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How To Kick Over In a Bridge
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How To Kick Over In a Bridge


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  • 1. How To Kick Over In A Bridge ! By: Erin McGill
  • 2. Kicking Over
    •    Have you ever wonder about how to kick over in a bridge? You know you have a flexible back and want to lean to kick over in a bridge this is the right trick for you! It is simple and easy if you follow these rules. To start off with you might need a medium-sized mat to spot you if you cant find a friend to watch and make sure you dont get hurt. Learning how to go into a bridge and kicking over isn not hard if you follow these easy to read notes I give you
  • 3. Supplies
    • * Open Floor
    • *A Flexible Back
    • *A Friend To Watch You (so you don't get hurt)
    • *A Mat (if you want one to support you)
  • 4. Step 1 & 2
    •     Next you need to have your spread your legs shoulder width apart. That helps you with your balance and holds you steady. After you have done that, raise both arms like you have a question. Don't forget to look at both hands, it really does help.
  • 5. Step 3 & 4
    •     While still looking at your hands lean backwards look at the floor now where you think your hands should land at. Make sure that your fingers and facing your neck/ face and also that you have bent  your elbows slightly but that they aren't to bent.
    •     Once you are on the ground make sure you keep breathing, it really does help...and think which leg you would kick a ball with (left or right). That is the leg you will kick over with. With that one leg kick really hard off the ground and pull it toward your head.
  • 6. Step 5 & 6
    •     When both legs are in the air, point your toes, and make a big split in the air.     After that you probably guessed but your good leg will land first on the ground in front of you and the other leg will land following your good leg.
  • 7. Step 7
    • At last pull your arms up by pushing off the ground. Sometimes when you land both feet on the ground your arms come right up. But if they dont push off the floor onto your legs by bending your knees and pushing off, and pulling up.
  • 8. Finally!
    • Finally, take your bow to your friend who watched you and made sure you were safe, even though i know you did GREAT! It will be rough at first but keep trying and it will be magical.