Erika Bor: The beautiful hungary's hidden treasures


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Erika Bor: The beautiful hungary's hidden treasures

  1. 1. Erika Bor – Health Tourism Student Szent István University, Hungary 2012
  2. 2. 1. Why Hungary? 2. General Information 3. Absolute Geography Location 4. Relative Geography Location 5. Natural Conditions of Hungary6. Unique Natural Conditions of Hungary7. UNESCO World Heritage in Hungary
  3. 3. 8. Hungary’s Magnificent Endowments 9. Accommodation - Hotels in Budapest10. Festivals and Celebrations in Hungary 11. Gastronomy of Hungary 12. Famous Hungarians 13. Bibliography
  4. 4. ‘The secret of water conceived in the ice…’- Jack Kerouac: On the Road -
  5. 5. because of many festivals and interesting attractions (sight-seeings), wonderful historical monuments, delicious gastronomy and visiting the wine growing areas, excellent hotels, spas and wellness services, beneficial effect of fabulous thermal water, hiking in the mountains (Mátra, Bükk, Mecsek…) and swimming in the lake Balaton, lake Velence and lake Tisza…
  6. 6.  At last but not least, because AngelinaJolie, Brad Pitt, Robert Redford, SalmaHayek, Goldie Hawn, ArnoldSchwarzenegger, Kate Beckinsale, Madonna,Antonio Banderas, Daniel Craig, SylvesterStallone, Hugh Jackman and Bruce Willislived in Hungary and they were satisfied witheverything – in my opinion.
  7. 7. Territory: 93. 030 km2Population: 10 millionCapital: BudapestForm of Government:Parliamentary democracyLanguage: HungaryCurrency: HUF(1 Euro=280 HUF) Photo by Google
  8. 8. Hungary is a member of the EuropeanUnion, NATO and is a Schengen state.Administrative divisions: Hungary has19 counties and 7 regions.
  9. 9. 19 Counties (County Seats)1) Bács-Kiskun (Kecskemét) 1) Komárom-Esztergom2) Baranya (Pécs) (Tatabánya)3) Békés (Békéscsaba) 2) Nógrád (Salgótarján)4) Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén 3) Pest (Budapest) (Miskolc) 4) Somogy (Kaposvár)5) Csongrád (Szeged) 5) Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg6) Fejér (Székesfehérvár) (Nyíregyháza)7) Győr-Moson-Sopron (Győr) 6) Tolna (Szekszárd)8) Hajdú-Bihar (Debrecen) 7) Vas (Szombathely)9) Heves (Eger) 8) Veszprém (Veszprém)10) Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok 9) Zala (Zalaegerszeg) (Szolnok)
  10. 10. 19 Counties of Hungary Photo by Google
  11. 11. Since 1996, the counties and city of Budapest havebeen grouped into 7 regions:1) Northern Hungary2) Northern Great Plain3) Central Hungary4) Central Transdanubia5) Westren Transdanubia6) Southern Transdanubia Photo by Wikipedia7) Southern Great Plain
  12. 12.  Hungary is located in closer to the Arcticcircle than to the Equator. Hungary is one of East Central Europeancountries. Most of the country has an elevation offewer than 200 meters. The highest point inthe country is Kékes (1014 m) in the Mátramountains northeast of Budapest.
  13. 13. Neighbouring countries: Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.
  14. 14. Climate Climate of Hungary is temperate continental,it means there are 4 seasons. Warm summer (30-36º C) cold winter (-15-10º C), the autumn is very rainy, while thespring is pleasant and beautiful.
  15. 15. In the West: Noticeable effect on the Ocean,with a lot of precipitation.In the South: Mediterranean power, with hotdry summers and mild winters.Around the Middle-Tisza: Continental, withlittle rainfall, the highest number of sunshinehours.
  16. 16. Relief in HungaryMountains:I. Alpokalja Sopron mountains Sopron mountains Kőszeg mountains Vas hills Kőszeg mountains Vas hills Photos by Google
  17. 17. II. Transdanubian mountainsBakony Bakony Keszthely mountains Tapolca Basin Balaton Uplands Southern Bakony Northern Bakony Keszthely Bakonyalja Sokoró Vértesalja Balaton UplandsPhotos by Google
  18. 18. Vértes mountains Velence mountains Gerecse Dunazug mountains  Gerecse mountains  Buda mountains  Pilis mountains Vértes Danube bend PilisPhotos by Google Dobogókő (in Pilis) where the heart of the Earth beats
  19. 19. III. Transdanubian hills Zala hills Somogy hills Zala hills Zselic Baranyai-Hegyhát (Orfű) Tolnai-Hegyhát Baranyai-Hegyhát Szekszárd hills Somogy hills Zselic Geresd hills Mecsek Baranya hills Villány mountains Villány mountains Mecsek Photos by Google
  20. 20. IV. North Hungarian Mountains Visegrád mountains Visegrád Börzsöny Cserhát Börzsöny Mátra Bükk Cserhát Cserehát Mátra Eperjes-Tokaj mountains Zemplén mountains BükkPhotos by Google Zemplén
  21. 21. Photo by Erika Bor…the hightest point of Hungary is Kékes 1014 m
  22. 22. Photo by Google
  23. 23. HydrographyRivers Danube, Tisza, Körös, Maros, Bodrog, Rába,Rábca, Gyöngyös, Zagyva, Tarna, Sajó, Hernád,Kraszna, Szamos, Túr, Marcal, Zala, Dráva…Lakes Lake Fertő, Lake Balaton, Lake Velence andLake Tisza…
  24. 24. Danube (Duna) Photo by Erika Bor
  25. 25. Tisza Photos by Google
  26. 26. Körös Photo by Erika Bor
  27. 27. Lake Fertő Photos by Erika Bor
  28. 28. Balaton – The Hungarian Sea Photo by Google
  29. 29. Map of Balaton SIÓFOK – OULU PARKPhotos by Google
  30. 30. Lake Velence Photos by Google
  31. 31. Lake TiszaPhotos by Google
  32. 32. Lake TiszaPhotos by Google
  33. 33. Geothermal gradient in Hungary is 5oº C/100 m as an average,which is about 1 and a 1/2 times as high as the worldwide average.The reason is that in the Pannonian basin including also Hungary, thehot magma is nearer the surface. The mean temperature is about 10º C on the surface and the rocktemperature is 60º C at the depth of 1 km and 110º C at the depth of 2km. The greatest depth of the investigated aquifers of good transmissivityis 2,5 km. Temperature here is already as high as 130-150º C.
  34. 34. Hungary is extremely rich in thermal waters whichare world scale and on European scale it isoutstanding.Most of the mineral and medicinal waters containdissolved minerals them with curative powers, andmakes them suitable for bathing and drinking cures.
  35. 35. The water contains radioactivity, sulphurous acid, saltbromine carbonate or iodine. Europes only cave-spa is inNortheast Hungary, while lake Hévíz is the best knownhot water (33 °C) medicinal-water lake in Europe. For decades Budapest has been enjoying the name of theworlds spa capital. Some of its baths had been alreadyoperating during the Turkish occupation (16 th-17 thcenturies). There are some two dozen baths and 13 spasin the capital. Hungarys mineral water production was 358 millionlitres in 2000.
  36. 36. Berekfürdő Spa Bath The water contains alkali hydrogen carbonate, iodine,chloride, bromide, fluoride, sodium and calcium. The bathhas great effect on patients with gynaecological, rheumaticand locomotor diseases (spinal, knee-joint, hip jointsclerosis) and it is also good for posttraumatic extendedcare. Bük Spa Bath is well-known all over Europe. The medicinal water is contains calcium magnesium hydrogen carbonated thermal waters. It provides an excellent cure for all kinds of locomotor disorders.
  37. 37. Debrecen The alkali chloric, hydrogen carbonated water is used againstdifferent diseases like chronic arthritis, chondritis, orthopaedicdeformation, post traumatic extended care, certain heart andcirculatory disturbances, numerous gynaecological troublesand nervous complaints.Eger Mineral sourche of Eger has many good effect on patientswith rheumatic and locomotor diseases, gynaecologicaltroubles and nervous complaints.
  38. 38. Gyula The thermal water of castle-bath contains alkali hydrogencarbonate chloride. The 72°C water is providing healing in locomotordiseases, local nervous complaints, posttraumatic extendedcare, acid stomach problems, gynaecological inflammatorytroubles. The castle bath has magnetotherapic treatment, galvanicbath, inhalatorium treatment, effervescent bath andtangentor treatment.
