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The Basics of Smart Drupal Deployment
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The Basics of Smart Drupal Deployment


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Published in: Technology, Sports
  • Thanks, great! Another good practice is using Features modules and Drush, I'm planning to attend the webinar on this topic, you may find it interesting as well (
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  • Nice to know I am not crazy. This is basically the deployment stategy I've been building for the last year or so at Penn State Harrisburg.
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  • this is GREAT! so rare to see images which explain version control.
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  • 1. The Basics of Smart Erik Webb @erikwebb Drupal Deployment
  • 2. Background• Technical Consultant at Acquia• Focus on best practices, infrastructure, and developer training• Working with Drupal ~3.5 years• Previously Red Hat sysadmin at Georgia Tech and application developer at IBM
  • 3. Defining Deployment
  • 4. What is deployment?• Maintaining multiple, independent environments• Effortlessly migrating and testing changes between them• Safely updating without downtime or rollbacks• Accounting for changes in a sustainable way
  • 5. 3.5 Environments• Production • Local • Hands-off • Match software versions• Staging • IDE-focused • Sign-off• Development • Integration
  • 6. The 3 Cs (and an F)• Code only moves up• Configuration lives only in code• Content only moves down• Files only move down
  • 7. Version ControlStaying out of your own way
  • 8. Using Branches and Tags• Branches • Tags • Dynamic • Static • Ongoing work • Releases • Strategic • Periodic
  • 9. Version Control Workflow
  • 10. Keeping Version Control Sane• Ignore inappropriate files • Uploaded files directory • settings.php• Prevent bad PHP using lint checks• Don’t be afraid to blame!
  • 11. Moving Configuration to CodeTools and techniques
  • 12. Usual Suspects• CTools export • Strongarm • Bulk Exporter • Boxes • Views • UUID • Panels • Node export• Features• Features extra
  • 13. Filling the Void• 80% handled by CTools-like exportables• Non-developers stuck• Most give up on final 20%• Breaks entire flow• Exceptions suck!
  • 14. Update Functions• Built-in Drupal feature• Well understood and supported• Only functional code•
  • 15. Update Functions using Helpers /** * @see forum_enable(). */ function mymodule_update_7000() {   $vocab = array(     name => t(Forums),     machine_name => forums,     description => t(Forum navigation vocabulary),     hierarchy => 1,     module => forum,     weight => -10,   );   $vocabulary = (object) $vocab;   taxonomy_vocabulary_save($vocabulary);   return t(New vocabulary imported.); }
  • 16. Update Functions using SQL /** * @link */ function mymodule_update_7001() {   $pid = db_insert(mytable)     ->fields(array(       col1 => value,       col2 => value,     ))     ->execute();   return t(New row imported.); }
  • 17. Next StepsDeploying like a Pro
  • 18. Deploying via Version Control• Atomic (ACID) • svn update• Tools • Post-commit hooks • Jenkins • Capistrano
  • 19. Drush Deployment• Checkout code from version control • Protect files using ownership• Point web server to new version• drush up• drush cc all
  • 20. Jenkins• “Fancy cron”• Triggered by polling SCM• Integrate deployment with other tools • Selenium • jMeter• Run commands only on success (atomicity)
  • 21. Q&ASlides will be posted on and SlideShareSee more at DrupalCamp SC on June 12, 2011
  • 22. Photo credits• “Advanced Theoretical Physics”, Marvin (PA) on Flickr. photos/55853619@N00/145052885/• “Sugar rush from the cupcake wore off”, slworkin2 on Flickr. http://• “Collision between two engines, Bay of Quinte Railway, ON, 1892”, Musée McCord Museum on Flickr. 25786829@N08/2918567169/• “Square Peg in a Round Hole”, casa.pokayoke on Flickr. http://• “Vacation in my backyard”, mandolin davis on Flickr. photos/43546149@N00/258014588/