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  • 1. Chapter 15 Section 1 The Federal Bureaucracy
  • 2. What is Bureaucracy?
  • 3. The definition of Bureaucracy:
    • A large-often complex administrative structure, intended to create an effective and efficient workforce.
  • 4. Three Features of a Bureaucracy
    • 1. Hierarchical Authority: a chain of command, more than likely a pyramid (organization).
    • 2. Job Specialization: Each member has defined duties and responsibilities (efficiency).
    • 3. Formalized Rules: Work is done according to a set of regulations
  • 5. Do these three features make bureaucracies more or less effective?
  • 6. Bureaucracies and the Constitution
      • Not explicitly addressed in the Constitution...intended.
      • Article II: “Commander in Chief of Army and Navy”...”Ambassadors, other public ministers, and consuls”
      • Founding Fathers recognized the President couldn’t be effective without an administration
  • 7. How and When are Bureaucrats elected?
  • 8. Names and Titles
    • Agency/Administration: refers to any governmental body. (EPA)
    • Commission: organizations in charge of regulating business. (FCC)
    • Corporation/Authority: these agencies conduct business-like activities-headed by boards or managers. (FDIC)
  • 9.
    • Staff vs. Line Agencies
    Staff Agencies: offer support, aid, advice Line Agencies: perform tasks and meet goals. Sometimes staff agencies will aid line agencies
  • 10. Poster Activity
    • 1. Divide into groups
    • 2. You will be assigned a Department
    • 3. Use the internet to research your given department
    • 4. Fill out the worksheet for your department....only your department!
    • 5. Transfer that information to a poster
    • 6. We will return to the classroom, display the posters; you will then go to the other groups posters and fill out the remainder of your worksheet
  • 11. Department Choices
    • Department of State
    • Department of Treasury
    • Department of Defense
    • Department of Agriculture
    • Department of Transportation
    • Department of Education
    • Department of Homeland Security