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  • 但随着年龄的增长,三十岁的肌肤,玻尿酸的含量只有婴儿时期的 65% ,到了六十岁只有 25% 玻尿酸流失后的肌肤似的真皮层的含水量降低,渐渐失去弹性与光泽。
  • The hematopoietic stem cells found in cord blood are the  building blocks  of your blood and immune system and most readily reproduce into: Red Blood Cells  - which carry oxygen to all the cells in the body. White Blood Cells  – which fight infection. Platelets  – which aid in clotting in the event of injury.
  • Latest science on Apple Stem Cells: • Scientists are conducting intensive research on stem cells, which show tremendous potential to repair damaged tissues and organs. Stem cells are capable of self-renewal and can transform themselves into differentiated cells. Epidermal stem cells are crucial to replenish the skin cells that are lost due to continual shedding. When epidermal stem cells are depleted, the number of lost or dying skin cells outpaces the production of new cells, threatening the skin’s health and appearance. Like humans, plants also have stem cells. Scientists are keenly interested in a stem cell extract from the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple tree, whose fruit demonstrates an exceptionally long shelf-life. The extract, termed PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica, has been shown to stimulate human stem cell proliferation, protect stem cells against ultraviolet light-induced death, and mitigate aging-related alterations in gene expression. A human study showed that topical application of PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica reduced the depth of crow’s feet wrinkles after only two weeks.
  • Another test was conducted on blood stem cells. The protective effect against UV damage of Malus Domestica stem cell extract was evaluated by scientific analysis. Cells were incubated with different concentrations of Malus Domestica stem cell extract for 24h and were then exposed to UV radiation. The analysis, which measures the number of cells still living and therefore the damage from UV, was performed 48 hours after UV radiation. Results showed the capacity of Malus Domestica to protect cells from UV damage even at low concentrations.

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  • 于 至尊青春之美给 您于 至尊青春之美给 您Ecenta ForteEcenta Forte
  • 女人最怕!!!
  • 男人最怕!!!VS
  • 原蛋白胶SolubleCollagenPeptide瑞士苹果干 胞细Swiss applestem cell透明 酸质HyaluronicAcid胎 素盘EquinePlacenta大豆萃取Soyextract益生元Galacto-oligosaccharides混合浆果MixedBerries成分Ingredients
  • ELL ENEWAL HERAPY胞再生 法细 疗原还Restoring活化Rejuvenating保护Protecting
  • 什么需要为原蛋白胶 及透明 酸质 ?Why do we needCOLLAGEN & Hyaluronic Acid (HA)?什么需要为原蛋白胶 及透明 酸质 ?Why do we needCOLLAGEN & Hyaluronic Acid (HA)?11
  • 原蛋白胶Collagen透明 酸质Hyaluronic Acid保湿 水锁Hydrating保湿 水锁Hydrating嫩滋弹 润Rejuvenating嫩滋弹 润Rejuvenating原蛋白胶 及透明 酸质 皮 的功效对 肤The function of collagen & HA on skin
  • 01020304050607080901000 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 6520 后, 原蛋白会 始从人体大量流失岁 胶 开After The Age of 20, Fast Depletion Of Collagen90 90 8660352012 95 3 2 1.7原蛋白水平 (%)胶CollagenLevel年龄Age食物中的糖分导致胶原蛋白大量流失。Sugar in food damages the collagen in our skin.
  • 透明 酸会随着年 而流失!质 龄增长Body loses hyaluronic acid with age!紫外线及污染物导致皮肤减少制造透明质酸,皮肤干燥。The effects of UV radiation and environmental pollutants reduce theability of skin to produce hyaluronic acid, the skin becomes dehydrated.大约 40 ,透岁明 酸大量流失质
  • 胞 原细 还Cell Restoring1原蛋白胶SolubleCollagenPeptide透明 酸质Hyaluronicacid (HA)
  • 什么需要为瑞士苹果干 胞细 及胎 素盘 ?Why do we needSwiss Apple Stem Cells & Placenta Extract?什么需要为瑞士苹果干 胞细 及胎 素盘 ?Why do we needSwiss Apple Stem Cells & Placenta Extract?2
  • 外表比 年 更老的罪魁 首!实际 龄 祸The reason of why you look older than your age!
  • 一分 ,皮 大 有四万个每 钟 肤 约 死亡 胞细 从我 身体流失!们Skin loses about 40,000 DEAD SKIN cells from the surface almost everyminute!受 或死亡 胞需要被新 胞替代,伤 细 细新 胞从身体 个部分制造?细 哪Damage or dead skin cells need to be replaced by NEW cells.Which part of our body produces NEW cells?干 胞细Stem Cell面 事 !对 实Face The FACT!面 事 !对 实Face The FACT!胞再生细胞再生细Cell RenewalCell Renewal
  • 体内的“万能 胞”细Body’s “master” cell骨髓中的干 胞因年细 龄增加而 少, 致老化减 导加速,外表比 年实际 龄更老。Stem cells in bone marrowis reducing when aging.