  39. 39. Hajdúszoboszló The thermal bath is world-famous which water is wellingup from 1100 metres. The spa bath provides a wideselection of physiotherapeutic and balneotherapeutictreatments for the patients.Harkány The 180 year-old Harkány Bath and Swimming Pool isoften called ’The Heaven of the Rheumatic’. The spa bathfounded by the Batthyány family. Nowadays more andmore foreigner and Hungarians are visit the Harkány Bath.
  40. 40. HévízThe lake Hévíz is one of the best-known spa resorts inEurope. The temperature of the medicinal water is 33–35°C duringthe summer and doesnt go under 26°C even during thecold winter days. The mud covering the bottom of the lake which is contentsa high organic material. The mixture of the mud and thethermal water is an ideal substance of mudpack.Especially curative for skin and locomotor diseases.
  41. 41. Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő The natural alkali and hydrogen carbonatedwater is used against different diseases likelocomotor and arthritic diseases, rheumatic andgynaecological troubles.
  42. 42. Sárvár The water has several important components like sodiumchloride, hydrogen carbonate, iodine, bromine, fluorine,and many trace elements. The famous Sarvar cristal isproduced from the high salt concentration of mineral water. The alkali carbonate thermal water contains mainly sodiumchloride, bicarbonate, trace elements, sulfur and radon isnot. The medical water has excellent effect on people who aresuffered from locomotor diseases, gynaecological troubles,skin problems, nervous complaints or after-treatment ofsport injuries.
  43. 43. Zalakaros became well-known worldwide 35 years ago whenthermal water was explored here. The water with hydrocarbons proved to be veryeffective in healing chronic gynaecological troubles,paradentitis, chronic arthritis and in the aftertreatment of patients who are suffered fromorthopaedic, nerve-surgical and surgical locomotordisorders.
  44. 44. Thermal Waters and Baths in Hungary Hajdúszoboszló, Debrecen, Püspökladány Berekfürdő, Szolnok, Cserkeszőlő Vásárosnamény, Kisvárda, Nyíregyháza Tiszakécske, Kecskemét, Kiskunmajsa, Kalocsa Gyula, Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő, Füzesgyarmat Miskolc, Mezőkövesd, Tiszaújváros Eger, Egerszalók, Parád Pásztó, Balassagyarmat, Bátonyterenye Pest, Cegléd, Nagykáta, Leányfalu
  45. 45.  Gárdony, Vajta, Dunaújváros Esztergom, Komárom, Tata Pápa, Balatonfüred, Tapolca Győr, Mosonmagyaróvár, Balf Sárvár, Bükfürdő, Szombathely Hévíz, Zalakaros, Lenti Harkány, Sellye, Sikonda Nagyatád, Barcs, Igal Tamási, Dunaföldvár…
  46. 46. Mineral and Medical Waters of Hungary Literature:
  47. 47. Bath of Gyopáros Miskolctapolca Cave Bath Aqua Park in Hajdúszoboszló The Castle Bath of Gyula The Turkish Bath of Eger Miskolctapolca Thermal And Cave Bath Photos by Google
  48. 48. HévízThe red water-lily is the most widely known symbol of Hévíz Photos by Google
  49. 49. Budapest Rudas Bath Gellért Thermal Bath Széchényi Bath Rác BathPhotos by Google
  50. 50. Bük Bath GyőrHarkány Photos by Google
  51. 51. 1. 2. 1. Sárvár 2. Zalakaros 3. Sikonda 3.Photos by Google
  52. 52. Balatonfüred Photos by Google
  53. 53. Mineral Water of Hungary Szentkirályi  Hunyadi János Jana  Apenta Visegrádi  Igmándi Bonaqua  Mira Naturaqua  Jodaqua of Sóshartyán Theodora Quelle  EmeseAve  Fonyódi Veritas  Parádi Salvus  Mizse Photo by Google
  54. 54. Photos by Google
  55. 55. Photos by
  56. 56. ‘Water has no taste, no color, no odor; it cannot be defined, art relished while evermysterious. Not necessary to life, but rather life itself. It fills us with a gratificationthat exceeds the delight of the senses.’ - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - Photo by Google
  57. 57. The Royal Spas of Europe (high quality baths withtraditions) were founded in Bad Wildungen in 1988.The founding members were Bath, Bad, Wildungen andBudapest.The organization later added:Archena, Baden Baden, Bad Neuenahr, Bayreuth,Marienbad, Naantali, Sárvár
  58. 58. The Royal Spas of Europe Where once emperors, kings, high nobility and famous heads of state found relaxation of the highest standard, you too are cordially invited to let yourself be treated like a king. Royal Spas return you to a time when European spas were flourishing experience wellness in sublime elegance. These are European spas and health resorts rich in tradition: emperors, kings, members of the high nobility and famous heads of state can be counted among their guests, making them famous 58
  59. 59. Hungary has204 certified medical waters228 certified minerals70 certified medical baths13 certified health resorts31 medical hotels5 certified medicinal caves5 recognized wellness muds1 natural Carbon-dioxide dry bath (gas)
  60. 60. Medical Hotel in Kékestető (Mátra) Photos by Erika Bor
  61. 61. Certified Medicinal Caves1) Béke cave in Jósvafő (BAZ county)2) Medicinal cave of local hospital in Tapolca (Veszprém county)3) Szemlőhegy cave ‘Giant corridor’ in Budapest (Budapest county)4) István cave of Lillafüred ‘Black room’ in Miskolc (BAZ county)5) Abaliget cave ‘Medical room’ in Abaliget (Baranya county) Indications for using cold cave is respiratory diseases (lungasthma) Indications for using warm cave is musculoskeletal disorders anddiet
  62. 62. Szemlőhegy Cave Tapolca Cave Certified Béke Cave Abaliget Cave Medicinal CavesSzent István Cave Photos by Google
  63. 63. Wellness Muds of Hungary Makó Hajdúszoboszló Tiszasüly Alsópáhok Hévíz Photos by Google
  64. 64. Mofette in MátraderecskeHere there is the only natural Carbon-dioxide dry bathof the country, a mofette operates, where patientssuffering from vascular and locomotor diseases aretreated. Photos by Google
  65. 65. - Hungarian patent in the medicine of the spine -It is one of the most known treatment methods,which was introduced by Károly Moll dr. in Hévíz.The Patient is anchored on neck, fortified on arms.He/she hangs in water, has on ankles weights of 2-20 kg fixed with a belt.The target of this treatment method is to stretch thespine. (Hajdúszoboszló, Hévíz, Zalakaros, Sárvár.)
  66. 66. Weight Bath – Hungarian Invention Photos by Google
  67. 67. 1) Fertő-Hanság National Park2) Őrség National Park3) Balaton-Uplands National Park4) Duna-Dráva National Park5) Kiskunság National Park6) Duna-Ipoly National Park7) Bükk National Park8) Aggtelek National Park9) Hortobágy National Park10) Körös-Maros National Park Photo by
  68. 68. In Hungary there are 10 National Parks and their logos…
  69. 69. Körös-Maros National Park Balaton Uplands National Park Hortobágy National Park Duna-Dráva National Park Kiskunság National Park Fertő-Hanság National Park Bükk National Park Őrség National Park Duna-Ipoly National ParkAggtelek National Park Photos by Google
  70. 70. 1) Sopron wine region 1) Tolna wine region2) Nagy-Somló wine region 2) Szekszárd wine region3) Zala wine region 3) Pécs wine region4) Balaton Uplands wine region 4) Villány wine region5) Badacsony wine region 5) Hajós-Baja wine region6) Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region 6) Kunság wine region7) Balatonboglár wine region 7) Csongrád wine region8) Pannonhalma wine region 8) Mátra wine region9) Mór wine region 9) Eger wine region10) Etyek-Buda wine region 10) Bükk wine region11) Ászár-Neszmély wine region 11) Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region
  71. 71. Photos by Goolgle
  72. 72. Hungarian wines are winning more and more prestigious awards… …from the likes of Vin Italy, Vin Expo Award winning wines in 2008 Bordeaux and Londons IWSC for its Cabernets, Merlots and Sauvignon Blancs.In 2008, our drinks were the winners from 554 wines of 21countries there.Hungarians became richer by 37 gold medalsand 80 silver medals on the IX. VinAgoraNational Wine Competition.
