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Archiving for Photographers
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Archiving for Photographers

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What do photographers need to ensure their images don't go lost? Are features like Aperture's Vault enough to secure their livelihood? We don't think so. We reviewed a backup and archive solution......

What do photographers need to ensure their images don't go lost? Are features like Aperture's Vault enough to secure their livelihood? We don't think so. We reviewed a backup and archive solution earlier this year, which we found an excellent system for creative users --individuals as well as companies: PresSTORE.

In this presentation we explain why we think PresSTORE is superior. The presentation contains a link to the screencast that shows you why we think so.

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  • 1. What do digital photographers need for their image files? The certainty their images — their livelihood — will not be lost when disaster strikes or when the lights go out
  • 2. What is needed? • Off-line Archiving of images • Near-line Backup of images
  • 3. What do we have today? • In Apple Aperture 2 and 3 there is a “Vault” mechanism for backing up • Aperture 3 lets you auto-offload media cards to a backup device, but this is only a first safety net without enabling you to save your edits as well. • In Adobe Lightroom 2 and 3 there is a catalogue backup mechanism • In other photo catalogue software: no support for backup or archive
  • 4. Apple Aperture • Vaults are identical copies of the Library • Aperture does not backup or archive the Library automatically • If you remove images from the Library, these images will be removed from the • When images are in the Library that Vault as well have not been backed up yet, the small Vault icon turns red. When there are • For historical archives of your images image modifications not yet backed up, the small Vault icon turns yellow “you will need to devise a system of storing separate backups in some regular order” –Aperture 3 User Guide • Restoring a Vault takes an “all or nothing” approach; you can’t select • Referenced master images are not specific images to be restored backed up to the Vault
  • 5. Adobe Lightroom • Lightroom has a nag screen that warns • Restoring catalogues uses an “all or you if a catalogue has not been backed nothing” approach up within n days • A restored catalogue requires the • Catalogues do not contain the actual images to be in the exact same location images; they contain only references to as before the restore in order for it to the images work correctly • The actual images are not covered by Lightroom’s “backup feature” • Lightroom does not automatically backup its catalogues
  • 6. What you really need...
  • 7. ...is a backup/archiving system that you set and forget
  • 8. What photographers need • The ability to archive images within scheduled intervals • The ability to backup images in the background, semi-continuously • The ability to view image thumbnails in order to make restoring specific images easier • The ability to restore specific images • The ability to archive to tapes, jukeboxes, or any other off-line media
  • 9. What else? • Easy to use • Scalable – growing with the photographer’s studio • Not too expensive • Using very little computer resources (memory & power)
  • 10. Which software meets the requirements on Mac OS X? • Smart Backup, Personal Backup and all other ‘desktop’ software is not scalable and does not deliver what we are looking for • EMC Retrospect is a candidate, but it is not easy to use, not very flexible, rather expensive and has a difficult to understand interface • Archiware PresSTORE meets all the requirements. Only its ease of use might be a problem to computer illiterate photographers as it is a server product...
  • 11. What can PresSTORE do? • It enables you to backup continuously – • PresSTORE can archive your images to directly from the CompactFlash card to online and offline media an online disk (offload) • Archives contain ALL your images • It enables you to backup your Aperture without the need for special systems to Library or Lightroom catalogues be set up, and you can archive or backup including the image files at regular to multiple on-site & off-site storage intervals — even every 15 minutes if media simultaneously for added security that’s what it takes • Restoring specific images is a breeze – • You can backup or archive only specific you can select them visually in a images using Filters browser Take a look at the screencast