  • 此苹果干 胞萃取已 刺激人 干 胞再生,保细 证实 类 细 护干 胞免受紫外 侵害及 少因老化而 致的基因改细 线 减 导。变The apple stem cell extract, has been shown to stimulate human stem cellproliferation, protect stem cells against ultraviolet light-induced death, andmitigate aging-related alterations in gene expression.PhytocellTec Malus DomesticaPhytocellTec Malus Domestica
  • 胞活化细Cell Rejuvenating2瑞士苹果干 胞细Swiss apple stem cell(PhytocellTec MalusDomestica)胎 素盘Equine Placenta
  • 功效: 抗 效果皱Effect : Anti-wrinkle effect利用苹果干 胞来保 最根本且重要的皮 干 胞, 延 皮 衰老,保持肌 青春,细 护 肤 细 实现 缓 肤 肤予肌 无限活力。赋 肤Apple stem cells can slow skin aging by protecting essential skin stem cells, keeping the skinlooking youthful longer, and giving it a better and more vital appearance.
  • 研究 ,苹果干 胞保 胞免受紫外 侵害证实 细 护细 线Results showed the capacity of Malus Domestica to protect cells from UV damage evenat low concentrations.功效: 抗紫外线Effect : Protection against UV radiation
  • 胞老化加速,附加胎 素以提升干 胞功效细 盘 细Placenta extract is added to enhance the health benefits of stemcells性温无毒、主添精、助气、益血、扶虚、治男女虚 、劳 一 温种和的滋 品,具有养补延 老化作用。缓Placenta: Elixir ofyouth(Compendium of Material Medical)胎 素即中医所称得“紫河 ”盘 车本草 目纲 记载胎 素萃取盘 Placenta Extract
  • 什么需要为Why do we need混合 果浆Mixed Berries powder大豆萃取Soy extracts低聚半乳糖Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS)什么需要为Why do we need混合 果浆Mixed Berries powder大豆萃取Soy extracts低聚半乳糖Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS)3
  • 3保 胞护细Cell Protecting混合 果浆Mixed Berriespowder大豆萃取Soy extracts低聚半乳糖Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS)抗 化 及 他命氧 剂 维 CAntioxidant & Vitamin C促 道吸收进肠Enhances theabsorption inintestine附加低聚半乳糖With GOS Added帮助制造 原蛋白及胶 弹性蛋白Production of collagen& elastin in the skin
  • 保湿锁水Hydrating修复除皱Repairing美白淡斑Brightening滋润活肤Rejuvenating之前Before之后After之前Before之后After之前Before之后After之前Before之后After透明质酸HA瑞士苹果干细胞SwissApple Stem Cell胎盘素PlacentaExtract胶原蛋白Collagen大平美 素美容功效颜Beauty effect of Ecenta Forte
  • 解 疼痛缓 关节Relieves joint pain增强体力、能量和性欲Enhances stamina &libido有助于丰胸Helps bustfirming强化指甲和 囊发Strengthens nail &hair follicle促 消化系 健康进 统Promotes healthydigestive system内分泌系调节 统Regulates hormonalsystem大平美 素颜大平美 素颜 的健康效益的健康效益Health Benefits ofHealth Benefits of Ecenta ForteEcenta Forte
  • 什么为什么为 大平美 素颜大平美 素颜 是 的首您 选是 的首您 选??WhyWhy Ecenta ForteEcenta Forte is your first choice?is your first choice?市 上第一 含有场 种 4 助 胞再生成分种帮 细。The first beauty product that contains of FOUR cellrenewal ingredients in one sachet.最新 有配方,富含专 7 高品 成分,种 质 让您有永恒 嫩肌 及青春。拥 弹 肤The latest proprietary formula containing perfect blendof 7 premium ingredients to deliver your eternal beauty& youthfulness.一 全面的肌 抗老化配方种 肤,附加益生元,有助吸收。An ultimate skin anti-agingformulation with prebiotic toenhance absorption.
  • 成分IngredientsTypeAType BTypeCTypeD大平美 素颜Ecenta Forte原蛋白胶Collagen√ √ √ √透明 酸质Hyaluronic Acid√ √干 胞细Stem cell√ √ √胎 素盘Placenta√ √ √大平美 素颜 超越一般美容保健品!Ecenta Forte, the leading anti aging supplement in the market!
  • 品 保质 证Quality Assurance
  • 见证美丽人生Witness the MiraculousChanges
  • 见证美 人生丽Witness the Miraculous ChangesName: Candy WanAge: 36
  • 服用指南:首 个月,每日 包,餐前及睡前服食。两 两保健用途:每日一包,餐前或睡前服食。Direction of use:For first 2 months, take 2 sachets daily before meal or before bedtime.For long term maintenance, take 1 sachet daily before meal or beforebedtime. 不含防腐剂 不含化学成分 不含人造色素 不含人造香精 不含人造甜味剂 No Preservatives No Chemicals No Artificial colorings No Artificial Flavors No Artificial SweetenersRP: 280