  73. 73. ‘…Hungarians even influenced Californias wine industry when in 1861 Hungarian immigrant, Ágoston Haraszthy, shipped 300 different vine-stocks to the West Coast. Wine is of such importance to Hungarians that it is mentioned in Hungary’s national anthem…’ The biggest such event is the Budapest Wine Festival, held every September on Buda Castle Hill. The best wine makers from all over Hungary are present.Photo by Google
  74. 74. Forest Railway in Lillafüred Forest Adventure Park Bobsled Track in MátraPhotos by Google
  75. 75. In Budapest… 2. 1. 1. Sight seeing double-decker-bus (többemeletes városnéző busz) 2. Funicular railway (sikló) 3. Rack-and-pinion railway (fogaskerekű) 3. Photos by Google
  76. 76. Amphibious bus (Kétéltű busz) in Budapest Photos by Google
  77. 77. János hill - Chair lift  The Chair Lift (Libegő) is one of the most interesting activities on Buda hills.Photos by Erika Bor
  78. 78. 1. Budapest, including the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue (C) (since1987 + 2002)2. The Old Village of Hollókő and its surroundings (C) (since 1987)3. The Aggtelek National Park and the Caves (N) (since 1995)4. The 1000 Year Old Benedictine Monastery of Pannonhalma and it’s surroundings (C) (since 1996)5. The Hortobágy National Park (C-cultural landscape) (since 1999)6. The Early Christian Catacombs in Pécs (C) (since 2000)7. The area around the Lake Fertő (Neusiedlersee) (C-cultural landscape) (since 2001)8. The historical Tokaj Wine Region (C-cultural landscape) (since 2002)Abreviations:C = cultural categoryT = natural category
  79. 79. 5. 3. Budapest 5. Aggtelek 2. Pannonhalma 4. 6.1. Fertő 1. 2. 3. 7. 6. Tokaj 4. Hollókő 7. Hortobágy 8. Photos by Google 8. Pécs Unesco World Heritage in Hungary
  80. 80. I. PEST COUNTYI./1. Budapest ’The pearl of the Danube’Political, cultural, commercial, industrial andtransportation centre Saint Stephen’s BasilicaSights: Saint Stephen’s Basilica Matthias Church Fisherman’s Bastion Fisherman’s Bastion Matthias Church Buda Castle Heroes’ Square Vajdahunyad Castle City Park (Városliget) Buda Castle Photos by Erika Bor
  81. 81. Heroes’ Square Photo by Erika Bor
  82. 82. Photo by Erika Bor Vajdahunyad Castle
  83. 83. Photos by Erika BorPhoto by Erika Bor Vajdahunyad Castle City Park
  84. 84.  Andrássy Street Monument of Gül baba (Turkish atmosphere) Parliament Rózsadomb (Budapest’s villa quarters) Parliament Building Hungarian Jewish Memorial Margaret Island (Margit-sziget) Hungarian Academy of Sciences Hungarian Jewish Memorial The Hungarian State Opera House Gresham Palace Gellért Hill and the Citadel Hungarian State Opera House János HillPhotos by Erika Bor On János Hill
  85. 85. Gellért Hill and the Citadel Gresham Palace Citadella és Gresham jön ide Photos by Google
  86. 86. Margaret Island Photos by Google
  87. 87. St. Elisabeth Church Vigadó Concert Hall  Vigadó Concert Hall  Saint Elisabeth Church  The Great Synagogue  New York Café  Andrássy Avenue  Váczi Street Synagogue New York Café  National Theatre  Mogyoród (Formula 1 races)Andrássy Avenue Váczi Street National Theatre Mogyoród – F1 Photos by Google
  88. 88. Ruin-pubs in Budapest (Romkocsmák)‘Ruinpubs often move to a new place, or close for someyears, then open in a new place again. They are are notonly good places to drink and have a party but alsofunction as cultural community areas with film clubs,theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions, and creativeworkshops, too. They do not work in a franchise system,there is no specified design, and there are no rules, howto make them. Every place has a unique style andatmosphere.’
  89. 89. Andy Vajna’s Restaurant (Nobu)Gundel Restaurant Photos by Google
  90. 90. Bridges of Budapest Árpád Bridge Elisabeth Bridge Széchenyi Chain Bridge Elisabeth Bridge Széchenyi Chain Bridge Margaret Bridge Megyer Bridge Petőfi Bridge Rákóczi Bridge Megyer Bridge Liberty Bridge Petőfi Bridge Liberty Bridge Photos by Google
  91. 91. Museum and Art GalleriesMuseum of Fine Arts (Szépművészeti Múzeum) Museum of Fine ArtHungarian National Gallery (Magyar Nemzeti Galéria)www.mng.huEthnographical Museum (Néprajzi Múzeum) Hungarian National GalleryHungarian National Museum (Magyar NemzetiMúzeum) Hungarian National Museum Photos by Google
  92. 92. Museum of Applied Arts (Iparművészti Múzeum)www.imm.huKunsthalle (Műcsarnok)www.mucsarnok.huPalace of Arts (Művészetek palotája)www.muveszetekpalotaja.huPhotos by Google
  93. 93. House of Hungarian Photography(Magyar Fotográfusok Háza) House of Hungarian Photographywww.maimano.huStatue Park Museum (Szobor Park) Jewish Museumwww.szoborpark.huJewish Museum of Budapest(Budapesti zsidómúzeum) House of TerrorHouse of Terror MuseumPhotos by Google
  94. 94. Memento Park Photos by Erika Bor
  95. 95. Memento Park Photos by Erika Bor
  96. 96. I./2. Gödöllő Gödöllő Castle Sissy Photo by Erika Bor
  97. 97. Gödöllő – Sissy CastleDanube BendSzentendreVisegrád Photos by Erika Bor
  98. 98. Gödöllő Photos by Erika Bor
  99. 99. Danube BendSzentendreVisegrád Photo by Erika Bor
  100. 100. Danube Bend and Pilis Mountains Photos by Erika Bor
  101. 101. I/3. Szentendre Sights:  Szamos Marzipan Museum  Belgrad Cathedral Marzipan Museum Belgrad Cathedral  Szentendre Main Square  Ferenczy Museum  Kmetty Museum  Margit Kovács Museum  Peter-Paul Church Szentendre Main Square  Saint Andrew Church  Szentendre Danube  Szentendre Open-Air Museum of Ethnography Szentendre Danube Photos by GoogleChurches of Szentendre
  102. 102. S Z E N T E N D RSKANZE N Photos by Google
  103. 103. I/4. Visegrád C a s t l e O f Visegrád Photos by Erika Bor
  104. 104. II. NOGRÁD COUNTY – ‘Palóc land’II./1. Ipolytarnóc – ‘Prehistoric Pompeii’ This is one of the worlds richest complex fossil footprint find site.II./2. Hollókő Old Village Photos by Google
  105. 105. III. HEVES COUNTYIII./1. EgerSigths: The Minorite Church Dobo Square Dobo Square The Minorite Church The Eger Basilica The Cistercian Church The Cistercian Church The Castle of Eger The Cathedral Károly Eszterházy Teachers’ Training College Photos by Erika Bor
  106. 106. TheCASTLEofEGER Photos by Erika Bor
  107. 107.  Eger Minaret Franciscan Church County Hall Érsek Garden The Valley of the Beautiful Women (Szépasszony-völgye) – Wine Cellars The Valley of the Beautiful Women Eger Minaret Érsek Garden Photos by Google
  108. 108. III./2. Mátra and Kékestető Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  109. 109. Kékestetőa Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  110. 110. a Kékes Tv Tower Photos by Erika Bor
  111. 111. KékestetőI/4. Visegrád Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  112. 112. III./3. Mátra Museum in Gyöngyös Photo by Erika Bor Photos by Erika Bor
  113. 113. IV. BORSOD-ABAÚJ-ZEMPLÉN COUNTYIV./1. Miskolctapolca C A V E B A T H Photos by Erika Bor
  114. 114. IV./2. Bükk Photo by Erika Bor
  115. 115. IV./3. Szilvásvárad Szalajka Valley Fátyol Waterfall (1) 1 Look-out Tower of Millenium (2) Istállóskő Prehistoric Cave (3) Lipica Stud (4) 2 4 3 Photos by Google
  116. 116. IV./4. LillafüredPhotos by Erika Bor
  117. 117. IV./4. Lillafüred Photos by Erika Bor
  118. 118. IV./5. The Castle of DiósgyőrPhotos by Erika Bor
  119. 119. IV./6. SárospatakSights: Megyer Mountain Tarn Castle of Sárospatak (Rákóczi Castle) Photos by Google
