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Skin savvy n ovember blogs Skin savvy n ovember blogs Document Transcript

  • Skin Savvy- November 2013 Blogs Celebrities with skin to admire and their secrets Do you wonder how do Celebrities have healthy skin? We know that every celebrityhas to look their best, but how do they maintain a flawless look. Celebrities buy the best and the most expensive face creams products. Here are some Celebrities with healthy skin and their secrets. Let’s start with Kim Kardashian: She had always looked gorgeous andhas often shared her beauty tips and also has posted make-up tutorials on YouTube. She is all about beauty care.One of the products that Mrs. Kardashianuses is Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettesis Night Calming. Second tip is theBio Oil Specialist Skin Careit diminish scars and uneven tones. Jennifer Anistonmost familiar named would be Rachel on thesitcom“Friends.” She is well known for her style, hair and simplicity. One think that we noticed is that she is 44-years-old and her skin still looks radiant. Aniston suggested that doing exercises give you a natural glow and drinking plenty of waters help the body feel fresh. She uses vitamin A treatment from Anna Lotan called Renova Skin Care and Dr. Lewinns Ultra R4 Restorative Cream and Vaselinefor under her eyes.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow: Use Omega-3 oilthat helps her with her complexion. She looks for products that contain these ingredientsto prevent wrinkles and other skin problems. Jennifer Lopez shared one of her beauty secrets. This beauty secret came from make-up artist Scott Barnes, who told her that she should stay away from the sun to preserve a youthful and best skin complexion. She recommends Organic Bronzers. Demi Moore always keeps a good diet and one of her beauty secrets is to keep a good moisturizer and she cleans her face every morning and night, no matter how tired she is. She uses Payot Design lift visage
  • November 28th: Thanksgiving Top 10 beauty products you’re mostgrateful for During Thanksgiving we are grateful for many things. Especially products that make us look younger. So this year Skin Savvy has pick ten amazing products to be thankful for. 1. THE ORGANIX SHEA BUTTER: This organic shampoo and conditioner contains ultrawhipped yogurt proteins and rich Shea butter with added a touch of avocado, and vitamin E. 2. MARC JACOBS NAIL POLISHES IN SALLY AND JEZEBEL we should be feeling lucky to have two gorgeous shades of glimmering green and vampy red 3. ORGANIX-BRAZILIAN KERATIN THERAPY FLAT IRON SPRAY:has antioxidant rich cocoa nut oil along with lush keratin protein to strengthen and soften hair. It also has avocado oil and cocoa butter
  • 4. GIORGIO ARMANI MAESTRO FUSION MAKEUP COMPACT Makeup Compact to have a flawless and lightweight coverage. 5. L'ORÉAL PARIS AGE PERFECT GLOW RENEWAL FACE OIL, a few small drops leaves your skin glow-y and hydrated. Oil FREE, The 8 essential oils, English lavender and rosemary leaf, smell fresh and earthy. 6. CHANEL LE BLANC LIGHT REVEALING BRIGHTENING MAKEUP BASE Contains SPF 30 Sunscreen, Your face will thank you. It will look lit from within, and your foundation won't budge
  • 7. PRO-X BY OLAY MICRO- DERMABRASION + ADVANCED CLEANSING SYSTEM Microdermabrasion treatment, minus includes a three-speed electric cleansing brush and the Thermal Crystal Polisher. 8. GIVENCHY MISTER LIGHT INSTANT LIGHT CORRECTIVE PEN: This amazing brightening moisturizer and concealer wakes up your entire face. 9. IVES SAINT LAURENT GLOSS VOLUPTE IN FROZEN CHERRY: sheerest balm-wildly flattering, smell fantastic. 10. JLO GLOW: Amazing scent and good on everyone
  • The Best Foods To Eat to Help your Skin Do you want to have a truly fabulous skin that looks vibrant, andglowing? Well, we want to share with you everything we know about the best foods to eat for a healthier skin. But remember everything is all about your diet and how well you eat. Haven’t you heard the saying “you are what you eat,” Experts recommend to have a balance diet is the best way to go. A Balance diet includes low-fat dairy products especially something that have Vitamin A. Some examples would be yogurt, cheese, soy milk, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, Kale, Collard Green, Turnip Greens, etc... Products that have acidophilushave good bacteria for your intestinal health and it show great impact on your skin. Anything that help your digestion system, like “live bacteria” or “enzymes” will reflect on a healthier skin. Another complements that we should include in our daily diets are blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and plums.Any berries have high antioxidant and phytochemicals which help reduced damages cell in your skin. When skin cells are protected from break-outs the skin looks younger for longer.
