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A summary of our 3 areas of focus and results that we have delivered for our clients.

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Connectthe Dots Overview

  1. 1. Providing  solutions for leadership development, team  dynamics and onboarding
  2. 2. Who we are Who we are Connect the Dots Consulting helps leaders and  Connect the Dots Consulting helps leaders and HR professionals build solutions to address  business challenges such as onboarding, team  business challenges such as onboarding team dynamics and leadership development.  We develop solutions that are based on proven  We develop solutions that are based on proven best practices and are customized to the  unique objectives and cultures of our clients.  unique objectives and cultures of our clients.
  3. 3. What we do What we do • Leadership development/coaching Leadership development/coaching – first‐time leaders – newly‐promoted l t d – onboarding – developmental • Team dynamics • Onboarding 
  4. 4. Bridge the talent gaps Bridge the talent gaps Connect the Dots’ methodology C t th D t ’ th d l Assess Create Implement • Evaluate  • Articulate  • Develop and  current talent future  q acquire talent  • What do you  requirements to meet  have & what’s  • What is  objectives missing? needed?  • Bridge the  gaps
  5. 5. Leadership Coaching Leadership Coaching We use innovative and practical approaches to  We use innovative and practical approaches to help leaders understand the impact their  p y p leadership styles and their performance have  on them and the organization.  We get to the heart of your coaching  g y g challenges and implement tools and processes  that drive results, accountability and measure  impact.
  6. 6. Coaching Model Coaching Model Measure Implement Impact Develop Action Assess Plan
  7. 7. Leadership Onboarding Leadership Onboarding Effective onboarding processes increases the  Effective onboarding processes increases the likelihood that your employees will be  engaged and choose to stay with your  engaged and choose to stay with your organization.  Our onboarding process is built on the  O b di i b ilt th foundation of providing key knowledge,  helping to build critical relationships, d h l i t b ild iti l l ti hi and  delivering actionable feedback. 
  8. 8. Leadership Onboarding Model p g Offer Accepted   Setup         Honeymoon     Reality     Adjustment     Transition Off A t d S t H R lit Adj t t T iti Gain  knowledge……….build relationships…………and receive feedback Prestart            Week 1      Month 1       Month 2       Month 3            Month 4    Full integration into role and culture Full integration into role and culture 0 months 4 months 18 months
  9. 9. Team Dynamics Team Dynamics We understand what the best teams do  We understand what the best teams do differently. We have helped a wide variety of  teams achieve increased cohesion, trust,  effectiveness and bottom‐line results.  We work with you to determine the objectives  and scope of a team engagement  and then  provide process consulting, group facilitation  and/or skill building to deliver the most  and/or skill building to deliver the most appropriate outcomes. 
  10. 10. Team Dynamics Model Team Dynamics Model Create Vision Identify Measure Success Profile Assess Coach Team Develop Strategies
  11. 11. How we work with clients How we work with clients • Consulting and advising:  – Building and presenting the business case  ld d h b – Determining best solution – Managing internal project team • Customizing best practice solutions – Leader Coaching process – Team process model – Building Connections® ld ® – Are You Connected?® • Integration Coaching g g – HR Partner – New Leader – Manager (boss) Connect the Dots Consulting
  12. 12. What we ve delivered What we’ve delivered The Business Challenge :Collect and deliver feedback to  transitioning leaders in a culture that can be uncomfortable  transitioning leaders in a culture that can be uncomfortable with feedback.  The HR leaders knew that transitioning leaders  needed feedback to be successful in the complex culture.   However, there was not a consistent methodology to gather  and deliver the feedback.  In addition the HR team did not have  the expertise to determine the appropriate behaviors to  measure Value Delivered: The  Are You Connected?® survey results and action  planning resources provided HR partners with the data‐based feedback  needed to give transitioning leaders a clear view of where they are hitting  and missing the mark.  Over one‐hundred (100) top leaders at TJX have  and missing the mark Over one‐hundred (100) top leaders at TJX have received feedback via this survey and have made the appropriate changes  for their success in their new roles.  The impact for TJX of this process is the  avoidable turnover or derailment of several key leaders.
  13. 13. What we ve delivered What we’ve delivered The Business Challenge : The need for leadership coaching  The Business Challenge : The need for leadership coaching as part of a larger executive development strategy was  identified.  Many of the leaders in OSUMC had “grown‐up” in  the organization and lacked the leadership skills now needed  for their increasingly complex roles and matrix‐style reporting  relationships. Value Delivered:  Chosen as a strategic partner, Connect the Dots worked  with the AVP of a large administrative function to coach a leader and his  team who were struggling with their internal customers.  After identifying  key objectives and collecting stakeholders’ feedback, we created a plan for  each leader.  Through individual and team coaching sessions, the group  each leader Through individual and team coaching sessions the group developed a clear view of how to be successful with their internal  customers.   Though they had been through some development activities  before, our work focused on awareness of current state, and practical, job‐ focused action steps that delivered results and behavioral changes.
  14. 14. What we ve delivered What we’ve delivered The Business Challenge : Cardinal expected its leaders be  able to understand and navigate its complex structure,  bl t d t d d i t it l t t processes, and culture. Leaders had to be able to make critical  decisions quickly and accurately in order to support the ever  changing demands of the businesses.  There was not formal  g g support to integrate new leaders and get them up to speed.  The HR team needed to respond by creating a process that  provided an “even playing field”. Value Delivered:  Connect the Dots partnered with both senior leaders and  V l D li d C t th D t t d ith b th i l d d the HR leadership team to create a four‐month structured onboarding  process.  Following a consistent process with clearly articulated roles and  responsibilities provides each leader with the Knowledge, Relationships and  p p g , p Feedback critical for success. This allows the new leaders at Cardinal to  decrease their time to effective performance.  New leadership teams have a  clear set of objectives an understanding of the complex culture and the  ability to give and receive feedback throughout the onboarding process. ability to give and receive feedback throughout the onboarding process
  15. 15. What we ve delivered What we’ve delivered The Business Challenge :The Audi leadership team was having  difficulty retaining new leaders hired into a specific role.  The hard  diffi lt t i i l d hi d i t ifi l Th h d and soft costs of turnover were becoming obvious and painful.  The  culture of the organization is very strong and expects new leaders  to “hit the ground running” and produce very quickly—without  g g p yq y support or feedback. The HR team knew the turnover would  continue if something was not done to support these new leaders. Value Delivered:  Connect the Dots worked together  with the  Value Delivered: Connect the Dots worked together with the Organizational Development (OD) group of Audi of America to implement  our leadership coaching onboarding model. To accommodate the Audi  culture, we coached the OD partner, as he coached the new COO.  In  addition, the Are You Connected? Early Feedback Survey was used to  ddi i h A Y C d? l db k S d provide the COO with critical data regarding as to how his stakeholders  experienced him during his first 90 days.  The COO is successfully  transitioned and has exceeded expectations according to his feedback. p g
  16. 16. Fast facts Fast facts • 40% of new leaders fail within their first 18 months               on the job    ‐2007 survey • The most critical part of a leader’s job is to execute results  through others. through others. • Teamwork is the ultimate competitive edge. • “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” –Ford Executive