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7 ways to show authority in writing a copy
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7 ways to show authority in writing a copy


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  • 1. by imjetred | on February 20, 2013
  • 2. One of the goals a writer has in copywriting is to convince thereader. Good, authoritative copy is very easy for readers totrust because it sounds more truthful and caters to theirwants, needs and interests. As a result, response rates arebetter and there is a higher likelihood that the desired resultsare achievedIntegrating a tone of authority in writing a copy is a studiedprocess but it is not entirely impossible. Here are the top 7ways you can improve your copy and make it more influentialand convincing:
  • 3. Never write copy about asubject you have little or noknowledge about. If you want toprove you have authority inwriting that copy, you should beable to show your audience orreaders that you know exactlywhat you are writing about.Your readers can tell if you’reonly bluffing.
  • 4. Another way to show you have authority in writingcopy is by proving you have the correct experience about the subject. You can’t write about rocket science with authority if the closestyou’ve ever come close to a rocket is by watching a fireworks display.
  • 5. …Every product, idea or statement has a USP or uniquesales proposition. Find out what yours is when writingcopy. The USP will help define your statement and makeyou stand out from write-ups that have a similar idea. Youcan use this to your advantage to create authority.…Make the statement clear so your readers willunderstand immediately the message you are trying to putacross.
  • 6. …There will always be disadvantagesor limitations to your product, idea orstatement. Instead of detailing themto your readers, focus on theadvantages and benefits. Tell yourreaders what it can do and what itcan’t do.…If you’re promoting a bicycle, forexample, you don’t have to state thatit’s not as fast as a car. It can’t fly butit can help its user reach hisdestination. It’s cheap, doesn’t pollutethe environment and can even be aninstrument of fitness.
  • 7. …Embellishing your statements may sound harmless but theeffect on your readers may not be advantageous to you.Consumers and readers are a bit sensitive and they will takeit personally if they find that you were pulling the wool overtheir eyes.…There is nothing that works as fast as an overstatement todecrease your credibility.…If you want to have authority in writing copy, state onlythe facts – statements that are easily verifiable.
  • 8. …Authority in writing copy issimilar to writing news stories –you need proof of yourstatements. If you makeone, make sure it’s backedup by details and figures thatmay be corroborated.…If there is a study, researchor statement made by an expertthat will support your claim, usethat as well. So in casesomeone asks, you can pointthem to the reference that willsupport what you said.
  • 9. If you want to be trusted as an authority in writing a copy, make sure you take care to show good grammatical andspelling skills. Nothing destroys an authoritative position thanbad language because it speaks of carelessness and a lack of knowledge. If you want to be seen and accepted as an expert, show respect for your readers and write well.Click here to read more of article marketing articles.
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