Ildikó Szabó & Erika Bor: Our home country is Hungary ppt for International Week


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Ildikó Szabó & Erika Bor: Our home country is Hungary ppt for International Week

  1. 1. Our home country is Hungary 10/3/2011
  2. 2. General informationTerritory: 93,030 km2,Population: 10 million, million,Capital: Budapest, Budapest,Climate: continental, continental,EU and Schengen member, member,Central Europes largestfresh water lake (Balaton) Balaton)•Fligh time to Budapest:Rome:Rome: 1 hours 30 minsParis: 2 hours 5 minsHelsinki: 2 hours 15mins elsinki: 15minsLondon: 2 hours 15 minsMadrid: 3 hours 10 minsNew York: 9 hours 5 mins
  3. 3. Do you know this? this?
  4. 4. BudapestThe Capital of Hungary
  5. 5. Pécs and the Turkish MemoriesThe City of Sopron Szeged with it’s summer theatre Carnival of Flowers in DebrecenThe Castle ofVeszprém
  6. 6. The Country of Cultur and Fun• Pécs: European Capital of Culture 2010• A country of music: Liszt (200 years anniversary in 2011), Bartók, Kodály• Festivals: Sziget, Volt, Balaton Sound, Hegyalja, SZIN…• Formula-1 Hungarian Grand Prix• Traditions and Nature• Gastronomy, Wines, Pálinka
  7. 7. • Hungary is nr. 1 best travel value in Europe, 3rd in the world* !
  8. 8. Medicine: a major element of a new national economic strategy:– Health tourism investments based on natural resources (thermal waters, climate, etc.)– Complex development of medical industry (geothermic energy, balneology, pharmaceutical industry, medical equipments, bio- and nanotechnology, etc.)– Bio gardening and food processing– Mineral waters– Background industry and services (education, construction)
  9. 9. Great classic and trendy new hotels Zara Ramada Boutique Resort Hotel Aquaworld Danubius Gellért HotelRoyal Corinthia Hotel
  10. 10. Extraordinary spa venues Spirit Hotel Spa Resort Aquaworld Budapest Danubius Health Spa Resort Margit- sziget
  11. 11. State-of-the-artevent venues Lánchíd PalaceIH Event Center Symbol Budapest Material Event Center
  12. 12. Hospitality Pálinka Gulash (Pörkölt) Sausages Onion Paprika
  13. 13. Gyula• The name of the town is also men name but originaly a title• Many sightseeings: sightseeings: museums, castle, museums, castle, bath, bath, sport facilities, facilities, bars and restaurants• 10 primary schools, schools, 5 secondary schools and 1 university
  14. 14. Geographical location
  15. 15. Geographical location• Gyula town lies on the South-Eastern part of the Hungarian Great Plain. The town located in 5 km far from the Romanian border.• Some natural rivers near to the town, the Körös Rivers are the rivers of the cleanest water in Europe.
  16. 16. Border crossing• Romania became an EU member state on 1 January 2007, which made possible the simplification of administration also at the border station of Gyula. It enabled us to visit the neighbouring country’s towns with any fundamental personal paper (identity card, passport). The frontier control continues in existence, since Romania does not belong to the Schengen countries.
  17. 17. Population• In Gyula of 32 000 inhabitants, people of Hungarian, German and Romanian nationalities have been living together in peacefulness for long decades.
  18. 18. The Castle of Gyula
  19. 19. The Castle of Gyula• This towered, Gothic castle built between 1403 and 1445 has the best- preserved Gothic keep and chapel in Hungary. The building complex includes the Castle Baths. Theatrical productions are staged here in summer. The castle of Gyula is only a brick castle was left soundly in Central Europe.
  20. 20. The Castle of Bath
  21. 21. Festivals and events
  22. 22. Festivals and events• Végvári esték (border fortress evenings)• August the 20. the holiday of the foundation of a state• Gastronomic festivals and competitions• „Pálinka” festival, musical programs
  23. 23. Active tourism• Excursions• Water tourism• Equestrian tourism• Angling• Hunting• Further sport facilities
  24. 24. Accommodation• Hotels (Elizabeth Hotel, Corso Boutique Hotel) Four star hotels
  25. 25. Accommodation• Pensions• Private accommodation• Camp sites• Youth hostels• Rure accommodation
  26. 26. Szent István University Gyula
  27. 27. Focused on Szent Istvan University in Gyula• At the recommendation of the European Council, with American support, and as an affiliated department of the Medical School at the University of Debrecen, a nursing degree programme started in the town of Gyula in 1993.• The town has been providing beneficial possibilities for the health care programmes at the college level in Pandy Kalman Hospital for decades.
