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6 DAM systems compared
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6 DAM systems compared


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Six DAM systems compared, including the newest announced DAM solution, Neutrino by Quasar Technologies.

Six DAM systems compared, including the newest announced DAM solution, Neutrino by Quasar Technologies.

Published in: Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Presents “A new Digital Asset Management (DAM) System enters the market” Meet NEUTRINO by Quasar Technologies & see how it performs against 5 others!
    • 2. Parameters tested
    • 3. Light weight system performance
    • 4. 2nd light weight system
    • 5. Portfolio strengths vs. Cumulus Ease of use Low cost of purchase Faster ingestion and search
    • 6. Why light weight? Not scalable enough for enterprise usage Grown from desktop system with all associated limitations None or very little automation possible
    • 7. All round production DAM
    • 8. Why ELVIS is NOT light weight Very scalable — Lucene search engine Built from scratch to integrate with 3d party systems Concentrates on management, not on editing All the benefits of desktop software because of interface & flexibility
    • 9. What ELVIS 1.x is NOT ELVIS is not created as part or module of an ECM or publishing system ELVIS cannot be upgraded to an ECM or publishing system, but can be integrated with major market players ELVIS is less suitable for broadcast environments and when trans-lingual functionality is important
    • 10. Niche DAM system
    • 11. WebNative’s strengths Brand Management Digital Rights Management Video support Just the right mix of management and editing tools
    • 12. WebNative’s weaknesses Expensive No strong multi language support Search capabilities not very flexible
    • 13. Enterprise scale DAM
    • 14. Artesia’s market strengths Upgrade path to Open Text ECM — one of the (if not THE) strongest ECM systems available All round system with strong brand management, broadcast management, and production functionality Ticks all the boxes: flexible, scalable, powerful
    • 15. Artesia’s Achilles heel Multi language support exists but transnational language support is unclear Automation of relationships — unclear how much effort this requires to program in
    • 16. The new kid on the block
    • 17. Neutrino is the challenger Strong support for transnational language functionality, i.e. you can search in one language and get results in all supported languages, and more Uses LOM (Learning Object Metadata) thesaurus model — more powerful than Dublin Core Upgrade path to full Dynamic Publishing Solution NUQLEO v6 Inexpensive, yet scalable, flexible and powerful!
    • 18. Neutrino faces challenges New system of a relatively unknown company based in Europe: not the most favourable point of entry into the market Not yet powerful enough in the broadcast support area to compete with Artesia on ALL fronts