  120. 120. IV./7. Tokaj wine region… Photos by Google
  121. 121. IV./8. Caves of Aggtelek Karst Photos by Google
  122. 122. IV./9. Jósvafő Top Sights:  Baradla Cave  Béke Cave Baradla Gallery Photos by Google
  123. 123. V. HAJDÚ-BIHAR COUNTYV./1. Debrecen‘The City of Independence’ Protestant Great ChurchTop Sights: Protestant Great Church City Park and Aquaticum Déry Museum Zoo Amusement Park Reformed College Déry Museum University of Debrecen University of Debrecen (founded in 1538) Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Museum Photos by Google
  124. 124. V./2. HajdúszoboszlóHungarospa Photos by Erika Bor
  125. 125. V./3. Hortobágy Pusta Attractions: 1  Shepherd Buildings in the Pusta (1)  Nine-hole Bridge (2)  Máta Stud (3)  Hortobágy Inn (4)  Hortobágy Museum  Hortobágy National Park 2  Hortobágy Wild Animal Park Photos by Google3 4
  126. 126. VI. BÁCS-KISKUN COUNTY VI./1. Kecskemét Tourist Attractions: Kecskemét Town Hall  Zoltán Kodály InstituteOrnamental Place  Ornamental Palace  József Katona Theatre  Museum of Hungarian Folk Art  Zoltán Kodály Institute of Musical Education  Saint Nicholas Church József Katona Theatre Photos by Google St. Nicholas Church
  127. 127. VI./2. Kalocsa The Sights of KalocsaArchiepiscopal Palace  Archiepiscopal Palace and Library Cathedral  Archiepiscopal – Treasury  Cathedral  Paprika Museum Paprika Museum Photos by Google
  128. 128. VII. CSONGRÁD COUNTY Klauzál SquareVII./1. Szeged ‘A city of intellectuals’ Dugonics SquareSights: Széchenyi Square Széchenyi Square Arad Martyrs Square Klauzál Square Dugonics Square Arad Martyrs Square Musical Clock City Hall Musical Clock Tisza City Hall Pick Salami and Szeged Paprika Museum Photos by
  129. 129.  New Synagogue Reök Palace Szeged Cathedral Synagogue Reök Palace Ferenc Móra Museum Szeged National Theatre Gróf Palace Szeged National Theatre Saint Stephen Square and The Water Tower Protestant Church Photos by Gróf Palace The Water Tower Protestant Church
  130. 130. Szeged Cathedral Photo by Google
  131. 131. Szeged Photos by Erika Bor
  132. 132. Reformed ChurchVII./2. HódmezővásárhelySights: Calvinist Old Church Trinity Church Greek Ortodox Church Reformed Church Synagogue Synagogue Gallery of The Plain János Tornyai Museum City Hall Farm Museum of Gorzsa Bakay Fountain Bakay Fountain City Hall Photos by Google
  133. 133. Memorial Point Museum Photo by Erika Bor
  134. 134. Photos by Erika Bor
  135. 135. Photos by Erika Bor
  136. 136. VII./3. Mórahalom Elisabeth Bath Park Church Photos by Erika Bor
  137. 137. VII./4. ÓpusztaszerThe National Historical Memorial Park is a memorial park andopen-air museum of Hungarian in Ópusztaszer. It was established in 1982 and is most famous tourismattractions is the Feszty Panorama, a cyclorama depicting thearrival of the Hungarians to the Carpathian Basin in 895.The location of the first Hungarian Parliament is Ópusztaszer. Photos by Google
  138. 138. VIII. KOMÁROM-ESZTERGOM COUNTYVIII./1. Esztergom ‘The city of Saint Stephen’ 1Espoo was Esztergoms first sister city.In Esztergom St. Stephen was crowned and here the crown jewels isconsidered.Sights: City Hall (1) Castle Hill, Cathedral Treasury (2) 2 Castle Museum Esztergom Basilica (3) Saint Anne Church Esztergom Christian Museum Széchenyi Square with its monument buildings and statues Balassa Museum 3 Mihály Babits Memorial House Maria Valeria Bridge Photos by Google
  139. 139. ESZTERGOM Photos by Erika Bor
  140. 140. VIII./2. Tata Calvary, a Nature Reserve and Geological Museum The Belfry Sights:  The Belfry The English Garden  Calvary  The English Garden  The Castle of Tata with Old Lake Photos by Castle of Tata with Old Lake
  141. 141. VIII./3. Tatabánya VIII./3. TatabányaThe Turul is the most important bird in the origin myth of the Hungarians.The Turul became a symbol of power, strength, and nobility, and it is stillused today on the coat of arms of the Hungarian Army and the Office ofNational Security. Photos by Photos by Google
  142. 142. IX. BÉKÉS COUNTYIX./1. Békéscsaba – ‘The storm corner’ 5 The name of the city comes from the word ‘Békés’, which means‘peaceful’ in Hungarian, and ‘Csaba’, a popular Hungarian male givenname of Turkish origin.Békéscsaba’s sister city is Mikkeli, Finland.Sights: 2 City Hall (1) István Mill (2) 1 Békéscsaba Mill Museum Mihály Munkácsy Museum (3) The Canal Of Körös (4) Fiume Hotel (5) Andrássy Street 3 4 Photos by Erika Bor
  143. 143.  Evangelical Churches the Symbols of the City (6) Catholic Church (7) Jókai Theatre (8) Trianon Memorial (9) City Park (10) Csaba-Center (Plaza) (11) Student Farm (12) Szent István University Árpád Bath Póstelek – Wenckheim Castles 6 8 12 9h 10 7 11 Photos by Erika Bor
  144. 144. IX./2. Gyula Erkel Hotel S I G H T S The Castle Of GyulaThe Memorial Statues of 13 Arad Martyrs Photos by Erika Bor
  145. 145. Aranykereszt HotelBridge on the Körös Gyula Kohán Gallery Fountain in the City Centre Petőfi Statue Photos by Erika Bor
  146. 146. 100 Year Old Confectionery Almássy Castle Gyula Castle Bath Photos by wikipedia.huApor William Statue World Clock
  147. 147. IX./3. Szabadkígyós – Wenckheim Castle Photo by Erika Bor
  148. 148. Photos by Erika Bor
  149. 149. Photo by Erika BorPhotos by Erika Bor
  150. 150. IX./4. Szarvas - Arboretum 1 kép Bolza Csatle Photos by The Center of the Historical Hungary
  151. 151. IX./5. Szanazug Póstelek castle Szanazug2-2 kép Photo by Erika Bor Photos by Erika Bor
  152. 152. Photo by Erika BorPhotos by Erika Bor
  153. 153. Photo by Erika BorPhotos by Erika Bor
  154. 154. Photo by Erika BorPhotos by Erika Bor
  155. 155. X. GYŐR-MOSON-SOPRON COUNTYX./1. Győr - ‘The City of Meetings’In Győr there are many festival events from spring to autumn. Theperformances of Győr Ballet Company, the Győr National Theatre and theGyőr Philharmonic Orchestra give unforgettable experiences every time.Top Sights of Győr:  City Hall  The Cathedral of Győr with St.  Széchenyi Square Ladislaus Herm and the Sarcophagus  Rába at Győr  St. Ignatius Churches  Castlewall  Zichy Palace  Bécsi Gate Square  Ark of the Covenant Statue  Bishops Castle and the Carmelite  Ott-house, Maria Column Photos by Erika Bor
  156. 156. City Hall of Győr Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  157. 157. Bishops Castle and the Carmelite IX./6. Póstelek Fotók… Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  158. 158. Bishops Castle and the Carmelite IX./6. Póstelek Fotók… Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  159. 159. The Cathedral of Győr with SaintLadislaus Herm IX./6. Póstelek and the Sarcophagus Fotók… Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  160. 160. Loyolai Saint Ignác Church Photos by Erika Bor
  161. 161. IX./6. Póstelek Fotók…Ark of the Covenant Statue Statue of JedlikBor Czuczor Photos by Erika and
  162. 162. Photo by Erika Bor The Moson-Danube river and the Rába river s…where the revers meet… Photos by Erika Bor
  163. 163. Alley IX./6. Póstelek Fotók… Zichy Palace Photos by Erika BorCobblestone Road to Bishops Castle Photos by Erika Bor
  164. 164. X./2. Pannonhalma – The Benedictine Abbey Photos by Google
  165. 165. X./3. Sopron Sopron – ’The city of fidelity’ Places of Interests:  City Centre  Firewatch Tower (12th century)  Goat Church  Eggenberg House  City Hall (eclectic, 1895)  Storno House (renaissance)  Fabricius House  ‘Two Moors’ House (18th century baroque)  Petőfi Theatre Photo by Erika BorFirewatch Tower
