Fye Concurrent Anxiety Final


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Fye Concurrent Anxiety Final

  1. 1. International Conference on the First-Year Experience 2008 Alleviating Library Anxiety in First-Year Students Emily Rimland Information Literacy Librarian The Pennsylvania State University
  2. 3. Information Literacy : The set of skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information. (as defined by the Association of College and Research Libraries)
  3. 5. Library Anxiety : Feelings of helplessness, discomfort, and confusion related to the library. Usually caused by library size, not knowing where things are located, not knowing how to begin, or what to do. (Mellon, 1986)
  4. 10. Open House Participants by Class Standing
  5. 11. Open House Survey Highlights 77% of attendees found out about the Open House from their instructors. 50% said they attended the Open House because "I wanted to learn more about the library". 82% participated in the optional, educational activities at the Open House
  6. 12. Survey Responses to: “What did you like best about the Open House?" The atmosphere was really nice to see. It was extremely welcoming Everyone was really friendly and helpful, it made the library seem a lot less intimidating It allowed me to get acquainted with the set up of the library to become more comfortable. The faculty was very involved in the day. I loved their enthusiasm I found it very enjoyable and it made me feel more comfortable about coming to the library at a later date because everyone was so helpful. Without this open house, I doubt I would ever come to the library unless I was desperate because I would have no idea where anything is located. It was less overwhelming this way and very helpful. When I come back I'll know where the information is relating to my major. Warm and welcoming The great welcome that the Library staff gave to the students, made me feel at home in a place to receive an education I've never actually walked around the whole library and I'm glad I took the opportunity to do so I feel more comfortable in the library It finally broke the ice with the library, so i can use it for studying in the future. It helped you navigate better through the huge library that is often intimidating Walking through the library was a blast, full of colors and prizes, makes me want to stay in the library forever!
  7. 14. Facebook Application Survey Highlights Majority of respondents were first-year students (57%). Mixed results: half said they used the application and half didn't. Those that did use it, used it to find book and articles. 56% preferred to use the libraries' native web site and the web site had more frequent use than the app (monthly v. at least once) 29% spent an average of 10-30 minutes per day on Facebook and 23% spent 31-60 minutes per day. Also a mixed bag as far as enhanced features--key seems to be offering something that is social and is not available on libraries' web site.
  8. 15. Responses about presence of librarians on Facebook Facebook Application Survey Highlights
  9. 16. Quotes from Facebook Survey : “ I appreciate the efforts of librarians to reach out to students. Librarians, though, are different than the "library proper"... I would love to interface with a person through facebook.” “ Library work seems a little more elevated than the social networking environment.”
  10. 20. Thank you! Please contact me if you have any questions. Emily Rimland [email_address]