OpenSDMX at the SDMX Conference 2011

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OpenSDMX at the SDMX Global Conference in Washington DC in May 2011. See also

OpenSDMX at the SDMX Global Conference in Washington DC in May 2011. See also

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  • 1. OpenSDMX Erik van Ingen FAO
  • 2. Introducing OpenSDMX• Faster SDMX implementations – Creating a network of users and developers – Cooperation between users and developers• Higher quality software• Continual upgrades• Cost savings – No need to develop software from scratch
  • 3. Distinguished value of OpenSDMX• Modular• Extensible through adapters• Based on REST protocol:
  • 4. REST protocol• REST: the next generation paradigm for webservices• SOAP is melting• Industry trend is toward RESTful• OpenSDMX implements REST
  • 5. Vital distinguishing value• OpenSDMX : Truly open source!• Source code management on the internet• Forum• Community driven• Agile approach• Project steering committee in progress
  • 6. These majors are using open source software: Firefox Google Android Linux Apache Why aren’t we?
  • 7. Why you should useOpenSDMX!• Publish your data in SDMX REST 2.1• Generating SDMX 2.0 and 2.1• Clear interface layers and modules• Data Adapters• No maintenance for generic software• Community driven development of new software versions
  • 8. OpenSDMX in actionBrowsers SDMX SDMX 2.1 consumer REST client O p e n S D M X Adapter1 Adapter2 Adapter3 Database
  • 9. Integrating OpenSDMXOpenSDMX (6600 lines of code) Your adapter (300 lines of code) Your DB Only a few weeks to write a simple adapter for generating one DSD and a GenericDataset!
  • 10. OpenSDMX Today 2011 Growing external interest 2011 RSDMX 2011 Exploring cooperation/merge with Metadata Technology and Eurostat 2011 Participating in the Eurostat Validation Engine project< 2010 FAO and D4Science serious about OpenSDMX
  • 11. The future of OpenSDMX• Implementing SDMX 2.1• Upload and edit functions for CSV, Codelist, DSD and Dataset• OLAP4J adapter to OLAP databases (Mondrian, etc. )• JSON with ZIP, solving the volume problem of SDMX
  • 12. NO End OpenSDMX thanks toFAO D4Science European Union
  • 13. OpenSDMX References • OpenSDMX home • Wiki • Forum • SCM (source code) • Production and demo site • (teamleader)OpenSDMX on the SDMX global conference May 2-4, 2011 Washington Worldbank