  166. 166.  Chemists Museum (15th–16th century) The house was pronounced the first national monument in Hungary by Louis II of Hungary in 1525. Gambrinus House (Old City Hall) Franz Liszt Conference and Cultural Centre Main Square Kolostror Street Széchenyi Square and Flag of Loyalty Gate of Faith Eggenberg House Courtyard Concert Hall Maria Coloums Gate of Faith St. Michael Church Maria Coloums Széchenyi Square and Flag of Loyalty Photos by Erika Bor
  167. 167. Taródi Castle - IstvánTaródi built the castle byhimself.He started the buildingoperations in 1945, whenhe was 20. Photos by Erika Bor
  168. 168. X./4. FertődPhotos by Erika Bor Esterházy Palace - called the ’Hungarian Versailles’ Photos by Erika Bor
  169. 169. X./5. Nagycenk Széchényi Castle Photos by Erika BorPhoto by Erika Bor
  170. 170. XI. VAS COUNTYXI./1. Kőszeg Must-see:  Jurisics Castle and Castle Museum  Jurisics Square  Town centre with its medieval atmosphere  Steierhäuser  Pharmacy Museum  Hills around Kőszeg Photos Jurisics Castle Photo by Erika Bor by Erika Bor
  171. 171.  Heart of Jesus Church  The Geschriebenstein (Írottkő)  Seven Fountains (Hétforrás)  Watchtower (Óház)  Houses of Mean square  Heroes Gate und City Hall  WatchtowerHeart of Jesus Church Photos by Erika Bor
  172. 172. XII. ZALA COUNTYXII./1. KeszthelySights of Keszthely: Bacchus Wine Museum  Small Balaton Balaton Museum  Doll Museum of Keszthely Keszthely Pantheon  Historical Model Railway Museum Marcipán Museum and Confectionery  Helikon Park Birthplace of Júlia Szendrey  Festetics Castle Photo by Google
  173. 173. XII./2. Zalakaros XII./3. HévízThe slogan of Zalakaros is‘Our secret is our water…’ The slogan of Hévíz is ‘Meeting place of the generations…’ Photos by Google
  174. 174. XIII. VESZPRÉM COUNTYXIII./1. Veszprém – ‘The city of queens’Veszprém’s sister city is Rovaniemi, Finland 1Sights of Veszprém: Saint Stephan Church (1) Holy Trinity Square Fire-watch Tower (2) 2 3 The Castle of Veszprém (3) Nagypréposti Palace City Hall 5 4 Giselle Chapel (11th Century) (4) 6 Bone of Queen Giselle – Kept in a church in Veszprém (5) Statue of King Stephen I. and Queen Giselle (6) Photos by Google
  175. 175. XIII./2. Herend (Museum)Prestigious clients: Sissi, Victoria Queen, Wales, Rothschild, Liechtenstein, Waldstein, Humboldt Photos by Google
  176. 176. XIV. FEJÉR COUNTYXIV./1. SzékesfehérvárSights: Historical Centre (Baroque, Classical) buildings St. Stephen Cathedral (burial place of several medieval kings incl. St. Stephen and Béla III) St. Anna Chapel (Gothic, built around 1470)‘Ruin Garden’: Ruins of medieval church founded by St. Stephen Episcopal Palace (Zopf style) City Hall Zichy Palace (Zopf style manor house, 1781) King Stephen Museum Doll Museum Museum of Fekete Sas (Black Eagle) Pharmacy City Museum and the City Gallery Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  177. 177.  Csitáry Source (mineral water source) Serbian Skanzen (the peasant houses and a Byzantine-style church, won an Europa Nostra award in 1990) Golden Bull Memorial (the Golden Bull was an important charta by King Andrew II, it was released here; the memorial is from 1972) Bory Castle (20th century; a fantastic castle-like structure built by the sculptor Jenő Bory and his wife with their own hands) Globus cruciger (a stone image of the royal symbol of power of the same name) Vörösmarty Theatre (the oldest theatre of the country) Flower Clock Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  178. 178. Székesfehérvár Székesfehérvár City Centre of Photo byby Erika Bor Photos Erika Bor
  179. 179. Matthias Corvinus Memorial Pelican Gallery Photos by Erika Bor
  180. 180. Székesfehérvár - Flower Clock Photo by Erika Bor
  181. 181. Székesfehérvár - Bory Castle Photo by Google
  182. 182. XIV./2. Velence town with Lake VelenceVelence Resort and Spa Lake Velence Photos by Google
  183. 183. XV. TOLNA COUNTY XV./1. Hőgyész XV./2. Paks Apponyi Castle Paks Nuclear Power Plant XV./3. Tolna XV./4. Szekszárd200-year-old Blue Paint Shop and Museum City Centre Photos by Google
  184. 184. XVI. BARANYA COUNTYXVI./1. Pécs – ‘An ancient seat of learning’European Capital of Culture in 2010Main sights: Necropolis of Sopianae (UNESCO World Heritage Site) Cella Septichora (4th Century) The Cathedral (11th Century, renovated in the 19th century). Hungarian Bishops Palace (12th Century) University of Pécs (1367), building of the Faculty of Humanities with a Botanical Garden there.
  185. 185. XVI.Cathedral of Pécs The BARANY COUNTYfotók Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  186. 186. Cella SeptichoraPhotos by Erika Bor Photos by Erika Bor
  187. 187.  Barbakán ‘Tower’ (15th Century) Ruins in Tettye (1505–1521) The Mosque of Pasha Qasim (1543–1546). Originally gothic Church by St. Bertalan Jakovali Hassan Mosque (16th Century) Széchényi Square (>>Main Square) Nádor Hotel (1846) in Széchényi Square City Hall in Széchényi Square Synagogue (1869) Building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1884) National Theatre of Pécs, inaugurated in 1895 Zsolnay Fountain
  188. 188. Pécs Barbakán Ruins in Tettye Zsolnay Fountain Hungarian Academy of SciencesJakovali Hassan Mosque Photos by Wikipedia
  189. 189. Széchényi Square XVI. BARANY COUNTY fotókPhoto by Erika Bor Photos by Erika Bor
  190. 190. Nádor Hotel City Hall Photos by Erika Bor
  191. 191. Synagogue of Pécs XVI. BARANY COUNTY fotókPhoto by Erika Bor Photos by Erika Bor
  192. 192. XVI. BARANY COUNTYfotók Csontváry Museum  Janus Pannonius Museum  Renaissance Museum  Csontváry Museum  Zsolnay Museum  Victor Vasarely Museum  Ethnographic Museum in Pécs  Hungarian Natural History Museum in Pécs Photos by Erika Bor
  193. 193. Zsolnay Museum Photos by Erika Bor
  194. 194.  Szerecsen Chemists Museum Gallery of Pécs Zsolnay Mausoleum Janus Pannonius Theatre Love Padlocks Croatian Theatre in Pécs Zoological Garden in Pécs Love padlocks Garden of Stone TV-Tower in Mecsek Mountain (1960) Garden of Stone Photos by Erika Bor
  195. 195. All Sainst Church in Pécs Kossuth Lajos Statue French Monument University of PécsPécs Minaret County Hall Photos by Google
  196. 196. The Mosque of Gázi Kászim Pasa XVI. BARANY COUNTYfotók Photos by Erika Bor Photos by Erika Bor
  197. 197. Havihegy Chapel in Tettye XVI. BARANY COUNTYfotók Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Google
  198. 198. XVI./2. Orfű XVI./3. SikondaOrfű Panorama with Lake Herman Ottó Thermal Bath in SikondaXVI./4. Mohács XVI./5. Villány Buso Carnival Wine Museum of Villány Photos by Google
  199. 199. Mohács Buso Carnival – ‘Buso Walking’ ‘According to the most popular legend, during theTurkish occupation of the territory, people fromMohács fled the town, and started living in the nearbyswamps and woods to avoid Ottoman (Turkish)troops. One night, while they were sitting and talkingaround the fire, an old Šokac man appeared suddenlyfrom nowhere, and said to them:‘Dont be afraid, your lives will soon turn to good andyou wil return to your homes. Until that time, preparefor the battle, carve various weapons and scary masksfor yourselves, and wait for a stormy night when amasked knight will come to you.’