  • Something that we cannot forget is Water -- Drinking plenty of water at least 8 glasses a day can make a lot of differences in your skin. This will help your skinfeel fresh and your body less tired. Water must be pure and it will rejuvenate skin cells. Additional information also make sure to do a therapeutic quantities of green tea, eat salmon, and definitely avoid certain foods that trigger bad skin reactions for example, sugar, white flour, saturated fats and fried foods, which are bad for your skin. These types of foods can trap oil and bacteria causing acne and other skin ailments. Skin Savvy Service of the Month:Microdermabrasion, Diamond Crystal, Peel Organic Grain Peel Skin Savvy provides unique experience for your skincare needs. We offer our guests personalized expertise, one-on-one consultation, and a Skin Savvy professional will recommend the best treatment that is right for you. Take a look at our services packages we offer two Microdermabrasion: Diamond Crystal Peel and the Organic Grain Peel. If you are not familiar on what is Microdermabrasion? This method is used for facial rejuvenation. This process sweeps away the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the skin. It is a non-invasive procedure, which is performed by a trained skin care professional. Some people used this technique to diminish sun damage, acne problems and wrinkles, keratosis, and reduces pores etc… Now let’s talk about both services Diamond Crystal Peel which is a non-invasive, nonsurgical form of skin resurfacing that uses a highly controlled spray of fine crystals. Second is the Organic Grain Peelthat is gentle on the skin with a polishing exfoliation using all natural ingredients (lignin and cellulose). We recommend the Diamond Crystal Peel for a
  • series of six at two-weeks intervals for best cumulative results. The Organic Grain Peel is for sensitive skin type and Rosacea Clients.Take advantages of our 10% Discount for both services! Offer with purchase of a series. Prices range from $60 to $170 dollars. You can also add mini-facial for an additional $30 dollars. Take care of your Skin; it will make a difference in your life. Make an appointment now! Fun and Posh facials Some fun and Posh Facials that we should try: One would be the Diamond Facial treatment, even the name sound fancy. This treatment exfoliated your skin on the stratum corneum, which creates smooth and radiant skin. Your pores will thank you because it removes your dead skin cells. So if you are concern of fine lines, blackheads, and acne, make sure to get a Diamond Facial Treatment. The DNA Growth Factor Exfoliating Facial from Dr. Ronald Moy, is beneficial for a person that has stressed or photo-damaged skin. It can help to reverse sun damage, signs of aging and might reduce the risk of skin cancer. This unique amino acid glycolic peels of gently and removes dull skin cells. The result is absolutely a radiant and smooth skin surfaces. Shiffa Gemstone Facialuses organic gemstone-infused oils, each with specific properties to benefitall skin types. A cool jade stone will use to massage your skin to help tone and firm your skin. This might also reduces puffiness around eyes area. It might also uses around your whole body.
  • Organic Beauty Procedures You might think that Potatoes are just potatoes but it reality it could be use as an Organic Beauty Procedure. Potatoes can be made for an excellent skin-brightening scrub; the trick is to mix equal parts grated raw potato and loose tea with 1/3 olive oil as much as you want. You can gentle massage onto your face using light circular motions. Then rinse with warm water. Potatoes contain lanolin, which moist your face and the dried tea work as a natural exfoliate for the skin. How do you make your Asparagus? We eat it, but we can also use it to bright and exfoliated your skin. Asparagus give you a natural glow. This is especially used for dry skin and flaky skin. Blend some raw asparagus with milk this contains lactic acid that is a natural exfoliant. Mix equal avocado and honey. Just apply it to your clean face, leave it for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. This procedure is even better with an orange because you can peel the skin off and put it in your mixer. This will help removes all your dead skin cells. Don’t forget to wash it off with water. Honey Oats Face Scrub
 is works as a moisturizer. Combine one to two tablespoon of honey; one tablespoon of finely ground almonds will bring Vitamin E to your skin (exceptional) ¼ or two tablespoons of plain oatmeal and some lemon juice or yogurt (also exceptional) Lemon juice will lighten your skin and yogurt will smooth your skin. Mix well, and massage onto all the surface of the face and leave it 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.