video can be found on the URL above.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Delegating 101: It’s All in How You Ask
    Erin Blaskie
    @ErinBlaskie (Twitter)
  • 2. A Little About Me
    Launched my virtual assistance firm, BSETC ( in 2004
    Have serviced over 300 entrepreneurs around the globe with their online business
    Currently have a team of nineteen service professionals
  • 3. A Little About You
    Entrepreneur: looking to delegate but want to make sure you are effective.
    Entrepreneur: currently delegating, getting okay results but room for improvement.
    Entrepreneur: currently delegating but not getting the results you want.
    Virtual assistant: looking for better ways to communicate to your clients.
  • 4. Leadership & Learning are Indispensible to each other.
    -- John F. Kennedy
  • 5. Primary Delegation Frustrations
    Lack of communication.
    Deadlines not met.
    Issues around trust and release of tasks.
    Unsure about when things will come back.
    Feeling overwhelmed by the process.
    Not sure about what to let go and what to keep.
  • 6. Primary Frustrations When Receiving Tasks on the VA End of Things
    No details given on a project – left to guess.
    Not receiving positive feedback but only hearing the negative / what’s wrong.
    No clear deadlines or timelines provided.
    Client not understanding how long tasks take and client assuming 24-hours is enough leeway for tasks.
    Everything being “urgent”.
  • 7. How Wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
    -- Anne Frank
  • 8. It’s All in the “Ask”
    Asking for what you want clearly provides you with:
    Increased responsiveness
    Clarity on the project reducing edits, back and forth and longer turnaround
    Calmness in the work being delegated
    Improved relationships
  • 9. But, It’s Tough...
    Entrepreneurs hesitate spending the time to properly “ask” because:
    They feel like that is why they are delegating... To avoid the time spent.
    They just want to offload instead of actively participating in the process.
    There is a feeling that things are clear in their mind so they think it will translate easily.
  • 10. Excellent Delegation Includes...
    Precise, focused direction and vision
    Examples, screenshots and supporting URLs
    Short, concise wording with bullet points
    Utilizing the tools and the systems
    Clarity on deadlines
    Giving enough lead time on projects
    Being okay with the back and forth
  • 11. Poor Delegation Includes...
    Total lack of direction / vision
    Contradicting language
    Lengthy paragraphs
    Avoiding the systems the VA has setup
    Sending multiple messages in different places
    Not giving clear deadlines
    Becoming quickly frustrated
  • 12. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly in Delegation Tools
    Basecamp allows you to create workflow.
    Most virtual assistants already use Basecamp for their clients.
    Delegating tasks through e-mail is not advised as there is no tracking and very little task management.
  • 13. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly in Delegation Tools
    Telephone is only good if the notes taken on the call and the items discussed are put directly into Basecamp or whatever system you use.
    Skype / Instant Messenger
    Avoid delegating items through instant messenger altogether as there is not a good way to delegate tasks and record them.
  • 14. Step One: Utilize Tools to Support “The Ask”
    Action Item #1
    Setup Basecamp or have your virtual assistant add a new project to their account for you.
    Things to Watch For
    Now that you have a system, don’t find things to add in there just to use it. This is used to compliment what you are doing and not create more chaos.
  • 15. Step Two: Using the Tools to “Ask”
    Live demo of software.
    Live demo of the power of screenshots to compliment your delegating “asks”
    Color Swatches, Background Patterns
    Googling Great Samples
  • 16. We should work on our process, not the outcome of our processes.
    -- W. Edwards Deming
  • 17. Tools You May Want to Use
    Basecamp -
    Audio Acrobat -
    Kuler -
    Maxemail -
  • 18. Engage With Me So That I May Engage With You
    @ErinBlaskie on Twitter and
  • 19. If you are not moving closer to what you want in sales (or in life), you probably aren't doing enough asking.
    -- Jack Canfield