  200. 200. He disappeared as suddenly as he arrived. Therefugees followed his orders, and some days later, ona stormy night, the knight arrived. He ordered them toput on their masks and go back to Mohács, making asmuch noise as possible. They followed his lead. TheTurks were so frightened by the noise, the masks, andthe storm in the night, that they thought demons wereattacking them; and they ran away from the townbefore sunrise.’
  201. 201. XVI./6. Siklós (Bath and Wine) XVI./7. Harkány (Bath) Malkocs Bej Dzsami Castle of Siklós Millennium Monument XVI./8. Szigetvár Miklós Zrinyi and I. Szulejman’s statues in the Hungarian-Turkish Friendship ParkPhotos by Google
  202. 202. XVII. LAKE BALATONXVII./1. Siófok Siófok’s sister city is Oulu Sights of Siófok:  Music Pavilon and the Jókai Park szöveg szöveg  Oulu Park (Evangelic Church)  Water Tower  Town Hall  Memorial Monument of World War I.  Imre Kálmán Yard  Imre Kálmán Museum szöveg Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  203. 203. képek Music Pavilon and the Water Tower Photos by Erika Bor
  204. 204. Oulu Park – Evangelic Churchképek Photos by Erika Bor Photos by Erika Bor
  205. 205. képek Siófok – City Centre Photos by Erika Bor
  206. 206.  Krúdy Villa Rose Garden City Centre with Statues Kodolányi Library Ship port Balaton Beach Siófok Coke Club New Orleans Jazz Festival in Siófok Running (42.195 kilometers distance) around the Balaton in the fall Photos by Erika Bor Photos by Erika Bor
  207. 207. Balaton - The Hungarian Sea…képek Photos by Erika Bor Photos by Erika Bor
  208. 208. képek Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  209. 209. L aképek k e Balaton Photos by Erika Bor
  210. 210. Legends of the Lake‘Once there was a giant named Balaton, who lived herehappily with his daughter, Haláp.When her playmate left her, Haláp died of grief.When Balaton lifted an enormous rock for her gravestone, hewas buried under it.Water spouted up in the stone’s place, and the locals named itLake Balaton.’
  211. 211. Light TherapySince ancient Egypt and Greece, the researched light therapyhas unveiled hundreds of medical, physical and mood effects,used as well in modern western medicine.Color: RED, scent: ’love vitality’Color: PURPLE, scent: ’antistress’Color: GREEN, scent: ’refreshing nature’Color: BLUE, scent: ’a sea of tranquility’Color: YELLOW, scent: ’harmony’Color: ORANGE, scent: ‘brightness’ Photo by Erika Bor
  212. 212. Herbarium RoomEffects of Plants: Nature has many herbal medicinesfor diabetes, lungs-, heart and circulation problems.Their effect is significant during inhalation, eg: cure ofbreathing problems and antidepressant. For the man of the modern age, the usage of a herbariumhelps reconnect with nature. It conjures a fragrant meadowfilled with peace, freedom, happiness. The minutes spenthere calm the nerves and upgrade torpid senses. Photo by Erika Bor
  213. 213. XVII./2. Balatonföldvár szöveg Photos by Erika Bor
  214. 214. XVII./3. Zamárdi Heroes’ ChapelSights: Zamardi Ethnographic Collection Heroes’ Chapel Donkey Stone Statue of the Hungarian Pain Donkey Stone Memorial Cross Iron Cross Kőhegy Look-out Rákóczi Memorial Stone Kőhegy Look-out Jubilee Monument Balaton Sound Festival Photos by Google
  215. 215. XVII./4. Balatonszárszó XVII./5. Balatonboglár (Wine) János Xantus Look-out Tower Attila József Memorial Photos by Google
  216. 216. XVII./6.FonyódSights: Fácános Castle Boros Castle Sipos Hill Look-out Valkó Look-out Várhegy Look-out Kripta Villa Kossuth Forest Fonyód port Photos by Google
  217. 217. XVII./7. BadacsonySights: Volcanic mountains: Csobánc, Gulács, Saint György Mountain, Szigliget Mountain Viteculture and Wine management (Rajna Riesling and Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc) Kisfaludy House Róza Szegedy House Saint Anna Chapel Saint Donát Chapel Joseph Egry Memorial Museum Saint Anna Chapel Photo by Google
  218. 218. XVII./8. ZánkaSights: Zánka Children and Youth Centre So-called ‘Pointed Needle’ (Hegyestű) Pointed Needle (Hegyestű) Photo by Google
  219. 219. XVII./9. Tihany is land of the volcanoes and the lavenders Sights:  Tihany Abbey  Tihany Echo  Lavender House  Paprika House  Lavender Field  Tihany Volcanoes szövegPhotos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  220. 220. Tihany szöveg Photo by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  221. 221. Sights: T P I A H P A R N I Y K szöveg A A B H B O E U Y S E Photos by Erika Bor
  222. 222. XVII./8. Tihany Sights:  Tihany szövegPhotos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  223. 223. XVII./8. Tihany Sights:  Tihany szövegPhotos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  225. 225. XVII./10. BalatonfüredSights: State Hospital for Cardiology Balatonfüred Anna Ball The Resort House of Mór Jókai Tagore Promenade Sundance Park (Clubs, Bars and Restaurants) Photos by Google
  226. 226. Just to mention some of them…In Hungary, at the moment there are about 800hotels of wich 20 hotels are 5 star (15 5 star luxuryhotels are located in Budapest)Four Seasons is the finest hotel in the capital ofHungary.
  227. 227. 5 star hotels in Budapest Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal Budapest Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest (2004) – Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Hilton Hotel Budapest – Hilton Intercontinental InterContinental Budapest – Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts Kempinski Hotel Corvinus – Kempinski Hotels Le Meridien Hotel Budapest Marriott Hotel Budapest – Marriott International New York Palace Budapest (2006) Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge – Accor Hotels and Resorts
  228. 228. Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Hilton Hotel Budapest InterContinental Budapest Le Meridien Hotel Budapest Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Marriott Hotel Budapest Sofitel Budapest Chain BridgePhotos by Google New York Palace Budapest
  229. 229. 4 star hotels in Budapest Continental Hotel Zara Budapest – Continental Hotel Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget Grand Hotel Hungária Hotel Taverna Hotel Gellért Danubius Hotel Astoria Danubius Hotel Bristol Budapest – Boutique Hotel Queens Court Hotel & Residence Budapest
  230. 230. Hotel Bristol BudapestContinental Hotel Zara Budapest Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget Grand Hotel Hungária Hotel Gellért Danubius Hotel Taverna Queens Court Hotel & Residence Hotel Astoria Danubius Photos by Google
  231. 231. also nice hotels are  Golden Park Hotel Budapest  Ramada Plaza Budapest  Ramada Resort Aquaworld Golden Park Hotel Budapest Ramada Plaza Budapest Ramada Resort AquaworldPhotos by Google
  232. 232. Borsodi Hegyalja Festival Carnival of Flowers in Debrecen1. Borsodi Hegyalja Festival2. Carnival of Flowers in Debrecen3. Heineken Balaton Sounds4. Sopron VOLT Festival5. SZIGET Festival in Budapest Balaton Sounds6. Formula 1 Hungarian Sopron VOLT Festival Grand Pix Photos by Google Sziget Festival in Budapest Formula 1
  233. 233. Veszprém Summer Festival Baroque Wedding Ceremony in Győr 7. SZIN 8. Veszprém Summer Festival 9. Baroque Wedding Ceremony in Győr 10. Mohács Busó Festival (Busójárás) 11. Csaba Sausage Festival 12. International Kisüsti Pálinka Festival Mohács Busó Festival in Gyula 13. Renaissance Carnival of Gyula Renaissance Carnival in Gyula Csaba Sausage FestivalPhotos by Google International Pálinka Festival in Gyula
  234. 234. 14. Csaba Beer Festival and Knuckle parade… Photos by
  235. 235. 15. Pusztaottlaka Like Festival 2012 Photos by
  236. 236. Holidays January 1 >> New Year March 15 >> 1848 Revolution Day Easter >> Variable May 1 >> Workers’ Day (May Day) Pentecost >> VariableAugust 20 >> is celebrated Saint Stephen and the foundation of the state October 6 >> The execution of the 13 Martyrs of Arad October 23 >> Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and the inauguration of the Third Hungarian Republic November 1 >> All Soul’s Day December 24 >> Christmas Eve December 6 >> Saint Nicholas Day/Santa Claus Day December 25, 26 >> Christmas December 31 >> New Year’s Eve
  237. 237. Holiday In Budapest Fireworks and Red Bull Air Race on August 20th Photos by Google
  238. 238. Traditional Hungarian cuisine is spicy and oftenrather heavy - but even though it is extra delicious. Recipes are based on centuries old traditions inspicing and preparation.Paprika and garlic are liberally used in the food.