  28. 28. Our degree programmes• Nursing and Health Care basic degree subject• Social Worker basic degree subject• Sanitation Management degree subject - Health Tourism Management degree subject• Sanitation Management degree subject - Health Insurance degree subject
  29. 29. About Health Tourism• The unique degree programme started in the town of Gyula in 2006 as one of the first such programmes in Europe to train experts in the developing health industry and salutary tourism for the integration into a network of various new services (e.g., holistic medicine, wellness, fitness, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy) and the marketing of these services.
  30. 30. So-called Health tourism• Health tourism is one of the most dynamically growing lifestyle in the 21st Century.• Mostly, this sector focuses on the prevention of physical and mental illnesses.• Nowadays, health maintenance is very important – medication and recreation become one of the most useful business sectors.
  31. 31. Health tourism in Hungary• In Hungary, Szent Istvan University created the complex network of health tourism. My country rich of medical water resources may provide a new development alternative. (Hungary is the fifth richest country in the world interms of thermal waters and medicinal waters.)• In Hungary, the number of thermal bathes and wellness hotels providing services of high standards increased remarkably in the past years.• Most of the hotels have many wonderful beauty and care services (hairdressers, beautycians, solarium, pediceur, maniceur, massage).
  32. 32. Our subjects• Law, Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, Medicine Latin, Math, Statistics, Economy, Rural Economy, Informatics, Geography, Health Geography, Tourism, Wellness, Alternative Medicine (e.g. Yoga) Internal Medicines and so on.
  33. 33. Trainings• So far we have taken part in a couple of useful trainings in my country (in Bekescsaba and Matra).• I had to organise a special program (Literature Event) two years ago where I met many interesting people. I heard many beautiful poems there.
  34. 34. Trainings• As a student in Matra we went hiking with our classmates and teachers. We visited many public baths where we got some information about physiotherapies, saunas (for example Finnish), massages (such as Swedish), vapour- and bubble baths.
  35. 35. Why is it worth being a student in Gyula?• Gyula is one of the most beautiful small towns in Hungary. They have some famous spas and the high-standard hospital background.• The town has many thousand tourist lodgings possibilities from autumn to the beginning of summer for students to choose a good place to live.• There is a wide range of cultural life (Renaissance Carnivals, festivals, concerts) colourful events for the tourists from spring to autumn. The pubs and the beauty of the Mediterranean environment make the town an ideal place for spending youthful years.• The atmosphere of the university is familiar, it is not a ´knowledge factory´ education institute.• The university is well-equipped – you can find everything. (Electronic teaching centre, fitness-room, a healthy food- restaurant, library-room, computer-room and more new facilities.)
  36. 36. University`s life• Szent Istvan University has colourful student`s life similar to other universities – such as the Freshmen balls, so-called Szent Istvan University `Faculty Days` and Graduation ceremony.
  37. 37. University´s life Freshmen ball
  38. 38. Faculty daysOne year ago, we participated in Szent Istvan University`Faculty Days`(taking pictures of aura, Irisdiagnose,handwriting analysis, palm reading and tarot card reading, photocompetition and of course eating of delicious food).
  39. 39. `If you have a work instead of a job, every day is holiday.´ Paulo Coelho
  40. 40. Literature• 1. Lajos Köteles – Katalin Rozsnyai: Az egészségturizmus-szervez szak szakalapítási kérelme. (Foundation application of the health tourism organizer programme), TSC Institute of Healthcare Studies, Gyula, 2002• Lajos Köteles – Katalin Rozsnyai: Határmenti turizmusfejlesztés humáner forrásainak korszer sítése. (Bringing to date the human resources cross border tourism development), PHARE CBC project proposal. TSC Institute of Healthcare Studies, Gyula, 2003• Lajos Köteles: Az egészségturizmus, mint a turizmus oktatásának új területe. (Health tourism as the new field of tourism training), 2006 (under publication)• Katalin Rozsnyai: Magyar-román együttm ködési lehet ségek a turizmusban. (Possibilities of Hungarian and Romanian cooperation in tourism), European Challenges 2 scientific conference, University of Szeged, pp. 176-180. 2003 (2)• György Székely: Hungarian National Tourist Office
  41. 41. Thank you for your attention!