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The Great Geo Location Debate
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The Great Geo Location Debate


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  • 1. The Great Geo-Location Debate
    Columbus AMA
    Social Media SIG September Meeting
  • 2. Thank You Sponsor Fahlgren
  • 3. Announcements....
    November Social Media SIG Meeting: 
    Wednesday, November 3, 2010
    Dublin Entrepreneurial Center
  • 4. Geo-location: What is it?
    • Identification of the real-world geographic location of an object (cell phone or internet connected computer)
    • 5. Determines meaningful location (street address rather than geographic coordinates)
  • Geo-location can be determined by:
    • GPS coordinates
    • 6. IP Address
    • 7. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
    • 8. Wi-Fi Connection Location
  • A Few of the Key Geo-location Players
  • 9. Big Kid in the Sandbox: Foursquare
    Location based mobile media service based on your Twitter network with bonus of social gaming (launched 3/2009)
    Key Features
    • "Check In" at specific geographic locations earning points
    • 10. Twitter and Facebook interface 
    • 11. Review user-generated tips for locations nearby
    • 12. Earn badges
    • 13. Earn rewards as most frequent visitor or "Mayor"
  • In Distant Second Place: Gowalla
    Location based mobile media service with precise check-in locations with the added bonus of virtually "pickup and drop off" of items (Launched 3/2009)
    Key Features
    • Precise "Check in" locations
    • 14.  Piins for accomplishing stuff
    • 15. Top 10 lists of users for each venue
  • 16. Geo-location for Foodies: Yelp
    Allows users to write and share reviews of local businesses and restaurants with the ability to share reviews via Facebook and Twitter (Launched in 2004)
    Key Features
    • Offer and review user generated reviews
    • 17. Website interface to search by geographic location or type of venue or service
    • 18.  Facebook and Twitter interface
  • An Old Favorite: BrightKite
    One of the first geo-location apps available 
    Key Features
    • See nearby users
    • 19. "Check-in" 
    • 20. "Check-in" and post a photo
    • 21. "Check-in" and post a note
    • 22. Initiate communication with other users
  • New Front Runner: Facebook Places
    The long awaited location based service from the world's largest social network (Launched August 2010)
    Key Features
    • Can "Check In"  and add places that already exist
    • 23. Tag people you are with
    • 24. Check-in for a group
    • 25. Non-mobile browser interface
    • 26. Gowalla, Foursquare and Yelp integration
    • 27. Booya to launch social game, InCrowd
  • New Kid on the Block: Hunch
    A collective intelligence app that delivers personalized recommendations based on individual responses to a set of taste-determining questions
    Key Features:
    • Offers suggestions on restaurants, grocery stores, spas and more in a specific area
    • 28. Best utilized in urban areas
    • 29. Partnerships in the works with other social media networks
  • Stats to Think About
    • March 2010 Foursquare reported 725,000 registered users
    • 30. August 2, 2010: Foursquare reported 2.6 million registered users
    • 31. August 29, 2010: Foursquare surpasses 3 million registered users
    • 32. The August 2010 launch of Facebook Places resulted in Foursquare's biggest day of users registering -- likely comparison shopping 
  • Interesting Social Gaming Stats
    • As of August 2010: 56 million Americans play social games
    • 33. 1 out of 5 Americans 6 years and older has played an online game at least 1 time
    • 34. 53% of social gamers are women -- breaks 10 year trend of woman as minority game players
    • 35. 35% of social gamers have never played a traditional video game
  • On to the Main Event