  239. 239. goulash soup fish soup sour-cherry soup chicken meat soupSoups Jókai bean soup Gulyásleves (goulash soup) Halászlé (fish soup; a famous hot and spicy fish soup with hot paprika) Húsleves (clear chicken or veal meat soup with soup vegetables and thin soup pasta called csipetke) Hideg meggyleves (chilled sour-cherry soup) Jókai bableves (a bean soup named after the author Jókai Mór) Vadgombaleves (wild mushroom soup) Palóc soup Borleves (wine soup) Palócleves (named after the Palóc, an ethnic group of Northeastern Hungary) Köménymagleves (caraway seed soup) Photos by Google
  240. 240. stuffed cabbage puréed vegetables stuffed peppers deviled eggs Main courses lecsó Wiener schnitzel  Töltött káposzta (stuffed cabbage)  Töltött paprika (stuffed peppers - ground meat, rice and spices are used for the filling)  Töltött tojás (deviled eggs, cold in mayonnaise with sour cream, baked in the oven)pork steak  Főzelék (puréed vegetables)  Lecsó (mixed vegetable stew)  Pecsenye (thin pork steak served with cabbage or the dish fatányéros, a Hungarian mixed grill on wooden platter)  Bécsi szelet (Wiener schnitzel)  Kacsamáj (duck liver) and sült csirke (roasted chicken)duck steak Photos by Google
  241. 241. Hungarian shape fried meat so-called ‘Wiener schnitzel’ 5 6 4 1 3 21 Lake Balaton2 Pécs – European capital of culture3 Danube (Duna)4 Tisza5 Lake Tisza6 Budapest is the capital of Hungary Photo by Google
  242. 242. Stefania slices túrós csusza goulash stew meat stew Stefania slices (Hungarian meatloaf with hard boiled eggs in the middle) Túrós csusza (noodles with cottage cheese and sour cream – served savoury with bacon) Székelygulyás (goulash stew; can be made from three kinds of meat and sauerkraut) Pörkölt (meat stew – similar to ragu) Csirkepaprikás (chicken paprikash; a stew with a lot of sweet paprika, sour cream) Paprikás krumpli (potato paprikash; paprika-based stew with spicy sausage and potatoes) Rakott Krumpli (potato casserole) Rakott káposzta (layered cabbage with pörkölt and rice and sour cream - recipe from Transylvania) Rakott palacsinta (layered Hungarian crepes with sweet cottage cheese, raisins, jam and walnuts) layered cabbage potato paprikash potato casserole chicken paprikash Photos by Google layered Hungarian crepes
  243. 243. flat cheese croquette sweet crepe crumbsHortobágy pancake plum dumplings  Palacsinta (stuffed Hungarian crepes; usually filled with jam. other fillings are sweet quark cheese with raisins or meat)  Gundel palacsinta (Gundel crepe; stuffed with walnuts and served in chocolate sauce, often flambéed)  Hortobágyi palacsinta (Hortobágy pancake; savoury crepe filled with veal stew) Gundel crepes  Rántott sajt, (flat cheese croquette; cheese rolled in bread crumbs and, deep fried)  Szilvásgombóc >> Silvash gombotzen and nudli (sweet plum dumplings and small noodles, rolled in sweet fried butter bread crumbs)  Túrógombóc (Hungarian sweet quark cheese dumpling)  Császármorzsa (sweet crepe crumbs)Hungarian crepes Photos by Google
  244. 244. Sausage and cold cuts Hurka (sausage, two types: liver sausage made of pork liver, meat and rice and black sausage , which is equivalent to the hurka black pudding) Téliszalámi - (winter salami made of spiced meat, cold smoked, and dry ripened, the most famous brand made by Pick Szeged) Herz szalámi (from Budapest) Csabai szalámi and kolbász (spicy salami and smoked sausage, made in the town of Békéscsaba) Gyulai kolbász (spicy sausage, made in the town of Gyula) winter salami Debreceni kolbász (Debrecener sausage) Disznósajt (pig cheese, meat jelly, meat slices in aspic with additional gelatin) Szalonna (Hungarian bacon, fatback, back bacon rind, has more fat than usual breakfast bacon) Virsli (a Frankfurter - like long and thin sausage, consumed boiled with bread and mustard) Gyula sausage Hungarian bacon pig cheese Debrecener sausage Photos by Google
  245. 245. Sweets and cakes Dobos cake (sponge cake layered with chocolate paste and glazed with caramel and nuts) Linzer cake (a tart with crisscross design of pastry strips on top) Rigó Jancsi (cube-shaped sponge cake with dark chocolate glaze) Dobos cake Gesztenyepüré (cooked and mashed sweet chestnuts with sugar and rum, topped with whipped cream) Gesztenyepüré Bejgli Kürtöskalács Linzer cake Bejgli (cake roll eaten at Christmas and Easter) Kürtőskalács (stove cake or chimney cake, cooked over an open fire - a Transylvanian specialty, famous as Hungarys oldest pastry) Csöröge (crispy, light Hungarian Angel Wing fry cookies, a twisted thin fried cookie made of yeast dough, dusted with powdered sugar) Photos by Google Rigó Jancsi
  246. 246. vanilla croissant sponge cake bukta  Vaníliás kifli (vanilla croissant, small, crescent shaped biscuits)  Piskóta (sponge cake; thin, light, sweet delicate, crispy cookie)  Rétes (strudel)  Kuglóf (kuglóf cake, a traditional Austro-Hungarian coffee party cake)  Bukta (a baked dessert filled with jam, túró or ground walnuts)  Lekváros tekercs (rolled up soft sponge cake filled with jam) kuglóf strudel rolled up sponge cake with jam Photos by Google
  247. 247.  Birsalma sajt (quince cheese, or quince jelly made of quince fruits) Törökméz (Turkish honey; a sweet sticky white nougat paste cooked with sugar, egg whites, honey, bits of walnuts, spread between two wafer sheets) Madártej (floating island, a dessert made of milk custard with egg white dumplinds floating on top) quince cheese Túró Rudi (sweet quark cheese - filled chocolate bar) Szaloncukor (Christmas fondant which hang on the Christmas tree, eaten at Christmas) Aranygaluska (dumplings or dough balls with vanilla custard) Vargabéles (Hungarian strudel or Noodle Pie) Turkish honey Somlói galuska (Somló-style sponge cake) Somló-style sponge cake potato candies Túró Rudi Hungarian strudel floating islandPhotos by Google Christmas fondant dumplings balls
  248. 248. Others roll  Fánk or Bismarck Doughnuts  Lángos (fried bread dough) pretzel  Pogácsa (a type of bun, round puffed pastry with bacon, crescent roll traditionally cooked on the fire)  Zsemle (round small breads, eaten cut in half, with butter, cold cuts or jam, often for breakfast)  Kifli (crescent-shaped pastry)  Perec (Pretzel, salty crispy pasty)  Májgaluska (liver dumplings; small liver dumplings used in different soups, for example liverball soup) liver dumplings doughnuts cheese sconeslángos Hungarian pastry ‘cocoa snail’ Photos by Google
  249. 249. Hungarian ‘couscous’ goose liver patéHungarian boiled semolina  Grizgaluska (Hungarian boiled semolina dumplings used in soup)dumplings soup  Tarhonya (a kind of large Hungarian ‘couscous’, big pasta grain, served as a side dish) Hungarian risotto  Rizi-bizi (Hungarian risotto, white rice mixed with green peas, served as a side dish)  Körözött or Liptai túró (cottage cheese spread with ground sweet paprika and onions)  Libamájpástétom (Hungarian goose liver paté)  Bundás kenyér (literally, ‘coated bread’ or ‘bread with a fur’ Liptai cottage cheese ‘coated bread’ Photos by Google
