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4 power points to help you with your next presentation or talk - transform others!

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  • In the next 5 seconds – who can tell me what this is? Just yell it out! RIGHT! I have 4 points to share – let’s call them Power Points.This first slide is your last slide. So we are on point 1. Start with the end.
  • These 4 power points start with the end. That is, any presentation, voicemail, or talk you give should start with the end. You see here, there are 4 crossing lines making up the points. And you see our 1st and 4th point are identical. Start with the end.
  • You noticed a blank white spot for the 2nd point. Where are you looking now? Look at me!! I am talking with you, not the screen! Remember this when you speak – use a blank screen to bring attention back to you – or for a visual break.A blank screen to let the audience think.
  • A way to place a blank screen in most presentation programs is to use the W key for a white screen. Use a B key for a Black screen. Or place a slide in of your choosing.
  • Such as a blue screen.Why blue? Well it might be to cue your audience about something coming up?What might it be? Who can take a guess? Yell it out!
  • Yup, our 3rd point is a bit busy – point 3 is for 3 blue books, and a paper I want to highlight.There are many books – I will share these with you in the hopes that they might cause you to take action to improve your next presentation!
  • Resonate by Nancy Duarte is a blue book about presenting stories that transform audiiences.Every presentation you make can change your audience – make it fun, make it interesting!
  • You are here for your audience – transform your audience!
  • What does the black screen make you think of?Maybe death? Eric Berg can help you to conquer death.
  • His 5 steps will help you to conquer death by PowerPoint – where you audience glazes over and stops listening.One of his main lessons is that starting with Powerpoint limits your success. Before turning on the computer, start on paper first.
  • Speaking of paper –Before I get to the last book, I want to mention a paper. And like the 5 steps to conquer death, it also has a 5 in it.Frank Durso and colleagues have 5 guidelines for PowerPoint presentations – based on research and evidence. These 5 guidelines will help you improve your next presentation. Very exciting!!
  • Presentation Guidelines
  • Presentation Zen is by Garr Reyonds – out this year with a new, udpated edition.Who has heard of this book? What did you learn?What is zen?
  • Zen is about balance. This grid can help you add balance to your visuals.What is this? These 4 crossing lines are where you might place yourmain subject to make your visual more interesting – these are called power points!
  • Photographers, artists, and designers align images on Power Points. Virtually all web pages, books and magazines are built atop a grid like this.
  • Many believe we are naturally drawn to images aligned in this way.
  • Use power points to align and improve your presentation!
  • Tonight I have shared 4 points with you. Start with the endRemember the blank slide and use it!I introduced 3 blue books and a paper.
  • A blank screen to let the audience think.
  • When you see this grid you will remember the 4 points.Start with the end. Blank slide. 3 blue books. 4 power points.
  • Power points pk3_erikolsen_final

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