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  • Seven point 2 presentation

    2. 2. 5 BIG WELLNESS TRANSFORMATION 1 TREATMENT Weight Loss Increase Energy Joint Discomfort Anti Aging Skin Rejuvenation *** Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease – likely your body is very acidic ***
    3. 3. What causes them? Over Acidification of our Body Healthy Human Body – pH 7.365 *** alkaline environment full of oxygen… viruses, bacteria and fungus cannot live ***
    4. 4. Our Human Body RUNS ON Electricity & Electrons We consume FOOD for its electricity potential – affect the environment of the body ENEGIZE THE BODY
    5. 5. Human Body fluid is Alkaline saliva, blood transport electricity - electrons All functions of the Human Body is Acidic eating, moving, breathing, heart beat, thinking produces waste product - toxin
    6. 6. Eliminating waste products - TOXIN through Breathing, Sweating Urinating, Defecation
    7. 7. Waste Products - TOXIN NOT eliminated Store in Connective & Fatty tissue Give rise to – Diseases, Over Weight cause over acidification
    8. 8. Healthy Human Body Alkaline Environment pH 7.365 Stem cells foundation to make new blood favors in an alkaline environment Bacteria & fungus find it difficult to live in an alkaline environment
    9. 9. Taking care of the Human Body Highly Acidic Foods Body leach out minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium to maintain an Alkaline environment
    10. 10. 1 Treatment Balancing your BODY pH @ 7.365 How ? Test
    11. 11. Simple Alkaline Movement Drink Lemon Juice before Breakfast Consume Alkaline Food Exercise Healthy Human Body – pH 7.365
    12. 12. Simple Alkaline Movement It is HARD to do! because The food we love we still love The alkaline food we take We DON’T like Most of us don’t have the time to exercise or are too lazy to exercise
    13. 13. Simple & Easy Program The 7.2 Alkaline Movement
    14. 14. 1. Seven Point 2 SHAKE Organic Certified Brown Rice Non-GMO Yellow Pea Protein Amino acids Burning fat and becoming alkaline 100% Hypoallergenic Vegan Nutrients No Gluten No Dairy No Whey No Egg No Soy No Nuts No Sugar No Artificial Ingredients USD59.97
    15. 15. 2. Seven Point 2 GREENS Wheat Grass Barley Grass Oat Grass Cereal Grass Alfalfa Parsley Cabbage Carrot Kale Spinach Broccoli Broccoli Sprout Apple Raspberry All Certified Organic Ingredients Detoxify the body USD49.97
    16. 16. 3. Seven Point 2 GREEN CAPS Wheat Grass Barley Grass Oat Grass Parsley Cabbage Carrot Kale Spinach Broccoli Broccoli Sprout Feed your body the nutrients 100% Whole Food, Non-GMO, Vegan Nutrients 60caps USD29.97
    17. 17. 4. Seven Point 2 BOOSTER After having an acidic meal and beverage(s), works instantly to bring you from acidic pH levels to alkaline 120caps USD39.95
    18. 18. Molecular Hydrogen 5. Seven Point 2 RECOVERY – HydroFX Reduce Cell Damage & Inflammation Protect DNA Combat out of control cell growth Intestinal Protection Reduce Joint Discomfort Skin Rejuvenation Increase Stamina & Energy Reduce Lactic Acid Increase Cardio Protective Anti Aging Neuro Protective Antioxidant - Hydrogen generating - Alkaline Minerals 90caps USD39.95
    19. 19. 72 Days Weight Loss Transformation How ? The key is alkalinity, to produce REAL, lasting change 2 SHAKE - decrease hunger and sugar cravings 2 GREENS - cleanse your system 2 RECOVERY - staying fit and feeling young 1 BOOSTER - sleep better & alkalize your body USD299.97
    20. 20. Why is Health Care So Expensive? Prescription Drugs Defensive Medicine Administrative Fees
    21. 21. Financial Losses Die, Injured, Sick Avoid Risk – Stay at Home Accept Risk – Hope it never Happen Transfer Risk – Bet with Insurer Reduce Risk – Healthy Lifestyle
    22. 22. Insurance ? You’re betting you’re going to die, injured, sick The insurer is betting you won’t If you don’t die, injured, sick, you must buy the Insurance again until you win the bet!
    23. 23. Healthy Lifestyle Simple, Easy & FREE Get 3 customers on Autoship with combined volumes totaling 3 times your Autoship order and your product is FREE the following month
    24. 24. THANK YOU Presented by Call or email for further Information Erik Chang 019 559 2288 Nov 2013 version