  250. 250. Chocolates and candies  Szerencs alphabets/castles chocolate  Anise flavored gum bears Tibi  Pilóta biscuits  Boci chocolate  Győr biscuits  Balaton slice  French dragee  Red peanut  Danube dragee  Sport slice  Szamos marzipan  Kapucíner slice  Negro candiesPhotos by Google
  251. 251. Cocoa tasty winter ice creamPhotos by Google
  252. 252. DrinksWines Tokaji (after the North-Eastern region of Hungary) Villány (Southern part of Hungary) Bulls Blood (Egri Bikavér), a dark, full-bodied red wine. Törley champagne (the most famous bubble wine in Hungary)Hungarian beers Soproni Kőbányai Borsodi Arany ászokStrong Hungarian alcohols Hungarys most notable liquors are Unicum, a herbal bitters Pálinka, a range of fruit brandiesSoft drink Traubi or Traubisoda, is a soft drink based on an Austrian license produced in Balatonvilágos since 1971. Photos by Google
  253. 253. ‘Good wine is a good health…’ Fütyülős ‘Beer is a liquid gold…’ Photos by Google
  254. 254. Christmas Eve: fish soup, wine soup, fish, stuffed turkey, stuffed cabbage, Hungarianpoppy seed and walnut rolls so-called bejgli, wine and Christmas fondant New Year’s Eve: rabbit, fish, venison, poultry …because fish swims, rabbit, venison run and poultry flys with the trouble of the oldyearAt midnight: champagne drinking and Frankfurter soup, sausage or stuffed cabbageeatingNew Year: for lunch: cabbage soup, lentil soup, bean soup or chicken soupThe main course is pork, because trunk of the pig brings the fortune of the New Year tous.For dessert: Csörege doughnut
  255. 255. PorkCsörege doughnut Photos by Google
  256. 256. Carnival: carnival doughnut, meat and jelly whichis made of pig nails and porks Easter: lamb, Hungarian smoked sausage, deviledeggs, ham, bacon, bejgliPentecost (after Easter the 50th day): roastedgoose, fried chicken with cucumber salad
  257. 257. pork jelly carnival doughnuts fried chicken with cucumber salada decorative Easter plate full of delicious food Photos by Google
  258. 258. Peter’s and Paul’s Day: Day of the beginning ofharvest-time – meat stew, paprikash and goulashMartin’s Day (11st of November): Day of thegoose eating and new wine drinkingSt Andrews Day (30rd of November): Day of thebeginning of pigsticking
  259. 259. Traditional pigsticking sausage making andstrong Hungarian Pálinka drinking Photos by Google
  260. 260. Unique to Hungary so-called ‘Hungaricum’ Kalocsa paprika Mako onion and garlic Zsolnay ceramics Herend porcelain Rubik cubeZsolnay ceramics a collection of world-famousceramics and porcelains. Exibition of work canbe seen at the Museum of Applied Arts and atthe Museum of PécsHerend porcelain has won many gold medals Hungarian folk art dollsat different World Exhibitions. The Englishqueen, Victoria, ordered a set for Windsor Castle Kalocsa Photos by Google
  261. 261. World in Kalocsa style Button Suri Cruise Hamilton Nicole KidmanNichole Scherzinger dressed in folk costume Photos by Google
  262. 262. Hungarian Nobel Prize winners1905 Fülöp Lenárd: X-rays1914 Róbert Bárány:Physiology and pathology of the vestibular apparatus1925 Rihárd Zsigmondy: Colloid chemistry1937 Albert Szent-Györgyi: Vitamin C and the catalysis of fumaric acid (in Hungarian paprika)1943 György Hevesy: Isotopes as tracers1961 György Békésy: Stimulation within the cochlea Photo by Google
  263. 263. 1963 Jenő Wigner: Structure of the atom and its nucleus (atomic bomb and nuclear engineering)1971 Dénes Gábor: Holography1986 Károly János Polányi : Elucidate energy relationships1986 Wiesel Elie: Peace (She is a Hungarian from Transylvania)1994 György Oláh : Ingredients of oil and natural gas1994 János Harsányi : Equilibrium in the theory of ’non- cooperative games’2002 Imre Kertész : For his novel ’Sorstalanság’ (Fateless)
  264. 264. Inventors and inventionsErnő Rubik – Rubik cubeLászló József Bíró– the ballpoint pen (’biro’)Csonka János – the carburetor (together with Bánki Donát)Dénes Gábor – the hologramJános Irinyi – the phosphor matches we use todayKálmán Kandó – the electric trainJános Neumann – the basis of the modern computer(known as ’the father of the computer’)Tivadar Puskás – the telephone exchangeEde Teller – the hydrogen bomb Photos by Google
  265. 265. Movie makers, animators, musicians and celebrities Vilmos Zsigmond (1930–), cameraman. In 1956immigrated to the USA. He was nominated twice for anOscar and finally won one round third time in 1977 forSteven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Lajos Koltai (1946–), cinematographer. In 2000 he wasnominated for an Oscar Award for the photographing ofmotion picture Maléna. István Szabó (1938–), film director. In 1981 he won anOscar for his animation The Fly.
  266. 266. Victor Vasarely (1908-1997), painter. Hisgeometrical style of painting made him recognisedthroughout the world. Zoltán Kodály (1882–1967), composer, folk musicethnographer. Creator of music-teaching technique(the Kodály-method) used throughout the world andof the new school of folk-song groups. Béla Bartók (1881–1945), composer, folk musicethnographer. Ferenc Liszt (1811–1886), composer, pianist,conductor.
  267. 267. Hungarians in show business Tony Curtis and Gábor Zsazsa are defenitelyHungarians.William Fox (Friedmann Vilmos) producer was achild when he went to the United States, where hefounded the Fox Film Corporation in 1914, theforerunner of 20th Century Fox. Béla Lugosi, a Hungarian actor, was the Dracula ofancient Hollywood horror films. Johnny Weismüller, the first to play Tarzan was alsoHungarian. Mihály Kertész, director of Casablanca.
  268. 268. Hungarian literati – without attempting to be comprehensive Ferenc Kölcsey – Hungarian National Anthem written by him. Attila József – One of the gretast Hungarian poets (József Attila: ’Bythe Danube’). Miklós Radnóti, Endre Ady and Gyula Juhász are also famouspoets in Hungary. Imre Madách (writer, poet, lawyer and politician) – ’The tragedy ofMan’. István Örkény (writer, pharmacist) – ’One minute stories’. Áron Tamási (writer) – ’Abel alone’. György Faludy (writer and translator) – Faludys translations of theballads of François Villon. Well-known poet is ’My happy days inHell’.
  269. 269. János Kodolányi (well-known journalist and writer) He was 5 times in Finland in 1930 and he wrote some books about Finland, one of them with ‘Suomi’ title. Virág Móricz (writer) She also travelled to Finland and she wrote a book with title of ‘I was in Suomi’Photos by Google
  270. 270. Famous Hungarian architects 1 2Ödön Lechner: Budapest City Park (1) Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest (2) Szeged City Hall (3) 3 Geological Museum in Budapest… (4)József Hild: 4 5 Eger Cathedral (5) Esztergom Basilica (6) Saint Stephen’s Basilica… (7)Miklós Ybl: 6 7 Saint Stephen’s Basilica (7) Hungarian Sate Opera House (8) Buda Royal Palace… (9) 8 9 Photos by Google
  271. 271. Hungarian painters and their world famous paintings– without attempting to be comprehensive –Tivadar Csontváry Koszta : The Lonely CedarMihály Munkácsy: Yawning Apprentice, GolgotaJózsef Rippl-Rónai: Babits, Woman with a bird cageGéza Mészöly: Fishermen’s hut at the lake BalatonPál Szinyei Merse : ‘Majális’, Woman in purple dressBertalan Székely: Eger women